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Dying Or



4 Modes

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The Charisma


Rebranding The Face Of Beauty

5 Ways To

Hide Your


JULY 2017



From The

Editor’s Desk

A wise a man once said, “Life

is not about how you survive

the storm; it’s about how you

dance in the rain”. We all

go through life so seriously,

forgetting that there’s always

a tomorrow to live for and but

little time to enjoy, so live in the

moment every day.

We dedicate this month’s

edition to fun, life, family and

passion. Embodying these

qualities are two outstanding

personalities who have made

their mark in the cosmetic and

beauty industry. ; gracing our

July edition cover are Muka

Nwokedi and her twin sister,

Princess Nina Agwuna- also

known as The Charisma Twins.

Pages 3-11. Our Glamstyle

page debunks the “Black don’t

crack” saying, in an analytical

breakdown on pages 12-13. Our

fashion pages pay homage to

summer as we share the tricks

to looking good for summer:


This month, PerspectEVe

divulges the innate issues in a

relationship which most people

neglect, which is the issue of

abuse: Page 20. To see all this

and more, keep on going. But

ensure you remember to share

Glamsquad with your family

and friends.

Happy reading!










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Pamela Echemunor



Is Olamide’s Career

Dying Or Fading



By Pamela Echemunor

The Charisma


Rebranding The Face Of Beauty

Two of a kind and one

of a mind, Princess

Nina Agwuna and

Muka Nwokedi are

revolutionalizing the

face of beauty and the

business of beauty in

Nigeria, thereby paving

the way for aspiring

women entrepreneurs

everywhere. Nina and

Muka, the Charisma

twins as they are known

took over their mother’s

business after her passing

and transformed it into

an enviable beauty

brand. Having won

various awards locally

and internationally, they

are opening doors to

young entrepreneurs with

the aim of improving

the standard of beauty

home and abroad. In

this interview, they talk

about beauty, family

and rebranding their


www.glamsquadmagazine.com 3



Nina Agwuna

Princess Nina Agwuna is

a wife, philanthropist,

entrepreneur and proud

mother of three; she also is a

graduate of Strayer University,

Richmond Virginia USA;

with a degree in Business

Administration and Marketing.

This versatile mother is

relentless in her pursuit

of success and passion for

family, and she manages to

juggle both seamlessly. In this

interview, she describes her

journey through motherhood

and what she hopes to

accomplish next.

What was growing up like for you

as a twin?

I had a wonderful childhood,

loving parents who were supportive

although very strict at the same

time; we used to be scared of our

father as a male figure and an

ex-military man even though our

mother did most of the whooping.

As children who were you drawn

to most between your parents and


Hmm, that is deep, as a mum

I know I’m not meant to have

favourites because it’s unfair, but

I think we were closer to our dad

because he was more receptive, but

we had a very good relationship

with our mum who was quite a

tigress positively. We could always

tell our dad personal things we

couldn’t tell her.

Who would you say is the more

outspoken one?

People say I am tough but, my

sister is a little more withdrawn

until she gets used to the person

I would be the one acting as I met




you years ago.

Did you play pranks on people

especially in situations where one

liked a guy but couldn’t approach


Funny enough we never really

played pranks, and people always

wondered why we didn’t see how

identical we are. The truth is that

while growing up attraction to

people (men especially) we differ,

we sound alike on the phone and

yes I have taking calls on her behalf

Did you know you would

eventually take over your

mother’s business or did you

always want to be in the skincare/

beauty industry?

We have always been beauty

inclined even though initially

I wanted to study industrial

design which deals basically with

prototypes, but my parents weren’t

certain as to what it entailed at

the time. The fact is I never really

thought either of us was going to

take over her business. We were

allowed to soar in our areas and to

be exposed to other things, but at

the end of the day after her passing,

everything fell back on us, and the

demand for the products inspired

us to continue.

Tell us about the wwwwCharisma

cosmetics is an indigenous skin

care line specially formulated for

women of colour; we offer a wide

range of quality skin care solutions

which includes spa, health and

wellness. With 14 products in the

market made for different skin

types and tones. Our products are

rich in vitamins, proteins minerals

and natural oils However men

commonly use products such as our

Double Moisture Lotion and Shea

butter body oil and cream.

How do you manage running this

big brand and with family life?

Well, it has been quite a task

I have three children happily

married, my first daughter is 20

years old she is in the University

studying International Politics

and Law in Beijing China, my first

son is a freshman in Louisburg

University in the US, and I have a

nine-year-old as well. It hasn’t been

easy balancing business especially

with the new brand coming up.I

had no choice but to be aggressive,

multitasking and focused on my

work while making sure quality

time is spent with my children to

ensure they grow up with right

values, also squeezing time for

my private moments to cool off,

basically trying to find a balance in

the best way possible.

Are your products affordable?

With my experience affordability

is relative. It all depends on what

works, and opportunity cost comes

into play. I’ve seen young girls walk

into our shop and buy everything

on the shelf and I’ve seen some real

mature women come in asking for

discounts, so basically because we

deliver what our product claims

people have to cut their budget

sometimes to be able to buy them

just like other international brands

in the market. I think they are pretty


What does it take to get into the

Charisma Academy?

The Charisma Beauty Academy

is an all esthetics school which

cuts across all types of programs

from entrepreneur leadership

programs, makeup artistry to facial,

skincare therapy, cosmetics and

soap making, etc. tagged ‘Be your

boss’.The program starts in the

classroom to practical and then field

work which runs for 3 to 6 months

depending on how the student want

their program fast-tracked before

graduation. Our students are mostly

O level and graduates who have

not been able to secure jobs. All it

takes is to be able to read and write

to enrol; the tuition is spread to

make it more affordable. However

we have a charity arm that assists

a student who can’t afford the

program, we work it out, put them

through and equip them.We are also

poaching banks and private sectors

to partner with to us enable us to

help people especially women who

are interested in the business of

beauty and industry.

What would you say you have

done to improve or add more

value to business since you took


I have been taking short courses,

trade fairs and travelling has

enabled us to improve the quality

and value of our products, working

with Biochemists in the US and still

in touch with our mum’s chemist

in Germany to find out what works.

In formulation and delivery system

ingredients are key, and they can

be very expensive. Our mum will

always say “improve the quality

and tweak the price’. Charisma

cosmetics is registered with the

Food and Drugs Administration in

the United States so our products

can be sold anywhere in the world,

we have four major shops in Ikeja,

Lekki, Dolphin, Surulere and 18

major distributors nationwide.

So you cater to only the black

skinned woman?

No .Charisma has a full range

of products that goes beyond dark

skinned which includes, Hispanic,

Asian Caucasians, etc. Biologically

the skin is the same, but dark

skins have higher melanin levels

than fairer skin people, and that is

the product of skin colour called

pigmentation. In other words, both

can benefit from our range of skin

builders, moisturisers, lotions, body

wash, vitamin E oil and Shea butter

which have a natural sunscreen

base and is what they shop for.

As a beauty expert, what is your

take on the new trend of bleaching

among young women?

Who do we blame? Our men

for giving our women that raves of

wanting to be fairer, or our women

for wishing it. The impression is

that men seem to be more attracted

to lighter skinned women, so a lot

of women are doing drastic things

to make they look fairer. My take

on it is that at Charisma we don’t

believe in bleaching. Our belief is

in enhancing and giving the skin a

flawless glow, ridding the skin of

acne, roughness, removing dead

skin layers, conditioning and giving

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 5


it brighter hue; this might include

treatment at the spa for those who

have already damaged their skin or

products only

What is the biggest risk women

who bleach are bound to face

There are many bleaching

products in the market today with

very harsh components and with

the rave of getting whiter. In this

process, a lot of women have lost

their natural skin layers which

have adverse effects such as skin

thinning out, redness, blue veins,

greenness around the necks, dark

knuckles and feet. Then exposure to

the sun which is a catalyst for burns

which causes premature ageing

and sometimes times this damages

might be permanent.

As a woman in business, how do

you handle the pressure in this

very tough economic climate?

Just going with the flow, I

won’t say it has been easy, with

the epileptic nature of the foreign

exchange and fact that 70% of

our products manufactured in the

U.S. But that hasn’t kept me from

reinventing myself, looking for new

projects and moving forward, etc. I

wake up in the morning, and I’m at

it, the best I can be.The economy is

bad, but we won’t let it deter us.

Asides from the products you

produce, do you ever use products

that aren’t made by your brand?

Not at all, my brand cuts across

everything I need.

Is your beauty line into makeup


Yes we have a makeup line on

the way, but that will happen after

the launch of the skin care line, they

are exotic new fresh colours expect

it after the Charisma Launch in

August 2017

Among your beauty products,

what are your go-to items?

I’m in love with the derma repair

and the Vitamin E and mineral oil

they are proactive skin builder, it

nourishes rehydrates and helps

reduce fine lines, the intense

luminous glow plus range and the

complex serum are the enhancers a

night time cream that gives the skin

a flawless skin tone

What is your wake up beauty


I drink 1 litre of water to

start my day; I don’t think beauty

when I wake I use Pore purifying

moisturising face wash my face

after taking a bath I moisturise

with charisma double moisture a

replenishing water based lotion

then I look into home matters and

head to the office.In the evenings

when I get back from work I hit the

bridge for a jog I do about 2 hours

of different exercise regime which I

do five times a week. At bedtime, I

read a book, watch a movie to relax

then use my Charisma night time

beauty products and thank God for

the day

What would you say makes

Charisma Cosmetics stand out

Charisma skincare works, and it

works, it stands out because people

are getting their money’s worth,

Charisma makes you go wow!

People will always ask what you

are using because you get results

after a couple of days. The product

works, and it delivers what it says

and because we have a wide range,

moisturisers and acne treatments

men are tapping into the markets

How would you describe your


My style depends on my mood,

but mostly I would describe it as

elegant but comfortable, I’m not

crazy on brands, presentation and

how I step out in what I wear is key.

Do you and your sister share the

same ideology fashion wise?

I won’t lie. My sister determines

what we wear most of the time. I

hate shopping; I hate trying clothes,

etc. I take care of our hair, shoes and

makeup it might be unbelievable

I’m not intrigued am very simple at

work even without makeup.

Do you like dressing alike when

attending events?

Right from time dressing alike

hasn’t been a thing that we liked,

but our mother enjoyed doing that

when we got older, we let her know

she has to allow us to make our

choices .we have the same taste

but we do similar but different in

colours and style.

Would you say you are a trend

follower and how has your style

evolved over the years?

As long as I can remember

people have always followed

what we do and that’s why

society demands that one should

be responsible and be a good

influence on people looking up to

you, especially in fashion and style

overly exposure of body parts is

not fashion. In essence, I would

say when it comes to trends I

don’t think my style has changed

much, it has probably gotten more

mature, but I’m still Nina, when you

see a dress hanging in a store or

wardrobe, you can say that’s Nina’s


Do you intend to pass down the

company to any of your kids

someday and which of them?

Well , I would say that when I

started out college in the United

States, nobody called me to say

“Don’t forget you are coming to take

over here”. The responsibility just

fell into our laps when our mother

passed on, we started to study the

business, did extra courses and

research to understand what the

beauty industry was all about,

and we have grown through the

years. As for my children, I’m giving

them the liberty to get their basic

education even though they are all

artistically inclined, my daughter

and my youngest son showed some

interest, my first son is more of a

sports and businessman. I want to

allow them to be who they want to

be and see how it turns out when

they graduate from university.

What is the most insane skin

regime some of your clients have

told you about that they used

during the consultation?

I’ve heard people say they’ve

used all kinds of mixtures, shampoo

with bleach, salt with all sorts of

things, etc. and some don’t have an

idea of the contents of the products




they have used. Treatment will

to put them off all products and

then prescribe the use of vitamin

E carrot and mineral oil for 7

to 10 days, then come back for

more treatments and then will

recommend a proper skin care

regimen that will help them achieve

their beauty needs.

What us the worse Skin problem

you have come across?

Running a Skincare clinic has

been quite frustrating especially

when faced with some irreversible

conditions like I explained earlier,

we have come across clients with

deep spiral stretch marks and

laceration of the dermal layer and

some time scores. It’s shameful to

see that some of these ladies who

come to us with skin issues are

single and you wonder how a man

can appreciate them. My take on

this is that using harsh chemicals to

lighten or bleaching your skin can

only give you a short-term result

and a long term of regrets.Always

make sure you have an idea of what

you are using and who has used it

before “If it hurts, stings or burns

stop using it” when a product is

giving you a burning sensation or

stinging doesn’t mean it’s working

it means it might be burning your


Do you have anyone you look up to


My mother Chief Mrs Patience

Okpe, Jackie Onassis and Michelle


What are your best selling


That would be the skin

enhances the luminous glow range,

Derma repair, the pore purifying

moisturising face wash perfect for

greasy and humid temperature

especially for those who use a lot of

makeup, then the skin moisturiser

and finally our shear butter.

Among your products which

would you prescribe mostly to

older women?

The Derma Repair, Double

moisture and the mineral oil are

recommended as a daily routine for

mature women from the age of 35

and up, among others.

What plans do you have for the relaunch

of the brand?

The essence of the relaunch

is to make Charisma Cosmetics a

global brand; we intend to break a

massive champagne and to achieve

this we are going to use every media

possible, i.e., print, electronic and

social media and so on.

What parts of the world are your

target locations?

Internationally United Kingdom/

Europe, USA, and other high-end

stores around the world, most parts

of Africa including Nigeria, Ghana

and South Africa.

Princess Nina Agwuna & Muka Nwokedi

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 7








ukaosolu Nwokedi is a

wife, proud mother of

three, motivational speaker

and entrepreneur. Like her

sister, she attended the Strayer

University, Richmond Virginia

USA. She also holds a degree

in Business Administration.

With a keen eye for beauty

and wellness, Muka strives

alongside her sister to build

their mother’s dream for the

Charisma brand, above all to

make it a noteworthy business

on a global scale.

What was growing up like for you

as a twin?

We had a very wonderful

upbringing in the sense that we

grew up in an environment where

both parents were very loving to

themselves and worked together.

In Fact, if there was a marriage

made in Heaven it was that of my

dad and mum. Unfortunately, she

didn’t leave very long she died at

the age 44 at the time we were in

college in the United States, we

were opportune to travel all over

the world because our father was

the chief pilot Nigeria airways so as

kids we had been to every route my

dad flew.

What would you say physically

differentiates you from your


I think people typically decide

what they feel is different. We

both have the similarities, and

differences like other siblings do

have, I think her eyes a wider, she

has a bigger upper body I mean

her boobs and I are ampler shaped

laughs, but all the same, I just

feel we are built a bit structurally


Did you know you would

eventually take over your

mother’s business or did

you always want to be in the

skincare/ beauty industry?

I never really had a chance to

explore my dreams I would say,

I remember when I was growing

up my mother was always cooking

something up in the kitchen, or in

her little factory, trying all sorts

of creams and travelling a lot. I

remember when we were in the

University my mother wanted me

to study pharmacy, and I didn’t

understand it then but eventually,

I studied Business Administration

and after graduating, she was not

there and unfortunately died very

young, so there wasn’t a choice to

make then. I initially wanted to go

into clothing design which I am still

part of my plan but this came first,

and it’s on our plate right now.

As children who were you drawn

to most between your parents

and why?

Oh, my mother was very strict.

At some point, I thought I hated her

(Laughs) she was so strict so much

so that I remember her cutting our

hair once for going out without

her permission as teenagers. We

cried for weeks on end, and this

was a contemporary woman who

went to school in England and

Switzerland, and my father was

upset by it, but my mother coming

from the old school background

despite her intelligence felt that

this was the way to raise children.

She was showing us that she would

go to any lengths to teach us not

to be disobedient or to misbehave.

So instead we were drawn more

to our father having the fatherdaughter

phenomenon, always

crying on his shoulders and he

would always fight for us.

Tell us about your role as Co-CEO

of Charisma Cosmetics.

I work on overseeing all

activities regarding management,

one on one consultations with

clients. Ensuring internal matters

such as Customer services

relations. Making sure that we

are on target with delivery and

sales in the four Charisma Spas

in Ikeja, Surulere, Dolphin, and

Lekki and outlets in Lagos and

outside logos. Our business

progress is dependent on customer

interaction, so we are constantly on

the phone communicating, talking

answering Questions, sending

messages with our team.

How do you think you have

impacted the company since you

took over from your mother?

The cosmetics industry

is evolving, there is always

something new in the works just

like the fashion industry, from the

ingredients to the cosmetology and

aesthetics. We are more advanced

now than in our mother’s time,

we have been trained in a more

modern sphere and have learnt

more advanced techniques and

technologies. There are so many

new ingredients, formulation

and techniques coming out every

day that we have imbibed in our

cosmetics. So we have been able

to make differences and set new


What’s your take on the new

trend of bleaching?

I think it’s gone overboard

and has become abused. It’s like

abusing painkillers, sleeping aids

or any pharmaceutical product.

The meaning of toning or bleaching

needs to be understood here; they

need to understand that they are

baring their skin and it is very

damaging. It can age you, cause

cancer, and there’s always a very

harsh look that women who bleach

tend to have, the process of taking

away acne and skin pigmentation

lightens one and could take you

away from your natural skin hue.

What is bound to happen to those

who bleached in their youth when

they get older?

When you bleach, most times it

burns the skin even to the second

degree. The over exposure to UV

Rays can cause cancer, and several

kinds of skin decrease that are why

you see people with patches and

high pigmentation, sagging, etc.

and worst is accelerated ageing.

I highly recommend Charisma

Dermal Repair high in vitamin and

Antioxidants to rejuvenate and heal

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 9


the skin to its normal texture and


How are you managing the

business with the current socioeconomic

climate in Nigeria?

As a manufacturer, the major

issues we have is energy we are

burning energy back to back.

So going through the rigours

and hardship of production

and marketing hasn’t been so

different especially trying to

maintain a competitive price in

the marketplace. Some of our

ingredients are imported and

now the dollar is so high it doesn’t

help, all these factors affect our

production and pricing as well.

It’s affecting a lot of industries;

banks aren’t willing to do so much

either because they don’t believe in

the system and economy. If there

were more opportunities, then

everybody is willing to pitch in to

bring more industrialisation which

is something of great importance if

this economy will change.

Among your beauty products,

what are your go-to items?

My go-to items include the

Derma Repair, which we infuse

with a high intensity of vitamin

e, and Antioxidants called the

tocopherol, it heals, rejuvenates

and replenishes the skin. It soothes

sunburns, takes away sunburns

and stretch marks and gives skin

clarity; I swear by it and use it

every night before bed and also the

Double Moisture a moisturising

therapy that gives your skin so

soothing and hydrated feeling

that’s also my go-to Charisma

beauty item.

What kind of services do you offer

at the Charisma beauty spa?

Charisma cosmetics is a total

head to toe well-being that offers

a place of luxury, skincare, and

Spa with the advantage of one one

one consultation a place of total

indulgence and serenity. Intensive

and corrective facial treatments,

skin polish, complexion treatment

physiotherapy, different types

of massage, waxing, make-up

Artistry etc.services also include

a steam room and more. We also

run a school called Charisma

Cosmetics Academy of Aesthetics

and Cosmetology which offers

certificate courses.

How would you describe your


Style for me is what makes me

comfortable and suits me; I’m a

Grace Kelly or Catherine Kullman

kind of person. I like vintage

clothing; I’m not a designer freak,

but anything I touch abroad in

the malls is always like expensive

(laughs), I would describe my

sense of style as basically diva

calm, not too loud, subtle colours

yet elegant at the same time and

well put together.

Would you say your mother had

an influence on your taste style


My mother was one of the most

stylish women that walked the face

of the earth, in fact, most of our

lifestyle patterns were emulated

from her, she was always so put

together; wearing things that

accentuated her figure and she was

far ahead of her time.

Do you like dressing alike when

attending events?

When the demand calls for it,

we do, for instance doing a shoot

together or when our friends

want us to dress the same to their

parties, but typically we don’t dress

alike on a normal day.

How would you describe

yourselves dramatic or romantic


(Laughs) To me what makes

you dramatic is a circumstance,

we have this dynamic and artist

nature, we’re mavericks in the

sense that we don’t look at style

or trends, we own our craft. As

a person I’m very emotional, my

husband and children know that

they know I pay great attention to

people’s needs and feelings, I know

I have to learn that you can’t die for

a person or the world.

Which of your children would

you say takes after you or do you

think is likely to take over your


I have two girls and one boy,

and I think I’m leaving it open

because they’re still young and

want to aspire to their interests.

But by their character one can tell;

my last born is nine years old, and

she is very interested in what I’m

doing, the other one is 19, and in

the University in the United States,

she has a lot of interest in makeup

and working on the makeup brand.

She tells me what is in and what I

can do to improve it, the boy wants

to be an engineer so anything

can work. So while they and

undergoing formal education, they

keep on evolving. Heiresses and

heirs were not created overnight,

people have done the work for

them and handed it over its just for

them to follow it up.

Would you say you are a trend

follower and how has your style

evolved over the years?

This is 2017 so you have to

move with the trend, the hip period

where everybody is on Instagram,

Facebook and all sorts of social

media, this also applies to fashion

and personal life, we change every

day and follow the sounds of times.

As a mother, what are the things

you wouldn’t do in the name of


I would NOT wear too short

clothes, or compromise having an

open cleavage, that is distasteful.

What are the most endearing

things you have done in the name

of fashion and beauty?

(Laughs) Going blonde on

Vanguard Allure on your stylist’s

demand is endearing laughs!!! I

guess if it’s tastefully done one can

pull it off (laughs). Wearing exotic

10 www.glamsquadmagazine.com


colours, makeup hair style is all

about having the pizzazz to pull it

off. My dress sense is elegant, and I

haven’t broken bars in that one.

What is the most insane beauty

issue you have come across?

I would say the bleaching

thing; people need to learn about

corrective techniques for skin

issues and improvement. Detoxing

and moisturising and staying away

from skin damaging chemicals can

have a good effect on your colour if

you do a good detox.

Aside from bleaching what is

the most common skin issue you

come across?

Mostly major acne issues,

skin diseases that require

pharmaceutical techniques and we

end up recommending treatment

or referral. We also have issues

with severe chemical damage and

sunburns etc. some of which we

have been able to treat.

What plans do you have for the

relaunch of the brand?

Ok, you should expect an

expansion and upscale in our

new line coming from the United

States.Our competitive strength

is on the content and we have

infused vitamins and minerals in

our products which include A, C,

D and E. Because of our unique

ingredients and formulations our

skin care products will provide a

before and after satisfaction, skin

clarity and radiance. People need

to understand that the skin is an

organ and it requires minerals

and multivitamins for radiance.

Our products have a blue chip

ingredients that are fortified

especially to improve the skin both

the enhancers and the natural

products, and we will be competing

for the international brand as a

product from Nigeria.

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 11


Maintaining the youthful essence of

our looks is a subject that preoccupies

most women and surprisingly these

days men also. The beauty industry

meanwhile pumps out expensive

products supposedly designed and

manufactured to delay the visible

signs of ageing.

With growing older, gravity takes its

course and toll on our skin; the skin

begins to lose its elasticity as a result

of damage to the collagen and elastic

fibres. Wrinkles will occur naturally

during the process of ageing, and

it is almost impossible to fight off

wrinkles completely. However,

lifestyle choices and way one cares for

one’s skin can assist in delaying the

signs of ageing.

We mostly hear the slogan “black

don’t crack”, a term used to refer

to the belief that black skin ages

finely and does not have to deal with

showing signs of ageing early. Fact or


This is the assertion that black

people are less likely to get wrinkles

as they age (because of their skin

pigmentation providing protection

from harmful radiation, amongst

other factors)

What are the visible signs of ageing?

Can it be delayed? I intend to

explore the facts behind this general

assertion. It is a fact that all skin types

will age prematurely if due care is not

taken to nurture and restore natural

skin balance. Lifestyle choices such








as smoking and excessive alcohol

consumption etc. can also cause the

skin to lose its elasticity faster.Loose

skin is when many now begin to reach

out to Botox or Restalyne to re-plump

a sagging visage.

Getting the desired results is however

not mainly dependent on buying

expensive products alone, but

there are specialist clinics that are

renowned for providing treatments

that regress the visible signs of


Harley Street in central London,

for example, is filled with various

professionals who offer beauty

treatments to the aesthetics of

surgical enhancements. This

enhancement is done through

different methods and advanced

processes all in the bid to help the

discerning client achieve what one

could call youthful immortality.

These days’ men also are becoming

more aware of their looks and ageing

concerns. Hundreds of products

are launched into the market with

the aim of capturing a huge chunk

of the market. Men are becoming

increasingly aware of preserving their

looks or at best controlling the visible

signs of ageing almost as much the


Men’s grooming is now a multibillion

dollar industry with the key

players in the female beauty business

cashing in with products designed for

humanity male grooming. Companies

like L’Oreal, Clarins, Clinic, Dove, all

launch men’s grooming products

regularly from shave creams,

energising face wash, facial fuel,

fatigue fighter, Vitalift to aid sagging

skin, etc. encouraging people to care

more about their skin and spend that

extra minute in front of the mirror.

Ideally, men’s skin should not be

so different from the women’s as

it’s still all skin, but I suppose the

physiological makeup of people

makes the demands and necessities

of skin care to vary for each sex.

Considering also that people will

prefer their products packaged in

a masculine way necessitates the

visual packaging of men’s products

12 www.glamsquadmagazine.com



In the past Botox injections used to

be billed collectively as the no knife

facelift. This procedure, however,

was not without its concern. Most

became concerned about what was

later regularly called the frozen

face syndrome. Celebrities and

regular folks alike in some ways

have used Botox treatments in the

past to remove the appearance

of wrinkles and dark lines in the

forehead and around the eyes. The

makers of Botox say that 11 million

people have gone under the needle

to experience wrinkle free skin.

The process consists of injecting

prescription medicine, made from a

particular type of bacteria into the

facial muscles to block the nerve

impulses to those muscles. The

results, however, are temporary but

can take years off a face, and most

of the people who use it do so as

an alternative to having cosmetic

intrusive plastic surgery.

In place of needles now are lasers,

skin peels, and radio frequency

energy treatments. There are

treatments now which stimulate

the production collagen and elastin,

the protein that makes the skin

firm, plump and youthful. Do these

alternative methods achieve the

same results? Considering that the

addictive use of Botox treatments is

controversial with an array of high

opinion to be found on the subject?

If people are scared of ending with

the frozen face syndrome, what are

the alternative treatments available?

I decided to investigate further and

also even meditated and considered

experiencing the Botox treatment

myself to verify if the claims of

smoothing out lines on the forehead

as well as laughter lines on the cheeks

are plausible. I also wanted to explore

other alternative treatments available

that can reduce the visible signs of

ageing. My personal concern has not

been with wrinkles and but with

laughter lines, after all, one is not

exempt from the quest of trying one’s

best to look younger and radiant.



A paper journal published in 2008

European Academy of Dermatology

reports that when wrinkles and

lines were removed from an image,

it is perceived as ten years younger.

Remove pigmentation it is seen as

16 years younger.

People of all skin types I believe

who are preoccupied mostly with

containing visibility of ageing signs

and are also after procedures that will

offer ways of providing the process.

How factual is the claim that black

doesn’t crack? Is it a myth, fact or

mixture of both? In the past, our

grandparents when they were even as

far as reaching the age of ninety were

able to remain almost still wrinkle

free without the aid of an armoury of

all the beauty products that are now

readily available now on the market.

It is one of the oldest slogans in the

books, and many sisters have in a way

succumbed to the assertion that our

skin is virtually age proof.

Considering all the natural oils

available to us and far greater levels

of sun protective

Melanin in our skin, our black skin

may have the more significant edge of

fighting off sun exposure.

Brands which target women of colour

with products which are supposed to

offer multiple options for optimising

skin and preserving its natural

resilience are changing perceptions

on how even as darker skinned

people we ensure that the natural

skin defence isn’t depleted.

Whether black skin cracks or not,

factual or myth, with technological

advancement and innovation in

the beauty industries, we are now

forged with enough knowledge

and products armoury, which were

not available to our mothers and

grandmothers. To begin the journey

of total preservation so that healthy

skin would not end up being a myth

for one.

Numerous black celebrities have aged

gracefully over the years including

singer-actress Lena Horne who died

at the age of 92, 52 years of male

actor Blair Underwood, 51-year-old

actress Halle Berry and 50-year-old

actress Stacy Dash still convincingly

plays 20-30 something characters.

Many black families have their

personal stories of ageless beauty

to tell, this leads one to ask the vital

question, is this statement fact or

fiction that black doesn’t crack?

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The 2017 Summer Chic’s

Wardrobe Essentials

By Pamela Echemunor

The Mary-Jane

The 1994 Mary-Jane shoes with

the red sole is an all time favourite;

nothing beats this comfy patent

leather footwear, its easy to clean and

can fit into any occasion, well almost


The Tote bag

The tote bag never disappoints,

this big fashion piece is good for

a sleepover, all you need are the

essentials, and you’re good to go.

A pair of white


Set aside the nude pumps and

go for a nice pair of leather red

bottom stilettos.

Tea Dress

Sit pretty in the tea dress; it’s a

fabulous look for the beach, a day on

the golf course or a daytime soiree.

The wide leg


The wide leg trouser is a seasonal

favourite, this summer it’s trending

in a more flowery and flowy look,

using chiffon and satin.

The Utility Skirt

Sporty, free and very comfy, this

1950’s inspired skirt works for all

occasions, pair a khaki coloured utility

skirt with white sneakers and a crop

top for a day out in the sun.

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By Pamela Echemunor


ummy bulge can

always be an incredible

inconvenience; it makes

clothes look unflattering, makes

one feel less attractive and not

very confident. There are many

ways to beat this physical flaw

starting with a healthier lifestyle

and good dieting, but while that is

on your to-do list here are a few

tricks on how to carry yourself

fashionably and pridefully while

sporting that extra bulge.

Wear more vertical lines

Opt for more vertical stripes, this

pattern elongates the body shape

and creates a taller midriff.

Avoid clingy clothes (More

drapes/ overlap)

There’s nothing more annoying for

someone who likes fitted clothing

likes seeing an extra tire or bulge,

the best thing to do is steer clear of

these for a while and opt more for a

slightly looser wardrobe collection

of overlap and draped clothes,

these do an excellent job of hiding

the bulge and giving one a nice


Opt for shape wear

Most people don’t believe in the

power of shapeware but its pure

undiluted magic, not only does it

tuck in the excess side sags, it also

helps with the weight loss process,

it’s time to invest in one.

Go chic with skinnies and

Classic big tops

Skinny high waist tights or high

waist denim pants hug all figures

but when paired with a nice loose

flowy classic big top voila! Instant


Wear dress accessories


Belts and long necklaces sometimes

accentuate a bulgy tummy, but if

one must wear dress accessories

ensure they do more accentuating

than damaging.

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Couple Goals in

Nigeria’s Entertainment


By Pamela Echemunor

Finding love can be one of the most difficult things to do in a person’s life. And

a ratio of 1:10 people find love and fall out of it more than a dozen times in

their life time. Now finding love when one is in the spotlight is even trickier,

because it’s difficult to decipher if it’s true love or infatuation. Many celebrities

go through tremulous relationships and breakup eventually either because

of their fame or other forms of pressure. Finding the right one is the first step,

keeping the relationship going strong is the next and most important. The

celebrities featured in this article have proven that no matter what turmoil

you may encounter on your journey to finding true love, it all depends on

what it is you are really looking for and willing to give to make it last. Here is

to these phenomenal couples giving us serious couple goals.

Damilola Adegbite

& Chris Attoh

Chris Attoh is a Ghanaian

born actor, producer

and OAP, he made his

Nollywood debut in

“Tinsel”, where he met his

wife Damilola Adegbite

who was his love interest

in the movie. The two

took it to another level

and got married in a

private ceremony in Accra

Ghana and they have a son

together Brian Adegbite.

Damilola who is a Nigerian

Actress and model, struck

gold when she starred

alongside her husband

in “Tinsel” and has since

feature in movies like

“Flower Girl” and “Banana

Island Ghost”. This sexy

couple always leave a mark

wherever they go together.

16 www.glamsquadmagazine.com


Joke Silva &

Olu Jacobs

An iconic duo and the most

seasoned actors ever to hit our

TV screens, Olu Jacobs is a

Nigerian born actor who took

a chance on acting in the 70’s

after seeing a theatre production

by Hubert Ogunde, he also

attended the Royal Academy

of Dramatic Arts in London

England and upon his return

took it as a fulltime job. He

has since made an indelible

mark on the Nollywood film

industry and is married to Joke

Silva who is an actress and Co-

Founder Lufodo Group, a film

production company as well

as a film academy. This couple

has been married over three

decades and is still standing

strong despite their fame and

success. This is one celebrity

couple to look up to.

Gbenro & Osas Ajibade

Now these two came from completely different worlds, Gbenro

started out as a struggling model and actor who got his big break

on Mnet TV series “Tinsel”, while Osas is an American/Nigerian

actress, humanitarian and TV host. They met and fell in love

on the set of critically acclaimed “Tinsel ” and married shortly

after, together they have a daughter Azariah Tiwatope Osarugue

Ajibade. These two fabulous people made this list not just because

of their achievements but because they make the red carpet bleed

with envy. Glamsquad is watching…

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Banky Wellington &

Adesua Etomi

Banky W is a Nigerian / American Singer-songwriter

and actor and also CEO of the Empire Mates

Entertainment record label. He made his movie debut

in the 2016 award winning movie “The Wedding

Party”, where he is presumed to have fallen for

Adesuwa Etomi who he is currently engaged to.

Ironically the movie is about a couple who has to

struggle with wedding day last minutes family issues

and wedding planning, let’s hope they won’t have

all that at their actual wedding. Adesuwa on the

other hand is a Nigerian born actress of Igbo/Yoruba

descent. She gained her way into the limelight after

receiving the award for “Best actress in a Drama”

at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

Banky finally shut the lips of people who had been

tormenting him about following the footsteps of his

friends in the industry who were married when he

proposed to Adesuwa earlier this year. We wish this

adorable couple the very best.

Innocent & Annie


Innocent Idibia aka Tu Face

Idibia is no new name in the

entertainment industry, and

although this musical icon

is popular for spreading his

music as well as his seed, he

remains loyal to his beloved

Annie who has been with

him since he first started his

journey to fame. Annie who

he featured on his “African

Queen” music album, is an

actress and mother to two of

his children. Despite all the

scandal and media banter,

Annie stood and is still

standing by her man.

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Is Olamide’s Career

Dying Or Fading Away?

Is the street king Baddosneh’s

career coming to an end?!

This is the question I have

been asking myself lately following

the recent drought that has hit

Olamide’s career lately. I thought

the day would never come when

our dear Olamide BaddoSneh

would be relegated from his

position of revere in the industry

to the lower ranks. But how he still

manages to command that revere

is what remains a-bewilder to

some of us.

I can beat my chest and make bold

statements that if we were to draw

up a list for top (hottest) male

music sensations now, Olamide

will fall short of even making

the first-five count on that list.

Although his formula for making,

or delivering music now, hasn’t

changed. The singles still come in

like they were tidied up in a hushrush

and he hasn’t missed out on

any year since 2011, dropping


Could it be that we have finally

woken up to the realization of the

diminishing effect in his music

since after Shakiti Bobo, which

actually happened to be the last

time he had a real hit on his

hands? Do not get me wrong, Who

You Epp, Owo Blow and Pepper

Dem Gang all managed to cut

across like music hits following

certain strategic events that we

experienced in the industry at

their respective times. While

Who You Epp rode on the wave of

the competitive covers that later

turned it into a viral sensation,

Pepper Dem Gang thrived

following the lack of good stuff to

saturate the airwaves because of

the dormant mood the beginning

of the year took.

Now that Runtown, Davido,

P-Square, Tekno, Simi, 9ice

and even Wizzy baby have

returned back on the charts in

their domination conquest, it

has become quite apparent that

Olamide is slacking. A statistical

result from an online survey

showed that much of the hits on

his name, cannot even be tied to

musical endeavors. Rather, they

were mostly pulled from news


After The Glory album dropped,

Olamide proceeded with the

release of music video projects off

the album. In his usual ‘done and

dusted’ style, he moved on quickly

after 3 videos to his first single of

the 2017 year – Love No Go Die,

which was received amidst plenty

razzmatazz but soon died out with

hardly any bang or buzz. The same

eerie feel has crept into his life

of features. Before now, Olamide

would easily make the hottest

contender for a category like the

most featured artiste. But as it is

almost mid-2017, Baddo can count

the features he has done this year

on all five fingers of one hand


With the latest wavy single out

now, one must wonder if it is

a song laden enough with the

potential to tear up the charts. It

also otherwise stems a pondering

thought that further brews

questions like…

What exactly is happening – or

has happened – with Olamide?

Why isn’t he piping hot and

popping like before?

Could it be that his present ordeal

is equally affecting the YBNL

militia considering their music of

late also suffers expressions from

this dreary characteristic?

Will Olamide ever make it back to

his glory days of Bobo, Melo Melo,

Awon Goons Mi, Durosoke, Voice

of the Street, First of All and their

unforgettable, widely celebrated


www.glamsquadmagazine.com 19




Following the rise of reported domestic

violence cases in Lagos, it is quite

evident that this vice has found its

way into the roots of the system and it is

high time we took a firm and unchanging

position about getting it out of our midst.

Domestic violence usually occurs among

people who have some sort of intimate

relationships and most times, people

who are the closest inflict the deepest

kinds of pain. Beyond the physical pain

inflicted by this evil is the fact that the

victim cannot understand why people who

are supposedly in the place of providing

emotional and mental support are the ones

who are actually predators.

I would like to think domestic violence

has been in existence for a very long time

but it seems more prevalent now because

of the pervasiveness of the new media and

the viral nature of information on these

media. Growing up, many years

ago, our residence had five

flats and my parents and

other families in our

compound at the time

were probably the

only families that did

not raise any concern

in this regard. Of the

other three families in

that compound, two of

the men regularly beat

their wives and the third

family had a wife who often

cursed her husband very loudly.

These stories are probably not new

to some of us, who have experienced these

situations first hand. I walked into shop

rite recently to get a few things and just as

I was picking a basket to carry the things

I would eventually buy, I saw a tall and

handsome man who looked at the woman

by his side and talked to her violently in

hush tones. He said ‘’what you just did,

do not ever try it here again else you

know what I can do’’, the woman whom I

assumed to be his girlfriend or wife looked

on the ground in humiliation and fear, her

expression helpless, the energy he exuded

was pollute and insufferable. I gave him a

cold hard stare and he understood that I

saw what he meant to hide. Rounding off

my shopping again, I saw the duo but this

time, hand in hand. I passed by them he

gave me that it –is- not- your- businessshe-is-mine-look,

It was obvious. This was

another case.

The UN Women, an arm of the United

20 www.glamsquadmagazine.com



times, abusers do

not come as abusers else

no one would be with them.

But they project themselves

to be very loving, caring,

giving and nice.

With Oludara Ogunbowale

Nations Organisation from a research

carried out recently have affirmed that

there is truly a rise in domestic violence.

I know that not only women are victims,

even men are being abused and that is

even harder to report because of the

stereotypical positions of society that men

have to be strong and indomitable so men

that are being abused often do not have the

courage or humility to own up and report

such cases. When issues like these are

being discussed, people laugh or treat it in

such trivial manner that even the men who

are victims would rather die than come

out boldly to say they are being abused.

Domestic violence is no respecter

of persons, gender, class,

nationality or religious

affiliations. I listened

to Leslie Morgan

Steiner, an author

and business woman

who was invited to

speak at TED, a nonprofit


that does a lot of

knowledge sharing

through powerful

talks and she explained

the tactics of predators

or abusers in attracting or

seducing their victims initially and the

psychology behind why these victims later

on find it hard to leave even in the face of

death having being a victim herself.

Most times, abusers do not come as

abusers else no one would be with them.

But they project themselves to be very

loving, caring, giving and nice. Such that

on the outside people are envious of the

man or woman with whom they are in

a relationship with not knowing that

these people are going through mental

and emotional stress and hell on earth.

This goes to show that looks and acts of

kindness could be deceptive. Knowing

and studying people critically before

committing to a relationship with them

is very essential and could be lifesaving

in the long run. Though women are more

culpable when it comes to judging an

‘ideal man’ by how they feel and how he

treats them early on in the relationship,

most abusers actually make their victims

feel good in the beginning and that is

why when they begin to show their true

colours, the victim’s brain cannot put the

two together. Abusers know they are

abusers and they understand what they do.

It is either they enjoy it or derive some sort

of control from it while some of them use

abuse as a means of revenge for long-held

bitterness of some wrong done to them

when they were young which must have

left a hole in their own concept of self.

Since this problem is no respecter of

nationality, I assume that so many societies

around the world are faced with this evil

and I am very happy about the steps that

the Lagos state government is taking to

see to it that this evolving norm is stifled

and not given any breathing space at all.

But there is little that the government can

do without the support of all citizens. The

truth is that domestic violence affects all

of us in one way or another and when we

directly or indirectly keep quiet about

it or act indifferently about it, we are

inadvertently saying that it is okay and we

all know that it is not okay. Your beloved

daughter or son could be a potential

domestic violence victim. Everyone is

a dignified being irrespective of race or

status and should be treated as such. We

are our own brothers’ keepers so why then

do we blame victims on social media when

they come up to say their stories? These

people are already down and there is no

need hitting someone who is already down.

The legal system in Nigeria is weak. This

might be a statement that is audacious but

true. Abusers who are released come out in

the open without any remorse and go for

the next victim with some show of victory

and we believe that nature has to take its


I stand with every victim of abuse

reading this in one way or the other. You

are valuable, you stand sure and what

your partner or abuser does or does not

do is separate from who you are. You do

not deserve any of what you are going

through and I am certain that you have

it within you; the strength to say it is

enough and also stand up for others going

through same or similar situations. Report

to relevant authorities and never allow

your mind and your innermost core to be

broken. Get help and know that whatever it

is, this phase shall pass.




Ogunbowale is a

young woman who


passionate about the

the development of the society through

bringing to the fore,issues that are of

concern to the physical and mental

well-being of every individual member

of the society. She believes in having

values that help drive the sanctity of

life. She loves to read, write, talk and

watch movies.....PerspectEve....the

world as it should be...


mimi adeyemi


I have always said that marriage is a

team work. It can’t stand without the

other pillar trust me. For any marriage

to work or fail, it takes two people. We

understand that these two people are

completely from different backgrounds

with different beliefs(not religion this

time) so they must meet at a mid point

to make the relationship work.

Below are the 4 modes that could kill a


1. Flight Mode : This is when

you flee the scene when you and your

partner have a misunderstanding. Don’t

ever avoid talking about issues in your

marriage. Build the habit of talking about

your relationship. Let out everything

bothering you about the relationship.

Don’t be afraid to discuss your issues.

Don’t move away from your spouse. Don’t

avoid the interaction between you and

your spouse. If you do that, you are on a

flight mode.




Modes That Could


2. Fight Mode: This is when you get

into an argument when you are trying

to talk about an issue. Talking about an

issue shouldn’t lead to a fight. When you

talk about your relationship, you want to

make it better. This mode comes up in an

arguement and in a discussion. Fright

mode is a result of fight mode and flight

mode. When fight regularly, you tend to

run away from discussions that will lead

to a fight, then you are already in a fright

mode. These two modes (fright and fight)

are about fear.

3. Right Mode: This is the mode

where each party in a relationship believes

he/she is right. It’s a refusal to be wrong.

So when you think you are always right,

you can never change. Until you are open

to learning and changing your views

about being right all the time, you are

never going to change your ways. This

is very dangerous for your relationship.

The danger with the right mode is that

you are unwilling to listen to the opinion

of others. It shows your stubbornness.

Relaxing your right mode is helping your

process of effective communication with

your spouse.

4. Spite Mode: This is when you

decide to show how much you are angry

by throwing tantrums. It’s a mode of

getting back at the other party. It’s about

proving a point that hurts the other

person. This mode is dangerous. It can

keep you spinning around and around on

a spot and not yielding a positive result.

Having talked about the 4 modes that

could kill a marriage, here are 2 modes

that could keep your marriage for good.

1. Sight Mode: This is about keeping

a vision of where the relationship is

headed. It keeps you out of where you

are now and makes you fight for where

you are headed. It keeps you out of your

fears and takes you to a higher place. This

mode makes you believe that something

can change. This is a positive mode which

can help build your marriage.

2. Unite Mode: This mode brings the

two of you together. It makes you a team.

Marriage is not about two people with so

much ego. It’s about two strong people

willing to make things work regardless

of the obstacles they encounter along the

way. It’s about having each other’s back. It’s

about being a team. You can overcome the

killing modes by lowering your reactivity

when issues come up.

I pray that God will give you wisdom to

manage your marriage appropriately IJN.

Credit: Lee H.Baucom, Ph.D

Mimi Adeyemi is a Sales & Marketing

professional with over 10 years experience.

She has good insight of shopper and

consumer behaviour. She has been privileged

to build and nurture new brands to

achieving a sustainable growth.

She is the CEO of Studio612, a full fledge

Photograhy and videography studio located

in Lekki, Lagos. She is also a blogger, writer

and publisher of Family3ree Magazine.

She holds a degree in Mass Communications

and a diploma in Theatre Arts from

University of Jos. She is an affiliate member

of National Institute of Marketing, Nigeria.

She is the brain behind Mimi Adeyemi's

Blog, a relationship and Marriage blog.

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