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Sibo in Space

Story book for children about space. Has lots of fun and interesting information woven into the story line

The day was

The day was fine and sunny and the Sun was nice and hot Sibo went into the garden to sit and think a lot. She gazed up at the sky and looked as far as she could see “All that outer space above”, she told herself with glee. Just then her Mum came to the door and said, “My child, Do you want to hear a story that will probably sound quite wild?” “Oh yes please Mum,” said Sibo, “I’ll come to you, I know you hate the bugs, even though there are but few. “The Sun was once a man, my old auntie used to say, Who raised his arms up in the morning to make it day. A powerful light shone from his armpits, but as he grew older He spent too long sleeping, and the people got much colder. 34

So the children crept up on him and threw him high Where he became nice and round – shining in the sky And he has stayed warm and bright ever since then.” “Oh Mum, what a lovely story – you get ten out of ten!” Dad came home and said “Sibo! Guess where we can go? To the planetarium – they have a fantastic show. We would see some sights – out of this world, I hope And you might just see Neptune – through their telescope! 35

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