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Sibo in Space

Story book for children about space. Has lots of fun and interesting information woven into the story line


Sibo dreamed she was up in a space craft with special metal wings Zooming round the solar system seeing amazing things. Dodging fiery asteroids between Jupiter and Mars Some were huge and scary; some as big as cars. Lots of eerie space junk zipped past her in a flash. Earthman would be so very sad if he could see this trash. Sibo thought that planet Earth was the only messy place But there’s also lots of other muck floating out in space. Jupiter 14

Mercury Neptune On tiny planet Mercury it gets hotter than 400 degrees But it also gets so cold that everything can freeze. A single year on Mercury is only 88 days – how cool! A learner could simply rocket his way through school. Neptune got its name from the Roman God of Sea And was discovered in 1846 – long before you and me. It’s the planet with fast winds – 2000 kilos per hour “Good Heavens” thought Sibo, “imagine all that power!” 15

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