Celebrating a Century of Luna Park - City of Port Phillip


Celebrating a Century of Luna Park - City of Port Phillip

You’re invited

back to 1912

15 & 16 December

Luna Park

the official newsletter of the city of port phillip | issn 1328-0309 | issue 65 dec/jan 2012

Luna Park turns 100

Meet your new Council

Foreshore events guide inside

MESSagE Port Phillip by numbers

from the Mayor

On behalf of all the

Councillors, I’d like to

welcome you to the

summer edition of


The lead up to

summer has been a

busy time for us. We

are an enthusiastic

Council and are keen

to get on with the

job of representing the community.

For me, it is an honour and a privilege to have

been elected by my fellow Councillors as Mayor

and to serve the community in this role.

I am pleased also to have the support of my

Deputy Mayor, Cr Serge Thomann.

The Councillors and I are committed to

working together and we have a strong interest

in ensuring the community are well informed

and engaged.

This magazine is a great way to stay informed as

is our website. We are on Facebook and Twitter

too, so feel free to join in a conversation with

others. You can also go to our ‘Have Your Say’

website that has a variety ways to get involved

in a range of local projects through surveys,

discussion forums, polls, questions, videos and


Summer is a very active time in Port Phillip.

Our foreshore plays host to great events like

fun runs, triathlons, beach volleyball and the

Pride March. The centre pages of Divercity has a

program of events, including details of any road


We are asking everyone to help continue the

campaign against litter on our beaches too.

Please remember to keep cigarette butts and

glass off the beach – both to keep them clean

and make them safer. Council will have special

teams working to keep the municipality clean

and a cleaning machine will be working on the

beaches every day to help keep them free of


We hope you enjoy your summer and we wish

you a happy and healthy festive season and look

forward to sharing 2013 with you.

Amanda Stevens

Mayor, City of Port Phillip

The City of Port Phillip respectfully acknowledges

the Yalukit Wilam Clan of the Boon Wurrung.

We pay our respect to their Elders, both past and

present. We acknowledge and uphold their

continuing relationship to this land.

The first data released from last year’s Census provides

a numerical snapshot of our community and the

opportunity for insight and comparison to other parts

of Melbourne and Australia.

On census night 2011, Port Phillip recorded a population of

91,526. The city experienced an increase in population of

7.7 per cent from 2006-2011. The largest changes between

2006–2011 were in the age group five to 11 years (+819 persons), 18 to 24 years

(-431 persons), 35 to 49 years (+1942 persons) and 60 to 69 years (+1545 persons).

The largest change in countries of birth between 2006 and 2011 were people born in the

United Kingdom (+853), New Zealand (+638), India (+928), Ireland (+784) and greece

(-104). Overall, 31 per cent of the population was born overseas, up by 4 per cent from

2006. and 19.7 per cent were from a non-English speaking background.

The largest non-English speaking countries of birth were India 1,899 (+928), greece

1,285 (-104), China 1,175 (+355), Malaysia 741 (+198) and germany 676 (+63).

Compared to greater Melbourne, Port Phillip continues to have a higher proportion of

people who speak English only and a smaller proportion of those speaking a language

other than English.

The dominant language spoken at home, other than English, was greek, with 3.1 per cent

of the population, or 2,873 people speaking this language at home. The largest changes in

the spoken languages of the population in the City of Port Phillip between 2006 and 2011

were for those speaking Mandarin (+348 persons), French (+346 persons), Hindi (+297

persons), and gujarati (+253 persons).


� www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/demographics.htm

Help to stay safe during extreme weather

Summer is here and that can mean heatwaves and flooding. You will be able to cope

better in extreme situations if you are well prepared. To help you, Council has

compiled an online guide to preparing for extreme weather.

The site has useful information that will help every household be better prepared for

heatwaves, storms and floods. There’s a guide to creating a home emergency plan, a

contents list for a home emergency kit, a checklist for preparing for storms and

other useful tips.

How would your household cope if an evacuation was required? go online today and

get some tips before you really need them.


� bit.ly/heatandfloods

Holiday service information – Port Phillip ASSIST

Call Centre St Kilda

Service Desk

South Melbourne

Service Desk

On Census night

(9 August 2011),

there were 2,178

overseas visitors in

Port Phillip, compared

to 1,930 in the census

ten years ago.

Port Melbourne

Service Desk

Fri 21 Dec 2012 8 am - 5.30 pm 8.30 am - 5 pm 8.30 am - 5 pm 8.30 am - 5 pm

Mon 24 Dec 2012 8 am - 3 pm 8.30 am - 3 pm Closed Closed

Tue 25 Dec 2012 Closed Closed Closed Closed

Wed 26 Dec 2012 Closed Closed Closed Closed

Thu 27 Dec 2012 8 am - 5.30 pm 8.30 am - 5 pm Closed Closed

Fri 28 Dec 2012 8 am - 5.30 pm 8.30 am - 5 pm Closed Closed

Mon 31 Dec 2012 8 am - 3 pm 8.30 am - 3 pm Closed Closed

Tue 1 Jan 2013 Closed Closed Closed Closed

Wed 2 Jan 2013 8 am - 5.30 pm 8.30 am - 5 pm 8.30 am - 5 pm 8.30 am - 5 pm

ASSIST 9209 6777 has an after-hours service that operates every day, including weekends and public holidays.

2 The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP


news briefs

New rules for jet skis

The public is urged to call the police on

000 if they are concerned about jet skis

breaking the rules on our beaches. all

watercraft (including personal watercraft)

must adhere to a 5 kph speed limit

within 200 metres of any beach. New

laws that started in December 2010 also

include swimming only zones around

Sandridge Beach, Middle Park Beach,

Port Melbourne and South Melbourne

lifesaving clubs, and St Kilda beach

between the pier and marina.


� bit.ly/boatsandbeaches

Library closes briefly for

much needed upgrade

The St Kilda Library will close for about

four weeks from Monday 7 January while

the toilets and help desk areas are

refurbished. The library is expected to

reopen on Monday 4 February.

Books can still be returned through the

returns chute in Carlisle Street and online

reservations can be made for items in the

St Kilda collection.

The upgrade includes a new look entry

area, with a ‘concierge’ help-desk. The

other major improvements will be the

refurbishment of the public toilets and

the parents’ room with change facilities.

Market set for festive season

Traders at the South Melbourne Market

are gearing up for a fabulous festive

season. With the spectacular new roof, the

market will be drier in the wet and cooler

in the heat. also note in your diaries that

the market will be open for continuous

trading on the six days leading up to

Christmas (19 - 24 December).

The market will also be open all four

days leading up to the New Year,

28 - 31 December.



� www.facebook.com/southmelbournemarket

Photo: Chris Cassar

The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP

United for cleaner beaches

You are invited to join the team for cleaner

beaches this summer. Dozens of volunteers

have already taken up the cause and are

working with Council to remove litter from

beaches. They are urging you to make the

first move by keeping our streets cleaner.

Beach Patrol 3206 and Beach Patrol 3207

(pictured with the red and blue t-shirts) have

been holding regular beach clean ups for two

and three years respectively. The Coast

Monkeys, a beach running group, combine a

jog along the sand with picking up litter as

they go.

Council is also stepping up efforts to keep

both beaches and streets cleaner. and

Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House

will host a decorated bike parade for the

2013 St Kilda Festival. Community centres,

art groups and individuals are invited to

submit a concept and start work on their

own decorated bike (entries close

10 December). These colourful, personal


glass and

smoking are

no longer

permitted on

Port Phillip

beaches. This rule

Bikes on parade for festival

Community groups are working with

Council to clean up our beaches.

Everyone is invited to get involved.


by the bay

Be part of the Baycare family

event on Saturday 8 December,

9 am - 12 noon, on the beach

between Kerferd Road and Mills

Street. activities include shell

count, beach clean-up, water

testing anda butt safari.

More info at


applies all year to ensure beaches are kept

clean and safe for all.


The Beach Patrol groups are looking for

people to extend the activities to St Kilda

3182 and Elwood 3184.

� For more information email


two-wheeled creations will be on display

on Festival Sunday, riding in parade

through the crowd.


� Visit www.pmnh.org.au

� Call 9645 1476 to participate

Ban applies from 12.01 am on New Year’s Eve to 9.00 am

on New Year’s Day



The Romance

Luna Park was hugely popular as a place to take a new

beau, and romance often blossomed under the fairy

lights. In her story, Rose Stone relates her first visit:

The first year of the war. A 17 year old girl who had left her family behind her in a small town in

Poland that didn’t even have electricity. A girl who had never been kissed. Out with a boy for the

first time.

…we go to the Big Dipper. The boy says it’s the best... we slow down, almost stop in mid-air. Then like a

whirlwind we descend. Everyone is screaming, I am frightened and screaming, I hang on to the boy, my

arms around his neck, I am holding on tight. Suddenly a warm feeling enfolds my body. It’s like I am

melting. I realise that I am being kissed.

Rose Stone was born in Poland in 1922, and in 1938 at the age of 16 she came on her own to

australia with hopes that her family would soon follow. However war broke out and they

perished. She now lives in St Kilda.

The Future

Today, Luna Park remains a favourite destination for its 800,000 yearly visitors and features

18 rides and attractions, including the great Scenic Railway, the recently restored Carousel, the

spooky ghost Train, the Dodgem Cars and contemporary rides including the Spider, Enterprise

and Pharaoh’s Curse.

Mary Stuart, Luna Park’s Executive Director reveals what is in store for the coming year.

‘This summer will see Luna Park hosting a spinning roller coaster and the Power Surge will

return, as well as the Coney Drop ride, the cousin of the ride installed at Coney Island,

New York.

‘The focus on renewal of art in the Park will continue with installation of the Palace mosaic by

local artist Pamela Irving.

‘a Luna Park iPhone app will be launched in December that includes an augmented reality

capacity that will translate yesteryear into the 21st century.

‘I think the future for Luna Park will be very strong and vibrant because of the commitment

that the people of Melbourne have to this place. Everyone in Melbourne has a sense of

ownership of Luna Park and this is a great strength.’

The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP

Fun Facts

• The world’s first full-length feature film

The Story of the Kelly Gang was filmed on

the site of Luna Park in 1906.

• Throughout World War I, Luna Park

added a side-show called Kaiser’s

Kitchen to the Palace of Illusions. Visitors

could take their anger out on the

german ‘enemy’ by hurling crockery at

an effigy of Kaiser Wilhelm.

• The great Scenic Railway is the oldest

continually operating wooden roller

coaster in the world still operating under

its original design with a ride-on brake




The full version of

Rose and Reginald’s stories,

along with other entries from

the Seniors Festival writing

competition, are available

online at www.portphillip.vic.



in the crowd…

Divercity asked

Great Scenic


brakeman Rob

Cameron about

the ups-anddowns

of his job.

How long have

you worked at Luna Park? What

was your first job there? Eight and

a half years, operating such rides as

The Carousel and The Sky Rider ferris

wheel. about eight months after

I started, on a beautiful spring day in

March, I got my hands on the brake

handle of the red train and underwent

my scenic driver training with my

trainer georgia.

How does it feel to operate the

Great Scenic Railway? The old girl

will also be celebrating her 100th

birthday this year. While I am cruising

around up there I think of all the years

and people before me who have made

their living from driving the Scenic

Railway and find myself in quite a

profound mood when I am back on

ground level heading to my next ride

to operate.

And what’s code rainbow?

Code rainbow is when a guest has

regurgitated their lunch somewhere

throughout park. We have codes for

most situations in the park. My

favourite is code 12, lunch time!

Apart from the Scenic Railway, do

you have a favourite ride at Luna

Park? Operating the rides for the

smaller children, and seeing the smiles

and bewilderment on their faces can

really melt your heart. My quirky little

thrill is turning on all the park’s lights at

dusk on a hot summer’s day, which

creates a magical atmosphere as the

lights display throughout the night.

Do you have a least favourite job?

That would have to be when you have

to clean up a code rainbow!

What’s the best thing about your

job? We have a great team here and

everybody is friendly. We’re lucky to

have really good management that

makes our jobs more comfortable,

including hot chocolate runs on the

cold nights or handing out Powerade

on the hot days.



Port Phillip



Contact details

Occupation or



Previous community


What inspired you to

be a councillor?

What is your favourite

part of your ward and


What are your

interests outside

council or politics?




9209 6431

0481 034 029

Lawyer and management consultant

specialising in corporate

governance. I initially practiced in

corporate litigation and then spent

10 years at aSIC were I held

national management roles. Two

years ago I set up my own business

consulting in corporate governance,

leadership and gender diversity.

at University, I volunteered in a

number of community legal services.

More recently, I have served on

committees with Victorian Women

Lawyers, Environment Victoria and

Clarendon Childcare Centre.

Currently I am in my second year on

the School Council at Middle Park

Primary School.

as a volunteer, parent and resident,

I recognise the need to build our

community. We need more

childcare, aged care, affordable

housing and new schools. I want to

make sure that these services are

provided. Most of all, I want to

ensure that Council listens and

responds to residents and local

business owners.

The people; a remarkably diverse,

friendly and open community

thrives in albert Park. The beach,

lake, beautiful tree-lined heritage

streets, the village shopping strips

with great restaurants and shops

come a close second.

I enjoy running and completed my

first marathon in October. I also

enjoy reading, cooking and eating

great food. and most of all the

company of my family and friends.




9209 6705

0406 890 739

I am currently employed as a

relationship manager with a leading

data centre and cloud computing

consultancy. My role focuses on

building effective networks, as well

as managing and growing a portfolio

of new and existing business. I have

a broad knowledge of business & IT

and am degree qualified in


Previous involvement in Dress for

Success, a Not for Profit

Organisation that promotes the

economic independence of

disadvantaged women. also I’m

currently a member of unChain.

Inspired by our progressive and

diverse community, I strongly

believe younger residents need a

voice on Council and I will work to

ensure Port Philip continues to

grow in creativity, liveability and

service delivery. I credit my parents

for my sense of social awareness

and my desire to make a difference.

I love spending my weekends on

Carlisle Street – there’s a great mix

of cafes, retail stores and boutique

food stores. Over the past few

months I’ve met some great people

there; business owners, residents

and shoppers. Oh and I love the

new self-serve frozen yogurt place!

Live music, fashion, fitness, friends

and family.




9209 6705

0432 299 372

after coming to australia to work

as a marketing executive for

L'Oréal, I stayed here to be a selfemployed

photographer working

with prestigious names in the

entertainment industry. also active

as an event organizer and PR

consultant. Became more or less a

full-time Councillor in my previous


Founded unChain St Kilda, which

became unChain. Espy campaign,

aIDS Trust, SIDS / Red Nose Day

and more.

I stood in 2008 because I was angry

that the previous Council did not

listen to its community on the

Triangle. Since then I have been

inspired by the diverse community

around us. Being able to make a

difference in people’s lives inspires

me… I meet amazing people every

day and this gets me going!

Too many to mention, but I like to

watch the sunset from behind

Kerby’s sitting on the rocks…

watching the little penguins coming

home… I like some of the grand

homes in St Kilda and the

foreshore… and the Palais of


Music, travel, reading, dinner with

friends, walking, sleep!

6 The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP








9209 6705

0438 906 161

Solicitor part-time in intellectual

property licensing. after becoming a

mother, I worked part-time as

corporate Counsel of a natural and

cultural heritage consultancy of

which I was a director and

co-owner. I have been a guest

lecturer in aspects of intellectual

property law; a banking and finance

lawyer; and a litigator.

I volunteer at St Kilda Legal Service

and have volunteered at legal

services since being a student. I

have served on the committees for

the albert Park College Childcare

Centre, Liardet Street Children’s

Centre Steering Committee and

Council’s Community grants

assessment Committee.

Since making my first speech to

Moorabbin Council as a 13 year old,

I have advocated for people and

community. Community spirit and

caring for others, was kindled by my

parents. I am keen to help people

preserve and enhance our

wonderful community and be a

voice for the residents.

My favourites span my love of

culture, people and landscape; the

South Melbourne Town Hall and

Library precinct for its grandeur,

imposing aspect, home to aNaM

and possibilities; the South

Melbourne Market for its vibrancy,

diversity, bargains and authenticity;

albert Park Lake, for its poplars, big

sky, reflective waters and

recreational possibilities.

Family and friends. Cooking and

eating. Reading and creative writing.

Cycling, swimming, walking – around

the lake, or by the bay, but

preferably in the bush. Some light

gym workouts, Yoga and Tai Chi. The

arts: film, theatre, galleries, music.


9209 6705

0481 034 028

National sales manager for an fast

moving consumer goods company.

I have a degree in International

Trade and have worked in sales

roles for a number of different

sized companies both here and

overseas in the past 20 years.

Over the years I have held various

committee positions with a

suburban football club and have

been a church youth group leader.

as I got older I have progressed

into local politics, chairing the

albert Park Electoral Conference

for the Liberal Party for the past

two years.

an interest in people, local business

and community, and the desire to

see each have the opportunity to

thrive in Port Phillip.

The Junction Oval. I remember

catching the train from altona to

St Kilda as a teenager to watch

Williamstown play Coburg at the

Junction Oval in the 1986 VFa

grand Final. great atmosphere with

some of the true legends of the

VFa playing, Phil Cleary sent off for

whacking Terry Wheeler, and a

13 point Williamstown victory.

The North Melbourne Football

Club. I’m a passionate, loud and

proudly one-eyed North Melbourne

tragic. I might have to trade my 10

year old sleeveless football jumper

for some different attire this

coming season…

The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP




9209 6705

0432 287 634

I have worked in adult education

teaching community development,

adult literacy and English as a

second language in neighbourhood

houses, TaFE colleges and Victoria


I have been involved over many

years in groups including Parents

for Music, Save albert Park, various

community singing groups, Parents

against Cuts in Education, Elwood

Primary School Council, Elwood

College Parents association, Port

Phillip Community Forum, and

australia East Timor association.

I stood for Council four years ago

out of concern for the then

proposed commercial development

on the Triangle site beside the

Palais. I felt my background in

community development and adult

education could contribute to

Council, and I have found this to be

the case.

My favourite part of Elwood is the

people. There are so many happy

faces and happy children enjoying

the relaxed environment, it is a

special part of the world.

I enjoy Tai Chi, my singing group, art

and community arts, riding my bike

and walking. I like to get into the

country to absorb nature, and I love

taking little Ruby to pre-school

music group – I have become a

grandparent for Music!




9209 6705

0413 246 704

Previously founder and director of

a loyalty technology and marketing

services organisation. Currently a

marketing and virtual

communications consultant and

working as a business manager in a

small firm. For the last six years I

have also been the director of the

Port Melbourne Family & Children’s


Director and active participant in

the Port Melbourne Family &

Children’s Hub, kindergarten and

childcare committees, School PFa

and council steering committees.

Being actively involved in the

community has instilled a sense of

responsibility for ensuring inclusive

and open participation in local

activities and for all residents within

the Port Melbourne community to

have a sense of belonging. I want to

represent and advocate for the

community which I belong.

I enjoy walking in the many parks

and open reserves in Port

Melbourne. My children and my dog

enjoy the fresh air and open spaces.

My family, my friends, my dog, food

and wine and the school

community. I love sports and the




Summer dayS ar

Make the most of our beach, bay and bike paths by getting involved in Port Phillip’s summer

events. Join in a fun run, triathlon, beach volleyball comp, cinema under the stars, or stroll with

the crowds at the St Kilda Festival.

For more information about these events and many other activities in the city over summer,

visit www.portphillip.vic.gov.au or call ASSIST on 9209 6777.

December 2012

Sunday 2 December

Sussan Women’s Fun Run

7.30 am – 11.30 am

Catani gardens

Road Closure: Beach Road from

glenhuntly Road to Kerferd Road

� www.supersprint.com.au

Sunday 2 December

International Sailing Federation (ISaF)

10 am – 4 pm

Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron,

St Kilda Foreshore and Catani gardens

Sunday 2 December –

Sunday 30 December

St Kilda Open air Cinema

6 pm – 11 pm

South Beach Reserve

� www.openaircinemas.com.au

Sunday 16 December

gatorade Triathlon Race 2

7.00 am – 11.30 am

Elwood Park

Road Closure: Ormond Esplanade and

Beach Road from St Kilda Street to

Kerferd Road

� www.supersprint.com.au

Saturday 22 December

Summer KICK

10 am – 9 pm

St Kilda Beach and South Beach


� www.popcornevents.com.au

Friday 28 December –

Tuesday 3 January 2013

Hobie Cat National Catamaran


9 am – 5 pm

Port Melbourne Beach

� www.pmyc.asn.au

January 2013

Wednesday 2 January –

Sunday 6 January

St Kilda Open air Cinema

6 pm – 11 pm

South Beach Reserve

� www.openaircinemas.com.au

Friday 11 January – Sunday 13 January

National Beach Volleyball Series

7 am – 8 pm

South Beach Reserve and St Kilda


� www.beachvolleyballseries.com.au

Sunday 13 January

gatorade Triathlon Race 3

7.00 am – 11.30 am

Elwood Park

Road Closure: Ormond Esplanade and Beach

Road from St Kilda Street to Kerferd Road

� www.supersprint.com.au

Saturday 19 January

SLaM Volleyball

10 am – 9 pm

St Kilda Beach and South Beach Reserve

� www.popcornevents.com.au

Sunday 20 January

XOSIZE Tri Series

7.00 am – 11.30 am

Elwood Park

Road Closure: Ormond Esplanade and Beach

Road from St Kilda Street to Kerferd Road

� www.starttofinish.com.au

February 2013

Sunday 3 February

Pride March

12 noon – 8 pm

albert Park to St Kilda Beach and

Catani gardens

Road Closure: Fitzroy/Upper Esplanade

� www.pridemarch.com.au

Sunday 10 February

St Kilda Festival

5 am – midnight

Central St Kilda

Road Closures: Fitzroy Street, acland

Street, Upper Esplanade and Jacka


� www.portphillip.vic.gov.au

Sunday 17 February

Nissan Corporate Triathlon National

Series Melbourne

7.00 am – 11.30 am

Head Street Reserve, Elwood

Road Closure: Ormond Esplanade and

Beach Road from St Kilda Street to

Kerferd Road

� www.supersprint.com.au

Saturday 23 February –

Sunday 24 February

Melbourne Summer Cycle

6 am – 3 pm

No road closures

� www.msmelbournecycle.org.au

8 The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP


e here again: foreshore

April 2013

Sunday 7 April

gatorade Triathlon Race 6

7.30 am – 11.30 am

Catani gardens

Road Closure: Ormond Esplanade and Beach Road from St Kilda

Street to Kerferd Road

� www.supersprint.com.au

March 2013

Friday 1 March – Sunday 3 March Net yourself some beach volleyball fun

Professional Beach Volleyball

Coaching for volleyball is available at South Melbourne Beach

7 am – 6 pm

for all levels from Tuesday through to Thursday from 6.30 pm, as

St Kilda Foreshore

well as a two-a-side competition for beginners/intermediates on

Saturday afternoons, junior volleyball on Tuesday afternoons events

� www.beachvolleyball.org.au

and Saturday mornings, and tournaments on Sundays. Nets are

Sunday 3 March

also available free of charge at any time – just bring a ball.

March against Melanoma

St Kilda Beach (outside Republica bar) also has Tuesday to

8.30 am – 1.30 pm

Thursday mixed four-a-side competition in the afternoons.

Head to www.vicbeach.com.au or call Chico on 0421 204 578

Catani gardens

for details.

� www.emilysfoundation.org.au

Head out on the bay

Sunday 10 March

Sanitarium Weet-bix Kids TRY-athlon

The Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron in St Kilda is hosting a

9 am – 1 pm

Discover Sailing Day on Sunday 2 December. all boats and

safety equipment are provided free of charge for people to give

Catani gardens

sailing a try. Just bring some clothes and shoes that you don’t

Road Closure: Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda mind getting wet, sunscreen, hat and loads of enthusiasm.

Children as young as five can sail if accompanied by a parent or

� www.weetbix.com.au

guardian. Visit www.discoversailing.org.au

Sunday 24 March

Ironman asia Pacific Championship –

Get active, try something new


Our foreshore plays host to a great range of organised sport

7 am – 12 midnight

and recreation. Join the kite boarders as they fly above the

waves, drop in on the neighbours by sky diving, get stood up on

South Beach Reserve, Catani gardens and

St Kilda Foreshore

Road Closure: Pier Road

� www.ironmanmelbourne.com

The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP

a paddle board, see the sea from a kayak or take a pony for a



� www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/beach_sport_activities.htm





Prose and poetry on the menu


the fun of free open mic literary

readings at the South Melbourne

Market on Mondays from 7.30

pm. Bring a monologue, short

prose, song lyrics

(unaccompanied) or poems to

read, or simply listen to work

from others. There will also be

special guests on the first

Monday of each month. For

more information, including the

venue, visit gilgamesh Readings

on Facebook or call 9645 5779.

Food for thought: The best offerings

will be published in a fortnightly

pamphlet by gilgamesh Productions.

Pic: Michael Reynolds.

Council adopts new pets plan

CITY-WIDE: Council has adopted a new Domestic animal

Management Plan which includes creating a new fenced off leash area

in Eastern Reserve and trialing a new off-leash area in Middle Park.

More than 230 people provided feedback on the plan which focuses

on education for pet owners, pet registration, keeping dogs under

control in shared public spaces, micro chipping, de-sexing and

encouraging people to pick up after their dogs.

Farmers markets are mushrooming


farmers markets are

blossoming in our city.

Join in the market at

Veg Out next to

Peanut Farm Oval

(8.00 am – 12.30 pm)

on the first Saturday of

the month and

gasworks art Park

(8.30 am – 1.00 pm)

on the third Saturday.

St Kilda Rotary is

holds their markets on

the fourth Sunday at

From Sunday 23 December, the South Melbourne

Commons launches a fortnightly farmers market.

Calendar at www.commons.org.au

Fitzroy Street in St Kilda (8 am – 1 pm). Keep your eyes peeled also

for new Elwood Farmers Market dates, to be held monthly at

Elwood College.

Join in the Christmas cheer at the Village

ALBERT PARK: Celebrate the festive season at the albert Park

Village Christmas community festival. The event will feature music and

a runway show showcasing fashion from local shops. There will also be

tasty nibbles and drinks on offer from the Village’s diverse food

purveyors in and around the Bridport Street precinct. Traders will be

open late and will offer complementary gift wrapping. Wednesday

5 December, 4 pm – 9 pm.

Sell your craft by the sea shore

Looking for the perfect gift? With more than 130 stalls of quality handmade

one-of-a-kind gifts, there is something for all tastes.

ST KILDA: The St Kilda Esplanade Market takes applications every

month for new stallholders selling their own handmade art and craft

products. Visit www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/stkilda_esplanade_market.htm

for more details. Check out the more than 130 stalls every Sunday,

10 am – 5 pm on Upper Esplanade St Kilda.

Church to showcase local creativity

BALACLAVA: The Holy Trinity anglican Church will be holding its

first Community Christmas Tree Festival from Friday 7 to Sunday

9 December. Visitors will be able to see over 50 Christmas trees

decorated in a variety of themes by local community groups and

members (gold coin donation for adults, children free). The Melbourne

Singers of gospel will also be performing their Lighting the World

concert on the Saturday at 6 pm ($20 at the door, children under

12 free), and everybody is welcome to join in carols from 4 pm on the

Sunday. The church is on the corner of Chapel Street and Brighton


Local park pops up

SOUTH MELBOURNE: Residents are set to get a new Pop-Up

Park in South Melbourne. Port Phillip’s first ever temporary park will

miraculously appear in Emerald Hill Place in December, complete with

synthetic grass, park furniture and new plants. Council’s landscape

architects are working on a design to permanently turn this site from

asphalt into green open space late next year.

Evening shopping in style this December



Fashionistas, foodies and

music lovers have until

Thursday 20 December

to catch Style after Dark

at the South Melbourne

Market. The event runs

Thursday evenings,

5.30 pm – 9.30 pm, with

stalls featuring locallydesigned

and made

clothing, jewellery,

headwear, homewares

and children’s toys, as

well as plenty of food from local outlets.

Visit www.styleafterdark.com.au to see what’s on each week.

10 The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP


Library upgrade underway

SOUTH MELBOURNE: Construction is commencing on the new Emerald Hill Library and Heritage Centre. Library facilities have temporarily

relocated to the South Melbourne Town Hall theatrette and will be back in their permanent location by mid to late 2013 when construction is

finished. During this period the opening hours will be 10 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday, except for Wednesday (1 pm – 5 pm), and 10 am – 2 pm

Saturday. For more information visit heritage.portphillip.vic.gov.au/lhc

Relaxation at the learning house

ELWOOD: The Elwood St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning House

has a number of activities running over the summer months including

yoga and pilates. Patrons can also enjoy the community garden,

make use of the free barbeque and let the children free on the

playground. Visit www.esnlc.com.au to learn more about the Learning

House’s programs.

Water inspires poets

ELWOOD: Water was the theme for the 2012 Elwood Poetry Prize

and you can read the winning poems at the EcoCentre website

www.ecocentre.com To get you in the mood, here is St Columba’s

Primary School student Max Markham’s best limerick.

Near by the water

There was a man who could hear the sea,

It was as far as the eye could see,

With the waves crashing,

The water spraying,

That’s where I want to be.

Join forces for tidy beaches



The 3207BeachPatrol

and 3206BeachPatrol

volunteer groups

celebrate two years

since they began

cleaning litter from the

Middle Park and Port

Melbourne beaches.

New volunteers are welcome to join the groups on Saturday

1 December at 9am to help tidy the beaches. The 3207BeachPatrol

gathers at First Point Beach (Princes Pier) and 3206BeachPatrol at the

beach end of Mcgregor Street. The group is also looking for volunteer

coordinators to help expand the program to the 3182 and 3184

regions. For more information email info@3207beachpatrol.com.au

The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP

Seeing is believing

See vivid real-time time

lapse photography of the

Marina Reserve project in

St Kilda – it’s amazing



Local promenade made more accessible

Ease of use: a wheelchair accessible drinking fountain has also been installed

close to St Kilda Pier.

ST KILDA: Council has completed construction of a beach access

flat pad that can be accessed from the St Kilda Promenade, in front

of Beachcombers restaurant. The structure is made from recycled

plastic decking boards that are both durable and sustainable. The

nearest disabled car parking spaces are located in the St Kilda Sea

Baths carpark.

Children’s centre set to open its doors

ST KILDA: The St Kilda Family and Children’s Centre (SKFCC) is on

track to open in early 2013. The brand new centre is located next to

the Town Hall on Carlisle Street and will provide childcare, early

learning and long day-care, immunisation services, maternal and child

health services, spaces for playgroups and new parent groups. For

more information about the centre contact Brigid Jenkinson on

9209 6238.

Summer fun in our nature

ST KILDA: The EcoCentre is presenting a number of events over

summer to keep nature-lovers busy, including Moonlight Cinema

evenings on Mondays 3 December (film: Animate Earth) and 14 January.

Local expert Neil Blake is also running nature walks during the

evenings along the St Kilda foreshore to showcase our local flora and

fauna such as the little penguins. See the calendar of events at

www.ecocentre.com/calendar for further details.




from aSSIST

What are the ASSIST hours over the

holiday period?

Complete details of the aSSIST service

hours are on page two.

Want to report an after-hours


Call assist on 9209 6777 – this is a

24 hour service, seven days a week.

Are we allowed to have fireworks on

our own property on the New Year’s


No. It is against the law to set off illegal

fireworks. any persons interested in

organising fireworks for a major event

or on private property needs to

contact Worksafe Victoria on

9641 1444 for a license. Council does

not issue permits for fireworks on

private property.

How can I dispose of my Christmas


The Council will pick up trees as part

of hard/green waste collection. Book a

pick-up by contacting aSSIST on

9209 6777.

Are there changes to parking over


From November, all Port Phillip

foreshore car parking charges change

from the winter parking rate of $4.50

to the summer rate of $10.50. (There

are no changes to fees in other areas).

Over the holiday period there is a

marked increase in drivers parking in

no stopping areas and loading zones.

Loading zones are for commercial

vehicles only. Please take care to plan

ahead for your shopping trip and

ensure you allow enough time to find

appropriate parking.

all areas including no stopping areas

and loading zones are constantly

patrolled – don’t let a parking

infringement spoil your day!

Parking, the Law and you brochures

from the Victoria Law Foundation are

available from our town halls or aSSIST.

This handy guide explains common

parking laws such as how much space

to leave when parking, common parking

signs, who can issue a parking fine and

who to contact if you need more help.

aSSIST 9209 6777 is the best number to

call for information about council services

or to let us know about a problem.



Christmas cheer in your local shop front

PORT MELBOURNE: The areas around Bay, Liardet and Rouse Streets will come alive in

the lead up to Christmas, with window decorations and a 12 Days of Christmas competition

for kids. Twelve animal figures will be hidden among the store window decorations, and

postcards will be distributed so children can locate the animals and submit their entries.

The launch of the Christmas in Port Melbourne celebrations will be on Thursday 29 November,

5 pm – 9 pm, with carols, a circus street performance, sausage sizzle, and a photo opportunity

with Santa.

Sneak peek at St Kilda Festival local gigs

ST KILDA: During Live N Local week, St Kilda venues will open their doors to the best local

music talent. Musicians can add to their professional skills by participating in a series of talks,

forums and workshops as part of St Kilda Festival’s

artist Development Program. The events will feature

leading australian music industry professionals such as

singer-songwriter Jen Cloher, who will host the

I Manage My Music workshop on Sunday

3 February at the Elwood St Kilda Neighbourhood

Learning Centre. www.imanagemymusic.com

The St Kilda Sports Club will join a growing list of

local venues that will host live music as part of Live N

Local week (3 - 9 February). Expect performances

throughout the festival week, bringing the bowls venue

to melodic life.

Yalukit Willam Ngargee – 2 February 2013

Live N Local – 3 - 9 February 2013

Festival Sunday – 10 February 2013

A pet is for life, not just for Christmas

EAST ST KILDA: The St Kilda Veterinary Clinic is offering free information sessions on pet

adoption between 4 pm and 5 pm on Wednesdays leading up to Christmas. The 20 minute

consultations will help you make an informed

decision on what type of animal is right for your

family, and will also provide tips on making a

safe household environment for your adopted

pet. Call 9534 1741 for more information.

If you are thinking of getting a pet over

Christmas, consider adopting one from an

animal shelter. Most shelters have reasonable

adoption fees that help to cover costs such as

veterinary care, vaccinations, micro-chipping,

animal behaviour assessment and de-sexing.

Lost Dogs Home

2 gracie Street, North Melbourne. For more

information visit www.dogshome.com or call

9329 2755.

Victorian Dog Rescue and Resource

Group (VicDRG)


RSPCA Victoria

Dogs and cats as well as guinea pigs and rabbits

can be adopted. Visit www.rspcavic.org/adoption

Jen Cloher

St Kilda vet clinic’s Mitzy-Mu with vet

Dr Karen Boyd-Jones.

12 The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP



2013-14 City of Port Phillip

Funding and Subsidy


The City of Port Phillip’s 2013 –14 annual

grant Programs will be opening soon. Funding

opportunities will be available through the

Community grants Program, Cultural

Development Fund, Local Festivals Fund, Small

Poppy Neighbourhood grants, Seniors Festival

Funding and the Multicultural Celebrations Fund.

Council Subsidy Schemes will cover Town Hall

Hire, Community Meals and Community


applications open from 18 February to

28 March 2013 for projects, programs or

activities that promote social justice, inclusion,

creativity, equity, health and well-being and arts

and cultural heritage within the municipality. For

more information on specific program dates and

details visit www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/council_


Community Grants Program Information

Sessions 2013

Tuesday 19 February, 10.00 am – 11.30 am

South Melbourne Community Centre Hall

Corner Park Street and Ferrars Place,

South Melbourne

Wednesday 20 February, 7.00 pm –

8.30 pm

Council Chambers, 1st Floor St Kilda Town Hall

99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda (enter via Portico


Thursday 21 February, 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm

Liardet Community Centre

154 Liardet Street, Port Melbourne

Cultural Development Fund Information

Session 2013

Thursday 28 February, 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm

The gallery and Foyer annex, ground Floor,

St Kilda Town Hall

Free Grant Writing Workshops – Hone

your skills in successful grant writing

Wednesday 20 February, 1 pm – 3 pm

Wednesday 6 March, 7 pm – 9 pm

ground Floor Training Room St Kilda Town Hall

99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda (enter opposite

St Kilda Library)

Great ideas grow with

Small Poppy grants

If you need a little help getting your new idea

off the ground, apply for a Small Poppy

Neighbourhood grant. The grants are given out

to residents for clever ideas that create a sense

of community in your neighbourhood, from a

communal compost bin to a tool exchange or

book club. What will you come up with this

summer? For more information, email

smallpoppy@portphillip.vic.gov.au or visit


The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP

North by North West for Summer

Hindmarsh has relaxation down to a fine art over summer. Boxing Day races at Nhill have fun for all

ages with beauty contests, tab on course, book makers and fine calibre of horse racing. The redfin are

biting at Lake Hindmarsh and in the Wimmera River or try catching a yabby or two. accommodation

is a billion star rated in numerous campsites around the Shire. Check all there is to offer at


Share the journey with friends

The Elwood MS support circle is a new support

group for the family, friends and carers of

people with MS. Find support and fun with

friends. Dinner provided, BYO drinks.

Third Saturday of each month, 4 pm – 7 pm

Elwood Neighbourhood House

87 Tennyson Street, Elwood

People with MS are also invited to be part of

the St Kilda MS peer support group, which has

participants from all ages and stages of living

with MS. Meetings include lunch and guest


First Tuesday of each month, 11 am – 2 pm.

Betty Day Centre

For more information on both groups please

call gayle at MS australia on 9845 2763 or call

MS Connect 1800 042 138 or email


Holiday period waste and

recycling collection

Christmas Day Collection, Tuesday 25 Dec 2012

will be collected on Wednesday 26 Dec 2012.

Boxing Day Collection, Wednesday 26 Dec 2012

will be collected on Thursday 27 Dec 2012.

Thursday 27 Dec Collection will be collected

Friday 28 Dec 2012.

Friday 28 Dec Collection will be collected

Saturday 29 Dec 2012.

No Changes to New Years Day Collections

Resource Recovery Centre and City of

Port Phillip depot opening times

Closed Public Holidays:

Christmas Day 25 Dec 2012

Boxing Day 26 Dec 2012

New Years Day 1 Jan 2013

Resource Recovery Centre Operating hours:

Monday to Friday 7.30 am – 3.30 pm

Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 1 pm

Photo: Chris Cassar

Petit Paris in Port Phillip

French Christmas Market and

Open Day

Experience a French weekend in Port Phillip

with the alliance Française de Melbourne. The

gates of the prestigious Eildon Mansion will

open and offer free French language trial classes

and assessments, arts and craft, storytelling,

French food court, market stalls, film screenings,

petanque game and prizes to be won.

Saturday 8 December, 10 am – 8 pm and Sunday

9 December, 1 pm – 6 pm

alliance Française, 51 grey Street, St Kilda


Lanterns to light up

Catani Gardens

The redfin are biting

in Lake Hindmarsh

The Planetary Healing artists association will

bring together people from different faiths and

beliefs to decorate the rotunda in Catani

gardens with paper lanterns. The event will

feature indigenous presentations, interfaith

prayers, music, and spiritual groups to celebrate

the summer solstice. The community are invited

to bring their own paper lanterns to be part of

the healing.

Rotunda, Catani gardens

Corner Jacka Boulevard and Fitzroy Street,

St Kilda

21 December, 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm





Garden Gossip for kids

Play in the sand pit, catch a bug, go plant

hunting or build a teepee! Bring your

family and meet other like-minded

families and share skills through garden

play! garden gossip with kids will be

held in the nurturing and productive

EcoCentre gardens.

Sunday 9 December 2012, 10.30 am,

EcoCentre garden, Blessington Street,

St Kilda

New TravelSmart Maps

Did you know the

average daily walking

time in the City of

Port Phillip is

49 minutes? also,

27 per cent of

residents ride a

bicycle in a typical

week. get a copy

of the new

TravelSmart Maps to plan

your next walk or ride.

available at Town Halls.

More share cars coming to

a street near you

a single car share vehicle replaces up to

14 privately owned cars, helps reduce

parking stress and car ownership levels

as well as enhancing air quality. There

are currently 16 on-street car share

bays in Port Phillip with more to come

in 2013. To better respond to the

evolving industry, Council has adopted a

policy to formalise support for car

sharing: www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/car_



Maternity Coalition Elwood is presenting

monthly documentary films in collaboration

with guest speakers to discuss birth, pregnancy

and beyond. MC works to improve our

maternity system so that it better meets the

needs and choices of australian women.

They provide current, evidence-based

information as well as the experiential

knowledge of mothers, midwives and health

professionals. For more information go to


Screening Guerilla Midwife

Wednesday 12 December, 7.30 pm

ESNLC, 87 Tennyson Street, Elwood

Cost: $15 at the door or $10 PayPal

International student feedback


are you an international student or do you

know someone who is? Council is establishing

a working group in 2013 to find out more

about the issues facing international students

in Port Phillip. Please call Cristina Del Frate

on 9209 6385 or email cdelfrat@portphillip.vic.

gov.au to share your ideas.

Confined 5

The Nutcracker

– a Christmas tradition

There is no other Nutcracker quite like the

National Theatre Ballet’s production – the

world’s favourite Christmas ballet in all its glory,

for four performances only. Marvel at the four

metre Christmas tree shimmering like diamonds,

the penguins playing on their sleighs, and the

beautiful Snow Queen and Snow Fairies.

Friday 7 December, 7.30 pm

Saturday 8 December, 2.30 pm, 7.30 pm

Sunday 9 December, 2.30 pm

Ticket prices – adult $35, conc $30, child $15,

family $90 (2 adults and 2 children) + BF for

telephone bookings. Call 9525 4611 or visit

venue.nationaltheatre.org.au to book.

The National Theatre,

Corner Carlisle and Barkly Streets, St Kilda

Shane Lovett – Deep Bay Dream

The premier visual arts exhibition featuring contemporary works by Indigenous prisoners in Victoria

returns to St Kilda in 2013. Confined is part of the Yalukit Willam Ngargee Festival.

10 January – Friday 8 February 2013

Visit www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/the_gallery.htm for more information.

The gallery, St Kilda Town Hall, 99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda

14 The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP


Help select community grants

Nominations are now open for a two year

voluntary appointment to the City of Port

Phillip Community grants assessment Panel.

For further information and selection criteria

contact Emma Blackford on 9209 6345 or


applications close 10 December.

Be quick for free sport and

recreation activities

The 2013 Summer Leisure and Lifestyle

Program provides free sport and recreation

activities to Port Phillip residents from

January to March 2013. For a full list of

activities and to register your interest, go to



South Melbourne Youth Festival

Come and see the Freestyle Fever under 18’s Hip

Hop Dance competitors perform at the South

Melbourne Youth Festival.


DOCIOUS event is intended to highlight the

talents of young people as they celebrate youth

across the city and features a free barbeque, art

demos, rides, face painting, hip hop

performances, live music and BMX demos.

The more young people, the better the events

will be. To take part or get more information,

find them on Facebook at City of Port Phillip

Youth action Committee page, call 9209 6167

or email assist@portphillip.vic.gov.au *Thanks

to Nicole Sumargo, Justice Malaitai – Cameron,

James Ryan.

Organised by the Kombiz Youth Network and

ISCHS in collaboration with the City of Port

Phillip, funded by FreeZa.

Sol green Recreation Centre Reserve

Corner Coventry and Montague Street, South


Friday 7 December, 4.30 pm – 8.30 pm

The Official NewsleTTer Of The ciTy Of POrT PhilliP

avidity, australia’s first social enterprise salon was launched by TV presenter Livinia Nixon in September. In

just six months over 200 people have trained at the salon, gaining industry skills and experience in

hairdressing and makeup. The salon provides training for people who are marginalised, unemployed or

disadvantaged. avidity is an initiative of the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster, a not-for-profit vocational training

education organisation.

Finding friends over fifty

Over 50 and looking for a friendly social group

in the Port Phillip area? Make new friends and

enjoy activities such as bushwalking, book

groups, theatre, cinema and dining. Check out

the Port Phillip Life activities Club at

www.life.org.au/pplac or contact the

Membership Secretary on 9646 1861.

Cultural sounds for vision


Sounds of Culture is a weekly group for seniors

who are interested in discussing literature, art,

music and current affairs. The group has spoken

word and piano performances too. It’s inclusive

of older people who are experiencing problems

with their vision…hence the emphasis on audio.

Rotary South Melbourne is donating audio

books for the group to enjoy.

It’s a multicultural group with members from

Poland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Israel, England

and australia, though all speak in English. Cost is

$4.55 including refreshments. Transport can be

provided for members who are vision impaired.

Mondays 1 pm – 3 pm, Cora graves Centre,

38 Blessington Street, St Kilda

Comment on new State

Government plan for Melbourne

State Planning Minister Matthew guy has

released a discussion paper about a new

Metropolitan Planning Strategy. The public are

invited to join the conversation and have a say

about Melbourne’s future. The deadline for

comments is 1 March 2013. Visit the website to

read the paper and ways to have your say.


Give the gift of a job in

East Timor

The Friends of Suai are seeking your support

for a scholarship scheme to help with jobs and

training in East Timor.

The Community Centre in Suai, supported by

the Port Phillip friendship agreement, is

currently taking applications from community

members. Employment training is crucial for

rural people. Of the total population,

33 per cent are under 15 years of age and a

further 50 per cent aged between 15-30 years.

The East Timor government has proposed an oil

and gas supply based in Suai. The community

hope this will open up new employment

opportunities and the creation of local jobs.

Friends of Suai/Covalima is seeking your

support to provide scholarships in 2013.

To make a donation call Pat Jessen 9209 6598

or email pjessen@portphillip.vic.gov.au or visit




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