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16 x July 20 - August 2,

16 x July 20 - August 2, 2017 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 interest or passion in something, use it. Once your child shows a spark of excitement and curiosity, help them pursue more resources or information about it. There is an abundance of digital resources, but don’t forget about good old-fashion hands-on experiences, too. Second, let your child run after the questions. Let them do the heavy lifting to find the answers. When they ask a question, facilitate them in finding the answer. Keep a notebook, whiteboard or digital list of all the questions they have asked and answers they have found. Next, give choices. Let your child steer the way for a family outing or experience. Giving them the freedom and ownership will pave the way for higher engagement. They chose it, so they own it! Finally, make the time. It seems cliché, but you can never overestimate setting aside time for exploration. Even a short walk around the neighborhood can open the door to a whole new world. • How Performing Arts Classes Influence Your Child by Hillary Brook, Executive Director Theatre South Playhouse 407-489-4458 Theater, dance and music are important art forms to study, but they also can have a huge influence on your children, not only on how they perform onstage, but also how they perform in real life. The tools learned in the “theater world setting” prepare children with basic life-coping skills. The self-confidence gained in being a part of a cast or “ensemble” of a theatrical play or dance class can prepare your children to hold their heads up high in school, ace their oral exams, boost their classroom confidence, and protect them against bullying. When they are taught acting, they are taught to be strong, humble and creative human beings. They leave classes and productions with strong confidence and a greater understanding of human character. These classes unleash children’s imaginations and teach them that there is nothing they cannot accomplish. • Good Dental Hygiene Is a Must by David Boers, D.D.S., PA Chain of Lakes Cosmetic & Family Dentistry 407-876-6708 It’s almost time for children to get back on the bus to head into another year of school. The new school year is the perfect time to make sure that the family is upto-date on all their preventative dental work. It is also an excellent time to begin new routines or improve existing routines around dental hygiene. Practicing good dental hygiene methods can help you prevent major dental work down the road. Take your children to the dentist early and often, and also make sure that your college-age students have their exams before they head off to campus. • Starting the New School Year on the Right Foot by Paul Palazzo, Owner Windermere Shoes 407-217-2744 Get your student off to a new school year on the right foot. Having the right shoes in your student’s life is not only important for their style and comfort walking to and from class, it also plays an important role in their posture and ability to perform school activities. The wrong fit or a shoe that is too narrow or too wide can be causes of miserable school days. VOTED BEST Private School 100% COLLEGE Acceptance Join us in congratulating Dr. David Boers for being voted TOP DENTIST in Windermere 2016 by Orlando Family Magazine.

Make sure that your pupil is fit for the correct shoe size when you are shopping. Younger children’s feet grow fast and frequently, so this is especially important when buying for elementary and middle school students. Also, be sure to check your school’s uniform policy for specifics on shoe requirements. Many schools require a certain style or color to be compliant with their policies. • Preparing for Preschool by Deanna Gustafson, Director Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center of People of Faith 407-395-0077 Preschool offers many benefits for children. It is a great place for kids to interact with peers and learn valuable life lessons. It also prepares them for kindergarten and beyond. Preparing for a new school year can set the tone for a positive experience for everyone. Summertime schedules are often much more relaxed, but children do well with routines, so establishing a school routine early on is important. Before school starts, get your preschoolers accustomed to getting up and going to bed at a certain time every day. Listen to your preschooler and answer any questions they might have. Sharing insights about when you were in school can be beneficial on multiple levels. Reading books about school together is a great bonding time, and often the books will spark a great discussion. For first-timers attending school, show them where they will be going by attending an open house. Knowing their classroom and meeting their teacher ahead of time eases potential anxiety. Sometimes young children — and even parents — deal with separation anxiety during back-to-school time. In both cases, those feeling are completely normal. The more assurance you can project, the more confident and secure your child will feel. ª x July 20 - August 2, 2017 x 17 Before- & After-School Activities CRANIUM ACADEMY, 4068 Winter Garden Vineland Road, Winter Garden, 407-294-6950, www. Cranium Academy is a prestigious private school, revolutionizing preschool through fifth-grade education. Students benefit from a unique combination of advanced curriculum, featuring custom learning paths, critical thinking, innovative technology and creative • Confidence & Image • Etiquette & Manners • Modeling • On-Camera Acting • Advanced Acting • Headshots • IMAGE • MODELING • ACTING FREE Industry Seminar on breaking into the business! play experiences. The staff at Cranium Academy seeks to develop lifelong learning advantages and inspire a true love of learning in their students. The academy also offers exceptional summer camps, birthday parties, afterschool programs and more. HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER, 5060 Dr. Phillips Blvd., Orlando, 407-290- 1111. Huntington Learning Center is a voice for your child. Children often CONTINUED ON PAGE 18 Acting Grad Jack Griffo on Nickelodeon 407-628-5989 • PUT YOUR BEST FEET FORWARD FOR BACK TO SCHOOL! FINEST QUALITY SELECTION OF DRESS, CASUAL & ATHLETIC SHOES FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN Traditional “sit & fit” store with a focus on outstanding service COME IN FOR A GREAT SELECTION OF STYLES FOR EVERY PURPOSE & OCCASION All children's shoes 15% OFF regular prices Now through August 31, 2017. Mention this ad for an additional 10% OFF up to 2 pairs. (407) 217-2744 4750 THE GROVE DRIVE, SUITE 132, WINDERMERE, FL 34786