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Honoring Our Fathers - Chicago Street Journal - June 15, 2017 Edition

Honoring Our Fathers -- Volume 23 Number 3 June 15, 2017. Chicago Street Journal has been in the news business for 23 years. (Formerly South Street Journal.) Come join us for this new adventure. Ron Carter, Publisher and Editor. He can be reached at 773-595-5229.

Honoring Our Fathers - Chicago Street Journal - June 15, 2017

February 2017 Chicago Street Journal June 2017 1 $1 Donation Requested Honoring Our Fathers Mike McCormick, Executive Director American Coalition for Fathers and Children. HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY For millions of men Fathers’ Day means gathering with family, firing up the grill and enjoying what makes Fathers’ Day special; spending time together and reflecting on life with your children and family. For millions of kids this special day is set aside to say “Thanks Dad,” you are appreciated. Your presence, guidance, good nature, care, nurture, generosity, love and wisdom have helped shape our lives in positive ways too numerous to count. From you we learned empathy, perseverance, dedication, sacrifice in the pursuit of goals and the value of hard work. That’s the reality of Fathers’ Day for millions of men in America this June 18 th . For millions of other men however Fathers’ Day has a different meaning. For these millions of fathers, and their children, Fathers’ Day is not a time of joyful reflection and sharing, but a day of sorrow. These millions of fathers have either limited, or lost, contact with their children and been forced to endure life at the hands of a legal system that insists their value to their kids is most importantly expressed by how much child support they pay. These fathers live in a world where government has effectively told them your first priority is to pay up. For the lucky ones, paying up might mean they will get to see their children for a couple of days each month. For those less fortunate, the obligation to pay up is there, but the hope for contact, much less significant involvement with their children, has long since been extinguished. The sad fact is this: Billions of government dollars are spent each year to insure fathers pay up. By comparison, virtually nothing is spent to help fathers denied contact with their children retain a role in their kids’ lives. Continued on Page 4 June 17, 2017 Volume 23 No. 3 Neighborhood Opportunity Fund Announcements — Page 6 Three Female FAMU Doctoral Graduates Break Barriers in Engineering - Page 7 Get delivery right to your inbox. Visit CSJ at Call 773-998-1925 to be in the NEXT issue.

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