Hometown Madison - July & August 2017

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Volume 3 Number 4<br />

<strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

The Gluckstadt Community<br />

___________________________<br />

a Bicycle Revolution<br />

___________________________<br />

Messages from Heaven

2 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 3

4 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

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If there’s a certain spot on your kitchen floor that has a pattern of stickiness<br />

during <strong>July</strong>, we are probably faithful members of the same club–Watermelon<br />

Enthusiasts. Isn’t it a southern treat to find bins of watermelons in our grocery<br />

stores and farmers markets and keep that tasty treat in our refrigerators?<br />

I love that about <strong>July</strong>.<br />

It’s another treat to see the giant fireworks tents going up around our<br />

hometowns. Even though my days of shooting fireworks on the front lawn<br />

have passed, I still celebrate the noise and heavenly display of colors in <strong>July</strong>.<br />

Freedoms that we enjoy are worthy to celebrate with noise and light parades<br />

in the night skies.<br />

There’s much to celebrate in <strong>July</strong>. In this issue, we highlight a married<br />

couple and the sacrifices they are making for our freedoms. We are also<br />

featuring some of the entrepreneurs in Gluckstadt who are helping put that<br />

community in the news.<br />

Celebrating the people in our hometowns and the freedoms we embrace<br />

as a nation should make very month notable–but especially the month of <strong>July</strong>.<br />

We thank our advertisers for helping make this magazine possible and wish<br />

each of you a Happy 4th!<br />

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In this issue The Gluckstadt Community 14<br />

Young, Local, and Ready for Business 18<br />

The Herb Doctor 24<br />

A Bicycle Revolution 28<br />

Game Day Ready! 32<br />

Messages from Heaven 42<br />

A Military Marriage . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54<br />

Doe's Eat Place 62<br />

The Chalkboard 70<br />

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6 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Sunnybrook’s 2nd Annual<br />

Champions for Children Dinner<br />

In 1963, Alonzo Welch, once a foster-child himself, began a ministry in Jackson, Mississippi.<br />

Fifty-four years later, children continue to find home and healing at Sunnybrook Children’s<br />

Home. As society continues to change, Sunnybrook is committed to providing programs and<br />

hope for the young lives around us all. On <strong>August</strong> 12th at 7:00 p.m., you are invited to join the<br />

Sunnybrook family on their campus for the 2nd Annual Champions for Children Dinner as<br />

they celebrate and look forward to what God is doing in the lives of children in our state. Jill<br />

Freeze, a champion for children with the Freeze Foundation, will speak as the Sunnybrook<br />

family honors house-parents, as well as local adoptive and foster family heroes.<br />

With thousands of young people in the foster-care system of Mississippi, Sunnybrook is<br />

anxious to provide ways to fight for children in need. Come be a part of the movement by<br />

hearing how Sunnybrook specifically plans to empower and encourage children and fosterfamilies.<br />

Dinner tickets are $75 and can be purchased at www.sunnych.net. Those who prefer<br />

to purchase by mail may send a check to Sunnybrook Children’s Home at P.O. Box 4871,<br />

Jackson, MS, 39296 marked for the Champions Dinner.<br />

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8 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

Keep Flora<br />

Beautiful<br />

Great American Clean-Up<br />

Keep Mississippi Beautiful<br />

May 19, <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 9

serving our community<br />

Captain Dustin Perry<br />

Gluckstadt Fire Department<br />

Why did you decide to be a firefighter?<br />

I decided to become a firefighter because of my<br />

dad. My dad has been a fireman my entire life.<br />

How long have you been with the<br />

Gluckstadt Fire Department?<br />

For a total of 10 years now. I have been a<br />

career fireman for seven years.<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

I have an amazing and very supportive family.<br />

My dad, brother, and uncle are all firefighters.<br />

My wife is an emergency room nurse and is<br />

very supportive of what I do.<br />

What is the toughest thing you have<br />

experienced in your job?<br />

I would have to say the toughest part of my<br />

job is any emergency call involving children.<br />

Share some things you enjoy doing in<br />

your spare time.<br />

I love vacationing with my wife and spending<br />

time with my family.<br />

What are three things on your<br />

bucket list?<br />

I would love to go to New York City to visit<br />

their fire stations and the 9/11 memorial.<br />

I would also love to visit Europe and see all of<br />

the history over there. And since I have no<br />

children yet, I would definitely want to see<br />

myself having children with my wife and<br />

starting our own family.<br />

Where do you see yourself ten years<br />

from now?<br />

I see myself having a couple kids and still<br />

working at Gluckstadt FD doing what I’ve<br />

always loved to do.<br />

Who is someone you admire and why?<br />

My dad is and has always been my role model.<br />

He has always worked so hard to provide for<br />

my family, and has always been there for me in<br />

any time of need. He is now a captain at<br />

another local fire department, and I admire<br />

how he has worked so hard to get to where he<br />

is in life. Another person I admire is my fire<br />

chief. He has always been a great role model<br />

for me and has always supported me in<br />

everything I have chosen to do.<br />

If you could give one piece of advice<br />

to a young person, what would it be?<br />

I would say to always do the right thing no<br />

matter if anyone is watching or not. Because<br />

someone is always watching and it will pay off<br />

in the end.<br />

What is a favorite childhood memory?<br />

My favorite childhood memories are going to<br />

the fire station to visit my dad and climbing all<br />

over the fire trucks—and running around the<br />

house in my play turnouts spraying the house<br />

with the water hose pretending the house was<br />

on fire!<br />

What is the biggest mistake you think<br />

young people make today?<br />

I think young people could start trying to listen<br />

to older and more experienced people in their<br />

life or profession. The older and the more<br />

experienced people have lived through more<br />

things and have good advice to give.<br />

What is your favorite thing about the<br />

city of Gluckstadt?<br />

My favorite thing about Gluckstadt is that it has<br />

grown and is continuing to grow. Everyone is<br />

Gluckstadt, in my experience, is very nice and<br />

always willing to lend a helping hand.<br />

10 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

idgeland’s finest<br />

Officer Justin Crawford<br />

ridgeland police Department<br />

Why did you decide to be a policeman?<br />

Since I was five-years-old, I wanted to be a<br />

police officer. I was prophesied over twice as<br />

a child and both of the evangelists said that<br />

I would grow up to be a mighty warrior for<br />

God. Also, most of my father’s friends, when<br />

I was a child, were in law enforcement and I<br />

always looked up to them. I come from a<br />

military family, so serving and protecting the<br />

innocent has always been in my family in one<br />

way or the other.<br />

How long have you been with the<br />

Ridgeland Police Department?<br />

I worked as a dispatcher for 2 years before<br />

transferring to the patrol division and have<br />

been there for 6 years.<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

I have been married for five years to Jennifer<br />

Crawford and we have a 4-year-old little girl<br />

named Henley. My parents live in Flora,<br />

Mississippi, and I have one sister who lives<br />

in Knoxville, Tennessee.<br />

What is the toughest thing you have<br />

experienced in your job?<br />

Becoming a field training officer. It does not<br />

seem like it would be a “tough thing” to deal<br />

with but when you are one of the people<br />

responsible for ensuring that the police<br />

department continues to have excellent<br />

officers, it can be a challenging task. But<br />

that’s why I love the challenge.<br />

Share some things you enjoy doing in<br />

your spare time.<br />

My favorite off-duty hobby is spending time<br />

with my wife and daughter. When I’m not<br />

doing that, I’m either hunting or fishing.<br />

What are three things on your<br />

bucket list?<br />

First, I want to be able to watch my daughter<br />

grow up and have happiness in her life, and<br />

grow old with my wife. Second, I want to<br />

attend a Minnesota Vikings game, in Minnesota,<br />

with my dad. He’s from Minnesota and I grew<br />

up watching the Vikings. Third, I want to go on<br />

an antelope hunt with my bow.<br />

Who is someone you admire and why?<br />

I admire my father and grandfather. My<br />

grandfather has gone on to be with the Lord,<br />

but during his time here on earth, he was the<br />

hardest working man that I have ever known.<br />

He passed away when he was 70 and he<br />

worked until the day he died. My father is the<br />

second hardest working man I know. He has<br />

always provided for us even when the finances<br />

were not there. I never went a day without<br />

food or clothes and he raised me in a way<br />

that few too many people are now raised.<br />

I owe everything to my father for what I have<br />

become and hope to become in the future.<br />

Where do you see yourself ten years<br />

from now?<br />

I hope to be in some type of supervisor role.<br />

I have always had a passion for leading and as<br />

a field training officer I have already assumed<br />

that role in some manner. Hopefully within ten<br />

years I will be either a sergeant or lieutenant.<br />

If you could give one piece of advice<br />

to a young person, what would it be?<br />

Be confident. It’s that simple. You might not<br />

have any idea what you’re doing but don’t let<br />

people know that. Always keep your head up<br />

and have the mindset that you are the best<br />

person at what you’re doing. You will fail but<br />

as long as you learn from your mistakes and<br />

do not accept the “I can’t do it mentality,” you<br />

will succeed in life. When people tell you that<br />

you can’t do something, simply respond,<br />

“Watch!”<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 11

NOW OPEN<br />




12 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

• New Pools & Spas<br />

• Pool Renovations<br />

• Service & Cleaning<br />

• Jackson 601-372-0500<br />

• Ridgeland 601-605-0500<br />

• www.cpspoolsandspas.com<br />

Family owned since 1957<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 13

Preserving Heritage<br />

Susan Marquez<br />

When Henry Klass, John Kehle, Valentine<br />

Fitsch, Peter Schmidt and Joseph Weilandt<br />

purchased farmland from the Highland Colony<br />

Company in Calhoun, Mississippi, in 1905,<br />

they probably never dreamed it would be a<br />

burgeoning community a century or so later.<br />

Yet, that’s exactly what Gluckstadt has become.<br />

The German descendants from Klaasville,<br />

Indiana purchased the land for $22,000 and<br />

with great optimism, they changed the name of<br />

the community to Gluckstadt, which in<br />

German means “Lucky City.” Nine families<br />

moved their belongings to the area, working<br />

over the winter to build homes and clear land in<br />

preparation for the spring planting.<br />

“My grandfather, Anthony Weisenberger,<br />

was one of the other German-American families<br />

to join the growing community,” said life-long<br />

Gluckstadt resident Bill Weisenburger. He was<br />

joined by Henry Aulenbrook, John A. Minninger,<br />

Peter Miller, Joseph Haas, Peter Endris, and<br />

Peter Minninger. Kerry Minninger, another<br />

lifelong resident, is a descendant from one of<br />

those original families as well. “There have been<br />

Minningers in Gluckstadt for over 100 years,”<br />

said Kerry Minninger.<br />

Minninger was born in South Louisiana<br />

and lived in Jackson for a while, but when he<br />

was young he lived with his grandparents on<br />

their dairy farm in Gluckstadt. “My grandparents<br />

migrated down from Indiana with other<br />

German immigrants to make a new life in this<br />

area. The land speculators with the Highland<br />

Colony Land Corporation found land in<br />

Gluckstadt that belonged to the three widowed<br />

daughters of a judge. The speculator took an<br />

option on the land. Three years after settling in<br />

the area, the immigrants learned that the land<br />

deal wasn’t a proper transaction and the land<br />

wasn’t legally theirs, so they ended up having to<br />

buy the land twice. They went to a Catholic<br />

priest who got in contact with a law firm in<br />

Jackson and they worked out a payment<br />

schedule to pay for the land again.”<br />

Minninger explained that the first building<br />

in Gluckstadt was a church that had a kitchen<br />

attached to a parish hall. “It was actually a<br />

schoolhouse built in 1910,” Minninger said.<br />

“My daddy went to school there.”<br />

Weisenberger said he’s enjoyed watching<br />

the growth of the area. “This used to be nothing<br />

but cattle pastures and cornfields,” he recalled.<br />

“There were probably more dairy farms here<br />

than anywhere else in the South. German<br />

heritage of this community is so strong. What<br />

many people don’t realize is that many of our<br />

dads and uncles fought against the Germans<br />

during WWII. It is entirely possible that they<br />

were fighting their own relatives. During the<br />

war, the name of the community reverted back<br />

to Calhoun Station for a time.”<br />

Those who have lived in the community for<br />

generations understand and appreciate the<br />

heritage of Gluckstadt. “There are residents<br />

who moved here as the area developed and they<br />

had no idea of the rich German heritage,” said<br />

14 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

The Gluckstadt Community<br />

Weisenburger. “As they’ve learned about it,<br />

they have joined with those of us who were<br />

raised here to protect that heritage.”<br />

The annual Germanfest at St. Joseph<br />

Catholic Church has certainly helped to raise<br />

awareness of that heritage, while also helping<br />

to preserve it. The fall festival features German<br />

food, including the famous sauerkraut made by<br />

members of the church.<br />

“It’s important that we do all we can to not<br />

only preserve our heritage, but to protect our<br />

community,” Weisenburger said. “We want<br />

controlled growth for our community. I think<br />

the growth is wonderful. Who doesn’t like the<br />

convenience and all the wonderful new<br />

neighbors? But there’s a place for everything,<br />

and we want some say in how the community<br />

grows.”<br />

To that end, the community has tried a few<br />

times in the past to incorporate. The attempts<br />

have failed, but this time, a larger group of<br />

residents have joined forces to work in earnest<br />

to make Gluckstadt an official city. Lisa Williams<br />

is one of those residents who was appointed to<br />

the board after being carefully vetted by other<br />

board members. “I want Gluckstadt to be a<br />

prosperous community,” Williams said. “Issues<br />

came out a few years ago and I knew Kerry<br />

(Minninger) had been involved. I looked to<br />

him for mentoring, support, and to teach me a<br />

lot of the history of the area. I knew about the<br />

previous incorporation attempts, and I became<br />

determined to make this work.”<br />

Williams moved to Gluckstadt eleven<br />

years ago. “I wanted a place where my<br />

father-in-law would be comfortable. I’ve<br />

watched the community develop around us<br />

and I want to be a part of its future growth.”<br />

The legal petition to become incorporated<br />

was filed January 3 of this year, with all the<br />

signatures required. “It took a lot of long days<br />

for us to confirm all the physical signatures.”<br />

A summons process will be done, with<br />

Canton and <strong>Madison</strong> named as defendants.<br />

“That has to be done by law,” Williams<br />

explained. A jurisdictional hearing will take<br />

place September 5 through 15.<br />

If it goes through, the new City of<br />

Gluckstadt will cover an 11 square mile area.<br />

According to the census, there are 2,500<br />

residents, although Williams believes there are<br />

more than that. It’s been a grassroots effort to<br />

get this far. “Kerry told me early-on to get a<br />

good pair of tennis shoes,” laughed Williams.<br />

“So far, I’ve worn out three pairs, but I’ve made<br />

a lot of new friends in the process.” There are<br />

many folks hoping the incorporation goes<br />

through this time. “There are more residents<br />

here now than ever,” said Weisenburger.<br />

“They want a good quality of life, and they<br />

don’t want to be swallowed up by neighboring<br />

cities with their high taxes.”<br />

If all goes well in September, with no<br />

delays or appeals, it’s possible we can be a city<br />

by January 18,” said Minninger.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 15

State of<br />

Insurance.<br />

Covington Insurance Agcy Inc<br />

Robin Covington, Agent<br />

118 Weisenberger Rd.<br />

<strong>Madison</strong>, MS 39110<br />

Bus: 601-898-8110<br />

I deliver both.<br />

Take the guesswork out of your<br />

insurance. Whether it’s your car,<br />

home, life, or more, I can help you<br />

feel good about your coverage, as<br />

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16 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 17

Young, Local,<br />

& Ready for<br />

Business<br />

Susan Marquez<br />

They’re young, energetic, creative and driven.<br />

Many of the newest businesses in Gluckstadt are owned and<br />

operated by young adults who grew up in <strong>Madison</strong> County,<br />

and when it was time to decide where to locate their businesses,<br />

they chose the fastest growing area in the county.<br />

Hunter Sartain<br />

Hunter Sartain was born and raised in <strong>Madison</strong> County, moving to the<br />

Gluckstadt area when he as in the fifth grade. He began looking around the<br />

area and saw a need that he could fill. “This is something I’ve wanted to do for<br />

four or five years, and when the opportunity presented itself, I chose to locate<br />

in Gluckstadt. There are no other gun shops in this area.” Sartain opened<br />

Guns-N-Gear in September 2016 and business has been good from the start.<br />

While Sartain is quick to say it’s not a hunting store, Guns-N-Gear does<br />

carry hunting rifles and ammo. “But we carry so much more. We have the<br />

right gun for every person and every need. The big trend these days is women<br />

shooters. That’s really up-and-coming. We work to find the right gun that will<br />

suit every woman and man’s needs. If it goes ‘bang’ we most likely have it.”<br />

Sartain is a big proponent of the ‘shop local’ concept and believes the more<br />

Gluckstadt grows, the more residents will be able to find all they need without<br />

leaving town.<br />

18 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Austin LaSource<br />

Another young Gluckstadt entrepreneur is Austin LaSource, who has<br />

a business that prints and installs vinyl signs. Called It’s Vinyl Y’all, the company<br />

can make signs, banners, decals, vehicle graphics, vehicle wraps, business<br />

signage, window signage, construction signage and even customizable<br />

tumblers. They evolved from an internet business to a brick-and-mortar<br />

store in Gluckstadt in October 2016.<br />

“Why Gluckstadt?, asks LaSource. “Why not? This is an untapped market<br />

for this kind of business. We cater to real estate agents, fleet vehicles and<br />

network cabling companies as well as to the new businesses that are<br />

growing like crazy in this market.” The LaSources live in Ashbrook subdivision<br />

in Gluckstadt. “I love that we are close to home, and we have such strong<br />

neighbors, friends and business. Our goal is to bring service with a more<br />

personalized feel, and to go above and beyond, integrating marketing and<br />

thinking through the most strategic way to impact our clients’ businesses.”<br />

Dr. Delta Stark<br />

Dr. Delta Stark grew up in <strong>Madison</strong> and felt like Gluckstadt would be the<br />

ideal place to open her own chiropractic clinic. “My family is close by, and<br />

I saw a real need for my services here. My husband and I lived in Atlanta,<br />

and could have moved pretty much anywhere, but Gluckstadt feels like home.”<br />

The Germantown Family Chiropractic Clinic is focused on family wellness.<br />

“We want to be sure that all families are healthy and happy”, said Stark.<br />

From pregnant moms to kids and families, the clinic began serving clients<br />

on March 1. “We are picking up more and more clients each week.”<br />

Paul Hopper<br />

Of course, none of the businesses mentioned would be in Gluckstadt<br />

without the residents to do business with them. Paul Hopper saw that there<br />

was a wonderful residential real estate market in Gluckstadt, and because of<br />

that, he expanded his company, Hopper Properties Real Estate, LLC, to open<br />

a second office. “We have had an office in Brandon, but the Gluckstadt<br />

market demanded that we open one here. I saw the growth each day, because<br />

I live in Gluckstadt.”<br />

Hopper grew up in <strong>Madison</strong> and attended Ridgeland High School. He<br />

opened his Brandon office in the summer of 2014, and since then, the<br />

company has grown to over 38 agents. He opened the Gluckstadt office the<br />

first of June and has been busy ever since. “We did $55 million in sales last<br />

year and we are on pace to do more this year.” The company handles both<br />

land and residential sales. “I think this is the best place in Mississippi to sell<br />

real estate. Anything under $250,000 won’t last more than a day or two here.”<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 19

20 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 21

22 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>




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protection to you and your family.<br />

Steven James<br />

601-853-8999<br />

1048 Gluckstadt Rd., Ste. B<br />

<strong>Madison</strong><br />

stevenjames2@allstate.com<br />

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<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 23

24 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

When Caroline Warner<br />

needs a casserole dish<br />

or pot, she has to go to<br />

her guest bedroom for it.<br />

100%<br />

chemical-free<br />

100%<br />

organic<br />

That’s because her kitchen cabinets overflow with shower bombs,<br />

essential oils, herbal teas, body creams, and herbal bug sprays.<br />

In fact, most of the cooking done in her kitchen revolves around her<br />

“made from scratch” creations using only organic products. “Everything<br />

that I make is for medicinal and holistic purposes and is 100% chemicalfree<br />

and 100% organic,” the innovative herbalist affirms.<br />

If anyone could earn a degree as an herbalist, Caroline would<br />

qualify. She has been a student of herbs, roots, spices, oils and any<br />

other naturally growing flower or plant for a large part of her life.<br />

She’s digested stacks of books about herbs and roots and taken<br />

on-line classes about them.<br />

She’s a firm believer that God’s world contains natural products<br />

that are medicinal, restorative, and life-enhancing. It just takes an<br />

herbalist to blend the key ingredients for specific needs, and that’s<br />

what she’s been doing from her kitchen – fulltime – since she left her<br />

former employment two years ago.<br />

The latest creation to come from her kitchen is a cream for babies<br />

that repels mosquitoes. She developed that after creating an herbal<br />

bug spray for adults and children. It’s all perfectly safe because it’s<br />

100% organic.<br />

Her shower bombs are the relaxing answer to stressed, busy<br />

adults who don’t have time for leisure baths. They simply add a shower<br />

bomb to their steamy shower and inhale medicinal, relaxing aromas.<br />

She and her husband, Jack, lived in Baltimore for ten years after<br />

migrating from the south. When their daughter, Addison, was born,<br />

they agreed to move back south before she reached school age so<br />

they could teach her southern values. And they did. Caroline said,<br />

“When Addison turned five, we were in a U-Haul headed south!”<br />

Caroline’s vision is to have a production area outside of her<br />

“wanna-be” kitchen with ample office space to share with clients<br />

and give advice on medicinal products and oils. “My husband and<br />

I have never had flu, flu shots, or strep throat,” she testifies under<br />

her herbalist shingle.<br />

Her products are available on-line at cwbodyorganics.com as<br />

well as updated information on her Facebook page – CW Body<br />

Organics. She also sells her products every Thursday at Livingston<br />

Farmers Market, and in some area spas.<br />

Caroline’s enthusiasm about her career choice surrounds her<br />

like the sweet aroma of her medicinal steeped teas. Her client list is<br />

growing daily. In fact she describes some days as overwhelming with<br />

the orders to fill. “But I’m not complaining,” she adds. “Just be careful<br />

what you pray for!”<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 25

26 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 27

A Bicycle Revolution<br />

Susan Marquez<br />

Jeremy and Paula Polk have created<br />

a bit of a revolution in Gluckstadt.<br />

They’ve been running their<br />

Gluckstadt-based business, Bicycle<br />

Revolution, for ten years out of a large<br />

panel truck, picking up, fixing, and<br />

dropping off bicycles. “We were the<br />

first mobile service in Mississippi, and<br />

when we started, we were one of just<br />

five in the country,” said Polk. “And we<br />

were certainly the first in the South. Now<br />

they are more common and you’ll see<br />

franchises of them.”<br />

The company now has a storefront in<br />

Gluckstadt, which opened March 1st.<br />

“Paula and I work together in this<br />

business,” said Jeremy, “along with<br />

our business partner, Jayce Powell.<br />

We all live in Gluckstadt. I have lived<br />

here since 1998, so it makes sense to<br />

locate our business here. Besides, there<br />

was a wide-open market for this here.”<br />

The mobile repair business initially<br />

started in 2007 in a truck parked outside<br />

of the Storage Max. Jayce had worked<br />

at a bike store in Ridgeland for ten<br />

years, and he liked the idea of being<br />

closer to home. “I liked the idea of being<br />

out here, and I liked the idea of a café.<br />

It was something new and fresh.”<br />

Bicycle Revolution not only repairs<br />

bikes but sells them. “We literally<br />

started out as a rolling bike shop,” said<br />

Paula. “Convenience was our niche.<br />

We would go into someone’s home or<br />

office, showing up like little elves, do<br />

the repair work and leave, sending<br />

them an invoice through Quick Books<br />

28 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

via email. So often we never saw<br />

about 15 years since I have been<br />

avid cyclists, and they wanted to<br />

organization for the past eleven<br />

our customers, but we knew their<br />

in a kitchen, and it was something<br />

create a business that had<br />

years. “We have had a big hand<br />

garage door codes, their dog’s<br />

I was itching to do.”<br />

something to do with their<br />

in building the trail station off of<br />

names, and what kind of furniture<br />

The café serves up lunch daily,<br />

passion for cycling. “We pretty<br />

Livingston Road. Our Fat Tire<br />

they had! We knew many of our<br />

Tuesday through Saturday. Jeremy<br />

much invented this business for<br />

Festival is turning ten this year.<br />

customers through the cycling<br />

kicks off the week with Taco<br />

ourselves,” said Paula. And even<br />

It’s a family friendly event.”<br />

community.” Paula said if they<br />

Tuesdays, which features a<br />

though there is a brick-and-<br />

Always offering personalized<br />

didn’t have something a customer<br />

different variety of taco each<br />

mortar store now, the truck will<br />

service, Bicycle Revolution is<br />

wanted, they’d order it and have<br />

week, such as Thai, Indian and<br />

continue to roll. “We will always<br />

adding to the growing business<br />

it to them within a day or two.<br />

even traditional Mexican tacos.<br />

have the mobile repair service.”<br />

landscape in Gluckstadt in a most<br />

The company started selling<br />

“We serve pressed paninis Tuesday<br />

The business is involved in many<br />

creative and innovative way.<br />

bikes eight years ago. In addition<br />

through Saturday,” said Jeremy.<br />

charity and community events,<br />

to buying bikes, shoppers in the<br />

“We also do a great Saturday<br />

including providing SAG (support<br />

store can also get a bite to eat at<br />

brunch.” The café sells craft beers<br />

and gear) support for cyclists<br />

the in-house café. Again, a first,<br />

as well. “We have over twenty<br />

participating in races. Jason has<br />

the store is the only bike shop in<br />

craft beers in stock.” Coffee from<br />

also served as president of the<br />

the Deep South to house a café.<br />

a local roaster, Beanfruit Coffee,<br />

Tri-County Mountain Biking<br />

“I spent many years in a kitchen<br />

is offered, but as a cold nitro coffee.”<br />

Association for the past five years,<br />

as a chef,” said Jeremy. It’s been<br />

The Polks have always been<br />

and has been involved with the<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 29

30 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

,<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 31

Game Day<br />

Ready!<br />

32 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

The Ole Miss stadium will<br />

have two less fans for some of the<br />

football games this fall. They’ll be<br />

Kathryn and Sessions Roland,<br />

and their new outdoor structure<br />

will be to blame. It’s the Rolands’<br />

new happy place for family time<br />

and entertaining. All the football<br />

replays will be as close as their<br />

remote–minus the crowds and<br />

parking hassle.<br />

The grill and kitchen amenities<br />

are steps away from their cozy<br />

sofa and chairs, and there’s no<br />

dealing with cumbersome coolers<br />

before or after the games. The<br />

half-wall separating the driveway<br />

from the outdoor kitchen serves<br />

as a privacy partition and firewood<br />

storage. Stained and scored concrete<br />

flooring means easy upkeep, and<br />

the impressive beams are just<br />

that–impressive!<br />

While the Rolands were in the<br />

process of purchasing their new<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> home in January of this<br />

year, they already knew that the<br />

grassy spot outside their den was<br />

wasted space for their family<br />

that loves the outdoors. Kathryn<br />

contacted John Hertel with<br />

Provision Design after seeing his<br />

ad in <strong>Hometown</strong> <strong>Madison</strong> Magazine.<br />

By late March, the Rolands<br />

and John had worked out a<br />

design, and John’s crew began<br />

construction. Within one-anda-half<br />

months, the family was<br />

enjoying their new space<br />

christened the “playroom”.<br />

Kathryn says, “It greatly exceeded<br />

our expectations.” Her favorite<br />

parts of the whole space are the<br />

fireplace and kitchen. “John was<br />

so easy to work with and was<br />

able to put our visions in the<br />

construction.”<br />

So now the Rolands are game<br />

day ready–and all from the<br />

comfort of their own backyard. n<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 33

34 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>



808 LAKE HARBOUR DRIVE // RIDGELAND // 601.856.0789<br />


©2016 BUFFALO WILD WINGS, INC. BWW2016-4063<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 35

Metro Jackson<br />

Go Red<br />

for Women<br />

Luncheon<br />

__________________<br />

May 4<br />

Jackson<br />

Convention<br />

Complex<br />

36 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 37


• PAULA RICKS •<br />


Owner/Broker<br />


Sales Associate<br />


Sales Associate<br />


Sales Associate<br />


Broker Associate<br />


Sales Associate Sales Associate Sales Associate<br />

Sales Associate<br />

Best Real Estate Company<br />


Sales Associate<br />


Broker Associate<br />


Sales Associate<br />

Tanya Brieger Best Real Estate Agent<br />

Steven Smith Best Home Builder<br />

www.KeyTrustProperties.com<br />

Ridgeland Office: 601-956-4944 Covington, LA office: 985-502-1629<br />

220 W Jackson St, Suite 200, Ridgeland 312 S Jefferson Ave, Covington, LA 70433<br />

'17HomeTwnMag Horz5x8B.indd 1<br />

6/12/17 11:48 AM<br />

38 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

madison<br />

Recipes<br />

Strawberry<br />

Cheesecake Salad<br />

• 16 oz. cream cheese, softened<br />

• 1 c. powdered sugar<br />

• 2 tsp. pure vanilla extract<br />

• 16 oz. Cool Whip<br />

• 16 oz. strawberries, sliced<br />

• 2 ripe bananas, sliced<br />

• 12 oz. raspberries<br />

• 3 tbsp. crushed graham crackers<br />

In a large bowl using a hand mixer, beat together<br />

cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla until<br />

light and fluffy. Beat in Cool Whip until combined.<br />

Fold in strawberries, bananas, and raspberries.<br />

Transfer to serving bowl and sprinkle top with<br />

graham cracker crumbs.<br />

Frozen<br />

Hot Chocolate<br />

Cheesecake<br />

CRUST<br />

• 24 oreos<br />

• 6 tbsp. melted butter<br />

• 1/4 c. sugar<br />


• 2 blocks cream cheese, softened<br />

• 1/2 c. powdered sugar<br />

• 1/4 c. chocolate sauce<br />

• 2-3 hot cocoa packs<br />

• pinch of salt<br />

• 2 c. heavy cream<br />

• 1 c. mini marshmallows<br />

In a food processor, pulse Oreos until they are<br />

fine crumbs. Transfer crumbs to a bowl, then<br />

add butter and sugar and stir until combined.<br />

The texture should be similar to wet sand.<br />

Grease a 9” pie plate and press in the crust<br />

mixture. In a large bowl using a hand mixer, beat<br />

cream cheese until light and fluffy. Add powdered<br />

sugar, chocolate sauce, cocoa packets and salt and<br />

mix until smooth.<br />

Add about half of the heavy cream and beat<br />

until smooth. Add the rest of the heavy cream<br />

and beat until very fluffy.<br />

Fold in mini marshmallows. Pour cheesecake<br />

mixture into the prepared crust.<br />

Freeze until solid, about 4 hours.<br />

Peaches n’ Cream<br />

Lasagna<br />

• 8 small peaches, sliced<br />

• 1/4 c. sugar<br />

• 1/4 c. brown sugar<br />

• 1 tsp. cinnamon<br />

• 15 graham crackers<br />

• 2 c. heavy cream<br />

• 1/4 c. powdered sugar<br />

• 1 tsp. vanilla extract<br />

• 1/4 c. sliced almonds<br />

Macerate peaches: In a large bowl, combine<br />

peaches, brown sugar, sugar and cinnamon. Toss<br />

until the peaches are evenly coated in the sugar.<br />

Refrigerate for 30 minutes.<br />

Make whipped cream: In a large bowl, combine<br />

heavy cream, powdered sugar and vanilla. Beat<br />

mixture with a hand mixer until stiff peaks form.<br />

Assemble lasagna. In a 8” square baking pan,<br />

place graham crackers in an even layer. Spread an<br />

even layer of whipped cream over the graham<br />

crackers, top with macerated peaches then sprinkle<br />

some almonds on top. Repeat three more times.<br />

Chill in refrigerated until the graham crackers<br />

have softened, about 2 hours.<br />

Serve cold.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 39

Urgent Ortho-Care<br />

is expanding to <strong>Madison</strong><br />

for sprains, strains, and breaks!<br />

Jackson<br />

Fortification St. @ I-55<br />

Monday - Friday<br />

8am - 7pm<br />

Healthplex @ I-55<br />

Monday - Friday 4pm - 8pm<br />

Saturday 8am - Noon<br />

Walk-in. We’ve Got You Covered.<br />

www.mississippisportsmedicine.com/urgent-ortho-care<br />

Finding<br />

HER voice.<br />

Jackson Academy student Sydney Thaxton<br />

is part of a creative family with a television<br />

producer dad, an English teacher mom,<br />

and a brother who is first chair in the <strong>2017</strong><br />

Lions All-State Band.<br />

She dabbled in writing short stories<br />

before coming to JA. But it was JA teacher<br />

Grace Simmons’ fifth-grade English class<br />

that inspired Sydney to complete her<br />

first book, Dusk. Simmons focuses a lot<br />

on writing, encouraging students to find<br />

their voice and use writing as a means<br />

of developing critical thinking skills.<br />

Excited about Sydney’s success, the<br />

school held a book signing to celebrate.<br />

ALL FOR ONE. That’s the JA Way.<br />

Sydney Thaxton, JA Student<br />

40 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>


We specialize in the construction and modernization of decks, patios, pergolas,<br />

cabanas, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens. Fresh air never looked so good.<br />

PRO VISIO NDESIGNS .COM | 601 -57 3-1 9 7 1<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 41

Messages<br />

Heaven<br />

from<br />

Mary Ann Kirby<br />

42 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Anyone that has ever lost a loved one<br />

knows of the longing that comes with<br />

wanting to somehow reconnect. In our<br />

minds, we know they’re gone but we<br />

still need to feel them to know that<br />

they’re ok--- and neither time nor<br />

distance can change that desire.<br />

There’s an old saying that goes,<br />

“When cardinals appear, angels are near.”<br />

I’ve always been enchanted by that idea<br />

as the red cardinal has played many<br />

prominent roles throughout our history.<br />

The notion that cardinals are messengers<br />

of spirits exists across numerous<br />

cultures and beliefs--- just ask anyone<br />

that’s seen one when they<br />

needed it most.<br />

But truth be known, redbirds<br />

are pretty common in this area.<br />

They thrive in this habitat and while<br />

I’d love to think that every time<br />

I see one it’s a spirit-come-to-visit,<br />

it’s just as easy for me to<br />

imagine that it’s not.<br />

In 2012, my grandmother died at the<br />

age of 96. When it was time to clean<br />

out her house, her youngest son from<br />

California (and the sibling-declared<br />

family-favorite among the four of her<br />

children and two grandchildren) came<br />

to Mississippi for a week to help with<br />

the overwhelming task ahead. She had<br />

lived in the same house in Yazoo City<br />

for over 80 years.<br />

There was stuff everywhere–in the<br />

attic, in the garage, in drawers, and in<br />

closets stacked from floor-to-ceiling.<br />

Much of it I had meticulously sorted<br />

over the course of several weeks and<br />

months but when it came time to do<br />

the final clearing, a lot of it was taken<br />

to the curb. We worked for days to<br />

ultimately prepare the house to be sold.<br />

I called the waste management<br />

company to arrange for a special pick-up<br />

since it was just too much to leave until<br />

the regular trash day. They needed a<br />

heads up–it was a lot. Besides, I needed<br />

to get back to Jackson and wanted to<br />

know that it would be taken care of.<br />

Early the next morning, as promised,<br />

the garbage truck ran and around<br />

mid-day I called my uncle to verify that<br />

it had, in-fact, all been cleared away. He<br />

walked outside and was just astounded<br />

at what had previously been an absolute<br />

massive amount of rubbish. The<br />

mountain had been reduced to a single<br />

random Christmas ball. Every bit of it<br />

was gone.<br />

As he leaned over to scoop up the<br />

old faded ornament, he noticed<br />

something shining in the grass. He<br />

reached down to find a little gold heart<br />

charm. The irony was not lost on him<br />

that it was all that was left–and that he<br />

had found it. He stuck it in his pocket<br />

and went back inside.<br />

His wife was in the kitchen at the<br />

stove fixing a late breakfast. They were<br />

still on California time and were slow<br />

to get going, not to mention worn out<br />

from the several days of hard labor,<br />

prior. He reached in his pocket and<br />

showed her the heart-shaped trinket<br />

and when she flipped it over, she<br />

noticed right away that it was engraved<br />

with the name John. That was his name<br />

–my grandmother’s youngest son–the<br />

declared family favorite, which now<br />

seemed somehow divinely confirmed.<br />

Coincidence? Maybe.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 43

Several years before her death, my grandmother gave me an<br />

enamel-coated steel colander. It had belonged to her, seen decades of<br />

usage, and was the only “strainer” I had. I used it regularly and often.<br />

It had long-since begun to rust where some of the enamel had<br />

chipped away, but I continued to use it anyway. I eventually purchased<br />

a new one–coincidently, after she passed. The one she gave me was<br />

just too rusty. So one day I decided to throw it away.<br />

I put it in the garbage. I took it out of the garbage. I put it back in the<br />

garbage and before I even closed the lid I reached back in to rescue it.<br />

It was not just a rusted colander but a piece of my past–and a piece of<br />

someone important to me. I thought to myself, “This is ridiculous!”<br />

And after wrangling with it for almost an hour, I proceeded to shove<br />

it down into the trash bag and tie it shut, once and for all.<br />

The weather on the morning of “trash-day” was bleak. It was<br />

already drizzling and the forecast called for the possibility of severe<br />

conditions later that afternoon. By the time I got home from work,<br />

dark had fallen. It was storming with 30-mile-per-hour winds, and<br />

my garbage can had blown clear to the end of the cul-de-sac. I had<br />

no choice but to battle it out and go get it.<br />

The rain was blowing sideways and I was soaking wet and dragging<br />

the garbage can behind me. I noticed what appeared to be some type<br />

of helmet in the grass next to the curb–dome shaped and glistening<br />

under the streetlight in the pouring down rain. Maybe it was my son’s.<br />

I’d grab it as I dashed up the driveway.<br />

But it was no helmet. It was that colander, turned upside down and<br />

sitting there all by itself. How did it get out of the bag that I had so<br />

painstakingly and reluctantly tied together? I was stunned–and still<br />

am to this day.<br />

Coincidence? Maybe.<br />

44 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

So a few weeks ago, I was in our backyard building a fire in our fire<br />

pit. I had decided to dispose of some sensitive paperwork that really<br />

should have been shredded, but burning was simply more convenient<br />

and certainly more fun. In the closing of my grandmother’s estate, I<br />

had stored countless banking statements and papers that needed to<br />

be discarded but were too sensitive to just put in the trash–and still<br />

held value in my heart. So I poured a glass of wine and my husband<br />

and son helped load up the fire pit. I recalled funny stories about my<br />

beloved grandmother as they continued to crumple up papers and<br />

put them below the logs. Then we lit them.<br />

The fire struggled to catch. My wood was wet. I decided to add<br />

some kindling from a pot we keep nearby. That’s when I saw the<br />

blooms. For 30 or 40 years, my grandmother had a pot of succulents<br />

on her back porch that stood year-round on a little dime-store plant<br />

stand in the rain, sun, sleet and occasional snow. She was a master<br />

gardener and yet these succulents were the only plant-life I brought<br />

home with me after her death. I’d had them now for four years and<br />

they live on my back patio next to a big fat pot of kindling. I looked<br />

down and they were in full bloom–and they hadn’t been the day before.<br />

I’ve never seen them bloom. Ever. I didn’t even know they would.<br />

So, I’ve decided they were blooming just for me. As if to say, it’s ok to<br />

let go–just never forget.<br />

Coincidence? Maybe. But it serves as a wonderful reminder that we’re<br />

never far apart. The truth is that the bond we share with those we<br />

love is a bond never lost or broken–not even by death. Death just<br />

changes the dimensions–like water, evaporating into steam.<br />

Or like a redbird sitting on a window ledge singing, “My spirit will<br />

live on forever there within your heart.” n<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 45

46 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> <strong>Madison</strong><br />

Reader<br />


Pamela<br />

Hancock<br />

Why did you decide to make <strong>Madison</strong><br />

your home?<br />

There is no better place to live, work and raise<br />

a family! There is a strong sense of community,<br />

safety, and integrity.<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

I am married to John MacLennan and have a<br />

14-year-old son and a 17-year-old step-son.<br />

What is your favorite memory of living in<br />

<strong>Madison</strong>?<br />

I remember how welcoming everyone was when<br />

I moved to <strong>Madison</strong> twenty years ago. No other<br />

county can compare to <strong>Madison</strong> County in terms<br />

of combining a sense of community, pride in<br />

property, and opportunities for fun activities.<br />

Where are your 3 favorite places to eat<br />

in <strong>Madison</strong>?<br />

Georgia Blue, County Seat, and Angelo’s.<br />

What are some fun things to do in<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> on the weekends?<br />

Shopping, golfing, and parks.<br />

Share some things you enjoy doing in<br />

your spare time.<br />

Boating, concerts, and grilling with friends.<br />

What are three things on your bucket list?<br />

Write a bestselling book; attend a silence retreat;<br />

and master a second language.<br />

Who is someone you admire and why?<br />

I have the opportunity to work closely with the<br />

various law enforcement agencies that serve<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County and we are incredibly blessed to<br />

be served and protected by these men and women<br />

in law enforcement. I admire their dedication to<br />

their profession and to the citizens of this county.<br />

They take their jobs incredibly seriously and spend<br />

long hours training, working and attending court<br />

to see that justice is served.<br />

Where do you see yourself ten years<br />

from now?<br />

I hope to still be living and working in <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County. I am enjoying serving in my role as<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County Prosecuting Attorney, and<br />

feel that I am making a positive difference in<br />

our county.<br />

If you could give us one encouraging<br />

quote, what would it be?<br />

Follow your dreams, passions and calling in every<br />

possible way. Give back to your community as often<br />

as you are able. These are the things that make<br />

our community a great place to live and provide<br />

inspiration to our youth. Anything positive counts<br />

and can make a difference in someone’s life.<br />

What is your favorite thing about<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> Magazines?<br />

It focuses on people and places relevant to<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County. n<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 47

What does it mean to you<br />

when you see the American flag?<br />

Tredina Davis<br />

Patriotism.<br />

Ansley Jones<br />

America. Freedom.<br />

Blaine Jones<br />

Home. What this country<br />

was built on—<br />

morals and values.<br />

Mike Jensen<br />

History.<br />

48 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Gavin Callahan<br />

Safety, freedom, and<br />

democracy. White – purity and<br />

innocence; Red – hardiness<br />

and valor; Blue – vigilance,<br />

perseverance & justice.<br />

Rickey Dismuke<br />

Justice, peace, and<br />

the American way.<br />

Molli Grace Amis<br />

Being from a military family,<br />

it makes me think of our<br />

freedom and the sacrifices<br />

they were willing to make.<br />

Avy Akin<br />

Freedom. A battle that we<br />

had to fight to be able to<br />

do what we do today. A long<br />

and painful journey, but in<br />

the end it gave us freedom<br />

and independence.<br />

Teri Gleason<br />

I think about my Revolutionary War<br />

patriot ancestor and his bravery and<br />

courage to fight for our freedom.<br />

Also, my gratitude for every one<br />

who is serving or has served our<br />

country to preserve that freedom.<br />

Donald Foster<br />

Patriotism, soldiers,<br />

and veterans.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 49

19th<br />

madison county<br />

Annual<br />

BAR-B-Q<br />

contest<br />

june 10th<br />

courthouse square • Canton<br />

50 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 51

Life doesn’t<br />

stop at 5:00 PM<br />

Your clinic shouldn’t<br />

either. We’re open late<br />

seven days a week.<br />

Now Open After Hours:<br />

Monday – Friday:<br />

8:00 AM – 7:00 PM<br />

Saturday:<br />

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM<br />

Sunday:<br />

12:00 PM – 6:00 PM<br />

601-605-3858<br />

2173 Main Street<br />

For a same day appointment any time of day, call 1-855-733-8863.<br />

52 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

The Following Is Not For Print/For Information Only


Why take your business or your skills anywhere<br />

else? As the leading independent staffing agency<br />

in the market, we consistently attract the<br />

finest candidates and match them with the best<br />

companies in the area. And because we’ve always<br />

been locally owned, you’ll be dealing with staffing<br />

experts who are invested in, and responsive to, the<br />

local business community.<br />


As the largest independently owned<br />

staffing service in Mississippi, we<br />

can customize a wide range of<br />

solutions for our clients and provide<br />

a plethora of opportunities for our<br />

employees. We’re large enough to<br />

provide services to big corporations<br />

but just the right size for smaller<br />

companies, too.<br />

Whether you’re looking<br />

for work or need<br />

employees, we can<br />

assist you with a variety<br />

of positions, including:<br />

- forklift<br />

- assembly<br />

- warehouse<br />

- janitorial<br />

IF YOU’RE<br />



US TODAY!<br />

- administrative<br />

- call center<br />

- accounting & finance<br />

- marketing & sales<br />

and much more...<br />

JACKSON 601-353-4200 | CANTON 601-859-8860 | MCCOMB 601-250-0800<br />

www.tempstaff.net<br />

NMLS# 642317<br />

Welcoming Matt Wilson<br />

With his genuine dedication to homebuyers,<br />

Matt brings years of experience to our already<br />

strong Mortgage Lending team.<br />

Contact him today!<br />

www.Origin.bank/MattWilson<br />

mwilson@origin.bank<br />

office: 601.856.1244 ∙ cell: 601.500.1783<br />

Origin Bank NMLS# 455990<br />


17ORIGIN050_WelcomeMattWilson_4x10.indd 1<br />

3/31/17 2:27 PM<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 53

54 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

A Military<br />

Marriage<br />

Abigail Walker<br />

First Lieutenant Jacob Carpenter and<br />

his wife, Captain Becky Carpenter,<br />

are no strangers to the long-distance<br />

relationship. But they don’t let distance<br />

keep them from serving their country,<br />

and each other, to the fullest.<br />

Jacob and Becky knew each<br />

other growing up in the Memphis<br />

area and became good friends<br />

in high school. In 2002, Jacob<br />

decided he wanted to try and take<br />

their relationship to the next level.<br />

“He asked me out the night before he was to be deployed,”<br />

Becky says. “He figured it was a win-win for him. Either he had<br />

a girlfriend when he left or he didn’t have to see me again if I<br />

said no.” Thankfully for him, she said yes.<br />

Jacob was on active duty when they married in 2004. In 2010,<br />

Jacob left active duty to go to school full time. While earning his<br />

bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at Mississippi College, he was also<br />

teaching in their ROTC program. He then attended PA school<br />

through the military. Since 2015, he’s been working full time as<br />

a special forces medic. Becky received a bachelor’s degree in<br />

business administration from Crichton College. In 2011, she and<br />

Jacob made the decision that Becky would also join the military.<br />

She works as an intelligence officer for the special forces.<br />

Jacob and Becky’s mission is service, both in their careers and<br />

in their marriage. “We focus on serving others, our state, and our<br />

country together,” Becky says. They joke that they have a<br />

3-person marriage: “It’s Jacob, me, and the army.”<br />

With both spouses being moved around the country and<br />

overseas, time together is precious. The longest the Carpenters<br />

have gone without seeing each other is 13 months. But Becky says<br />

if you add up all the time she and Jacob have spent apart over the<br />

years, it’s half of their 13-year marriage. “We make it work,” she<br />

says. “It’s all about quality over quantity.” Becky adds that they<br />

make an effort to touch base every day, whether that’s a call, text,<br />

or email.<br />

When they were dating in the early 2000s, Jacob would send<br />

Becky text messages that just said, “49.” After three months of<br />

the cryptic note, he explained that if you added up all the numbers<br />

it took to text “I love you,” it was 49. Becky said these simple<br />

reminders of love have been an integral part of their relationship.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 55

The uncertainty that comes with being a<br />

service member can be stressful, but the<br />

Carpenters choose to remain joyful. “The only<br />

constant thing is change,” Becky says. “Our<br />

marriage has to be a priority.” When opportunities<br />

present themselves, they sit down and<br />

discuss them as a couple, talking out the pros<br />

and cons. That’s what they did when Becky<br />

joined the military and that’s what they continue<br />

to do in each phase of their careers.<br />

But what ultimately keeps them going is their<br />

foundation in Christ. “It’s challenging,” Becky<br />

says. “But there’s a peace because we know we<br />

are doing what we are supposed to be doing.”<br />

Becky says that it is important for them as a<br />

military couple, and for military spouses in<br />

general, to grow even while they are apart. “It’s<br />

not healthy to stay stagnant while the other is<br />

continuing to mature and develop. It’s been our<br />

goal to grow individually so that it’s also<br />

reflected in our marriage.” She says their<br />

relationship is based on encouraging each other<br />

to reach their full potential. “I wouldn’t be the<br />

soldier and the person I am if Jacob hadn’t<br />

pushed for that passion in me,” says Becky.<br />

They serve in different ways, but they both<br />

have a heart for what they do. “Jacob has a<br />

passion for meeting people’s needs and<br />

explaining complicated medical concepts,”<br />

Becky says. “He loves the comradery of the<br />

community he works with.” As an intelligence<br />

officer, Becky directs teams to gather and<br />

process data that help determine what actions<br />

need to be taken. “I truly love working with a<br />

puzzle, putting raw data in a way that helps<br />

drive decisions.” Becky is the only woman in her<br />

unit, as well as the only woman in the state with<br />

active jump status.<br />

Becky says she and Jacob don’t try to compete<br />

with each other. “We look at things differently,”<br />

she says. “but it’s broadened our views.” She adds<br />

that they have to be able to call each other out,<br />

while remaining constant supports. “I try to be<br />

his cheerleader.” They stay connected by<br />

working toward a common goal and are all<br />

56 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

about pushing each other to succeed. “We may<br />

not be physically together,” says Becky, “but goalsetting<br />

helps us grow. It helps us move forward.”<br />

One of the memories that sticks out the most<br />

in their marriage was in <strong>August</strong> 2008, when<br />

Becky received a phone call that Jacob had been<br />

injured. It was a terrifying experience, but Becky<br />

said they were able to grow closer together<br />

through it. She also saw the love of the military<br />

community, especially the Christians in the<br />

military. “Since we have no family in the<br />

Jackson area, the military is our family,” she<br />

says. It’s also helped her to “walk alongside<br />

other military couples.”<br />

Becky’s advice for military spouses: “Understand<br />

what it takes to serve. A service member<br />

can’t be successful at their job if they don’t feel<br />

supported. One of the most dangerous things is<br />

for a service member to be distracted by issues<br />

happening at home. It doesn’t have to be happy<br />

all the time, but support is essential.” Becky adds<br />

she’s had to learn to trust the Lord with her<br />

husband. “When you know that God has a great<br />

plan, it’s easier to trust and go with the flow.”<br />

Right now, Jacob is stationed in Kuwait, and<br />

by the time this article is published, Becky will<br />

be deployed to the same base. “It really worked<br />

out,” she says. The two will be stationed there<br />

until early next year and will get to spend some<br />

time together between their jobs. “It’s a new<br />

adventure,” Becky says. “It doesn’t fit the mold,<br />

but it’s our story. God has already given us some<br />

pretty cool opportunities to serve, and we are<br />

excited for what he has next.” n<br />

“When you know that God has a great plan,<br />

it’s easier to trust and go with the flow.”<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 57

58 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>2017</strong> Dragon Boat Regatta<br />

Paddlers Party<br />

May 11th - <strong>Madison</strong> Landing - Ridgeland

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 59

60 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

NEW YEAR<br />



We are ready to hit the new year with<br />

greater efficiency coupled with the same high quality and<br />

customer service you have come to expect from Hederman<br />

Brothers. Give us a call and let us help you with the latest<br />

technology for all your printing needs.<br />

PRINT<br />



247 Industrial Drive N<br />

<strong>Madison</strong>, MS 39110<br />

601.853.7300 • 1.800.844.7301<br />

www.hederman.com<br />

Voted Best<br />

Printing<br />

Company<br />

2016 by the<br />

Clarion-Ledger<br />

People’s<br />

Choice Awards.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 61

Doe’s<br />

_______________<br />

Eat Place<br />

Blending the New<br />

and the Old<br />

Susan Marquez<br />

The Beagle Family: Steve, Rachael Ann, Sarah Beth, & Lisa<br />

The Signa Family: Dominic, Salvatore, Lena, Carmelo & Jack<br />

steve and Lisa Beagles are astute business folks who have<br />

worked in the corporate world for many years. While<br />

they’ve been involved in many different aspects of<br />

business, one thing they’ve never done is run a restaurant. Yet today,<br />

they are the proud owners of Ridgeland’s newest dining establishment,<br />

one that has brought a taste of the Delta to central Mississippi.<br />

Doe’s Eat Place opened in the spring and enthusiastic diners<br />

have already become repeat customers. The original Doe’s Eat Place<br />

was established in Greenville, Mississippi, in 1941 by Dominick<br />

“Doe” Signa and his wife, Mamie. The business went through a<br />

few incarnations before becoming a respected restaurant, including<br />

a grocery store and a honkey tonk. In 1974, Doe turned the<br />

restaurant over to his two sons, Charles and Little Doe. They began<br />

franchising the restaurant and today you can find Doe’s Eat Place<br />

in several locations in Arkansas, as well as Baton Rouge and inside<br />

Margaritaville in Biloxi. “We are the ninth Doe’s Eat Place to open,”<br />

said Steve. “Each location has its own personality.”<br />

After contacting the Mayor’s office in Ridgeland and expressing<br />

a desire to open a business in the city, it was suggested to the Beagles<br />

that they look into opening a Doe’s Eat Place. “It’s technically a<br />

franchise,” explained Steve, “but we have control over what we want<br />

our restaurant to be.” After eating at Doe’s in Greenville a few times<br />

and getting to know the Signa family, Steve and Lisa decided they<br />

wanted to honor the family’s reputation. “Their values simply<br />

aligned with ours,” said Steve. “We were driven from the moment<br />

we met them. What we were buying wasn’t an Applebee’s – it was<br />

a family’s name. We wanted to recreate the same atmosphere as<br />

the original, a place where people could come and relax and enjoy<br />

a delicious meal.”<br />

The Beagles took that family concept to heart, hiring a staff<br />

and explaining to them that they were, first and foremost, family.<br />

“No one leaves here without telling ‘Mama Lisa’ goodbye,” asserts<br />

Lisa. “We have a grounded foundation of family here, both among<br />

our staff and among our customers. We are learning their names<br />

and we strive to make them feel welcomed when they come to<br />

dine with us.”<br />

The menu at Doe’s in Ridgeland is the closest to the original as<br />

any of the other locations. “We have added a few items to the menu,<br />

but our core is still steaks and tamales,” explained Steve. “We cut<br />

our own meat for service here, as the steaks are ordered. All steaks<br />

are cut two inches thick and we cook them like no other place does.”<br />

The steaks are broiled at a very high temperature which gives the<br />

meat a great charring for a very unique flavor. “You simply can’t<br />

62 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

cook them this way at home,” Steve said. Steak choices range from<br />

a 10-ounce filet to ribeye, porterhouse, and sirloin, all large<br />

enough to feed a very hungry man or to split with others.<br />

The Delta Hot Tamales are the same recipe that’s been served<br />

at the original Doe’s since the beginning. “The chili we put over<br />

the tamales is exceptional,” said Steve. “I also love our spaghetti.”<br />

Steve, who had triple bypass surgery a few years ago, said he and<br />

Lisa eat in the restaurant every day. “It’s really a healthy way of<br />

eating.” One reason they dine in the restaurant daily is to assure<br />

consistent quality. “That’s the magic,” Steve explained. “We want<br />

to provide the same great experience each and every time someone<br />

dines with us.” Some of the modifications they made to the original<br />

menu include the addition of salmon and tuna, both of which are<br />

Steve’s recipes that harken back to his days of living in Miami. The<br />

Signas encouraged the Beagles to add a baked potato to the menu,<br />

and Steve added his special grilled vegetables. There are also some<br />

salad additions, including a spring salad with artichokes and<br />

tomatoes, roasted in-house.<br />

One of the new menu items Steve is most proud of is Lisa’s<br />

pecan pie. “It was my grandmother’s recipe,” said Lisa. “I was<br />

raised by my grandmother, and she had two large pecan trees in<br />

her yard. We’d gather the pecans and she’d bake them into pies<br />

she gave as gifts. She became known for her delicious pecan pies.<br />

On her deathbed at age 96, she handed me an old recipe card,<br />

stained with butter.” It was the recipe for the pecan pie, and Lisa<br />

has been making them ever since for gifts. The pie served in the<br />

restaurant is about six inches in diameter, and can be served ala<br />

mode. Other deserts include rustic apple tarts, rustic berry tarts,<br />

and chocolate fudge lava cake, all made in-house.<br />

The Beagles settled on opening a restaurant because they<br />

wanted to run a business that connected with the community.<br />

“We wanted that for our girls,” said Steve. The couple has two<br />

daughters, ages nine and twelve, who attend school in <strong>Madison</strong>.<br />

“We want them to have roots here, and we already introduce<br />

them to our guests as the future owners of Doe’s.” Lisa said that<br />

they are fueled by the atmosphere and energy of the restaurant’s<br />

guests. “We get great joy from serving folks in our restaurant.<br />

It’s like being in a big Italian family’s kitchen.”<br />

______________________________________________________<br />

Doe’s Eat Place is located in the former<br />

Beagle Bagel location on 898 Avery Boulevard.<br />

Call 601-487-8954 For reservations.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 63

Doe’s<br />

_______________<br />

Eat Place<br />

Grand Opening<br />

april 19<br />

64 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 65

66 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

June 3, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Ridgeland Recreation & Parks

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 67

68 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Medical & Laser Skincare | Injectables | Coolsculpting | Facials<br />

**Virtually Painless Laser Hair Removal Available In <strong>Madison</strong>.**<br />

For Consult Call:<br />

601.790.9821<br />

The non-invasive way<br />

to lose unwanted bulges...<br />

No surgery. No anesthesia.<br />

No downtime.<br />

Performing Coolsculpting since 2012<br />

Over 2,000 treated at Mon Ami Spa to date<br />


FAT AWAY<br />


BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />


Love Handles | Muffin Tops<br />

Flanks | Abdomen | Double Chin<br />

Inner & Outer Thighs<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Location:<br />

Mon Ami – The Sculpting Center<br />

501 Baptist Drive, Suite #140<br />

<strong>Madison</strong>, MS 39110<br />

Jackson Location:<br />

Mon Ami Spa & Laser Center<br />

Highland Village<br />

4500 I-55 North, Suite #128<br />

601.366.7721<br />

601.790.9821<br />

www.MonAmiSpa.com<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 69



<strong>Madison</strong> Central<br />

Hall of Fame Members from the Class of <strong>2017</strong><br />

(L-R) Harrison McKinnis, Nathan Yin, Emily Zhang, Mason Joyner, Reyna Dixit,<br />

Katie Christy, Abby Johnston, Connor P. Jones<br />

Principal’s Leadership Award Winners<br />

(L-R) Kate Russell Snopek, Emily Seiss, Anna Hill, Jesse Li.<br />

Pawprint Yearbook Production members<br />

(L-R) Social Media Managers Courtney Ragsdale and<br />

Taylor Dancer; Production Editors Kaitlin Joshua and Sarah Bartley; Copy<br />

Editor Caroline Lewis, Production Staff Member of the Year Haley Green.<br />

Jaguar Spirit Award Winners<br />

Back row is Tommie Gooden. Third row left to right are: Brenden Lyall, Morgan Partrick,<br />

Evan Slay and Dawson Davis. Second row left to right are: Reggie Martin, Amelia Jarvis,<br />

Mary Catherine Lee, Carter Griffin, Quentin Euell. Front row left to right are: Sydney<br />

Brady, Parker Lick, Cheyenne Barker, Blake Collins, Sarah Weicks.<br />

2016-<strong>2017</strong> National Merit<br />

Commended Scholars Amelia McKee,<br />

Bradley Stokes, Hannah Gibbs.<br />

70 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Central High School<br />

Pawprint Yearbook Business<br />

Managers Mason Joyner, Amelia Jarvis.<br />

2016-<strong>2017</strong> National Merit Finalists<br />

(Back row L-R) Nathan Yin, Emily Zhang.<br />

(Third row L-R)Riley Street, Alex Smith, Sydney Taylor, Sumner Thomas.<br />

(Second row L-R) Paige Kessler, Jesse Li, Harrison McKinnis,<br />

Sean Sawaya.<br />

(Front row L-R) Reyna Dixit, Anna Hill, Kaitlin Joshua, Mason Joyner.

Blue and Orange Award Winners<br />

(Back row L-R) Alex Dunn, Ben Jones, Preston McMillin, McKenzie Wilbourne,<br />

Sydney Taylor.<br />

(Middle row L-R) Danny Williams, Cole Kelly, Stephen Fowler, Sydney Brown.<br />

(Front row L-R) Thomas Mozingo, Sean Sawaya, Lawson Stewart, Sarah Bartley.<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Star Student and Star Teachers<br />

(Back row L-R) Jesse Li, Susan Shivers, Mason Joyner<br />

(Front row L-R) Harrison McKinnis, Kristy Partrick, Reyna Dixit,<br />

Emily Zhang.<br />

Seniors who received all A’s for seven semesters in high school<br />

(Back row) Thomas Morrison.<br />

(Fourth row L-R) Denton Garvey, Reyna Dixit, Sydney Brown, Evan Slay.<br />

(Third row L-R) Reggie Martin, Abby Johnston, Anna Hill, Tommie Gooden.<br />

(Second row L-R)Harrison McKinnis, Jesse Li, Amanda Kim, Mason Joyner,<br />

Katie Christy.<br />

(Front row L-R) Emily Zhang, Lily Turnbull, Sean Sawaya, Rehma Siddiqui,<br />

Thomas Mozingo.<br />

(Left) Valedictorian for the class of <strong>2017</strong> is Emily Zhang. Emily is<br />

the daughter of Yi Quian and Zhao Zhang. She will be attending<br />

the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall.<br />

(Right) Salutatorian for the class of <strong>2017</strong> is Harrison McKinnis.<br />

Harrison is the son of Danelle and Patrick McKinnis. He will be<br />

attending the University of Mississippi in the fall.<br />

Submissions provided by local officials from each individual district and not to be considered editorial opinion.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 71



Germantown<br />

The highest honor that can be bestowed<br />

upon a graduate of Germantown High<br />

School is to be selected to the Hall of Fame.<br />

Those who will be honored must have made<br />

a good and prudent academic effort, have a<br />

respectful attitude, cooperative spirit, good<br />

character, demonstrate good citizenship and<br />

be a positive role model. The students must<br />

also have been active in co-curricular and<br />

extracurricular activities and have made a<br />

positive contribution to Germantown<br />

High School with a true love for the school.<br />

The seniors selected to the Hall of Fame<br />

by the faculty and staff truly possess all<br />

these characteristics.<br />

Owen Ivan is the son of Kirk and Ginger<br />

Ivan. He has been a part of our SGA for<br />

multiple years while participating in Beta<br />

Club, National Honor Society and St. Jude<br />

Steering Committee. He has earned a<br />

plethora of subject awards while maintaining<br />

honor roll status. Owen was also named a<br />

National Merit Finalist this school year.<br />

He plans to attend the University of<br />

Notre Dame in the fall.<br />

Amber Young is the daughter of Keith and<br />

Camille Young. Amber has been a part of<br />

student government for multiple years while<br />

contributing to Beta Club, Yearbook Staff<br />

and National Honor Society to mention a<br />

few. Amber has also been named Student of<br />

the Month multiple times and named Miss<br />

GHS this school year. She plans to attend<br />

Mississippi State University in the fall.<br />

The goal of the Germantown MAVS<br />

Booster Club is for our student athletes to<br />

be ambassadors for the Mavericks not only<br />

on the field but also in the classroom.<br />

(L-R) Josiah Thomas, Larry Taylor, President<br />

of the MAVS Booster Club, Emma Simpson.<br />

Germantown High School is fortunate to<br />

have support from our community.<br />

St. Dominic Hospital has been particularly<br />

instrumental in helping to build a strong<br />

foundation for Germantown High School.<br />

They have gone above and beyond with<br />

their support by establishing a scholarship<br />

for GHS seniors.<br />

(L-R) Erin Kight, Owen Ivan, Breana Pigott.<br />

The GHS Ted Poore Distinguished<br />

Maverick Scholarship in recognition of<br />

Mr. Ted Poore, the very first principal of<br />

Germantown High School, recognizes<br />

seniors who have distinguished themselves<br />

as true Mavericks.<br />

(L-R) Laurel Lee, Miles Murphy, Torri Duckworth.<br />

72 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Shelby D’Amico is the daughter of Dan and<br />

Martha D’Amico. She has been a vital part<br />

of Student Government for numerous years<br />

and served as executive co-president this<br />

year. She has earned an abundance of<br />

subject awards and maintained honor roll<br />

throughout high school while participating<br />

with various clubs such as Yearbook, Beta<br />

Club, Interact Club and St. Jude Steering<br />

Committee. She plans to attend the<br />

University of Mississippi in the fall.<br />

Anna Shepard is the daughter of Rob and<br />

Sue Ellen Shepard. Anna has been an officer<br />

with SGA for many years and served as<br />

executive co-president this year.<br />

She represented GHS with <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County Youth Leadership and was an<br />

important part of our Beta Club, Yearbook<br />

Staff, FCA and National Honor Society.<br />

She has been named Student of the Month<br />

and won the Citizenship Award. She plans<br />

to attend Mississippi State University<br />

in the fall.<br />

Brantley Hudnall is the daughter of Kristof<br />

and Amy Edgar and Thomas Hudnall.<br />

She has been a massive part of the Speech<br />

and Debate Team, Beta Club and St. Jude<br />

Steering Committee. She has earned the<br />

Citizenship Award, been named Student of<br />

the Month and earned an abundant of<br />

subject awards. Brantley was named a<br />

National Merit Commended Scholar<br />

this year and she plans to attend the<br />

University of Mississippi in the fall.<br />

Consumers shopping for a new or used car in Mississippi have been<br />

choosing Mac Haik as their dealership of choice for many years.<br />

Their ability to meet and exceed every car shopper’s expectations is<br />

what helps them succeed as the premier car dealership in Mississippi.<br />

With 3 locations to choose from and their newest location to open<br />

soon in Gluckstadt, GHS is pleased to partner with them and offer<br />

several scholarships for students.<br />

(L-R) Laurel Lee, Natilyn Hasty, Shelby D’Amico, Louis Jones, Director of Operations<br />

for Mac Haik Mississippi, Brantley Hudnall, Torri Duckworth, Madeleine Case.<br />

The GHS PTO is always ready, willing and there when needed.<br />

(L-R) Josiah Thomas, Laurel Mahaffey, PTO President Kim Magoun,<br />

Cameron Petermann, Emma Simpson.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 73

The Time Coin<br />

Things I learned at the beach:<br />

• God’s greatness becomes more<br />

real to me when I see the<br />

vastness of the ocean.<br />

• The sun will always find that portion of<br />

the body that missed the sunscreen.<br />

• Peanut butter sandwiches taste ten times<br />

better on the beach, even if they include a few grains of sand.<br />

• Seagulls are like gossipers – news travels rapidly among them.<br />

• The roll of the ocean waves is far more effective than Tylenol PM.<br />

• Sand shovels never dig deep enough to find the end of the sand.<br />

• Watches and clocks lose their power to dictate.<br />

• The waves are like God’s love; they never stop.<br />

• Children’s abilities to withstand and tolerate the brisk water<br />

temperatures far exceed mine.<br />

• Aloe lotion is an essential item for beach vacations.<br />

• Reading God’s Word on the beach only enhances its power.<br />

• We should all learn the contentment that a pail and shovel gives a child.<br />

• Regardless of what the extended family eats, it’s fine dining when we<br />

do it together.<br />

• A full moon shining through the trees at our home doesn’t carry the<br />

same impact that the moon’s reflection on the ocean carries.<br />

• Swimsuits come in ALL sizes.<br />

• The ancient practice of sun worship<br />

still exists.<br />

• Even rainy days are pretty on the beach.<br />

• Infants cannot enjoy the beach.<br />

• Mothers of infants learn that quickly.<br />

• A heavy fog can obscure the beach but can<br />

never muffle the waves’ symphonies.<br />

• Krispy Kreme Donuts were conceived for vacationers.<br />

• Diets were designed for donut-eating vacationers.<br />

• Teenagers can survive on minimal sleep during beach vacations.<br />

• Parents should always chaperone teenagers on beach trips.<br />

• Forget the policy of jean Fridays. Make it pajama day every day.<br />

• The volume of portable electronic music should never be allowed<br />

to mute the sound of the waves.<br />

• Families love each other more and are more considerate of one<br />

another when they are on the beach.<br />

• Some gulls have learned the practice of freeloading.<br />

• An early morning walk on the beach will inspire you to save<br />

for the next beach vacation.<br />

• The last walk on the beach before heading for home is never<br />

long enough. n<br />

74 • <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

I choose Merit.<br />

Phillip Ley, M.D., FACS<br />

Board-Certified Surgeon<br />

Specialist in Cancer Surgery<br />

Because there’s Merit<br />

in providing specialized care.<br />

Surgical oncologist Phillip Ley, M.D., FACS, has joined the team at Merit Health. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Ley<br />

has special expertise in breast cancer surgery. He provides minimally invasive biopsy, breast cancer management, hereditary<br />

cancer risk assessment, and oncoplastic breast cancer surgery. An advocate for breast cancer prevention and research, he is<br />

continually exploring new options for patients, such as genetic testing and clinical research for those with a family history of<br />

breast cancer. Dr. Ley is also experienced in treating melanoma, soft tissue sarcoma, and thyroid and parathyroid disease.<br />

Dr. Ley brings his patients the benefits of advanced research,<br />

training and techniques. For more information, call 601-326-2175.<br />

Talk with your physician about a referral to Dr. Ley.<br />

Member of the Medical Staff at Merit Health River Oaks and Merit Health Woman’s Hospital.<br />

1030 N. Flowood Dr.<br />

Suite C • Flowood, MS<br />

MyMeritDoctor.com<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison • 75


C E N T E R<br />

just got even better!<br />

Announcing<br />

William North, M.D.<br />

has joined Runnels Center<br />

There’s a reason Runnels Center<br />

has been voted “Best” for the last two years.<br />

It's our commitment to bringing only the best<br />

to Mississippi. So we're pleased William North,<br />

Jackson native and graduate of UMMC, returned<br />

to his medical home and chose to practice<br />

with us. Dr. North brings the latest techniques<br />

and unparalleled experience from the<br />

prestigious University of Kentucky<br />

Albert B. Chandler Hospital in Lexington.<br />

voted<br />

The Clarion-Ledger’s<br />

Best of 2015 and 2016<br />

Call for Appointment<br />

601.939.2457<br />


CENTER<br />

skin ∆¬e Spa<br />

laser & aesthetics<br />

L-R: William North, MD • Scott Runnels, MD, FAC, Diplomat, American Board of Plastic Surgery<br />

River Oaks Dr. • Metro Jackson • www.runnelscenter.com

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