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18 Andrew Polec as Strat

18 Andrew Polec as Strat and Christina Bennington as Raven in Bat Out of Hell. Photos: Specular. BAT OUT OF HELL WORLD PREMIERE AT LONDON COLISEUM A curious void was left in the West End when anthems musical We Will Rock You departed for pastures new. It left theatre goers yearning for a ‘thumping good rock show’ so there is good news this summer for visitors to London as Meat Loaf's classic Bat Out of Hell is lifting the rafters at the London Coliseum. This is a big production in every sense. It eschews the fashion for minimalist sets and literally explodes into the auditorium with a juggernaut staging that takes your breath away. And the voices don’t come much bigger. In a post apocalyptic Manhattan, eternally young Strat (the brilliant Andrew Polec) frees his girl Raven (Christina Bennington) from her gilded cage to the fury of her tyrannical father Falco (Rob Fowler), aided and abetted by fellow outcasts and her mother Sloane (Sharon Sexton). Together they deliver unbelievable clout to Jim Steinman's songs known to millions from the Bat Out of Hell album, one of the biggest selling of all time. Someone in the audience declared he would go to the show every night of the week just to hear the title song at the end of Act I which is indisputably a showstopper. I’d Do Anything For Love, You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth, Dead Ringer for Love, Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad, Bat Out of Hell – reminisce if you will or hear them for an unforgettable first time at full throttle. The songs steal the show – perfect! Performances until 22 August. For tickets, telephone 020 7845 9300 or visit Juliet Croft SALAD DAYS RETURNS TO THE UNION THEATRE 63 years after its first London production, Salad Days returns to London this summer in a revamp of the much-loved classical musical. Reimagined for the Union Theatre, Bryan Hodgson’s new production is the highlight of this year’s off West-End season running from 16 August to 9 September. Salad Days is the delightful story of recent graduates, Tim and Jane, in the midst of a sunny summer in 1954. Glum with their overbearing and pushy parents insisting that they ‘find themselves something to do’, Tim and Jane take on a job looking after a piano in a park. Little are they prepared to deal with the magic that follows, getting them into all kinds of musical trouble and choreographic hilarity. Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds’ timeless musical is an absolute romp of polite naughtiness and saucy encounters, that will put a smile on your face and a tap in your toes. With an energetic and peppy score featuring songs such as ‘We Said We Wouldn’t Look Back’, ‘Look At Me, I’m Dancing’, and ‘We’re Looking For A Piano’, Salad Days is a classical musical glittered with thoughts of community, love and happiness that are still as necessary and vital today as they have ever been. Box Office: 020 7261 9876. Laurie Denman plays Tim in Salad Days t h i s i s l o n d o n m a g a z i n e • t h i s i s l o n d o n o n l i n e

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