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30 Humpback whale ©

30 Humpback whale © Maria Teresa LarA. PLUNGE DEEPER INTO THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF WHALES Visitors can dive through one of the most compelling evolutionary journeys in the new family exhibition, Whales, at the Natural History Museum which complements the blue whale skeleton taking centre stage in the Museum’s Hintze Hall this summer. More than 100 specimens from the Museum’s research collection have been brought out from behind-the-scenes for the first time to show the huge diversity of whales, dolphins and porpoises. Complete skeletons reveal the secret to swimming like a whale and skulls, flippers and jaw bones uncover how they move, breathe, feed and sense their surroundings. Get up close to the variety of different species, from the vast sperm whale, the largest toothed predator on Earth that is similar in length to a double decker bus, through to the compact 1.5 metre long harbour porpoise, one of the smallest cetaceans. Explore their remarkable adaptations to ocean living yet how they are surprisingly much more like us than you might expect. See that, like humans, whales today are sociable mammals that communicate across vast distances and adopt popular behavioural trends. Hear the sounds and songs many species use to attract potential mates and explore how their complex brains enable them to experience a range of emotions. Sir Michael Dixon, Director of the Natural History Museum adds: ‘The specimens on show are part of the world’s greatest resource for understanding the ecology and behaviour of whales. Scientists are researching our cetacean collection to uncover the mysteries of these enigmatic creatures and monitor and predict changes in their habitats. Oceans are Earth’s largest natural resource but are under huge pressure from human activities such as over-fishing and pollution. We must protect our oceans for the benefit of future generations.’ Whales begins an extended season of events at the Museum, exploring the awesome power of nature and our responsibility to protect our oceans. Through its unique collection and unrivalled expertise, it is tackling the biggest challenges facing the world today. It helps enable food security, eradicate disease and manage resource scarcity. t h i s i s l o n d o n m a g a z i n e • t h i s i s l o n d o n o n l i n e

ZIP WORLD LONDON Have you ever wondered what it is like to soar across the London skyline like a bird? Wonder no longer, as Zip World London gives visitors never-seenbefore views of the capital’s most prominent landmarks this summer, all from Archbishop's Park, Southbank. The double zip line – the biggest, fastest of its kind in the world – will see riders travel at speed, giving unparalleled views of the capital’s skyline, including the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the Gherkin, Lambeth Palace and The Shard. Designed to give an exhilarating ride in the heart of London, the adventure is perfect for children from 8 years old, thrill-seeking adults and groups who want to experience the majesty of the UK’s capital from an extraordinary perspective. Zip World London starts on a tower 35 metres above the ground, making it the world’s biggest, fastest city-centre zip line. The 225-meter descent will be part of a 40-minute experience that includes a safety briefing and kit-up, just south of the River Thames. This is the first urban adventure from Zip World London, a partnership between Zip World and The City Zip Company. Zip World has been instrumental in transforming North Wales into the UK’s adventure capital. Across Zip World’s current three sites, they offer 10 amazing adventures including the world’s fastest zip line, Britain’s only Alpine Coaster and extraordinary underground adventures. Zip World London aims to bring the exhilaration associated with out of town zip wires into the city for the first time. Barry Shaverin, founder of Zip World London, says:‘Giant zip lines and the greatest cityscape in the world – it seemed such an obvious idea to put the two together. And Archbishop’s Park is one of London’s best-kept secrets – we really want to help it get the attention it deserves.’ ENA SALON CELEBRATES 8th BIRTHDAY IN COVENT GARDEN Ena Salon is the award winning luxury hair and beauty centre in the heart of Covent Garden with a sustainable conscience, situated in a beautiful Georgian town house. The team believe in natural excellence, working with natural products in a sustainably run environment. Clients at Ena Salon enjoy the peace of mind that products used are free from harmful chemicals and not pushed with marketing gimmicks but, rather, they believe in extracting each person's natural beauty through their skills, passion and knowledge. For more details, telephone 020 3301 5451. Ena Salon Hair and Beauty. 31 t h i s i s l o n d o n m a g a z i n e • t h i s i s l o n d o n o n l i n e

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