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July 2017 The

Light 2

The Call of the Messiah


Hazrat Mirza Ghulam


The Promised Messiah and


The aim and end of religion is to know the

true and living God Who created the world, to

attain to that stage of perfection in His love at

which the love of others besides Him is completely

consumed, to have full sympathy with

His creatures and to lead a life of true and perfect

purity. But I see that this aim is utterly neglected.

In fact, most religious creeds are, in fact,

one form or other of

atheism. Almighty God

is not known and recognised,

and hence the increasing

boldness upon the commission of sin.

For, it is plain that unless we have knowledge of

a thing, there is no love or fear of it on our part.

The prevalence of sin in the world is, therefore,

due to an absence of true knowledge concerning

the Divine Being.

The chief criterion of a true religion is that

it should point out the means to a true

knowledge of God, so that through knowledge

men may be kept back from sins, and realising

the Divine beauty and glory, they may so love

God as to deem even a momentary estrangement

from Him more painful than the severest

tortures of hell. The truth is that freedom from

sin and the love of God are the highest aims of

man’s life, and in these lies in fact the true bliss

which is known as the heavenly life. Every desire

which goes against the pleasure of God, is

really a flame of hell-fire, and to indulge in such

desires is to lead a hellish life.

The aim and end of religion is . . . to

have full sympathy with His creatures

. . .

I Shall Love All Mankind.

The question hence arises, how can a man

be saved from this hellish life? I answer this

question with the knowledge which I have received

from God, that no one is saved from this

fire except by a true and perfect knowledge of

God. The flood of passions and desires rages

high and nothing but the embankment of a perfect

knowledge of God can withstand it. Salvation,

which means a freedom from the control of

passions and desires, cannot, therefore, be attained

unless our faith is based on the impregnable

fortress of perfect knowledge which no

flood can destroy.

The fact that our appraisement of a thing or

our love or fear of it, depends only upon our correct

knowledge of it, needs no argument. Give a

diamond worth a million pounds to a young

child and he would not set upon it a higher value

than a mere plaything. If honey mixed with poison

is given to a person who is ignorant of the

fact, he would take it for honey and eat it with

pleasure, not knowing that the effect would be

fatal. But you cannot thrust your hand into a

hole which you know to be the hole of a serpent,

for you know that such an act might bring about

your destruction. Similarly, no one would dare

take poison with a

knowledge of it, for he

knows that it must

cause his death. What

is the reason then that you do not fear the death

which the transgression of Divine commandments

must certainly bring down upon you?

Only that you have not such knowledge of the

effect of your transgressions as of the biting of a

snake or of poison.

It is certain then that the knowledge of loss

or injury deters a man from doing the deed

which involves such loss or injury, and no belief

in redemption can act as such deterrent. Is it not

true that even the most daring and habitual burglar

would not break into a house where he is

sure to be caught and punished? Are not the

most violent passions subdued when their effect

is known to be sure and certain destruction?

A robber would not in broad daylight dare

to lay his hand upon a bag of money lying in a

shop when he knows that there is a sufficient

guard of armed police watching the shop. Are

criminals restrained from theft and extortion

because of their firm faith in the redemption of

sins, or because their hearts feel the awe of execution?

Or is it truer that the police and the fear

of punishment are the real deterrents? This is a

principle the truth of which is witnessed not

only in the case of men, but also of animals. Even

a lion in fury would not throw himself into

burning fire though he sees his prey on the

other side of it. A wolf would not fall upon a

sheep at whose head is standing a guard with a

drawn sword and a loaded gun. (end)

July 2017 The

Light 3

Hazrat Ameer’s Eid ul Fitr


Know that Allah gives life to the earth after

its death (57:17)

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Assalaam-o-Alaikum Wa Rakhmatullahi Wa

Barakaato Hoo.

As we celebrate Eid ul Fitr, I praise Allah for

providing us with the opportunity to fast and

pray in the Holy month of Ramadan. He has prescribed

fasting for the Muslims as He did for

those before. The purpose for enjoining fasting

is the attainment of taqwa, a state of complete

submission to Allah. In the state of taqwa, a person

perceives a sense of regret if he fails to carry

out the commands of Allah. Islam, which literally

means submission and complete obedience

to Allah, expects every Muslim to be muttaqi –

one who submits completely to the Will of Allah.

instructions on diet, exercise and regular adherence

to the drug therapy.

On the day of Eid our spirit is back to good

health but we have a great role to play to keep it

that way. We must make every effort to continue

the close relationship with Allah that we have

developed during Ramadan. The regular prayers

and recitation; and above all understanding

and acting on the injunctions of the Holy Quran

that we adhered to during Ramadan must be

continued. Thus, Eid is the day of resolve to

keep alive the achievements of Ramadan.

I pray that we succeed in keeping our resolve.

Please pray for peace amongst all peoples

of the world. I wish you all a very Happy Eid ul


The First Theory of Evolution

600 years older than Darwin

By Tijana Radeska

Our soul and body are closely connected.

Both have their own life with health, illness and

death. In the verse cited above Allah has said

that He can give life to the dead earth. We observe

annually the death of trees in autumn and

then their revival to life in spring. The human

soul can be similarly revived. The wellbeing of

the soul is directly dependant on the way it is

nurtured. Allah has instituted the month of

Ramadan as an opportunity for humans to fast

and pray and thus help the sick soul to health or

even restore it to life after it has become lifeless.

The soul can be likened to a chargeable battery.

Ramadan charges the soul through the process

of fasting and prayer. On Eid day, we could say

that the battery is fully charged. Now it is up to

us to keep it forever in that state by charging it


Let me give you another example. Think of a

gravely ill patient brought to a doctor who diagnoses

it as a state of unconsciousness due to diabetes.

With the correct diagnoses and treatment,

the patient is back to good health. However,

the state of unconsciousness is likely to return

if he ignores the doctor’s advice. To stay

healthy, he will have to continue following the

I Shall Love All Mankind.

(From Administrative Corner Featured Instant

Articles News Aug 27, 2016



Nasī r al-Dī n Tu sī

was a Persian polymath

and prolific

writer: An architect,

astronomer, biologist,

chemist, mathematician,



physicist, scientist,

theologian and

Marja Taqleed.

He was of the Ismaili,

and subse-

Nasī r al-Dī n Tu sī

quently Twelver Shī ‘ah, Islamic belief. The Muslim

scholar Ibn Khaldun (1332–1406) considered

Tusi to be the greatest of the later Persian


Tusi has about 150 works, of which 25 are

in Persian and the remaining are in Arabic, and

July 2017 The

Light 4

there is one treatise in Persian, Arabic and Turkish.

During his stay in Nishapur, Tusi established

a reputation as an exceptional scholar.

Tusi’s prose writings represent one of the largest

collections by a single Islamic author.

Writing in both Arabic and Persian, Nasir al-

Din Tusi dealt with both religious (“Islamic”)

topics and non-religious or secular subjects

(“the ancient sciences”). His works include the

definitive Arabic versions of the works of Euclid,

Archimedes, Ptolemy, Autolycus, and Theodosius

of Bithynia.

In his Akhlaq-i-Nasri, Tusi put forward a

basic theory of the evolution of species almost

600 years before Charles Darwin was born. He

begins his theory of evolution with the universe

once consisting of equal and similar elements.

According to Tusi, internal contradictions

began appearing, and as a result, some substances

began developing faster and differently

from other substances. He then explains how

the elements evolved into minerals, then plants,

then animals, and then humans. Tusi then goes

on to explain how hereditary variability was an

important factor for biological evolution of living


and help each other.”

Tusi recognised three types of living things:

plants, animals, and humans. He wrote:

“Animals are higher than plants, because

they are able to move consciously, go after food,

find and eat useful things. […] There are many

differences between the animal and plant species,

[…] First, the animal kingdom is more complicated.

Besides, reason is the most beneficial

feature of animals. Owing to reason, they can

learn new things and adopt new, non-inherent

abilities. For example, the trained horse or

hunting falcon is at a higher point of development

in the animal world. The first steps of human

perfection begin from here.”

The Astronomical Observatory of Nasir

al-Dī n Tusi.

The organisms that can gain the new features

faster are more variable. As a result, they

gain advantages over other creatures. […] The

bodies are changing as a result of the internal

and external interactions.”

Tusi discusses how organisms are able to

adapt to their environments:

“Look at the world of animals and birds.

They have all that is necessary for defence, protection

and daily life, including strengths, courage

and appropriate tools [organs] […] Some of

these organs are real weapons, […] For example,

horns-spear, teeth and claws-knife and needle,

feet and hoofs-cudgel. The thorns and needles

of some animals are similar to arrows. […] Animals

that have no other means of defence (as

the gazelle and fox) protect themselves with the

help of flight and cunning. […] Some of them, for

example, bees, ants and some bird species, have

united in communities to protect themselves

I Shall Love All Mankind.

Tusi then explains how humans evolved

from advanced animals:

“Such humans [probably anthropoid apes]

live in the Western Sudan and other distant corners

of the world. They are close to animals by

their habits, deeds and behaviour. […] The human

has features that distinguish him from

other creatures, but he has other features that

July 2017 The

Light 5

unite him with the animal world, vegetable

kingdom or even with the inanimate bodies. […]

Before [the creation of humans], all differences

between organisms were of the natural origin.

The next step will be associated with spiritual

perfection, will, observation and knowledge.

[…] All these facts prove that the human being

is placed on the middle step of the evolutionary

stairway. According to his inherent nature, the

human is related to the lower beings, and only

with the help of his will can he reach the higher

development level.” (end)

Turkey Bans Teaching of


Science is More Than a Belief System

By James Williams

Lecturer in Science Education,

Sussex School of Education and Social

Work, University of Sussex


in science are more difficult than evolution, yet

they still get taught.

Creationist arguments

Evolution, creationists argue, is just a theory

– it’s not proven and so up for debate. Evolutionary

trees (especially for humans) are regularly

re-drawn after new fossil discoveries,

showing how poor the theory is. After all, if the

theory was correct, this wouldn’t keep changing.

Often, creationists will pose a challenge for

science to prove how life started, knowing that

there is not yet a firm, accepted theory. Finally,

there’s the king of all arguments: if we all

evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

These arguments are packed with factual

inaccuracies and logical fallacies. Evolution

doesn’t need an explanation of how life started.

It simply describes how life develops and diversifies.

Humans did not evolve from monkeys –

we’re great apes. Modern apes, including humans,

evolved from now extinct pre-existing

ape species. We’re related to, not descended

from, modern apes.

In the US, there have been many attempts to

expunge evolution from the school curriculum

or demand that creationism – the idea that all

life was uniquely created by God – is given equal

treatment in science textbooks. While all these

have failed, the government in Turkey has now

banned evolution from its national curriculum.

US creationists want

both views to be presented,

to let children decide

what to believe. Bids

to reject this are wrongly characterised as attempts

to shut down debate or free speech – to

promote a scientific, atheistic, secular, ideology

over a more moral, ethical, common sense religious


Turkey’s decision goes much further. This

isn’t about claiming equal treatment, it’s an outright

ban. The government justifies it by claiming

evolution is “difficult to understand” and

“controversial”. Any controversy however is one

manufactured by ultra-religious communities

seeking to undermine science. Many concepts

. . .evolution itself is not a theory.

Evolution happens.

I Shall Love All Mankind.

Key creationist misconceptions

Darwin led a massive step forward. Creationists

fail to understand that evolution itself is

not a theory. Evolution happens. Life develops

and diversifies, new species come into existence.

We can see intermediate life forms right

now, such as fish that

are transitioning to living

on land and land

mammals that recently

transitioned into

aquatic life. The “theory of evolution” explains

how evolution takes place. Charles Darwin and

Alfred Russel Wallace first described the mechanism

that drives the change — natural selection

— in 1858.

Creationists also fail to understand the difference

between a theory and a law in science.

This is something that even science graduates

suffer from, as I’ve noted in my own research.

Theories explain scientific concepts. They are

evidenced and accepted by the scientific community.

Theories are the pinnacle of scientific

July 2017 The

Light 6

explanation, not just a hunch or a guess. Laws

however have a different role, they describe

natural phenomena. For example, Newton’s

laws of gravity do not explain how gravity happens,

they describe the effects gravity has on

objects. There are laws and theories for gravity.

In biology however, there are few laws, so there

is no law of evolution. Theories do not, given

sufficient proof, become laws. They are not hierarchical.

A third issue is the lack of understanding of

the nature of science. Science aims not to find

some objective truth, but to elicit an explanation

of natural phenomena. All scientific explanations

are provisional. When new evidence is

found that contradicts what we think we know,

we change our explanations, sometimes rejecting

theories that were once thought to be correct.

Science is always working to try and falsify

ideas. The more those ideas pass our tests, the

more robust they are and the greater our confidence

is that they are correct. Evolution has

been tested for nearly 160 years. It’s never been

falsified. Science only deals with natural phenomena,

it doesn’t deal with or seek to explain

the supernatural.

Why the ban is dangerous

Banning good science undermines all science,

especially considering evolution’s place

underpinning modern biology, with plenty of

evidence to support it. For mainstream scientists,

the fact that evolution happens is neither

seriously questioned nor

controversial. Any controversy

in discussions of

evolution resides in the

role natural selection has

in driving diversity and

change, or the pace of that


This ban on teaching

evolution in Turkish

schools opens the possibility

that alternative, unscientific ideas may enter

science teaching, from those who believe in

a flat earth to deniers of gravity.

How do we deal with the apparent schism

Read in the name of thy

Lord Who creates- Creates

man from a clot,

Read and thy Lord is

most Generous,

Who taught by the pen,

Taught man what he

knew not

I Shall Love All Mankind.

between religious belief and scientific evidence?

My research and approach has been to distinguish

between religion, a belief system, and

science, which works on the acceptance of evidence.

Beliefs, including but not limited to religious

beliefs, are often held irrationally, without

evidence, and are resistant to change. Science is

rational, based on evidence and is open to

change when faced with new evidence. In science,

we accept the evidence, rather than

“choose to believe”.

Turkey’s move to ban the teaching of evolution

contradicts scientific thinking, and tries to

turn the scientific method into a belief system

— as if it were a religion. It seeks to introduce

supernatural explanations for natural phenomena,

and to assert that some form of truth or explanation

for nature exists beyond nature. The

ban is unscientific, undemocratic and should be

resisted. (end)

The Significance of Lailatul


The Night of Majesty

By Ebrahim Mohamed

I begin in the name of Allah the Beneficent

the Merciful.

Surely, We revealed it on the Night of Majesty

And what will make thee comprehend what

The Night of Majesty is?

The Night of Majesty is

better than a thousand

months The angels and the

Spirit descend in it by the

Permission of their Lord –

for every affair- Peace! It is

till the rising of the morning.


Lailatul Qadr or the

‘Night of Majesty’ is the

name given in the Holy Quran to that eventful

night when the first five verses of the Holy Quran

was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad

(peace be upon him). He was sitting alone in the

July 2017 The

Light 7

cave of Hira when he heard the angel Jibreel announce

to him Iqra - Read! He said: Fa qoel toe

maa annaa bi qaari ‘I am not one who can read.’

Again Jibreel said Iqra - Read! and again he said:

Fa qoel toe maa annaa bi qaari ‘I am not one that

can read.’ And a third time the Angel Jibreel said

Iqra - Read! and again he said: Fa qoel toe maa

annaa bi qaari ‘I am not one that can read.’

Then Jibreel revealed the following words to

the Holy Prophet (s):

Read in the name of thy Lord Who creates-

Creates man from a clot,

Read and thy Lord is most Generous,

Who taught by the pen,

Taught man what he knew not – (96:1-5) 1

It is indeed noteworthy that these very first

verses revealed to the Holy Prophet (s) do not mention

anything about worship but instead appeal to

the human intellect and draw attention to man’s

creation from an insignificant clot of blood. Instead

it contains the command to ‘read’ the Divine

Wisdom of which unfolds as we proceed through

the Holy Quran and we come to realize that worship

amounts to nothing if not accompanied with

true understanding and knowledge of a Superior

Being, that we cannot see with our physical eyes.

It thus becomes imperative to study and observe

the works of our Creator and study His nature and

attributes as manifested in the world we find ourselves

in, to attain (haqqal yaqeen), absolute certainty

of His existence. We are commanded to read

with the assistance of our Rabb, the One Who

nourishes and sustains us through various stages of

evolution to perfection. So, our Rabb is our Guide

along the path to perfect knowledge and absolute

certainty of His existence. This is the foundation

on which we are commanded to build our faith in

Him. Without such a solid foundation of true divinely

guided knowledge, our faith will be like the

roots of a tree, which are so weak that. the slightest

occurrence of a severe

storm will eventually cause

it to topple. Sure,

knowledge of our Rabb, on

the other hand, strengthens

the roots of our faith in Him and renders us capable

to weather all storms of opposition with solid arguments

in His defence and serves as a shield for

us against sin.

This revelation indeed brought about a revolution

of light and learning in a dark world. Therefore,

its timing is called ‘Lailatul Qadr’ the Night

of Majesty. The night refers to the moral and spiritual

darkness the Arabs, the Jews, and the Christians,

nay civilization found itself in at the time.

The revelation on that majestic night sort of unleashed

a ‘Big Bang’ of spiritual awakening that

brought about a flurry for knowledge tempered

with a deep spirituality never experienced before.

As the Holy Quran says:

Tannazalul malaai katoe wa ruhu feehaa bi

idhni Rabbi him min kulli amr

The angels and the Spirit descend in it by the

permission of their Lord — for every affair.

Although the revelation of the entire Quran

took twenty-three years, the euphoria and majesty

that accompanied the first revelation that came to

the Holy Prophet (s) on the night of Lailatul Qadr

was more glorious than any other time and that is

why the Holy Quran says, ‘it is better than a thousand

months.’ A thousand months means a very

long period of about 83 years which is approximately

the average life span of a normal human being

on earth. 83 years is also approximately the

timing when spiritual revolutions occur in the universe

with the advents of Mujaddidiyya or spiritual

Revivers of the Faith raised by Almighty Allah

Himself. With the advent of a Mujaddid which

usually coincides with an age of dark nights of corruption

and irreligion, we again find a spiritual resurgence

on a large scale. Therefore, it is said that

when the souls of such holy persons are enlightened

the ‘angels and the spirit’ again descend on

the earth like rain by which humble and sincere

souls, not

Do men think that they

will be left alone on saying,

We believe, and will

not be tried?

blinded by ego

and pompousness,

are inspired

1 There is consensus amongst most scholars that the

last two verses were also part of the first verses revealed.

I Shall Love All Mankind.

July 2017 The

Light 8

and find themselves naturally drawn to such spiritual

luminaries. We also find with the assignment

by Almighty Allah of such Revivers of Faith the

trials and tribulations which the Holy Prophet and

his companions had to face, resurfacing once again

as a ‘faith building’ test for the believers. This is

how Almighty Allah in His Wisdom strengthens

the believers. The Holy Quran makes it quite clear:

from today are owing to those pioneer Muslim

scholars. The question we sadly ask is, ‘Where are

the scholars of such calibre today?’ Nay most

scholars today engage in tedious religious debates

often of a petty and shallow nature with each one

trying to outdo the other, while the West are already

on the way to the next galaxy in search of


Do men think that they will be left alone on

saying, We believe, and will not be tried? And indeed,

We tried those before them, so Allah will certainly

know those who are true and He will know

the liars. – 29:2,3

Here the generations of Believers that will

come after the era of the Holy Prophet (s) and the

rightly guided Khalifas, are addressed. Their firmness

under trial will be tested like those before

them. Like those before them there will be those

who will be firm under these trials and those who

will fall by the wayside.

The command ‘Iqra’ - ‘Read’ must have baffled

the Arabs who were not a nation known for its

literary prowess like

the ancient Greeks

for example. In fact,

they are referred to in

the Holy Quran as an

ummi people, meaning

they were not literary


So, this commandment, to seek true knowledge, is

for all times even in an advanced age like today.

History, however, bears out that when this command

was transmitted to the people by the Holy

Prophet (s) those Arabs who had abandoned all

forms of idolatry and adopted Islam as their faith,

became the torch-bearers of learning and

knowledge which lasted for many centuries, because

they were moved into action by these commands.

The lesson in this is that it is not enough

merely to make lengthy duas and recite lengthy surahs

these nights; nay one should also resolve to

carry into action what we are called upon to do

here in these verses revealed to the Holy Prophet

(s) on the night of Laylatul Qadr, to gain the true

benefits of the guidance provided by the Holy

Quran. Much of the sciences which we benefit

I Shall Love All Mankind.

By Almighty Allah granting true knowledge to

humankind is meant His attribute - Raheem, i.e.

His Mercy that comes in the form of the endless

benefits humanity derives by putting to good use

their human faculties and the embellishments their

Lord has provided them with through His Rahma

i.e. His Beneficence which knows no boundaries.

He gives it to whom He pleases whether you are a

Believer in Him or not. That is why the Quran says,

‘Thy Lord is Most Generous’ after the command to

‘Read’. This means that true knowledge is NOT a

hand-out; rather, it is a reward that comes with hard


The mention of the ‘pen’ in seventh century

Arabia leaves

much to ponder

about. Who would

have thought, then,

that there would

come a time when

the might of the

pen would be far

superior to the

might of the sword in the defence of Islam? The

great general in the army of Muhammad (s) in this

age, Hazrat Mirza Sahib, declared a Jihad bil

Qalam i.e. a Jihad with the pen in his defence of

Islam and not a Jihad with the sword or guns and

bullets. Though he was condemned for this peaceful,

yet most effective stance he took at the time,

today everyone agrees that the pen is indeed mightier

than the sword. The ‘qalam’ or pen, however,

has a deeper significance in the verse; it is symbolic

of knowledge of all the perceivable sciences

not just that pertaining to religion. Nevertheless,

although we have seen how advanced technology

has raised the material standards of civilization —

we have internet; cell phones; televisions etc — we

can also destroy ourselves intellectually and physically,

if we do not heed the moral code laid down

for us to follow by our Rabb (Creator) in His Book,

Who would have thought, then,

that there would come a time

when the might of the pen would

be far superior to the might of

the sword in the defence of Islam?

July 2017 The

Light 9

the Holy Quran.

After the first revelation on the night of

Laylatul Qadr, there came a lapse of about six

months during which there was no revelation

which pressed heavily on the Holy Prophet (s). Finally,

chapter 74 of the Holy Quran al Muddathir,

The One Who Is Enwrapping Himself,’ was revealed.

He was commanded thus:

O Thou who wrappest thy self up

Arise and Warn – 74:1-2

This indeed signalled the dawning of a new

age that would encompass not just certain nations

but the entire world. The Holy Prophet Muhammad

(peace be upon him) was charged with the

completion and perfection of Islam and to take it

to the whole world. Our Prophet’s lifetime was the

time when the angels and the spirit were descending

on earth. On the one hand, the Holy

Quran was being revealed, and on the

other hand, the hearts of the believers

were being suffused with spiritual life. For

every act of sacrifice and selflessness

there flowed a constant stream of assistance

and support – angels descended,

faith was revived and strengthened, hearts

were invested with spiritual power – and

even during all these dangers, the message of

peace was silently working its way into the hearts

of people to such an extent that eventually the dark

cloud of unbelief was lifted, and the divine light of

guidance spread its glorious rays all over the


Over the last thousand years, Islam witnessed

a temporal and spiritual decline amongst its followers

of the worst kind. Again, we find ourselves

in an age where there is a need for transformation

that will bring back the glorious days of Islam.

During these last few days of Ramadan we should

we find ourselves in an age

where there is a need for

transformation that will

bring back the glorious

days of Islam.

I Shall Love All Mankind.

increase our prayers and pray for our spiritual welfare

and the world at large. We should pray for the

victory of the true Islam as it existed during the

time of the Holy Prophet 1400 years ago and restored

to its pristine purity by the Imam of this

Age, to whom we owe our full support with honesty

and sincerity of heart as called upon by none

other than the Messenger of Allah, the Prophet

Muhammad (s). (end)

Identity Theft

Part 2

By Iain Dixon

Asalamu aleikum!

May the peace of Allah be upon you! Isn’t it

sad that Islam has been used by many as a vehicle

of terror across the earth, instead of a vehicle

of blessing? People have ‘hijacked’ the loving

"Great is the LORD, and greatly

to be praised, and his greatness

is unsearchable!" Psalm 145:3

character of God. Not only have they stolen His

identity, but they have warped, twisted, and reshaped

it into something that no longer represents

His beauty and splendour. It is like someone

walking into an art gallery and defacing a

beautiful painting with graffiti. Allahu Akbar becomes

the battle cry of the vicious and violent,

rather than the symphony of the servant. In the

Honoured Quran we read a simple, but powerful

statement: “We gave to David (the gift of) the

Psalms.”— Al Isra 17:55 (Yusuf Ali Translation)

The Psalms were given by inspiration to David,

and were intended to be sung for the worship

and praise of Allah. In the Holy Bible in Psalm

145:3 the prophet David declares the majesty of

Allah: “Great is the LORD, and greatly to

be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable!”

This is the real “Allahu Akbar”

— Allah’s greatness is beyond

measure, unsearchable. The reality of Allah

is not to be found in bullets and

bombs, but rather as David says: “The

LORD is gracious and full of compassion,

slow to anger and of great mercy. The

July 2017 The

Light 10

LORD is good to all, and his tender mercies are

over all his works.” — Psalm 145:8-9.

It is true that there are verses in the Honoured

Quran (and the Holy Bible) that could be

used to justify violence, but we need to understand

context, and why things were originally

said, rather than using a few isolated verses to

describe who Allah is and how we should behave.

When I was younger, my parents had

thirty clocks in the home. Big clocks, little clocks

… clocks that ticked, and clocks that even made

bird sounds on the hour! Very occasionally, 28

clocks would be telling us it was 2.30pm. But

two clocks for example, might have stopped, or

were running a little slow. But just because one

clock was saying it was midnight, or one clock

was saying it was ten to three in the afternoon,

we knew the real time was 2.30pm because of

the testimony of the vast evidence of the other

clocks! No one would have ever suggested it was

midnight or ten to three! Similarly, those who

have committed ‘identity theft’ may try and justify

their violent actions by looking at one or

two verses in the Quran, rather than knowing

the true character of Allah by reading everything

else that is said.

It is commonly said that “the heart of the

problem, is the problem of the heart.” I wonder

sometimes, if the real cause of evil mistakenly

performed in the Name of Allah is not just found

in misrepresenting and misreading a text in the

Honoured Quran.

Terrorism has no religion.

Gardeners often

speak of the perils

of Japanese Knotweed. This weed is aggressive,

and spreads rapidly. In summer, its bamboo

like stems can shoot up to seven feet, and

can choke and suppress the growth of good

plants. In this climate of fear and violence all

done in the name of religion (even by those declaring

“Allahu Akbar”), maybe we need to understand

the nature of spiritual Japanese Knotweed.

What is it that can turn hearts that are as

pure as ice, to hearts that are as black as the

darkest cave with no stars or sunlight visible?

Terrorism has no religion.

In the Honoured Quran, we read: “And behold,

We said to the angels: ‘Bow down to Adam’

and they bowed down. Not so Iblis, he refused

and was haughty: He was of those of who reject

Faith.” — Al Baqarah 2:34. Those who “reject

faith” — these are strong words. Could it be that

the real problem of those who are guilty of

I Shall Love All Mankind.

‘identity theft’ (and distortion) of Allah’s character

have also followed the haughtiness of Iblis

… refusing to truly submit to Allah? Could

haughtiness be like spiritual Japanese Knotweed,

crushing and distorting hearts that were

created to surrender to Allah the Lord of the

Universe? A true surrender that honours God’s

Law, and wants to willingly follow it?

(To be continued)

The Holy Quran

Stellar Artistry

By Shazia Ahmad

At the age of seven, I felt I had done my duty

by reciting from the beginning to the end a set

of words that meant nothing to me; triumphant

on completion, I shut the book, never believing

that it would re-enter my life in subtle ways.

In the 1980’s, I went through a haze believing

this book to be nothing more than a set of

edicts. A book of rules. However, at university,

the haze began to clear; a smiling young woman

set me on my journey, No, she countered; it is a

book of arguments. This intrigued me; argument

is an intellectual concept which I had

never associated with the Quran. I started to attend

lectures in and out of campus to learn


I was startled when

ideas that I was coming

across in Mathematics

started enigmatically to appear in the Quranic

surah’s I was encountering at the time, e.g., the

concept of axioms or foundational facts upon

which further facts can be built or the ideas of

existence and uniqueness — for example in Surah

Ikhlas one of the last surah’s in the Quran,

Allah (swt) declares

Say: He is Allah who is One (here Allah is

stating the fact that- He exists)

The eternal refuge

He begets not and is not begotten

Nor is there to him any equivalent

(Here Allah is making a statement of


Structurally it is in the right place in the

Quran, as the ayah’s and surah’s that have gone

July 2017 The

Light 11

entire surah’s within the Quran are in

ring formation.

before offer proofs of His existence and uniqueness.

It is interesting to note that the verse itself

is also in logical order: He exists is declared before

His uniqueness. One cannot show that

something is unique until you can prove it exists.

Magnetised, I explored further. I learnt that

the first recipients of these recited words were

mesmerised; believers and non-believers felt its

impact. The bloodless conquest of Makah and

the spread of Islam across the Arabian Peninsula

happened in an unbelievably short burst of

time. Al Aziz, the Mighty, one of the many titles

of Allah Taala given in this book, had overpowered

these people. By all accounts, it is a unique

event in history. How wonderful it would be if I

could get some sense of that impact, I thought.

In this revered month, I would like to share

with you some illuminating research that is going

on in the literary aspects of the Quran.

In France, Germany and here in the UK researchers

are embarking upon a field of study

focusing on the organisation of the Quran. It is a

pursuit being taken up by Muslims and non-

Muslims alike.

Before I begin, I need to acknowledge my

source: the Bayyninah blog, that goes into much

more detail than I will be here. It also lists a set

of books and authors studying this aspect of the

Quran. I also need to explain some terms.

To begin simply, I will introduce you to word

parallelism. Here is a quote from Malcolm X:

A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.

Here opposite words: Stand, fall, Nothing,

Anything- connect the

two parts of the sentence

a man who with words, sentences, themes or

A ring composition has a centre

stands for nothingideas

radiating out but connected

will fall for anything

in reverse order focussing on the

Chiasmus is reverse


idea at the centre.


I Shall Love All Mankind.

will explain this with an

example. In Matthew

19:30 Jesus says: ‘But

many who are first will be

last, and the last will be first’. Here the term in

the first clause: first will be last, is repeated but

in reverse order (last will be first), tying the two

clauses together.

Whole books can be in written chiastic

structure. The one newly discovered in the

Quran is called the ring composition. A ring

composition has a centre with words, sentences,

themes or ideas radiating out but connected

in reverse order focussing on the idea at

the centre.

I will try to explain this using Surah Yusuf.

The following is the sequential order of the trials

of Yusuf (AS).

A. Joseph’s (AS) dream (vv. 4-6)

B. The brothers’ plot against Joseph (vv. 7-


C. Minister’s wife attempt to seduce Joseph

(vv. 23-29)

D. Lynch pin of the whole incident

A similar attempt by some ladies (vv.


E. Joseph’s imprisonment (vv. 35-42)

F. The king’s dream (vv. 43-44)

F’: The king’s dream interpreted (vv. 45-


E’. Joseph’s release from prison (v. 50)

D’. Confession of the Egyptian ladies (v.


C’. Confession of minister’s wife (vv.


B’. The brothers learn their lesson (vv.


A’. Fulfilment of Joseph’s

dream (vv.


And now the

ring structure:

The surah opens

July 2017 The

Light 12

Surah Baqara has rings within rings.

with Joseph’s dream, this is connected to the

last part with the fulfilment of his dream. The

trials begin in the 2 nd part of the story B, the resolution

to this part can be found in the 2 nd last

part B’

The 3 rd part of the story . . . 3 rd Last etc

6 th part King’s dream, 6 th last… The reason

for the trials that Yusuf (AS) underwent.

Perfect symmetry; and there are other balances

as well. For instance, the story begins

with a dream sequence and first half of the ring

completes in a dream sequence. The 2 nd half of

the ring begins with the realization of the king’s

dream and the 2 nd half ends with the grand reality

of Hazrat Yusuf’s dream.

What the French and English researchers

are finding is that entire surah’s within the

Quran are in ring formation.

Surah Baqara has rings within rings or sub

rings. A YouTube channel gives a good visualisation

of this, called Remarkable structure of the

Qura: The ring composition.

In Suratul Baqara a Structural Analysis, Dr R

K Farrin states:

descending piecemeal in response

to events unfolding

in the life of the prophet (s)

and the community around him. A seeming randomness

of events was dictating the revelations.

Moreover, the honoured Prophet (s) was receiving

revelations right up towards the end of

his life. He had no idea what the next word, next

ayah, next surah would be as this was dictated

by external events.

Yet, researchers are finding precision in the

placement of each surah, each ayah even down

to each word. Subhan Allah.

I want to leave you with a verse to ponder

over. In light of the current research work, it

seems to me that Allah is alluding to this remarkable

precision in positioning within the

Quranic text by using the imagery of stars.

Sura Waqia v 75-77


No, I swear by the لنُّجُو ‏ِم

ٱ بِمَوَ‏ قِعِ‏ أُقْسِ‏ ‏ُم

placement of the stars

وَ‏ ۥ إِنَّهُ‏ لَقَسَم لَّ‏ ‏ْو تَعْلَمُو ‏َن

in- and that is عَظِيم

deed a mighty oath, if you but knew.

no- That (this) is indeed a كَرِ‏ يم ۥ إِنَّهُ‏ لَقُرْ‏ ءَان

ble Qur'an(end)

Indeed, this chapter exhibits marvellous justness

of design. It is precisely and tightly arranged,

. . . even the section lengths fit perfectly

in the overall scheme. Moreover, the precise

structure serves as a guide, pointing to key

themes in the chapter. These occur, according to

the logic of the pattern, at the centre of individual

rings and particularly at the centre of the whole


What is astonishing is that the ayahs were

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