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2017 Ann Arbor Art Fair Official Guide


FEATURED ARTISTS Andy Anh Ha Painting | Los Angeles | Booth B3098 ■ STATE STREET ART FAIR The featured artist for our 50th year is the incredibly talented and inspirational Andy Anh Ha. Andy’s unique and self-taught artistry has gotten him recognized by many. A few of his wellknown collectors include Jessica Alba, Lily Collins and Ben Savage. Andy was born and raised in Nashville, Tenn., and graduated from University of Tennessee with a BFA in 2004. He is currently based in Los Angeles and has been since 2005. All of his work is produced at his studio in LA. However, he does have a personal gallery in Nashville that he has owned and run since 2008. He shows in various galleries and art shows across the United States and has a variety of collectors from all over the world consisting of the rich and famous as well as the common average person and people in between. Andy is inspired by nature. “Something that is innate, intrinsic to your everyday life that comes without hindrance. Through mediums such as, acrylics, oils, polyurethane, polymers and acetone Andy creates valuable pieces that demonstrate the concept of individuality. Some exciting projects of past and present for Andy include the showcasing of his art in the symphony building in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Houston Arena in Texas, art for the set design in the television show True Blood, and “Fifth and Broadway” in Nashville, among many more. We are so excited to showcase Andy as our featured artist this year and look forward to seeing what the 2017 fair has in store for his art. You can get a full look at Andy Anh Ha and his artwork at his website, Debo Groover Mixed media, 2-D | Tallahassee, Fla. | Booth A353 ■ ANN ARBOR STREET ART FAIR, THE ORIGINAL Born and raised in Savannah, Ga., Debo has lived most of her life in the South. She is formally trained as a ceramic artist with a master of fine arts degree from the University of Georgia. However, after many years of making pots, traveling and teaching all over the world, life intervened and imposed an art sabbatical for several years. She reemerged as a self-taught polymer clay artist. In both a fortuitous and naïve exploration of this new material, she applied every technique she had learned in ceramics and subsequently broke every rule in polymer clay. This resulted in a brand new technique of using colorful and patterned sheets of clay like fabric collage. The clay is paper thin and tactile. The subject matter is clay and the background is textured acrylic paint. Debo melds these two mediums in such a way that forces the viewer to closely engage with the work in order to distinguish between the two materials. She uses backyard creatures to tell the stories of both ordinary and special human events, from Sunday dinner to Mardi Gras and everything in between. The beauty of this work is in its magnificent use of uncontrolled color. Debo traded in her slab roller for a pasta machine and her kiln for an oven. She handles the new clay as she did the old clay – with reckless abandon and a nontraditional aesthetic. 18 | Ann Arbor Art Fair Official Guide 2017

Sharon Tesser Fiber | Louisville, Ky. | Booth E174 ■ ANN ARBOR’S SOUTH UNIVERSITY ART FAIR During a 21-year hiatus from professional art, Sharon became the very busy CEO of her family. Her family consists of 7 children and wonderful husband. As the children began leaving the nest, the artwork began in earnest. Utilizing a love of textiles and her commitment to recycling, she began deconstructing clothing and linens and then hand dying the fabric. The images made are from original sketches and built up with the dyed fabric. The finished textile is completed using several layers of fabric and wrapped onto maple board. Computers are not used in the creation of her work. AWARDS • Winterfair Cincinnati Award of Excellence 2015 • Woodland Art Fair Best of Category 2015, Lexington, Ky. • Highland Park Chicago Fine Art Fair Award of Excellence 2015 • St. James Art Fair 1st Place Best of Show 2014, Louisville , Ky. PUBLISHED • Art Quilt Portfolio: People and Portraits Lark Publishing April 2013 • Art Quilting Studio Stampington Press June 2013 • Art Quilting Studio Stampington Press January 2014 She has pieces in private and corporate collections in the US and abroad. ANN ARBOR’S SOUTH UNIVERSITY ART FAIR July 20–23 • 2017 Sarah Goodyear Painting | Fayetteville, W.Va. | Booth D375 ■ ANN ARBOR SUMMER ART FAIR “I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg. When I was in school I felt that my strengths were evenly split between math and creative writing. Art never had a place in academia in my mind; I was told to focus on subjects which would later lend themselves to a viable career. Art seemed too enjoyable to be practical. With this mentality, my art education ended at the end of seventh grade.” “After high school, I went on to college with no real sense of direction. For two years I danced around different subject areas, never declaring a major, never even considering art. (It’s just not practical!) By the end of my sophomore year I still had not decided on a major so I dropped out and moved back in with my parents. Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I had all the free time in the world to use in any way I chose. What is the best use of free time? Art, of course!” “Without ever intending to make a career out of it, I began painting a lot. I experimented with oil, acrylic, gesso, pen and ink, oil pastels— everything. I painted on canvas, but also on cardboard, plywood, matboard—everything. At one point, I went to the local high school and retrieved hundreds of unwanted foamcore science fair projects to paint on the backs of them. My lack of formal training gave me this grand sense of freedom to explore. As my technique and style developed, my friends encouraged me to display my artwork in public. I was reluctant at first, but decided to show them in a local coffee shop. To my great surprise, somebody bought one of them! I instantly became addicted to the feeling this gave me and decided to pursue it a little further. This was in 2009. Since then it has developed into a full-time operation of selling at art shows all over the country. Despite everything I once thought I knew, art transformed into something both enjoyable and practical.” This is Sarah’s first year exhibiting at the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair. | 19

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