Octagon - March - 2017


MG Car Club Octagon for March 2017

Official Journal of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc.



No. 2 March 2017

Geoff McGlashan shows how to make good use of his MGB!

Read about it in the latest ‘Story from the Stables’ inside.

The Octagon - March 2017 1


Name Phone Mobile Email


Richard Mattea (Carly) 3325 0409 0488 224 105 richard.mattea@yahoo.com


Ken Wasley (Barbara) 3378 6202 0423 152 723 wasmg11@gmail.com


Malcolm Spiden 3266 6350 spidenm@yahoo.com.au


Carly Mattea (Richard) 3325 0409 0410 310 452 moffmat@bigpond.com


Don Webster (Ann) 3379 2566 0439 526 060 donweb@bigpond.net.au

Dean Tighe 0419 774 441 sales@tighecams.com.au

Flavio Paggiaro (Sue) 0412 985 916 admin@kellands.com.au


Position Name Phone Position Name Phone

Event Secretary Fred Sayers 3359 2623

Annette Truscott 0407 494 867

Ev. Sec. Asst. David Robinson 3255 9037

Richard Mattea 3325 0409

CAMS Delegate Gary Goulding 3351 3506

(Alternative) Ann Thompson 3378 1368

Chaplain Ken Trudgian 3886 3409

Club Captain Don Webster 3379 2566

Canteen Convener (Mt C) Vacant

Special Interest Vehicle Paul Strange 3398 1993

Concession Contract pstrange@bigpond.com

Webmistress Glenda Crew 3341 4397

Clubrooms Max Johnson 3201 5836

Regalia Shaun Rankin 0402 450 290

Library David Robinson 3255 9037

Point Score Ian Fettes 3803 3858

Membership Sec. Peter Rayment (Delia) 0407 693 947

National Meeting Noeline Johnson 0437 220 602



Chapter Liaison David Miles 3892 2699

Far Nth Qld Chapter John Fransen 0458 658 830

Wide Bay Chapter David Hall 0490 363 889

Darling Downs Chapter Gary Lawrence 4696 8314

Capricorn Chapter Gurney Clamp 4939 4760

Whitsundays Chapter Cathie Meredith 0427 392 829

Octagon Editor Elaine Hamilton 3893 2438 0418 870 782 vprojects@internode.on.net

All enquiries to the secretary:

C/o GPO Box 1847 Brisbane 4001


The Octagon -March 2017

Headquarters: 8/16 Collinsvale Street, Rocklea

E & OE Hillclimb: Gramzow Road, Mt Cotton

The opinion of the editor, correspondents and advertisers expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the management

committee of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc. and as such the club accepts no responsibility. Published six times a year members

personal advertisements are free. Club constitution available in clubrooms. Copyright 2013 MGCCQ.

President’s Report

I can hardly believe that we are now well and

truly into 2017. The year has started at a

frenetic pace with many social and competitive

events having already been held. It’s always

great to see so much activity on the Club’s

calendar. It really is a challenge to find a

weekend that’s free of an activity. Thanks to all

those members who continue to take the time

to organise such events for your fellow Club


The support for all the events run this year

has been fantastic, with reports of excellent

numbers participating in the day runs. The

interest in this year’s hillclimb series has also

been solid. Unfortunately the club will not be

promoting a round of this year’s Qld Motor

Racing Championship. This is due in part to

the resurfacing works the WDSCC has been

undertaking over the Christmas and New Year


Our club library is a fantastic resource for all

members to enjoy. The range of material on

all things MG and motorsport is quite amazing.

It’s a great asset, which is vastly underutilized.

I would encourage all members to familiarise

themselves with what’s available via the club’s

website, just go to the ‘News’ page and scroll to

the bottom of the page where you will find a link

to all the resources in a searchable format.

Hopefully the Octagon will reach members

before they begin their journey to the 2017 MG

National Meeting. On paper the MG Car Club

of South Australia look to have put together a

fantastic programme that I’m sure members will

enjoy. We wish all members a safe journey. I’m

sure we will do well in the competitive events

given our numbers attending.

Thanks go also to Noeline Johnson for once

again organising accommodation for the

MGCCQ team.

The lines of communication between the Norris

Motor Group, the new MG distributor and the

Club continue to develop. We are planning

to hold a joint Noggin n Natter at the new MG

showroom in Kedron. Please keep an eye on

the weekly emails where further updates about

this exciting opportunity for the Club will be


The Club’s new regalia trailer will be on the

road shortly. My thanks to Neil Lewis for his

work in repainting the trailer and ensuring that

it was in roadworthy condition. It should, after

the awning has been replaced, prove to be

the ideal platform for the sale of regalia etc. at

our events. We are also investigating ways to

store, charge and move the Club’s timing gear

using this new asset.

A number of developments at the clubrooms

are in the planning stage, with the hillclimb/

motorsport wall at the rear of the building in

the planning stage. Thanks to Elaine Hamilton

for agreeing to take on this task. It has been a

long time coming. I’m sure once complete it will

be a great tribute to those members who have

achieved both State and National success, with

a particular emphasis on Hillclimbing but will

also include tributes to those, like our long term

club patron, Dick Johnson, who have achieved

success in motor racing.

I hope that our paths cross soon at one of the

clubs many activities. Until then please ensure

you stay safe on our roads and happy motoring.

- Richard Mattea

Ross Kelly 3352 4151

0407 364 543

MG ZR, ZS, ZT Ken Wasley 0423 15 27 23

The Octagon - March 2017 3

Some words from Elaine

I hope you all like the cover photo. When

it came in with the ‘Story from the Stable’

contribution it made the choice of cover photo

very easy for me. My thanks, on your behalf,

go to Geoff McGlashan for responding to my

request for contributions. I know that there

must be dozens and dozens of other good

MG stories out there just waiting for us all to

read them so please follow Geoff’s example

and send them in to me. These are the

articles which ‘lift’ the ‘Octagon’ to a higher

level and bring forth the positive comments

about the magazine.

At the bottom of these words, you will see a

letter to the Editor which came in quite late

but needed to be published in this issue.

Thus, there are fewer words from me this

time. Do I hear collective sighs of relief?

So what is inside for you in this issue? Sadly

there is an obituary to a Wide Bay Chapter

member who made such a mark in the Club

and in his community that the Chapter felt

compelled to tell us his story. I wonder if any

other person has had a lovely MG ‘guard of

honour’ at their funeral. Well, done, WBC for

your tribute to him.

There is a report on the Annual dinner and

presentation of Club trophies at which the

plea was made by one of the trophy winners

for more people to participate in the events

for which these trophies are presented.

The rules for pointscoring are, as always,

available on the News page of the Club

website so please familiarise yourself with

them, take part in the events and come along

to next year’s presentation of trophies to

collect your reward.

Peter and Delia Rayment’s story of their

trip to the 2016 National Meeting concludes

just before they and many others start their

not-quite-so-long journey to Adelaide for

this year’s event. Best wishes to you all for

a safe trip there and back and a happy and

successful time at the National Meeting.

Hopefully some of you will be inspired by


The Octagon -March 2017

Peter and Delia’s articles to write your own

personal story of your trip to and from and at

the National Meeting. A perspective of it from

a first-timer’s point of view would be great.

You will see a Date Claimer published here

(twice - because it’s important) for a very

important Golden Anniversary next year as

we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the

first event at Mt Cotton Hillclimb on 17/18

February next year. The first event was

held on 18 Feb 1968 and the calendar gods

looked upon us and arranged for 18th Feb

to again fall on a Sunday, thus adding to

the significance of the day. Please help us

spread the word particularly amongst those

who competed at the hillclimb over the 50


Closing date for material for the May issue of

the Octagon is the last day of April - plenty

of time for the National Meeting attendees

to return and write something while their

memories are fresh.

Hi Elaine,

This is just to let you know that I have

moved on from Abingdon Motors/MG

City. I wanted to thank you and Don

for your help in communicating with the

MGCC QLD over the last three years

and for the Club’s support of the few

events we hosted and the members

support for the business.

The tradition of Abingdon Motors

continues, under the new ownership of

Matt Spoljarevic. I know Matt will bring

new energy and new ideas and that will

be a good thing for local MG owners.

I will let Matt contact you with his own

words regarding his transition, but I

would appreciate it if you could pass on

my thanks and farewell to the club.

Best regards,

Philip MacMahon

Notice Board

The Clubrooms are open on the first and third Friday nights of each month with hot food starting at 6.30

pm priced as low as $3. The goal will continue to be to have something special happening on the first

Friday of each month. Your suggestions are welcomed.

Working bees are held at the hillclimb on most Wednesdays and are therefore not listed below. For

further information, contact Malcolm Spiden.

(P) indicates that the event is pointscoring for Club trophies. The rules for pointscoring for trophies can

be found on the News page of the Club website. The pointscore is updated throughout the year by Ian

Fettes so you can see how competitive you are. Please contact Ian with any queries you may have.

Please consult the online calendar for any update and also for Chapter events to which all members

are always invited. You will also find that motorsport events promoted by other clubs and also events in

regional areas are listed in our online calendar.


2 Sunday CAMS Club Challenge hillclimb at Mt Cotton

7 Friday Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Shannons

9 Sunday HSCCQ Khanacross at DTC Willowbank (P)

14-17 Fri/Mon MG National Meeting in SA

21 Friday Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Clubrooms

22/23 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Round 3 (P)

26 Wed Mid Week Run with overnight option

(Organised by David Miles 0438 760 447)


5 Friday Noggin ‘n’ Natter at clubrooms

14 Sunday Rd 2 of the Interclub Championships -

NDSCC Interclub Navigation run and tour (P)

17 Wed Midweek run (one week earlier than usual)

(organised by Ian and Kay Wells. Place and

time of meeting TBA)

19 Friday Noggin ‘n’ Natter at clubrooms

20/21 Sat/Sun CAMS State Championship Races Round 2

at Morgan Park (P)

21 Sun HSCCQ Khanacross Interclub at DTC,

Willowbank (P)

28 Sun Rd 3 of the Interclub Championship - TOSA

Interclub Macleans Bridge display at

Belmont Rifle Range (P)

Please mark these dates in your calendar.

17 and 18 Feb 2018

On these days we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Mt Cotton

Hillclimb at the Clubrooms on the Saturday and at Mt Cotton on the

Sunday. Watch the NEWS page of the Club website throughout the

year for more information as plans for the two days take shape.

New members

We welcome the following new members and wish

them a long and happy association with the Club.

Maria McDonnell

Bill Humble

Jeremy Mattea

Bernard McBride

Clive Pearce

Benn Gregory

Graham Hickson

Rod Bridges

Patrick Birmingham

Mark Pryor

Alan Searle

Nigel Tomkins

David Cook

Fiona Monaghan

Graham Tronc

Linda Blackburn

FOR SALE MGB Race Car Group Sb

This car has been built from a bare shell by Bob Rowntree in Sydney and meticulously maintained

by Bob since. The car is one of the fastest Group “Sb” MGB’s in Australia. Bob refreshed the engine

January 2017 ready for the new season without any expense spared. Recently it has been fitted

with a new high flow head, ceramic coated inlet and exhaust manifolds, Camshaft, to mention a few,

plus a host of spares, diff ratios, springs, and other new components. Also a UK competition Close

ratio overdrive gearbox, additional photos and information can be supplied upon request. The car

laps SMP (Gardiner Circuit) 1.51.2, Wakefield Park 1.10.4 and is exceptionally reliable.

Price: $24,000 Contact: Colin Ward 0477177122 0246556770

The Octagon - March 2017 5


Some good news to come through is that

Bill Norman is now a Queenslander! Brian

Pettit provided this photo of Bill with his

latest acquisition, a Ralt RT4, in his shed at

Crow’s Nest. Hopefully we shall see Bill at

Mt Cotton again as soon as he “sorts out his

car and himself”. We look forward to it!

A mystery of Club life! Why do all the

trophies from the display table always seem

to end up at the same dinner table???


The Octagon -March 2017

Amongst the team working on the costume

for this National Meeting theme night were

Pat Walker, Karen Fettes, Sue Paggiaro,

Noeline Johnson and Cathy Bartley. You

can try to match the names with the people

as the identity of one is hidden by her new


Chris McMahon (left) and Brian (2nd from

right) prepare for the first night run of the

year as Brant Rayment tries to pretend he’s

not there.

Ian Fettes (right) looks on warily, possibly

with his Pointscorer ‘hat’ on and thinking

‘Here they go again!’

What are the chances of this? While looking for something

else, these results from the 11 July 1976 Ironman hillclimb

were found. Can you pick what is interesting about it?

(Look at the bottom of the last page for the answer!)

VALE Anthony Mammino of the Wide Bay Chapter’s ‘Bundy Crew’

Anthony and Teena Mammino (pictured)

joined the MG Club Wide Bay Chapter

(Bundy Crew) in November 2014 with

a beautiful MGTF and would partake

in local runs with the Bundy Crew.

Sadly, Anthony’s life came to end on

Wednesday the 18th of January at The

Wesley Hospital, Brisbane, as he took

his last breaths after fighting HLH and an

aggressive lymphoma for 20 months.

Anthony never wasted a minute of his

50 years of life, accomplishing a great

deal in his personal and professional life

and contributing greatly to the tourism

of Childers and the Burnett region. One

of Anthony’s great joys in life was the

creation of local icon, Mammino Gourmet

Ice Cream with wife, Teena. The duo

started the business in 1996 winning

many awards for their product and for

the tourism it brought to the area. It is a

stopping place for MG Car Club members

on their Club runs and his presence there

will be missed.

As a tribute to him, members of the Wide

Bay Chapter’s ‘Bundy Crew’ used their

MGs to form a Guard of Honour.

The Bundy Crew of the Wide Bay Chapter

farewelled Anthony by forming a guard

of honor with 10 MGs at Childers Lawn


The Octagon - March 2017 7

Stories from the




by Geoff McGlashan

I bought my MGB from Graham Hobbs in

September 2012. The vehicle was in good

condition and needed only a motor rebuild,

some front end work and a few other bits

and pieces to be a reliable daily use car. I

have used it as a daily driver since I

bought it.

I surf quite a bit, now mainly using a handboard

and fins. However, I had bought my

first Malibu in 1958, a solid balsa board by

Barry Bennett. When I transferred to North

Queensland in the sugar industry I turned

to sailing and diving on the reef, so sold the

board in 1969.

In 1974 I rebuilt an MGTC and got hooked

again on MGs – having owned an old TF

in the sixties. I also got back into Surf Life

Saving and swept surf boats in various

Clubs for 20 plus years, still reef diving, still

sailing, still constantly rebuilding the TC …

the roads in North Qld. in the seventies and

eighties were rough.

My surfing mates from my youth around

Taree and Forster told me it was such a fine

piece of work that I should hang it in the

lounge room and relearn to surf on an old

clunker board. No way!

So...I needed to build a stainless steel rack

to carry it down the North Coast of NSW

as far as Cabarita, Coffs, Port Macquarie

and Forster NSW, to surf with mates, to

Currumbin Alley, and more regularly to the

Sunshine Coast.

A young relation, Tim Shanahan, has a steel

fabrication business in Greenbank. I knew

the high standard of his stainless steel work

as he had built deck posts and rails for my


I drew up a basic design for the rack,

ensuring clearance for the hardtop and so

the ragtop could be erected with the rack in


The rear bar is simple. Slotted into female

pipes which are attached to each rear

bumper hanger, it is kept in place by a grub

screw on each pipe. Those pipes I leave

attached to the car. See photo.

Surf boat sweeping and a directorship

on the Qld Board of Surf Life Saving

followed our move to Brisbane in 1993, so

involvement in surf and MGs was always

going to be part of my life.

Wanting to relive my youth (yes, we all try),

at the end of November last year I built a

hollow wooden 10ft Malibu surfboard with a

class of ten tutored by Stuart Bryant at his

fine furniture workshop in Northgate.

The rear attachment without the rack fitted, as it usually

is when not using the rack


The Octagon -March 2017

Rear attachment

with rack fitted

The front bar was more


I had to develop angles

so I could attach a

female tube to each

windscreen post and

still have the crossbar

still clear the front of the hardtop and ragtop

hoods when erected.

Drilling the windscreen posts at the right

angle and at the same time avoiding the

windscreen was a delicate nerve-stretching

job. However, nothing shattered.

We inserted stainless steel helicals into the

aluminium posts to take dome head nuts

which I fixed onto grub screws with Loctite.

Tim, the manufacturer, calculated the angles

for the female tube attachments and the

support gussets so it fits really well.

The crossbar slots into the female pipes

and is also kept in place with grub screws to

create the front bar support.

Tim insisted on a two metre stabilising rod

between front and back bars. Although

the whole lot is made of brushed stainless

steel and looks great, I covered the bearing

surfaces with soft rubber tube to protect the

boards when loading.

The dome head “bolts” go back into the

windscreen posts when the racks are

removed. See photo.

I field a lot of questions about the rack at

the beach and photographers are interested

in these two old fogies in a ’63 MGB with

Malibu surfboards on top. We have even

been photographed on the highway home.

Pity they can’t hear The Beach Boys

blasting out of the car radio as well!

It’s probably interest in the combination ….

A great car (MGB), some lovely looking

wooden Malibu boards, and a couple of old

buggers singing along with Eric Clapton, Bill

Haley and Elvis.

Life’s about having fun!

(From left to right) The front pillar when rack not fitted, windscreen pillar attachment, and stabiliser bar front to back bar and at the workshop.

The Octagon - March 2017 9

Mal Ryan Ph: 0419 741 223 - mspa.com@optusnet.com.au - Capalaba, Brisbane.

Check out our website: www.octopusgrip.com to find a distributor close to you.

British Car Specialist & Rover T4 Diagnostics

2 Trade Street

Ormiston Q 4160


The Octagon -March 2017


by Don Webster

OF TROPHIES 2016 Photos by Elaine Hamilton

Our venue for the Annual Dinner held

on Saturday 28th January 2017 was

once again the Boulevard Gardens at

Indooroopilly. However, this year our dinner

coincided with a wedding reception held in

an adjacent part of the premises, so parking

was at a premium!

But on to the

event. Club

President Richard

Mattea welcomed

those attending,

and started

proceedings with

the awarding of

certificates to

those who had

broken records

at Mt Cotton in 2016. As the times keep

coming down, it becomes increasingly hard

to break records, and only two were done in

the past year. Ross Mackay broke a record

that has stood since 1991, while Dean Tighe

just keeps getting faster. Unfortunately,

Ross was unable to attend, but Dean

(pictured) was there to accept his certificate.

This was followed by the Appleby trophy

for the

Top Six




was Jim


with the


up being

Michael von


Top placed in the Top Six, Jim Milliner

Dean Tighe,

with 3rd placed Dean Tighe

Neil Lewis,

with David Malone and David Homer in a tie

for fifth place. It is interesting to see David

Malone’s Torana up there with the Formula

Libre cars.

Then on to the Club trophies with the first

one being the Geary Sportscars Concours

Trophy. There were three finalists, Bernie

Pereira’s MGTD, Trevor Jones’ MGA,

and David Farrar’s MG Rv8. It was won

this year by David Farrar. Unfortunately,

Denis Geary was unable to attend, so the

presentation to David was capably handled

by Vern Hamilton.

The Octagon - March 2017 11


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The Octagon -March 2017

David Farrar (left) receiving his trophy from Denis Geary

substitute, Vern Hamilton

Berenice Stratton made history as the first female to win

the Peter Uscinski Marque Speed Trophy

Pauline Graham, winner of the Ladies’ Trophy with Richard

This was then followed by the award of the

Ladies’ trophy to Pauline Graham. This

trophy used to be hotly contested, but with a

limited field, Pauline easily won. Where are

you Ladies, and where is your

competitive spirit?

The Racing Drivers Trophy was won by Brad Smith

Unfortunately, there were only three Night

Navigation (Closed Touring Assembly)

runs held in 2016 due to bad weather and

competing events which made it difficult to

earn points. However there was sufficient

for the G.C.Reid trophy for CTA Driver to be

won by Chris McMahon, and the M.E.Hunter

trophy for CTA Navigator to be a tie between

Chris McMahon and Brian Krieger. I don’t

know how Chris did this – presumably he

wasn’t driving and navigating at the

same time?

The next trophy was the Peter Uscinski

trophy for Marque Speed. In third place was

Shaun Rankin, second was a tie between

Andrew Lake and Flavio Paggiaro, with the

winner being Berenice Stratton, which tends

to disprove my point that Ladies are

not competitive.

Brian Krieger (left) and Chris McMahon, joint winners of

the M E Hunter trophy for CTA navigator. Chris also won

the G C Reid Trophy for CTA Driver.

The Racing Driver’s Trophy was won by

Brad Smith, with John English second, and

Brian Pettit third. Brad accepted the trophy

to the delight of his father Barry Smith,

another stalwart of the club.

The Octagon - March 2017 13

A very significant award is THE MILES


ACHIEVEMENT which is presented to the

Club member who has contributed greatly

and selflessly to the Club’s success over

the past year. Committee members look

around them at members at work, ask

subtle questions of others and then submit

nominations for this prestigious award.

Voting is then by the Club Committee. This

year’s winner is someone who is a hillclimb

competitor and worker, day run participant,

National Meeting attendee and, most

importantly, has taken on the role of Regalia

Coordinator. A very surprised Shaun Rankin

was pleased to accept his trophy.

Following a short break while dessert was

served, we moved on to the second session

of trophy presentation.

recognises particularly outstanding efforts

made by individuals who tirelessly work,

sometimes behind the scenes, to ensure

that the facility’s magnificent grounds are

always looking their best and that events

function smoothly. Nominations for this

award are sought from all club members

before the decision is made by the

Committee. This year we recognise two

Canteen workers, Berenice Stratton and

Pauline Graham. Berenice organised the

very successful running of the Qld Hillclimb

Championships, and Pauline is always

there, from set up to tidy up, while still

finding time to compete each day. Andrew

Willesden, who is Brian Tebble’s nephew,

outlined the history of the award, and

presented it jointly to Berenice and Pauline.

It was an all Mattea family affair as Jeremy and

Genevieve (far right) assisted with the presentation to

Ashleigh and Alexandra (centre l and r)

David Robinson donated a trophy to

encourage young members to compete in

the great training ground of motorkhanas,

and this year’s joint winners were sisters

Alexandra and Ashleigh Mattea who

accepted their awards from proud Dad


Pauline and Berenice receive their trophies from Brian

Tebble’s nephew, Andrew Willesden

The second significant trophy for

contribution to the club by working for and

at Mt Cotton Hillclimb throughout the year

is the Brian Tebble Award. This award

David Miles was called on to present his

Perpetual Shield for Pre-War MGs. There

was a limited field competing for the shield

this year with Ross Letten in third place,

Ross Kelly in second, and the winner being

Dino Mattea. Dino likened his Magna

to Dame Nellie Melba, who was always

promising to retire, but fronted up each year

for another performance.


The Octagon -March 2017

Dino with his trophy and support crew

Don Webster, winner of three trophies for MGs, implores

other members to get out and ‘have a go’

The McConnell motorkhana trophy for MGs

was convincingly won by Malcolm Spiden,

with Don Webster, John Walker and Flavio

Paggiaro all managing to score some

points. The T-series trophy, Best MG trophy

and Howard trophy for Best All-Round

were again won by Don Webster. In his

acceptance speech, Don bemoaned the lack

of competition and entreated more of the

members to “have a go”.

Ken Graham won both the Speed Trophy and the ME

Hunter Motorkhana trophy

The next award was the Viscount Nuffield

Speed trophy which is based on competition

in Hillclimbs and sprints as well as points

gained by working at Mt Cotton working

bees. There were 42 participants vying for

this award, with Jim Heymer in third place,

Pauline Graham in second, and the winner

by just a few points Ken Graham.

The M.E.Hunter motorkhana trophy had 8

members competing with Pauline Graham in

third place, Malcolm Spiden in second, and

the winner being Ken Graham.

Of the 25 trophies and certificates that were

presented, over 20 were able to be accepted

by the lucky recipients.

Following the completion of the official

presentations, tea and coffee were served

and the lucky ticket prizes drawn.

Overall, a pleasant evening enjoyed by all

those who attended, and I encourage you

to attend next year to support your club and

the individual trophy winners.

Winner of the McConnell motorkhana trophy was Malcolm Spiden

The Octagon - March 2017 15


The Octagon -March 2017

The Octagon - March 2017 17

The Nullarbor Nym

(Or what we experienced in our MGY on our way home from the Easter 2016 MG National

The Nullarbor Nymph Strikes again!

Or what we experienced in our MGY on our

way home from the Easter 2016 MG National

Meeting, Perth, Western Australia) by Delia

Rayment with sneak-ins by Peter – Part 4

At this point we had now officially crossed

the Nullarbor from West to East, but we still

had about 1900 miles/ 3000 km to go before

we reached home on the Sunshine Coast,


The Eyre Peninsula

Leaving Ceduna we headed south-east

towards the Eyre Peninsula. It had been 21

years since we travelled down through this

area and it had been in the opposite direction.

Have you ever noticed that things look different

going the opposite direction? We have. So we

didn’t mind taking a few extra days to revisit

this area with our visitors.

Each little town we went to had certainly

scrubbed up and expanded since 1995 and the

road surface conditions had changed for the


On the first day we lunched at an always

favourite spot, Streaky Bay. (No Nullarbor

Nymphs here – different streaking). We were

headed for Elliston that night where we had

pre-booked two motel style rooms at the local

Hotel. We were told there would be off street

parking and a restaurant, which meant we

didn’t have to go too far for dinner - because

once you have been travelling all day you don’t

want to be then driving somewhere else for

dinner. It was clean comfortable, good meals

and yes there was off street parking – just.

There weren’t too many people around either,

so it was nice and quiet.

Before we got to Elliston however, we went to

a couple of geological features en-route, one

called Murphy’s Haystack, in the middle of a

paddock and the other the Talia Caves, right

on the edge of the Great Southern Ocean.

Both sculptured out of the bedrock, by mother


Interesting diary entry that day - Entering

Elliston we saw our first lot of substantial

“trees” since Norseman.

The next day saw us heading further south

on the peninsula via Coffin Bay, but before

we reached there we found a most wonderful

lookout over the ocean at Lock Wells. The

South Australians must have thought so too

as they have built this tremendous viewing

platform. We saw spectacular “mares’ tails”

and got some beaut photos of them, because

of the elevation above sea level. It was an

ideal spot, with the dark navy blue coloured

ocean behind them, they stood out well. The


The Octagon -March 2017

ph strikes again!

Meeting in Perth, Western Australia) by Delia Rayment with sneak-ins by Peter - PART 4

water looked so inviting for swimming or

fishing – as we believe the Australian Salmon

and the King George Whiting are plentiful

there. But firstly - not being married to a

fisherman - fishing was out and then secondly

when I found out that Bronze Whalers, White

Pointers and other sharks frequented the

beach, I reneged on the swimming. Unlike

me I know – as I am a bit of a frog - see water

in it! I could have sat there, however, all day

watching the ocean but we had to push on.

Travelling further south we ran parallel to

huge, low vegetated, sand dunes for miles

(the big trees at Elliston were a rarity), then

through low hills with lots of stone walls, (boy

they must have been busy making them) until

we happened upon a little white washed stone

building right next to the road all by itself. No

- we weren’t in England – the building looked

somewhat out of place! This was the historical

Lake Hamilton Eating House once used by

mail run drivers as a rest stop between Port

Lincoln and Bramfield. Modern travellers can

use it for the same purpose (as there aren’t

too many trees anywhere for shelter) and

there is an honesty box where one can donate

to the upkeep of the building. We partook our

morning smoko in the Eating House and were

thankful for it, reminiscing on the hardships

that the pioneers of this land must have had

to endure in this desolate area. It certainly is

different sheep country to what the kiwis are

used to.

In contrast our lunch stop that day was

overlooking Kellide Bay at the little town of

Coffin Bay at a restaurant. Warwick thought

that he was in heaven as he hoed into

oysters, fresh from oyster farms just out in

front of us. See photo on p 21. Very civilized!

We all savoured the food, the ambience and

the company, until it was time to hit the road

again, heading east this time.

I’ve made a mental note – Need to go back to

this area again and stay awhile, we have only

just scratched the surface. But then there is

this thing called the tyranny of distance!

Arms everywhere.

Coffin Bay had been a little detour off the

main road and as we headed back out an

RV was coming towards us. Nothing unusual

about that you say as they are there all the

time but this one had arms coming out of

it everywhere. We were somewhat used to

people waving at the MGY and just waved

back. But it wasn’t until we were passed it

that we saw that the RV was towing a trailer

with an MGBGT on it. It was June and Brian

Phillips from Toowoomba, who had also been

to Perth for the National Meeting. Unable to

pull over we kept going and it was some time

before we were able to make phone contact

with them to apologize for not stopping. Also

The Octagon - March 2017 19


The Octagon -March 2017

we had made reservations further ahead so

we wouldn’t have been able to stay with them.

Sorry guys.

Port Lincoln

Having booked into accommodation, at Tumby

Bay we chose to skirt around Port Lincoln as

much as possible, it being a “big” city. On the

by-pass route we noticed a sign to a lookout

which we detoured to. It is called Winters Hill

and has a very commanding view over the

city, port, Boston Bay and right out towards

Jessieu Peninsula and the Lincoln

National Park.

Diary entry that day – Definitely need to come

back again and explore this wonderful wild

place with its deeply indented coastline.

Tumby Bay proved to be a very pretty spot

and the old hotel was interesting to say the

least. Still the position was ideal for predinner

drinks on the second storey verandah

overlooking the bay and long jetty as the sun

set, after a long days drive. Especially after

we had done extra kilometres trying to locate

our hotel for the night following the Nav Mans

instructions, which turned out to be incorrect!

It wasn’t the first time that we had had wrong

instructions from “Karen”. Modern technology!

The next morning we enjoyed a leisurely

breakfast at the Ritz. Yes you read right -the

Ritz. I had spied the little café, right on the

waterfront the previous night off the verandah

of the hotel and had gone down to investigate.

“YES”. I said to myself, “We are on holidays,

why not!” Better than looking at four walls in

the hotel! The walls of the café did prove to

be interesting though, as they had quite a few

historical photos.

Warwick’s petrol pump decided to be naughty

this day – just after he had blatted past us at

this point to give the B its head. It was a very

convenient place to break down though! Very

thoughtful! A nice flat mowed grassy patch,

where one could get off the road and under

the car to work on it. Juliana and I also had

a nice shady spot to sit down and relax. The

earth wire had disconnected itself and the

bullet connector in engine bay coupling for the

petrol pump had fallen out also. (NB It could

be useful to include some couplers (single

and double) in your onboard spare parts to

carry, because they are all being affected by

age embrittlement.) Meanwhile, one of the

locals stopped by to see if we were OK, nice

of them! The boys wired it all together and

wrapped it in insulation tape and it started

perfectly. After only an hour, the boys had

the fault fixed and we headed north towards

Whyalla. Well done boys!


We were all impressed with Whyalla’s

attraction at the Tourist Information Centre

– the ship HMAS Whyalla dry-docked right

next to the road. This was a first for all of us

as we snapped a photo with the cars next to

the vessel. See photo on p 22. The ship is not

only a reminder of Australia’s ship building

history but also a reminder that we can be

self-sufficient in Australia without importing

such things – given the opportunity, before

the skills are lost. Pay people to build ships

instead of the dole!

Between Whyalla and Port Augusta and after

we connected with the main road coming

from Western Australia we encountered a

The Octagon - March 2017 21

BIG roadblock with Police everywhere. Some

cars were being stripped, some were being

checked for registration, some the drivers for

licences and some were being breathalysed.

We must have looked honest – they just

flagged us through after only a short wait in

the line-up. As we have said before we don’t

mind this type of operation as long as it keeps

our country safer.

Port Augusta

On our way over to Perth we had stayed in

a pretty good unit in a caravan park in Port

Augusta overlooking Spencer Gulf, so we

booked into it on the way back. Outside

the unit that afternoon it was almost like a

supermarket around the cars. Warwick said

later he felt like saying “take a number please”

as people kept lining up to see and find

out about the little MGs. Great stuff! We all

enjoyed it.

We experienced another serendipity that night

in Port Augusta, as we had caught up with

the Robinsons. Port Augusta is one of those

places in Australia which is a bit of a bottle

neck road wise, if you are travelling east,

west, north, or south, you have to go through

it. It happened that this night both lots of us

ended up there! The next day however it

wouldn’t have happened as we were heading

east into New South Wales and they were

heading south east back to Victoria. As we

said our goodbyes we said “See you next

Easter in Adelaide!”

Desert Delights

Peter and I had enjoyed a visit to the

Australian Arid Land Botanical Gardens at

Port Augusta on our way over to Perth. Whilst

there I had particularly wanted to check the

status of any Sturts Desert Peas they might

have had growing. They had some plants but

they didn’t have flowers on then. So, on the

way back we took the kiwis, hoping that the

peas would be in flower and they were! What

a treat! What a delight the Sturts Desert Pea

is with its sentinel like flower, in its jacket of

brilliant red and black. I was so excited to

show Juliana and Warwick what I consider to

be one of our national treasurers. They are

somewhat rare in the outback. One needs

to be in the right spot at the right time to see

them in bloom, but we had jagged it!

Whilst at the Gardens gift shop I guided

Juliana to what I consider to be some of our

classic children’s books here in Australia like

“Diary of a Wombat” by Jackie French, which

she eagerly bought to read to some of her

students in New Zealand. In fact by the time

we’d finished she had an armful of Australian



A visit to the Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre

on the way over was very nostalgic for Peter

and me. But on our night’s stay on the way

back we decided to take our visitors to the

Light & Sound Show at the centre. This show

helped us all to have a better understanding

of the railways history, its development and

importance to the town, the area, South

Australia and Australia in general.

Broken Hill

Travelling north-east to Broken Hill, our minds

went back to the show at Peterborough

because as we stopped or passed through

each little town or railway siding we were

reminded of those brave people who had lived



The Octagon -March 2017

We had a lay day in Broken Hill which gave

Juliana & Warwick time to do the tourist

things. By now we were beginning to realise

that our trip together was almost at an end,

but we still had things to show them!


All the way across Australia this time it was

the greenest we have ever seen it and

consequently the wildlife and the ferals were

breeding well with all the green pick around.

Going to Perth we saw flocks of emus with

chicks in tow and then on the way back the

chicks were of course much bigger.

One feral animal we saw plenty of through the

Broken Hill to Cobar area in particular was the

goat. I have never seen so many feral goats

in all my life. I can just imagine the damage

they are doing to the vegetation as they eat

anything and everything. Though one grazier

we were talking to recently said they round

them up every so often, as it gives them

money in the lean times. I would have thought

that they actually contributed to the lean time

conundrum! One rest area we stopped at

going over had about 4 goats roaming around

unworried by humans and then on the way

back it had about 40 odd – all in 5 weeks!

A real outback experience

Wanting to give our visitors a real treat for

one of our last nights together I suggested

we divert north of the Broken Hill / Wilcannia

road to the opal town of White Cliffs. Three

reasons, one to look at the area where the

miners live, look at some opal and also

possibly a stay in an underground Motel – a

disused opal mine. The kiwis weren’t too

fussed in staying underground but they said

that they would visit us if we stayed. So off

we went. The others booked into the local

hotel and Peter and I drove out to where

the underground hotel was. After quite a

while on a very corrugated dusty road we

eventually came to the hotel and we had to

make a decision. No - we would cancel our

booking as we didn’t want the kiwis coming

out on that road to see us that night. We

booked into the hotel with the others and had

an interesting evening. As we were having

pre-dinner drinks at the bar a scantily dressed

maiden came through the door (no it wasn’t

the Nullarbor Nymph) leading something.

The something turned out to be a lamb with

a nappy on. Picture that one! Only in our true

outback would such a thing happen. The

locals seemed to accept the situation and so

being in Rome we did as the Romans did - we

accepted it!


As we travelled east to Cobar, we stopped at

Emmdale Roadhouse to refuel our cars and

ourselves. To obtain fuel you had to go into

the roadhouse then the attendant would come

out and unlock the pump and serve you with

fuel. When the attendant came out this time

(for we had stopped there on our way over) he

said looking at the Y “Ah! You’re the lady with

the white hat!“ I was somewhat perplexed

then he continued “You left it here on your way

over.” I was still unsure as to which white hat

I had left until we went inside and there was

my white 1990 MG National Meeting sunvisor

hanging up in pride of place over the servery.

He said “I knew you would be back- you said

you would.” What a wonderful man. I gave him

a hug, as the visor was special to me, having

designed and sold them for our club at our

1990 National Meeting.

Just as we were about to leave the roadhouse

who should walk in but 2 fellow Queensland

MG Car Club members – Lyn Rushby and

Paul Lupton. Like us, they were on their way

home from the National Meeting, travelling

in their air conditioned MG Magnette with a

unique roof lining. Firstly the only way Lyn was

going to travel in the Magnette was to have

air conditioning – spoilt girl and secondly the

roof lining was a painting they had bought in

Silverton of a car from the movie Mad Max. Hit

The Octagon - March 2017 23

me with a feather – what next. And so a good

while later we departed for Cobar.

(NB Paul needs to write an article about

the trials and tribulations of fitting an air


Our last night together

After a noisy dinner at one of the local pubs,

amongst a locals birthday party, Juliana

and I decided to run a joint load of washing

through as we had spied the laundry before

we went out. By the time we went to put out

the washing on the rotary clothes line out on

some lawn, it was dark, but not that dark that

we couldn’t see what we were doing. I pegged

the clothes whilst Juliana held the wet ones in

a basket.

Then we went to go back onto the concrete

path and found that we had both grown 2

– 3 inches taller – goatshead burrs! Yuck. I

had thought that the ground was somewhat

crunchy but put it down to dry weather. Moral

of the story - survey the scene properly whilst

you have light.

Bye-bye time

And so the day had come for us to depart

company but before we left Cobar we took

Juliana and Warwick up to a lookout which

looked down into the town’s first mine and at

several other Poppet Heads in the area to give

them a true perspective of this very friendly,

clean town. Something caught my attention

on a high tower at the lookout and I said to

the others I thought that it was a Peregrine

Falcon. The Peregrine is a world famous,

widespread but generally uncommon falcon.

Warwick zoomed in as far as his good camera

would allow and he pushed the shutter. Yes it

was one. What a lucky break, it surely was a

buzz to see one.

Moving on to Nyngan, our last town together,

we spied a rotunda in the town park and

decided to have one last cuppa together,

before we parted company. But again more or

less as soon as we stopped we were greeted

by locals who wanted to know all about things

and tell us about their cars – so it wasn’t the

personal little get together we had hoped for.

Perhaps just as well – as these moments can

be somewhat awkward can’t they? As Juliana

had said before we parted we travelled well

together. We were happy for their company

and to be able to show our visitors just some

of our wide brown land for I know they will

be back. We are already planning to go to

Adelaide for Easter 2017 and the MG National


A Record Set – Almost

Wanting to take in the whole experience of

travelling from one side of our country to

the other Juliana and Warwick went topless.

Each day they would slip, slop and slap and

enjoyed the experience. But on their very last

day going into Sydney they had to renege and

put the roof up as it bucketed down. To use

a favourite Australian slang word – Bugger.

Sorry guys but we think you set a record there

- almost!


We continued on for 2 more solid days

before we arrived home in time to do some

stewarding at a Come & Try Day at the

Gympie Skid Pan the next day. How is that for

dedication to Motor Sport! Juliana & Warwick

were in Sydney the next night, having looked

around Bathurst on their way.


The Octagon -March 2017

Our return home was very tiring as we were

no longer in tourist mode and wanted to

make road, as they say. The second last day

became somewhat of a nightmare as we

made a bad choice of route after lunch at

Uralla, when we decided to go to Grafton via

the Waterfall Way, a hypotenuse on the map.

A bad choice, because of several reasons.

The road turned out to be very windy and

rougher than we remembered it to be. Being

single lane it was slower and also more

dangerous to travel on. Then we ran out of

daylight, into a storm, and had hardly any

lights to boot. I don’t know how Peter keeps

going under these conditions but he does and

this was not the first time we have travelled

under such arduous conditions over our

many years together attending these events.

We had misjudged how long it would take

because of all the changed conditions to our

previous days of travel. We soldiered on to the

nearest town – Grafton - grabbed a motel bed

and collapsed. Grafton to home was a breeze

in comparison. True enthusiasts! You bet.

In summary the conditions of the roads west

of Cobar were excellent.

Things that went wrong with the car-

• Boiling petrol on the way over - Peter

changed the petrol pump at Coolgardie on the

way back.

• The odometer stopped in Perth - So we had

to manually calculate the distances between

the service stations for fuel.

• Exhaust pipe mount broke - Because of the

woopie roads in spots going to Perth and back

and even worse on the Waterfall Way, Peter

had to stabilize the exhaust pipe at Grafton

with a wire clothes hanger.

(We always carry a couple of these in case

they are needed.)

• Flat tyre - We had a tyre slowly go flat on the

way over, due to a badly fitted tube.

As stated before most tyre fitters don’t know

how to fit tubes these days. Peter wasn’t there

to see the tyres fitted.

• (NB With the Ys and Midgets never let a

tyrefitter use a rattle gun on the wheel stud

nuts or they will break the studs, as they are

thin. Use the provided wheel brace or a torque

wrench and certainly not a cross brace either.)

Spare Parts taken –

A complete distributor and cap, a fan belt,

petrol pump, assorted nuts and bolts, oil for

jack, diff, and gear box etc, tyre tube and

puncture kit. The reason for taking these – you

can’t get these spares everywhere.

To end, we simply want to say that we had a

ball. We enjoyed driving our thirties designed

MGY with forties features the distance we

did. It was probably one of those once in a

life time adventures. Would we do it again?

Maybe! Peter says that he would. Me, I’d like

to try another adventure somewhere else as

I have other fish I would like to fry. But we

are both glad that we did it. Victoria (our little

MGY) drove like the true English Lady she is -

graciously and reliably. Plus it was a joy to see

the expression on peoples’ faces when we

came into each roadhouse or little town on our

journey. It was wonderful to bring a little joy

to people – life is too serious these days. It

wasn’t a case of what the car owed us - but a

case of what we owed it as travelling in the Y

opened “doors” for us. We certainly met some

wonderful people who were more open with

their conversation because of it.

Having driven MGs in all states and territories

of Australia, we hope this story will encourage

more of you to use your cars. To fully enjoy

your car and get the most out of them, drive

them! They were meant to be driven.

We personally are looking forward to driving to

Adelaide in 2017 for the Easter MG National


We travelled 7142 miles/ 11501 kilometres

over and back

We used 271.40 gallons/ 1234.85 litres

of petrol with the highest price $1.72 @

Balledonia and the cheapest of $1.04.9 @

Grafton and 6 litres of engine oil

The Octagon - March 2017 25

Safety at the Bathurst 12 Hour

Information and photos from Berenice Stratton with

extra information and photo from Brian Pettit

Members Brad & Berenice Stratton recently

officiated at the Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12

Hour as part of the Safety Car team. As for

last year, the official Safety Cars were the

beautiful Mercedes AMG C63s. There were

2 teams, each doing an hour on and hour

off; the white car was the main car and the

silver was the back up.

“ It was a long race and a long day but we

were kept busy with 16 deployments and

approx 40 laps under yellow flag,” Berenice


Winners of the 290 lap long and sometimes

controversial race were Jamie Whincup,

Craig Lowndes and Toni Vilander in a

Ferrari 488 with second place going to a

Porsche GT3-R driven by local Queensland

hero Matt Campbell, Patrick Long, David

Calvert-Jones and Mark Lieb and third place

taken by a Bentley Continental GT3 driven

by Oliver Jarvis, Steven Kane and Guy


Brian Pettit was also there and took the

photo of Brad and Berenice with Neil Lewis

and Paul near the course car and added

the comment that ‘MGCCQ members are in

demand wherever they may be’. He added

that Brad and Berenice were kept busy with

so many deployments during the race and

that Berenice commented that she had to

drive as hard as Lowndes and Co just to get

off the track once the all clear was given.

He also commented that Brad and Berenice

would know the corner lines very well and

would be in a position to offer a few tips.

(Top to bottom) Brad and Berenice in their ‘office’

With Neil and Paul from ‘North of the Border’

The Safety car by day and by night


The Octagon -March 2017

The Octagon - March 2017 27


The Octagon -March 2017

MGCCQ 2017 Calendar

Affiliated with the Confederation of Australian Motorsports

GPO 1847, Brisbane Q 4001

The following abbreviations are used for Chapter names:

CAP = Capricorn; FNQ = Far North Qld; DDC = Darling Downs; WBC = Wide Bay; WHI = Whitsundays


2 Sun WHI Seaforth Car Show

2 Sun DDC Crows Nest Lions Club Car Display

2 Sun CAMS Club challenge hillclimb at Mt Cotton

2 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Maryborough and lunch at Burrum Heads Hotel

5 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

7 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

7 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Shannons

9 Sun CAP Baralaba Country Tour

9 Sun FNQ Day Run - Peeramon Pub

9 Sun HSCCQ Khanacross at DTC Willowbank (P)

9 Sun WBC Bundaberg -Twilight Run

12 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run (BYO picnic)

12 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

13 Thurs WBC Hervey Bay, Early Morning - Mid Week Rum

14-18 Fri-Tues MG National Meeting at Glenelg, SA

19 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

21 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the clubrooms

22/23 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Rd 3 (P)

23 Sun DDC Monthly Run

23 Sun WBC Bundaberg - Woodgate Run

23 Sun WBC Hervey Bay - Early Morning Woodgate Run

26 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

26/27 Wed/Th MGCCQ - Midweek run with overnight option

26 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

29/4-1/5 Sat/Sun/Mon CAP Town OF 1770 / Agness Waters Tour

29 Sat WBC Bundaberg - Camping Long Weekend Away


3 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

5 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

5 Fri Noggin ‘n’ natter at Clubrooms

6 Sat WBC Hervey Bay - Long Trip Away - Toowoomba Tour

The Octagon - March 2017 29

7 Sun DDC David Hack Classic Car Display

7 Sun FNQ Day Run - Hi Falls Farm

7 Sun WBC Bundaberg - EM Run to Mount Perry

10 Wed DDC Mid-week overnight run

10 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

10 Wed WBC Hervey Bay Early Morning Mid Week Run

14 Sun Rd 2 of the Interclub Championships - NDSCC Interclub Navigation run and tour (P)

14 Sun WHI Social Run

14 Sun WBC Hervey Bay Early Morning Run

17 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton hillclimb

17 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run (one week earlier than usual)

19 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Clubrooms


20/21 Sat/Sun CAMS State Championship Races Round 2 at Morgan Park (P)

21 Sun HSCCQ Khanacross Interclub at DTC, Willowbank (P)

21 Sun WBC Bundaberg Early Morning Run

24 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

26 Fri CAP Raglan Fly in

28 Sun CAP Classic by the Coast

28 Sun DDC Monthly Run

28 Sun Rd 3 of the Interclub Championship - TOSA Interclub Macleans Bridge at Belmont Rifle Range (P)

28 Sun WBC Bundaberg Early Morning Run

28 Sun WBC Hervey Bay, Early Morning Run

31 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb


1 Thurs WBC Bundaberg - Display and Grand Parade

1 Thurs WBC Hervey Bay - Display and Parade

2 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

1,2,3 Fri/Sat/Sun Qld Hillclimb Championships

2 Fri Noggin ‘n ‘ natter at the Clubrooms

4 Sun FNQ Day Run - Tolga Hotel

7 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton hillclimb

10 Sat WBC Bundaberg Weekend away at 1770

10 Sat WBC Hervey Bay - Wondai Sprints

11 Sun WHI Social Run

11 Sun WBC Hervey Bay, Car Show and Shine and Sprints

14 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run


The Octagon -March 2017

14 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

16 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Clubrooms

17 Sat FNQ All British Day weekend

17 Sat All British Day Townsville

18 Sun CAP Jim Armstrong’s OBSERVATION RUN

18 Sun FNQ All British Day weekend

18 Sun MG Club display and Denis Geary Concours at Ormiston House (P)

21 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

21 Wed WBC Hervey Bay Early Morning Mid Week Run

24/25 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton hillclimb series Rd 4 (P)

25 Sun DDC Monthly Run

25 Sun FNQ Inter-club sports picnic day

25 Sun WBC Bundaberg Early Morning Run to Bucca

25 Sun WBC Hervey Bay Early Morning Run to Bucca

28 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run

28 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb


2 Sun FNQ Day Run - Highlander Hotel

5 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

7 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

7 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the Clubrooms

9 Sun RACQ Motorfest (P)

9 Sun HSCCQ Khanacross at Driver Training, Willowbank (P)

9 Sun WHI Social Run

12 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run

12 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

16 Sun CAP Terry DWYERS “Mystery Tour”

19 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

21 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Clubrooms

22 Sat Rd 5 of the Interclub Championships - Porsche Interclub Supersprint at Morgan Park (P)

23 Sun DDC Jumpers & Jazz Car Display

26 Wed Working bees at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

26 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run

26 Wed Working bees at Mt Cotton Hillclimb


2 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

4 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the clubrooms

The Octagon - March 2017 31

5 Sat CAP Dinner on the Coast

6 Sun Proston Khanacross

6 Sun HSCCQ Qld Motorkhana Championship Rd 4 at DTC Willowbank (P)

9 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run

9 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

13 Sun WHI Social Run

16 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton hillclimb

18 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the Clubrooms

20 Sun CAP Many Peaks Tour

23 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run

23 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

26 Sat Come and Try/Test and Tune day at Mt Cotton hillclimb

27 Sun DDC Monthly Run

27 Sun FNQ Day Run - Tarzali Lakes

30 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton hillclimb


1 Fri CAP Dinner on the Coast

1 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the Clubrooms

2 Sat/Sun CAMS State Championship races Round 3 at Morgan Park

3 Sun Dad’s Day in the Valley

6 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

9,10 Sat/Sun FNQ Ingham weekend Trip

9,10 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton hillclimb series Rd 5 (P)

13 Wed DDC Mid-week lunch run

13 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton hillclimb

15 Fri AGM at clubrooms and Noggin ‘n’ Natter

16/17 Sat/Sun All British Day - Sat set-up; Sun - display (date to be confirmed)

17 Sun CAP Mt.Morgan Little Western tour

20 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

24 Sun DDC Monthly Run

27 Wed Working bees at Mt Cotton Hillclimb

27 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run

30 Sat Rd 7 of the Interclub Championship - Interclub Hillclimb at Mt Cotton


4 Wed Working bee at Mt Cotton hillclimb

6 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the clubrooms

Please go to the online calendar on the Club website to get more information on each event


The Octagon -March 2017

February Midweek Run

by Bruce Mutch with photos by Elaine Hamilton, Kay Hawley and Bruce Mutch

The start of the new motoring year saw 42

Members and guests and lots of “other

“ cars -which is not unusual in the hot

weather. 26 cars in total left the “Rocks

River Park” and went onto the M5 to

Yamanto . Who saw the skittled beautiful

Red Dingo near Deering Heights ? It was

worth $100 bounty if anyone had taken the

scalp. We went on through Rosewood and

Granchester foregoing Smoko due to a time

factor. The route then went on through

Forest Hill to Coominya and the Brisbane

Valley Highway to our Smoko/Lunch stop at

Cormorant Bay.

The crops were looking fine especially the

recently cut Lucerne Crops which have

a beautiful aroma during hay making .

The grasses were rank and seeding. The

sorghum crops looking forward to a good

harvest . Cattle were in great order due to

storms and early pick .

Participants were:

Neil & Margaret Taylor


Dane & Kerry Horgan


Kay Hawley & Michael Garratty Integra R

David Miles

MG Magnette

John Davidson


Brian Purvis & Di Robinson MG TF

Neil Summerson


Trevor & Joy Jones


John & Pat Walker


C Semple


Dave & Anne Ferro MGB Mk 11

Jeff & Pat Heslewood


Gary Lawrence &Bob Niblett MGBGT

Paul Hartley & Linda Blackburn MGA

Val Horgan


John & Carol Loth


John & Tricia Cranley

Honda NSX

Greg & Rhonda Hannant


Errol & Wendy Hoger


Barry Lutwyche


Jan Burke


Vern and Elaine Hamilton


Alex Cairney


Ian & Kay Wells


Rob Grant


Bryan Ponting & Carmen Daly Liberty

Bruce Mutch


The Octagon - March 2017 33

Our Smoko/Lunch was a leisurely affair

but was timed to fit in with the Railway

Workshops Museum for the MGCCQ

guided tour of “Yesteryear”Steam and

Deisel Locos. We were given the history

of the workshops which is still in operation

as a Volunteer refurbishment for old Locos

and equipment .The difference between

the steam Locos A10, PB 15 , B 18 ¼ ,

and C17 was explained for it was always

intriguing to those of us who travelled by

train in the 40s and 50s .

on a special return visit plus some taken

by Kay Hawley on the day are available for

viewing on the Club Runs page of

the website.)

The number was the number of driving

wheels A 10 and the PB 15 had 4, the B

18 1/4 had 6 driving wheels and the C 17

had 8 driving wheels. The measurement

in inches was the diameter of the piston

driving these wheels. The difference

between Locos and carriages with lift

up windows, facing seats, businessmen

with grey dustcoats over their suits and

ties to keep the soot off their clothes as

the windows were always open - No air

conditioning then. These things were the

norm in those days going to work in “Town”.

The American Garratt Engines didn’t last as

they were too long to go around the curves.

They went to Rockhampton hauling freight

& grain. Then the diesel locos came along

and they lasted quite a while.

What we saw at the Railway Workshops

Museum was an eye opening and

wonderful visit. Thanks to Stewart who

provided the commentary (non stop for

one and a half hours), Jo (The Blue Dawg)

who kept us tween the red lines and

Sean who organised the whole visit . The

Railway is a culture on its own and still is

today . I had two uncles who worked from

boy porters in the depression to inspectors

on the line . One received the 50 year

medal for long service. A good trip and a

great visit


(Unfortunately, not all photos of trains could

be included as space in the ‘Octagon’ is at

a premium so photos taken by Bruce Mutch


The Octagon -March 2017

The Octagon - March 2017 35


Wide Bay Chapter

by David Hall and Lyn Hayward

Sunday January 8th - Twilight Fish & Chips Run

After a short run through the suburbs a couple

of new housing estates and farming land we

headed back to the Urangan Pier Park for Fish

and Chips BYO or whatever took our fancy.

On arriving John Carolls Red E Type Jag was

already in the car park and then along came

a very smart BRG MGA Roadster driven by

a young lad and his passenger turned out to

be Patrick Mullholand . Patrick was a past

member of our club for about 10 years but

they didn’t join us as Patrick is very sick and

was out teaching his son to drive his MGA .

However they certainly will be joining us for

the Luigi Bryant Run on Australia Day and our

12th Birthday celebrations.

Well another surprise visitor was Liz & Bill

Manns walking their new Dog Tux ,There were

16 members and 2 Guests Estelle and Bill

Leech who were driving their 1928 “A” Model

Ford a lovely old girl. A beautiful evenings

meal was enjoyed by all. After such a hot day

it was good to sit back and relax and take in

that lovely sea breeze, that we so much look

forward to this time of year. After plenty of chit

chat and solving the worlds problems it was

time to head for home being satisfied with

our first run for 2017 and all looking forward to

what the new year will bring.

Jan 15 - Contributed by Janelle Beckman

and photo by John Wood

The Bundy Crew’s first run or the year was to

Bundaberg Services Club for Breakfast. We

had a total of 15 cars and 30 people which

included a visit after Breakfast from John

Wood in his New Porsche and thanks to him

we have some photos to share.

Wednesday 18th January

The Hervey Bay Mob had a run through the

countryside of Maryborough to finish at Muddy

Waters Cafe for coffee, tea, scones with

jam and cream or what ever took our fancy.

We had plenty of fun and laughter and good

company as always. A special guest was

Richard Collier who had come down from

Mackay with his wife Lyn to pick up their new

MGA Mk11 that they had purchased from

Ellen Wilson. We had met Richard and Lyn

at the combined Chapter Meeting in Mackay

last year and have remained in contact. It is

nice to see the late Ken and Ellen Wilson’s


The Octagon -March 2017

ed MGA to such loving MG owners who also

have a concourse MGTF. Richard enjoyed the

day and thanked us for inviting him to join us.

Thank you to Paul Overton for organising this

run that was enjoyed by all.

Thursday 26th January - Australia Day

Luigi Bryant Run and our 12th Birthday

Bash by David and Lyn

Not only was it Australia Day our Nations

Birthday but it also was our 12th Birthday.

Since the late Ian “Luigi Emgee” Bryant and

a few fellow enthusiasts decided to form the

MGCCQ first Chapter known as Wide Bay.

Starting in Hervey Bay with an expansion into

Bundaberg and due to the distance between

the two towns we became known as the

Hervey Bay Mob and the Bundy Crew and we

tend to run our own groups within the Wide

Bay Bay Chapter.

However during the year we like to come

together on longer combined runs and it was

decided that we celebrate Australia Day our

12th Birthday and the Luigi Bryant Memorial

Run all together. We all met at Teddington

Weir for morning tea. As usual Luigi’s photo

was on display and Darrell Martin gave new

members an informative talk to honor the man

who formed the first Chapter of the MGCCQ

and for those who knew him could feel his

presence with us as we gave him

three cheers.

A large 12th Birthday cake appeared courtesy

of David & Lyn and was cut by David Hall and

Darrell Martin. We made sure everyone had a

decent slice for morning tea. It was special to

have Bob Mortimer present to share a piece

of cake as he was the only original person

there who attended Ian’s first meeting.

After a run through the cane fields of Bidwill

the traffic in Maryborough and pleasant drive

to Torbanlea where the Miners Arms Hotel

were expecting us. They presented us a lovely

Spit Roast of Beef, Pork, Lamb along with

salads and fruit for us to enjoy in the company

of fellow members. We finished off with more

Birthday Cake for sweets. What a meal !!! We

all had a great day out.

The Octagon - March 2017 37

Sunday 12th Feb Hervey Bay Mob and the

Bundy Crew combined run to the Great Car

Collection - by Darrell Martin

While heat records around the State tumbled

the Wide Bay Chapter took to their cars

for a drive into the wild cane fields around

Bundaberg. It was noted by some, however,

that a large proportion of the cars in our

cavalcade did have one of those new fangled

air cooling devices fitted.

And why, you may ask, did we venture out

on such an inhospitable day? Well, simply

because we were again enjoying the amazing

hospitality of Coral and Barry Hoskins

and delighting in wandering through their

collection of cars, tractors, stationary engines,

motor bikes, trucks ... and well, just about

everything. I know that there are over 40

cars and around 30 beautifully restored old

tractors (at the moment) apart from all the

other jewels. Those with “eagle eyes” also

spotted the foundations for another huge shed

which Barry tells us will help house some

more of the other cars and 100 tractors he

currently has stored elsewhere! While we

had stressed that we just wanted to see the

collection, our request was ignored and their

wonderful hospitality and cheery nature again

won out. Jaws dropped but were quickly put

to good use when we saw a half a dozen

tables loaded with sandwiches, cakes and fruit

platters waiting for us just beyond the large

billboard welcoming us.

We had near 40 members and guests brave

the elements for this outing in a shining

collection of our own sporty cars ... many

MGs, multiple Mazdas, a plethora of Porsches

and gorgeous GTs everywhere.

We left Coral and Barry with our heartfelt

thanks and some small (1/43) MG

memorabilia to add to their collection. Lunch

was then held (even though we had already

been well fed) in the icy cold function room of

the Spotted Dog Tavern in Bundaberg before

we went our separate ways home. A good day,

hosted by two of the nicest people you could

ever hope to meet ... thank you again to Coral

and Barry from all who attended. Also many

thanks to Run Coordinators Darrell and Jackie



The Octagon -March 2017

Sunday 19th February to Childers and Paradise

Dam - By Allan Dansie, David and Lyn

The Bundy Crew and the Hervey Bay Mob

combined on another dry and hot morning

for an outing to Paradise Dam, both groups

leaving their home towns and heading towards

Childers to meet up for morning tea. We

enjoyed catching up and there was a lot of

chatter laughing inspecting cars and the ladies

having a quick look at the shops.

It was soon time to set off again firing up our

cars and heading west out of Childers on one

of the best stretches of MG driver friendly

roads in the district. The undulating country

side that is usually so green was parched

brown. On arriving at Paradise Dam we were

all very surprised to see how low the water

level was reminding us of the severity of the

drought. We all enjoyed our lunch with more

laughter friendly and informative conversation

until it was soon time to pack up and head for

home. A very enjoyable day and with fellow

car enthusiasts. Many thanks go to Allan

Dansie and David Hall Run Coordinators for

this great day out.

Sunday 26th February - By David & Lyn

The Hervey Bay Mob had a Twilight run

finishing at the Urangan Pier Park for Fish

&Chips or BYO. It was well attended with 22

members driving 12 cars. It was nice to see

John Carroll & Annie driving their beautiful

Mk2 Jaguar which John has just finished

restoring and Lewis Gray driving his newly

acquired Corvette not to forget the very rare

car a Ford Capri 280 of Stewart & Raelene


With only two MGs along and plenty of variety

in all the other cars in attendance it was a

very enjoyable run through the countryside

of Hervey Bay. Thank you to our Run

Coordinator David Hall every one enjoyed the

time together and looking forward to the next

twilight run.

The Octagon - March 2017 39


Capricorn Chapter

by Gurney T Clamp

Sunday 15th January 2017

Under very hot, humid weather conditions and 70%

chance of rain predicted, the Coastal members

Martin & Narelle Adamson, Ian Carleton, Gurney

& Gloria Clamp, Phil & Margaret Henry, Jenny

Hill and mum Rose, Gary Kunst and a happy

granddaughter Laura, Roger Warne and Phylis

Davies in their recent addition a 1999 Mazda MX

5, along with Julie Kunst and Sandra Armstrong

in their everyday car with a couple of very excited

grandchildren, Paige and Imogen, all arrived at the

Oaks on the Yeppoon Road.

All present were keeping an eye on the heavy dark

clouds that were building that looked to be not far

away from Rockhampton. It was then that Jenny

and her mum decided to be the first to leave the

Oaks due to fuel evaporation problems with her

Triumph TR 4 and headed non-stop to the top of

Mt. Archer. The remaining members departed on

time with a good run to the Vince Lester Park on

Frenchville Road and found us arriving well before

the Rockhampton members of Rosco James,

Terry Dwyer and Anne Burbidge, Laurie Chetter &

Bev Dunlop, Stuart & Ada Clark, Robert & Yvonne

Holbeck, Phil & Pam White all arriving at different

stages. With time up our sleeve the decision was

made to depart 10 minutes early to enjoy the

experience of the cooler weather that waited for us

at the top of Mt. Archer.

On arrival at the top we found John & Margaret

Horton, Daryl & Joy Penridge, Trevor Anderson &

Glenis Benson and her mum Dorothy were already

there. Most members found themselves a place

to sit for the evening then enjoyed a beer or wine

prior to cooking their B.Y.O. dinner. It was around

this time that Arthur & Christine Johnson arrived

and as new members they were introduced to

everyone. A number of members asked me where

is Ian Wilhelmsen? No one could answer that

question. Maybe on a motor bike somewhere!!!

The trip up Mt. Archer was as expected and it was

noted that there is still ongoing road and roadside

works being carried out and will be so for at least

the next 12 months. One thing I noticed was the

large number of walkers taking the risk of walking

on the road up Mt. Archer, on a road that is not

designed for walkers. I wonder how long it will be

before someone is seriously injured or killed.

Gloria’s POKER RUN: Jenny Hill manage to select

a pair of Jacks to win the Coastal poker run with

Robert & Yvonne Holbeck to win the Central group

poker run with a pair of 9’s. This was their first win

since their first run up Mt. Archer with the Chapter

several years ago.


The Octagon -March 2017

had risen to very warm so reluctantly our members

headed for home.

Apparently there was a police officer hiding on the

Yeppoon Road but seeing as I am a law abiding

citizen, I had nothing to fear. Actually I didn’t even

see him but was told about it later by Jo.

19 Feb Breakfast Run to Yogolicious,Yeppoon

- by Ian Wilhelmsen

The early morning run to Yeppoon proved to be

extremely popular as participants looked forward

to heading to the coast where cooler conditions

prevailed. Gordon Kelsey had brought his

newly acquired supercharged MGB GT and the

customary bonnet opening and discussion of what

lay within followed. Gordon intends to do a full

restoration of this car and if it follows his E Type

restoration, it will be one magnificent machine to be

proud of. He used to say he had trouble keeping

up with his TF but I don’t think he’ll have any such

issues with his MGB. After the usual banter, the

group then headed for Yeppoon with a scenic

drive via Neil’s Road to our breakfast destination,

Yogolicious in Yeppoon.

Upon arrival, the Rockhampton contingent was

greeted by our Yeppoon friends, most of whom had

sensibly ordered their breakfasts. Taking orders

from almost 40 people takes a while, but being

the friendly people we are, the time passed fairly

quickly with a lot of chat and good natured banter.

During breakfast, the poker run was decided

with our two winners being Sandra Armstrong

and Narelle Adamson. Thanks Jo and Debbie for

looking after the poker run.

Breakfast completed, the next part of the day’s

activities was to proceed to Stuart and Ada Clark’s

for morning tea. Rather than heading straight back

via the Rockhampton -Yeppon road, it was decided

to do a scenic tour via Farnborough, travelling

up Brown’s Lane and back to the main road via

Woodbury Road. It is obvious that this area has

been blessed with good rainfall as the area is quite

green, unlike other parts of CQ.

Upon arrival at the Clarks’, tours of Stuart’s

garages and Ada’s greenhouses were undertaken,

then we all settled in for a most relaxing morning

tea in beautiful surrounds. A massive thank you to

Stuart and Ada for hosting us and to all those who

helped along the way. By midday, the temperature

Thanks to everybody who attended this run and

look forward to catching up in March, where our

monthly run will be to the Ski Gardens at Laurel

Banks for lunch. Photos of this run may be found

on our Facebook page.


Daryl & Joy Penridge

Dave & Anna Tempest

John Hinton & Debbie Jury

Paul & Lois Mickenbecker

Pat & Stephanie Sullivan

Gary & Robbie Galloway

& guest Glennys

Terry Dwyer & Anne Burbidge

Garth & Lesley Barnes

John & Margaret Horton

Jo Emmert & guest Debbie

Gordon Kelsey

Phil White

Ian Wilhelmsen

Stuart & Ada Clark

Jim & Sandra Armstrong

George & Lyn Ganter

Ian & Rosemary Carleton

Martin & Narelle Adamson

Phil Henry

Julie Kunst

Neville & Barbara Funch

Rosco James

1972 MGB

1998 MGF

1965 MGB

1971 MGB

1963 MGB

2011 Colorado

1967 MGB

1970 MGB

1968 MGB

1964 MGB

1970 MGBGT

1964 MGB

1973 MGB

1957 MGA

1971 MGBGT V8

1954 MG TF

1978 MGB

1967 MGB

1970 MG Midget

1971 MGB

1972 MGB

1993 Mazda MX5

Friday 3rd. March 2017 - CAPRICORN COAST


The night for Rockhampton members Terry

Dwyer & Anne Burbidge, Laurie Chetter & Bev

Dunlop, Neville & Barbara Funch, Robert &

Yvonne Holbeck, Daryl & Joy Penridge, and

Ian Wilhelmsen started at 5.30 p.m. when they

departed from Norman Rd and headed to Ross

Creek car park Yeppoon. There they met up

with Ian Carleton, Gurney & Gloria Clamp, from

Ross Creek then they all toured to Rosslyn Bay

under cloudy skies as they made their way to the

Capricorn Coast Cruising Yacht Club house that

over looked Rosslyn Bay Harbour to find Martin &

Narelle Adamson and guests Terry & Cheryl Egan,

Jim & Patty Burgess, Jim & Sandra Armstrong,

Gary & Julie Kunst all enjoying a refreshing drink

The Octagon - March 2017 41


Enhance Improve


Brakes, Gearboxes, Suspension,

Alloy heads, Wheels, Electronic

ignition, Electric power steering,

Cooling, EFI Systems, Roll bars, Seats,

Exhaust, Fibreglass panels, Gauges,

Limited slip differentials, Air

conditioning, Engine conversions,

Complete car builds

2A Arab Rd Padstow NSW 2211

Email : sales@modernclassiccars.com.au

Tel : 02 9774 2169


The Australian home of




The Octagon -March 2017

in the comfort of a cool coastal breeze while

looking over the beautiful Rosslyn Bay. The new

arrivals were made aware of the advertised

Naughty Corner. I received a large number of

good comments from members who indicated

that they enjoyed the Friday night B.B.Q. dinner

with a choice of Beef, Chicken Sausages or the

specialty for the night, German sausages, followed

by dessert of chocolate cake with Custard and a

fruity slice. It was great specially with a good wine

or beer.

This was the first time visit to this venue for

our Chapter and by comments from most who

attended it should not be our last, plans for the

next visit to take place on the first Friday in May.

The Octagon - March 2017 43


The Octagon -March 2017


Darling Downs Chapter

by Gary Lawrence

As I sit here authoring my first Octagon contribution

for 2017, the lyrics of Slim Dusty’s ‘Looking

Forward, Looking Back’ come to mind. Not that I am

a C&W fan, but I often find the simplistic ballads of

this music genre reflect life itself.

‘Looking forward, looking back

I’ve come a long way down the track

Got a long way left to go...’

While the format of our activities from year to year

may be repetitive, we still maintain the enjoyment of

driving our MGs and socialising with our fellow MG

enthusiasts, regardless of where our drives may

take us.

Enough of the philosophising; so what has

happened in the first two months of 2017?

By tradition, January is a quiet month on the

Chapter front with many of our members away on

annual leave or otherwise occupied with family

and other social activities. With the coming of

February we were back full swing with traditional

mid-week lunch and monthly runs, which despite

the heatwave conditions, have attracted many

enthusiastic members eager for a sports car fix and

endless story swapping.

Twilight Run 13 January

A Twilight Run followed by dinner at Grumpy’s

Steakhouse in Drayton (a southern suburb of

Toowoomba) saw 2017 off to a flying start.

The balmy summer afternoon enticed 12

participants to fire up their vehicles for the first

event on our Chapter calendar.

The run commenced on the southern outskirts of

Toowoomba, following a picturesque route around

the range areas through Preston and Gorman’s

Gap, Hodgsonvale and Kearney Springs, Mt Rascal

and Drayton.

This area of the Downs is dotted with rural housing

developments and wide open grassy plains

interspersed with treed avenues providing welcome

shade interludes from the afternoon sun.

A number of our participants took full advantage

of the balmy afternoon and evening, enjoying the

pleasures of open top touring.

Grumpy’s Steakhouse proved to be a great venue

for great food and cold drinks.

Participants: Rob & Narelle Fraser, Allan & Deb

Maskill, John Smith, Bruce Amos, Ron & Judy Gillis,

Gene & Faye Lucas, Delia Morey, Gary & Janis


The Octagon - March 2017 45

Lunch Run 08 February

The first month of the New Year has gone already

and we are now on to the second and the beginning

of our mid-week lunch runs.

The ever popular historical (and apparently

haunted) Bull & Barley Hotel at Cambooya was the

venue for our first lunch run for 2017.

Obviously the current heatwave was no deterrent

for fifteen happy Chapter members came along

for a couple of hours socialising and catching up.

The lack of open top tourers was very obvious

however, with many of our participants opting for

air conditioned comfort over the thrill of the wind in

the hair.

Rob Fraser has broken ranks and indulged in the

purchase of a snazzy blue Subaru BRZ. This was

of course the major topic of conversation and a little

‘I wouldn’t mind one of those’ commenting by the

others. Oh dear, boys and their toys!!

It was great to welcome one of our newer members

Ken Proud to his first lunch run. It is great to see

new faces join us.

Participants: Rob Fraser; Ken Proud; John

McLean; Greg & Beth Newey; Phil & Marilyn

O’Brien; Kev & Sylvia Johns; Guy & Pam West;

Gary & Janis Lawrence; Ron & Judy Gillis.

Apologies: Bob & Mavis Marsh

Monthly Run 26 February

After the recent “heatwave” across the region, it

was good to get a top down drive in milder weather

for our February run, which was subject to late

changes because of Sunday road works.

A run well planned by Rob and Narelle Fraser

started with a meet for a wholesome breakfast at

the popular Kingfishers Café at Spring Gardens

with a roll up of eighteen members, from as far as

Rosewood, who enjoyed the social start to the

day before heading off. The run down the range

into the Lockyer followed some lesser used but

very interesting roads via Flagstone Creek and

Grantham before returning to Hodgson Vale along

Upper Flagstone.

The final climb certainly presented an opportunity

to test out the lower gears, and all made it without

incident for a late morning tea/picnic, including

soon-to-be new members who saw us leaving the

café and decided to tag along. Welcome to Trent

and Cheyanne.

Participants: Rob & Narelle Fraser, Michael &

Marilyn Keating, Trevor & Joy Jones, Gene and

Faye Lucas, Phil & Marilyn O’Brien, Denis & Imelda

Logan, Ben & Anji Cain, Jim Carstens, Delia

Morey, Glen and Bev Hadfield,Trent Brindley and

Cheyanne Phillips.


The Octagon -March 2017


Far North Queensland Chapter

Jan 22 day run - by Kim and Fiona Halloran

Day started on the northern side of Cairns and

wnet up the range looking for cool respite.

Everyone arrived at Coffee Works in Mareeba

looking for shade and a cool drink and more catch

up. We were met here by our new members Amber

& Mike in their red 1964 Mk1 MGB.

Off to lake Barrine via the back roads ,we were all

amazed at the contrast in the country side from

our last trip in November. A little bit of rain and

everything was green -- stunning!

Still hot, no cool respite unless you were lucky to sit

near a fan. Lunch was more drinks than anything

else but there was a nice view of the water that

looked very inviting but no takers. Farewells were

made and everyone headed off home. Despite the

heat all the cars ran well and not a single mishap.

Good run!

Innisfail / Mission Beach – 19 February 2017 -

By John and Cherie Fransen

Participants – Tony Basham (TD), Cynthia and

Derek Bevan (MX5), Kim and Fiona Halloran

(MGB), Steve and Maureen Girardi (Mini), Chris

and Valmae Millar (MGF), Brendon and June

Hammersley (MGB) and John and Cherie Fransen


With our scheduled monthly run date originally

being the 5th of February, we had to reschedule to

today due to monsoonal rain which is not unusual

for this time of year. Today was a little low on

numbers with some of the usual group attending a

FNQ Restorers Club event.

Meeting on the south side of Cairns at Gordonvale,

start up coffees were necessary thanks to the

McCafe which got our motors running. We were

then ready to go, most having the tops down as it

was a fantastic day weather wise.

Always a nice drive with the green flourishing

farmland and cane fields on the left and the range

and Mount Bartle Frere on the right, it was any

easy run heading down to the little farming town of

Innisfail, located on the Johnston River, and a stop

for morning tea at the local Coffee Club. It was

pretty hot so cold drinks were a better option than

the usual hot variety for most and it was nice to see

a few fishing vessels docked for the day, adding to

the outlook whilst we chatted.

It was the first run for FNQ Members, Steve and

Maureen (usually in their red MGB), in their newly

acquired black Mini. Result - very happy with how it

drove today, looks like a nice tidy unit. All the best

guys for future adventures in your little machine.

The Octagon - March 2017 47

Moving on and taking the more scenic back

roads, we travelled through South Johnstone past

Paronella Park, where the water was gushing over

the falls, then onto Mission Beach where we had

a table reserved at the local Tavern. It was pretty

hot by then so all welcomed a cold drink. Whilst we

waited for our meals, a couple approached us who

were on holidays and questioned whether we were

a Car Club. It turned out they were holidaying from

Abingdon in the UK and were actually members

of the MG club there. There certainly are a lot of

us from all corners of the world that love the little

British cars.

Our day ended with all choosing various routes to

travel home north, including seaside, highway and

more of the back roads as options. Good day, good

company, good drive!


The Octagon -March 2017


Whitsundays Chapter

Due to technical difficulties, such as no internet

connection, I wasn’t able to submit a report for

the previous issue, so I am including it here. In

November, we once again met at the Covered in

Chrome Old School Breakfast at Mackay Marina.

We had the pleasure of meeting this lovely local

couple and spoke to their owners. We might see

more of them in the New Year.

Graham and Judy brought their new baby blue

MGB GT out for its first club run. We headed up to

Seaforth to visit the Markets. While we were there,

we were invited to attend the Seaforth Car Show

and Mega Markets to be held on 1&2 April 2017.

After checking out the market stalls and purchasing

some home baking, plants and other treasures, we

headed out to the Haliday Bay Resort for lunch.

Although the day was swelteringly hot, we sat

outside in the shade and enjoyed a beautiful sea

breeze blowing in off the Coral Sea only 50 metres


An enjoyable chat over drinks and lunch saw new

friendships forged. Graham and Judy offered to

host our next get together for a Christmas lunch at

their home at Hay Point.

In December, it was pouring rain on our designated

run day. Cathie’s MGB was decorated with tinsel

and a wreath on the luggage rack, but didn’t make

it out of the carport. The red XP Falcon had to

be pressed into service for the morning. Most

people were too busy to do a run, however we still

gathered for a delicious bbq luncheon at Hay Point

Country Bed and Breakfast hosted by Graham and


The Octagon - March 2017 49

January 2017 brought alternating hot sweltering

weather interspersed with flooding rain, so best to

leave the MGs safely parked under shelter. Starting

in February, our social day runs are planned for

the second Sunday of the month, starting with

the Covered in Chrome Old School Breakfast at

Mackay Marina from 6:30 am. February saw us

once again at a favourite location, The Old Station

Tea House at Cape Hillsborough. Richard invited us

to drive by his place on the way, to meet his latest

acquisition, “The Princess” recently arrived from

Hervey Bay. He told us that he would probably take

her for a drive the following weekend for a run up

the Valley and hopefully “The Mistress” wouldn’t get


A new event added to the local motoring enthusiast

calendar is “Petrol and Coffee” every 3rd Sunday

of the month, starting with a breakfast gathering at

Mirani and then a run to a different location in or

around the Pioneer Valley for lunch. In February,

we did our little hill climb to Eungella Chalet for


The Princess created quite a bit of interest among

the lunch guests on her inaugural run in the

Pioneer River Valley.

True to his word, “The Princess” was proudly on

display in Mirani main street the next Sunday



The Octagon -March 2017

Competition Corner


night run - Feb 17th

CHAMPIONSHIPS - a personal 4/5 perspective JUNE

On Hi my track name photos is Chrystellee are by Steve Semple Johns; and I’m a

presentation new member of to trophies the MG are Club. by Brad On the Stratton 17th of

February I went on my first night drive. At the

beginning 2016 it was EUREKA a bit hard as LANDSCAPES

we were new to

the instructions QUEENSLAND and what the clues HILLCLIMB

meant but

when we got the hang of CHAMPIONSHIPS

it, it got easier to find

what the clues where. As to by the Ace drive Reporter itself - it

was a lot of fun and took me to places that I had

Weather not been before. played All a role in all on myself Friday and with my brother rain

resulting had fun and in would very few do it taking again and up the I would offer

of recommend additional practice. to people to Rain give on it a Saturday go.

saw only the adventurous come out to

try NIGHT the conditions. OBSERVATION This rain RUN washed - FEBRUARY any

rubber from the - by track Ace surface Reporter and even

though The Come Sunday ‘n’ Try gave night observation a brilliant winter run had day two

the levels track of instructions, surface was one a for dry those yet cold who track have

surface never been so on the such possibility an event of and record another times for

looked those who uncertain. may have The done entry more. attracted

Malcolm Oastler current Australian, New

South Commencing Wales at and the Queensland clubrooms the champion route did

in a short his OMS trip round 28 again the block with before the Hayabusa diverting

turbocharged under the Ipswich engine. Motorway past the Rocklea

Showgrounds to Granard Road. Using Musgrave

DA Road and those BJ on COTTON the tour crossed SPONSORED the rail line


before joining Boundary Road then Orange

Grove Road to pass Robertson Primary School

First tennis class courts of and each then run onto was Carnaby for the Street. Holden

HQ The group route took which all over was both won the by Pacific Anthony and Toft

with Gateway a best Motorways run of 56.01 to then seconds. travel along Barry School

Smith Road past (Ford the V8 Brisbane Special) Gateway took the Resort. Group Using K

(Post Rochedale Vintage Road Thoroughbred past the U inside cars the 1931 heart to then

1940) onto Miles with Platting a 61.64 Road run past from Turners John Anderson Garden

(Woltri, Centre opposite 63.87). the Production new housing Touring development Cars

(1958 where just to 1972) recently Group there N were up to farm 2000 lands. cc

went to Ken Freeburn (again down from

Cairns By using for Mt the Petrie championships) Road all would with pass a the 53.70

time Wesleyan from Methodist Paul Shergold Church (54.35) to run parallel both

driving with the Ford Gateway Cortina Motorway models. and Noel turn off Wicks just

won before the the over Belmont 2 litre Rifle class Range. in his A short Holden weave

Torana through GTR streets XU1 in the (50.91 Mount sec). Gravatt Fred East Sayers where

took the Model the Group Railway O Specialist for Sports is Sedans located. Then

(Historic through the Racing roads and through Sports Griffith Racing University cars

1966 before to the 1969) new runners in the ex went Don to Holland the industrial

lightweight part of Archerfield. Morris The Cooper not so S new in 52.03 runners sec

whilst completed Steve a small Purdy loop Group through S (Production

Sunnybank and

Sports then to join Cars the 1941 same to path 1977) in Archerfield MG Midget past

49.87 the Freedom sec. Roy Fuels Davis and Karee took the Marine Group before T

52 The Octagon - July 2016

(Production returning to the Sports clubrooms. Cars with a Competition

History 1941 to 1981) in his Triumph GT6

running Runners a on 49.13 the night time were with Bob the Semple/Kate Group U class

(Sport Spires (MGF), Sedans Chrystellee up to 1985) Semple/Robert going to Chris

Johns Semple in (Mazda his Ford MX5), Escort Don with Webster/Ann a best run of

47.54 Webster seconds. (MGTD), Chris McMahon/Brian Krieger

(Mercedes Benz GLA 250), and Brant Rayment/

CARRIC Rebecca Rayment ACCOUNTING (Holden AND Colorado). BUSINESS


The All Wheel Drive Forced Induction

class Carric went Accounting to the multiple and Business Queensland Services/

Motorkhana Tighe Cams Champion, Hillclimb Noel Series Caplet, Rd in 1

the - photos Subaru from Liberty Steve turbo Johns, with Rob a best Talbot run and

of 48.21 Peter seconds Buchanan and - Derek by Cub Grant Reporter in his

Subaru Any concerns Liberty that turbo the absence GT with of a some 57.79 of time.

Mark our prominent Pryor was competitors quickest would of the affect Hyundai the

Excel event were X3 Series quickly cars put to with rest a by 51.85 the debut run which

was performances only 0.08 of sec some outside beautiful the new class cars record in

with front Bradley of a substantial Smith crowd (53.68) of and spectators. Tony Walsh Word

(55.35). must have been out that it was going to be a

good event because there were a great number

BRAD of photographers KIMBERLEY scattered CARS around SPONSORED

the track in


many vantage points aiming to outdo each other

with the best photos.

The smaller engine capacity class in

Improved Production cars was won by

Grant Liddell (Datsun 1200 Coupe, 52.74)

from Karl Reinke (Hyundai Excel, 61.28)

slightly ahead of Jo Reinke (Hyundai

Excel, 61.63 seconds). Dave Sidery (VW

Beetle, 50.61) finished ahead of Karlie

Buccini (Proton Satria, 50.76) in the 1601

to 2000 cc class whilst the 2001 to 3000 cc

class saw a tussle between Ken Graham

Ross Mackay shows his record breaking style - photo by Peter Buchanan

(Datsun 1600 SSS,45.93) and Pauline

Graham (Datsun 1600 SSS, 46.33) with

Troy McGrogan (Mitsubishi Lancer, 48.45)

and Martin Egglesfield (Ford Fiesta ST

turbo, 49.41) completing the class. Ken was

quickest over the first 2 runs until Pauline

grabbed the lead with a 46.33 run to hold

this position until the fifth and final climb

with Ken recorded the winning run with a

45.93 time. Paul Buccini took the over 3 litre

capacity class with a run of 47.13 secs in

his BMW 135i from the Holden Commodore

of Noel Preston (51.27 seconds).

Alan Telfer’s Lotus waits for its turn - photo by Steve Johns

The Octagon - March 2017 51

New records were set by Ross Mackay (Sports

Sedans up to 2000c), Craig Hughes (Formula

Vee - 1600) and Alan Telfer (Group Q Sports)

while Michael von Rappard, now in the Formula

Libre up to 1300cc class came close to breaking

Bill Norman’s class record.

“getting into the 45s” with a class winning best

time of 42.84 in the series runs which gave him

2nd outright for the weekend, topped by a 42.67

and second place in the Top Six run.

Greg Tebble made a small transition from sports car to FF2000

In he goes ...photo by Steve Johns

Stephen Woodbridge and his Dallara on track to a sub 43s run

Record breaker, Craig Harris.

There were a couple of mechanical failures

on cars to spoil their drivers’ weekend, most

spectacularly that on Chris Lake’s car which

found him careering spectacularly into the safety

of the nut barrier, once again proving its worth

and efficiency.

Two people having very successful debut

performances in open wheelers were Greg

Tebble in his first outing in his Group R Historic

Formula Ford 2000 who was only 2 secs off

the class record. Greg previously competed in

Regularly in his beautiful Locost Roadster. The

other was Stephen Woodbridge having his first

competitive run ever at Mt Cotton in his Dallara

F396. He more than achieved his ambition of

Fastest time of day, Top Six win and class

win went to Michael von Rappard after some

gremlins on a couple of his early runs were

found and dispatched. FTD time was a 38.66

which drew great applause from the appreciative


Michael von Rappard - photo by Peter Buchanan


The Octagon -March 2017

Series Points: 1st in class - 15 points; 2nd -

13; 3rd - 11 .... . A bonus point is given each

time the competitor breaks the record for their

class. Thus you can see that Alan Telfer leads

the series with his class win plus two recordbreaking

runs while he is closely followed by

Craig Hughes and Ross Mackay both with class

wins and one record breaking run.

(MGBGT V8) with a loss of 6 points followed by

Shaun Rankin (MGB GT) down 16 points then

David Dumolo in his Triumph TR 3A (minus

23points), Andrew Willesden (Volkswagen Polo

GTi) with a loss of 34 points, David Jackson

(Mazda RX-7, minus 49 points) then Lindsay

Derriman (Toyota Camry) on 69 points. Lindsay

had trouble en route to the scrutineering bay

when the Camry refused to start. A tinker with

the battery terminals and some stern words

brought life to the Camry but just for the

Saturday. En route home said Toyota was losing

power as the alternator was not charging the

battery but held on for Lindsay to make it home

to his driveway safely and then cease before the

garage door could be opened. David Jackson

performed a pirouette out of the first loop with

the Mazda proceeding backwards to the hairpin

stopping with the rear spoiler parked just into the

Queensland nut shell barrier.


Road Registered sedan cars under 1600 cc

engine size class went to Harry Doling (Toyota

Corolla) with a best run of 50.38 seconds with

Daniel Zeimer (Toyota Corolla, 54.07) and

Robert Martin in his 998 cc Daihatsu Handi with

a best run of 62.06 seconds. Don Milner took

the 1601 to 2 litres class in his Triumph Dolomite

(50.63 seconds) then Richard Marken in his

Peugeot 205 GTi with a 56.06 time. The over

2 litres class went to Christopher Balhatchet

(BMW 325i, 51.08) followed by Ray Balhatchet

with a 53.74 time in his Nissan Skyline turbo.



- Full report by Ace Reporter

In the 49 th year of operation of the hllclimb at

Mt Cotton the first round of the series for 2017

resulted in 3 new class records.


The regularity class went to Flavio Paggiaro

Circuit Excel X3 class winner Mark Pryor helped

before the meeting to extract part of a broken

plug which secures the timing apparatus at

the start line. Mark took the class with a 51.92

second run followed by Brad Smith (52.83), Gary

Goulding (53.57), Ken McAndrew (54.56), Shane

McAndrew (55.16), Ross McAndrew (55.83),

Gloria McAndrew (56.03) with Junior competitor

Euan McGrarry recording a 59.59 run. On

the third run on Saturday Brad Smith had the

bonnet fly open which not only obsecured his

vision but also shattered the windscreen. All

of his subsequent runs were without the front

screen (of course wearing his full face helmet)

to finish 0.91 behind Mark. Several competitors

in this class kept recording faster times almost

on each run over the two days such as Gary

Goulding with runs of 55.68, 54.75, 54.37, 54.01

The Octagon - March 2017 53

on the four runs on Saturday follow by 53.94 and

53.57 on the Sunday leg whilst Ken McAndrew

recorded 57.24, 56.42, 55.67, 55.53 (Saturday)

continuing on Sunday with 55.46, 55.29, 54.90

and 54.56. Euan McGarry having his first

hillclimb event after the Come ‘n’ Try in January

improved his times from his first run of 77.73

to 65.82, 64.74, 61.78, with a final run of 59.59


Noel Dore won the Modified Production sedans

up to 2 litres in his VW Beetle (52.87 seconds)

with Jo Reinke (Hyundai Excel) with a sub

minute run of 59.99 seconds from Karl Reinke

(Hyundai Excel, 60.41). The over 2 litres class

saw Brendon Merrick the fastest in his Datsun

120Y turbo with a 49.27 run from David Jones

(Suzuki Swift GTi turbo, 49.91), Addam Smith

(BMW 624, 50.90), Jonathon Anable (BMW325i,

51.10) with Karlie Buccini in a new BMW 130i

vehicle recording a 53.00 time. Addam Smith

was another competitor to improve his times

over the 10 runs with 57.97, 54.48, 52.75, 52.37

(on Saturday) then 51.77, 51.37 and 50.90 on

the Sunday part.

Ray Evans won the PRC Rally car class in

his Ford Escort recording a best run of 53.20


In the All Wheel Drive forced Induction Paul

Hudson (Subaru WRX STi Type R turbo) took

the win with a best run of 47.79 whilst 0.43

second separated John Stuckey (Subaru

Impreza Evo2 turbo, 52.35) from Damon Stuckey

(Subaru Impreza Evo2 turbo, 52.78).

Fastest in the Improved production up to 1600cc

class was Grahame Rumballe recording a 53.62

time in his Volkswagen Golf Mk1 ahead of Robin

Manning (Mini Clubman, 54.35). The 1601 to

2000 ccs class went to Ross Mazza (BMW 2002,

49.49) with Mario Mazza (BMW 2002, 52.04),

Wayne Ferguson (VW Fastback, 56.35) and Ian

Dalgliesh VW Fastback in 59.28 seconds. The

over 2000 ccs class saw Ken Graham (Datsun

1600 SSS, 46.03) just ahead of Pauline Graham

(Datsun 1600 SSS, 46.81 seconds).

Sports Sedans up to 2000 saw Ross Mackay

Escort powering out of first loop through the

second loop to a new class record of 45.20,

faster than his record of 45.32 set in September

2016. Next in the class were Tyson Cowie

(Escort, 46.43), Gavin Taylor (Volkswagen Golf,

47.26), Daryl Morton (Morris Cooper S, 47.72)

and Jason Martell in his Escort setting a time

of 52.19 before having an axle brake during his

first run on Sunday morning. Gavin Taylor was

another competitor to improve his times over

the two days with 57.69, 54.51, 51.45, 49.00

runs on Saturday then on Sunday runs of 48.88,

48.00, 47.44 to take third place from Daryl, and

finally a 47.26 second time. Tyson encountered

gear selection problems on his final climb on

Saturday which limited his track time to the one

day. David Malone was quickest in the larger

engine capacity class with a 44.58 second run in

his Torana XU1 from Scott Anable (BMW 325i,

46.61), Glenn Anable (BMW 2002 turbo, 47.65)

and John Burrows (Mitsubishi Mirage turbo,



Production Sports cars 1601 to 2 litres went

to Brad Stratton with a best run of 48.52 in

his Mazda MX5 from Zaid Latif (Lotus Exige,

48.71), Jonathon Manning (Mitsubishi FTO,

51.50), Robin Manning (Mitsubishi FTO, 52.04),

Gregory King (Toyota MR2, 53.31), Berenice

Stratton (Mazda MX5, 53.40) and Peter Andrews

recording a 53.55 time in his MGF. Peter’s

weekend finished early on Sunday as he

discovered the MGF sitting down on the driver’s

side due to right rear suspension sagging.

Thank heavens this did not happen at the MG

National Meeting in Perth or the post meeting

tour through the South West regions of Western

Australia last Easter.

Production Sports Cars over 2 litres went to

Dean Amos (Lotus 2 Eleven, 46.46 seconds)

from Dave Roberts (Datsun 260Z, 48.12),

Cameron Hurman (Mazda RX-7 turbo, 49.64)

and Glen Amos (Lotus 2 Eleven, 53.58).

Brock Paine took the Sports Cars (Closed)

class with a 49.81 run in his Nissan Silvia. At

the 2016 CAMS Motor Sport Awards Evening of

Champions Brock was the winner of Short Circuit

Speed Events Series for Junior competitors.

The Sports Cars (Open) class went to Jeffrey

Graham (Mazda MX5 S/c, 49.01) from Steve

Riley in his MGB V8 S/c with a 49.32 second


The Clubman Sports Cars up to 2000 cc went

to Brian Pettit (Westfield SE, 45.20) ahead of


The Octagon -March 2017

Phone or fax for a




The Octagon - March 2017 55

Jason McGarry (Caterham Super Seven, 48.84),

Ainsley Fitzgerald (Arrow Clubman, 49.26) with

Jon Young (Caterham Super Seven) in a 51.06

second run.


Victories went to Alan Telfer (Group Q, Lotus

Super 7) with a new record of 55.68 seconds

reducing his group record from 57.97 in June

2016; Barry Smith (Group K, Ford V8 Special,

58.44) including a very wide exit line out of the

hairpin on his third run of the weekend and in

Group R – Racing Gregory Tebble forsaking

the Locost Special for his Van Diemen FF2000

with best of 48.38. Gregory’s times were 52.98,

51.04, 50.57, 50.55 Saturday 49.66, 49.36,

48.38, on Sunday.

The Lotus Super 7 of Alan Telfer has a long

competition history having been raced at

Catalina Park (Katoomba), Warwick Farm and

Oran Park (Sydney), Bathurst, Orange, Lakeside

and Surfers Paradise plus Silverdale hillclimb

whilst owned by New South Welchmen. First

owner was Edward Du Cros (1961-62), then

Allan Ros (1963-64) followed by Bob Beasley

(1965), Alex Macarthur (1966-68), John Maroulis

(1968-1970) and Peter Lander (1971). Bob won

the New South Wales Clubman series in 1965

whilst Alex won the 1966 and 1967 NSW series

plus the Geoghegan Trophy series for Clubman

cars in 1966-67. The Lotus came to Queensland

when owned by Ken and Ian Peters (1972-

75) who raced it locally (Lakeside and Surfers

Paradise) plus at the MG National Meeting in

1973 at Oran Park (National Meetings had circuit

races in those past days) then the following day

at the Easter Bathurst meeting as well as at

Mt Cotton hillclimb. The car continued in local

competition when Barry McInness owned the

Lotus from 1979 to 1986 before Alan acquired

the Lotus in 2003.


In the Formula Vee 1200 class Jim Heymer

claimed a personal best of 50.94 seconds in his

Hornet Formula Vee and then tried to claim a

new class record by not completing the second

loop. Yes you have to watch these Formula

drivers all the time. The driver who did complete

the entire course and did lower the class record

for Formula Vee 1600 was Craig Harris in his

Formula Vee Hughes VWMA leaving the new


The Octagon -March 2017

time at 49.20 seconds some 0.10 seconds faster

than his own record set in February 2016.

Superkarts class went to Nathan Quelch with

best run of 44.89 seconds in his Honda CCRF


Formula Libre up to 1300 Michael Von Rappart

Dallara F392 Hayabusa 38.66 which equates to

speeds of 117 kph over the lovers leap out of the

first loop and 132 kph down out of the second

loop into the hairpin. Problems on Saturday were

running on 3 cylinders which was traced to the

fuel injection and a broken gear selector cable

on Sunday giving Harold some work to ready the

Dallara. Martin Egglesfield OMS Hornet finished

the event with a 43.61 time from Matthew Read

(Readster MTR1, 44.25) and David Quelch

(Honda Black Arrow, 45.63). Chris Lake (Suzuki

Escargot Mk1, 48.62) suffered a breakage to

the right rear suspension upright coming into

the braking area for the hairpin from the first

loop on run 6 meaning there were no brakes

which resulted in Chris ending his run in the

Queensland nut shell barrier. Again the barrier

performed the function of limiting any damage to

machine and person.

Two beautiful Loti showing their common heritage through

Lovers’ Leap - photos by Peter Buchanan

Steven Woodbridge took the over 1300 cc class

in his Dallara F396 with a 42.92 time with Travis

Hansen-Doherty recording a bet run of 44.62 in

the BNG Hillclimb Special turbo.


Michael Von Rappard won the first round of the

Top Six elimination series with a 38.77 seconds

run followed by Steven Woodbridge (42.67),

Martin Egglesfield (44.42), David Malone

(45.16), and Nathan Quelch (45.11).

Fastest MG

Up to 2000 Peter Andrews 53.55

2001 and over Stephen Riley 49.32

Most Improved Euan McGarry

Fastest Time of Day Michael Von Rappard








The Octagon - March 2017 57

Photos by SJ - Steve Johns; PB - Peter Buchanan; RT - Rob Talbot

Since contacting early competitors and

officials about this important event, there

have been two interesting and nostalgic

responses which augur well for the ‘main

event’ next year. Both of these have come

from the Peters family - a family of four

brothers all with involvment with motorsport

in the early 60s, one as a scrutineer,

one as a longterm timekeeper, one as

President of QMSC and as a competitor

and CAMS official and the other, still with

a keen involvement, as a CAMS Official, a

competitor and general source of help and

advice to many.

Ken Peters sent a photo from the very

early days when, to quote him, “there were

4 of our cars lined up. The Lotus Super 7,

Minidin, Datsun Fairlady and the BMW 1600.

The pits were pretty basic then. Ian of course

drove Minidin – an evil beast – I only drove it

once and scared myself to death.”

The pits and the canteen (the tin shed and

leanto in the far right background) have been

somewhat improved over the past 50 years.

The Peters brothes: L to R: Jim Peters (timekeeper

for many years), Trevor (Scrutineer),

Ken (Chief Steward at the first hillclimb); Ian

(Clerk of Course at the first hillclimb).

Answer from Bits and Pieces: Did you work it out? Of the eight competitors in the Class, three are members of our current committee!


The Octagon -March 2017

The Octagon - March 2017 59


or by email to vprojects@internode.on.net


The Octagon -March 2017

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