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Leader’s view

Leader’s view SUEDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG PHOTO / ALAMY 8 G20 Germany: The Hamburg Summit • July 2017

Leader’s view WELCOME MESSAGE Let’s seize the opportunity to establish common interests Joint action is always a better approach than for individual nations to try and go it alone Especially when the international environment is particularly challenging, like it is this year, we should seize the opportunity to establish common interests and achieve progress through joint action. That is always a better approach than for individual nations to try and go it alone… We have in too many countries witnessed a tendency towards self-isolation and hampering critical dialogue. In some cases, we’ve even seen attempts to prevent or suppress such dialogue. As a result, the freedoms of expression and of the press are stifled. There are also negative impacts on cultural diversity and, ultimately, on the ability of all of civil society to shape the future… Globalisation is a process that can benefit anyone who approaches it with an open mind. That at least is how I view globalisation… The G20 must therefore highlight the advantages of trade being intensive, international and fair – in contrast to protectionist policies. If you interfere with the establishment of, or even sever, global value chains, all you do is harm everyone involved – including yourself… We can create new prospects if we support the multilateral system of the World Trade Organization. This multilateral trading system is based on common rules. Having common rules means we should work to establish standards for protecting workers and consumers, as well as the climate and the environment … We have a particular interest in better integrating women into economic processes and corporate functions. The aim here is to give women more opportunities to participate in economic development, which in turn will increase acceptance for globalisation … Globalisation is not a destiny to which we must yield without demur. Globalisation can be shaped. The key thing is that we must coordinate our efforts. When we work towards common aims, everyone benefits… From a speech at the G20 Dialogue Forum with Non Governmental Organisations (C20), Hamburg, 19 June 2017 12 th Summit Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany What we need to do is pool various interests, so that we can find answers to the big questions of our time. One of these is protecting the climate. The aim is to as rapidly as possible reduce the carbon emissions of our economies. The Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will guide us… We are talking about the effect that digital technology is having on our lives, our economies and our work. We are also discussing how we can increase participation at global level in the digital revolution, what we can do to protect privacy and intellectual property, and how we can ensure cybersecurity… Global rules need to be found for this domain as well, and that it is not enough for each country to create its own… We can do a better job of reducing health risks that can create tremendous human suffering and stunt the economies of entire regions. This will involve strengthening healthcare systems and the global health architecture. It will also mean taking action on antimicrobial resistance… The G20 health ministers explored the idea of an international system to respond to the threat of emerging pandemics… The population of Africa – at least large sections of it – is not yet participating to a sufficient extent in global developments. So [at the G20-Africa conference] we looked at how we can stimulate more private investment – not instead of, but in addition to, development aid. … We placed the G20 Compact with Africa – please note the “with”, not “for” – on the agenda. I am very pleased that the African Union, with its Agenda 2063, has for the first time ever drawn up its own development plan. It can serve as a point of reference for our own efforts, so that we do not patronise Africa by proposing projects it does not even consider important. … We want the Hamburg Summit to send a signal we can, as a group, think on a global scale and take global action, so everyone benefits… We’ll work to counteract any tendencies to weaken financial market regulations. The message, in a nutshell, is: first, the G20 is assuming responsibility for life here and now — through its partnership with Africa, by tackling the causes of displacement, by fighting terrorism and corruption, and with constant efforts to achieve food security and development. Second, the G20 is also assuming responsibility for the world of tomorrow and beyond — by pursuing climate protection, by implementing the ever-so-important 2030 Agenda, and by shaping digitalisation and strengthening global health. G20 July 2017G20 Germany: The Hamburg Summit 9

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