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New Zealand lamb bone is rich in calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, collagen, etc.

According to research, sheep bone contains a large amount of inorganic, more than half of

them is calcium phosphate. In addition, it also contain a small amount of calcium carbonate,

magnesium phosphate and trace amounts of sodium, potassium, iron, aluminum, etc. The

content of calcium, phosphorus is far higher than other food. Particularly valuable is that

bone soup nutrition ratherthan plant foods are more likely to digestion and absorb better by

the human body. When the body lacks the kind of sticky protein and collagen, it will cause

the acceleration of aging. In sheep bone collagen, there is more bone glue protein, elastic

protein, neutral fats (more), phospholipids and a small amount of glycogen, etc.

To sum up the sheep bone soup nutritional value is embodied in the kidney, strong bones

and muscles, to treat slimmimg, waist and knee weakness, bones and muscles pain cramps

pain, diarrhoea, long flow field, and so on. Sheep bone soup have long considered a tonic

in the world, Especially together with a dozen of Chinese herbs boiled five to six hours, the

Chinese herbs and, natural heat of the lamb, reduces heatiness that cause temper, There

is no MSG, no chicken msg, no salt, and is nutritional & good for health!

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