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Sibo in Space

Story book for children about space. Has lots of fun and interesting information woven into the story line

“Oh no”, thought

“Oh no”, thought Sibo sadly, “I don’t have a hope Of seeing dear old Neptune without a telescope.” But the rest of the planets you can see with your naked eye Except for when they are not there – then you wonder why! Saturn Uranus 30

One thing puzzled Sibo – why did stars twinkle so? She researched the subject, so that she could know. She found that stars twinkle due to the atmosphere Easily seen from Earth when it’s dark and clear. That led to another question – she was not exactly sure What made the atmosphere or what it was there for? She found out it’s a mix of gases we call air And without it life on Earth would simply not be there. It has five different layers; with names too long to say “Oh my hat!” yelped Sibo, “I’m learning lots today.” She read further and found there was a dearth Of any other planets, exactly like our Earth. 31

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