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Sibo in Space

Story book for children about space. Has lots of fun and interesting information woven into the story line

28 She groaned, “I was

28 She groaned, “I was in such a rush – Wayne said be very quick. So I did not even open them – how could I have been so thick?” Mum gave her such a hug and said “I tell you what. You can use your Dad’s computer – I’m sure you’ll learn a lot.”

Sibo learned that a group of stars was called a constellation And they could be divided into other groups by nation. Greek mythology is generally considered very strong But they’re just shapes up in the sky – nobody is right or wrong. Every culture has a story, which might get told at night. As the stars shine brightly, children listen with delight And did you know, it depends on the time of the year Which planets and constellations are visible and clear? 29

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