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Xclusive Photo Mag - Issue 1

The Xclusive Photo Mag is a new premium magazine, published by Gaitder Ltd, that offers photographers from across the globe the opportunity to publish their portfolios and showcase their photographic journey in all subjects of photography including, but not limited to, Landscapes, Portraits, Fashion, Street, Sports and Macro. Published quarterly, Xclusive Photo Mag is available as a totally free online version (Flipbook), as a printed premium magazine and also as an eBook. Visit our website for more details:

Binit Tanna India; you

Binit Tanna India; you can either love it or you can hate it but you just can’t ignore it” said a tv-host once, when wrapping up his show on India. … and when one lives in India, you hate it and love it at the same time. Ignoring can never be an option. It can be a hard place to live in, depending in which economic layer of society you find yourself in… and its not simple to identify yourself. It’s like being on an an elevator ride of a multistorey building, where you are moved up and down, just not at your own free will. You are on no particular floor for too long with a booming economy, an out-of-control population growth and a raging market… the distance between the floors only growing. …and as a photographer, you must get off that elevator and take the stairs; and that I did. After being a businessman for 25 years of my life, I one day threw it all up and said enough. The elevator ride got suffocating and claustrophobic but what had stuck in my mind were the different people that I had gotten to see in the metaphorical elevator of life in modern India. There are distinct faces, colors, sounds, languages, beliefs, customs and traditions in every part of 6

India, every floor. The lower floors rise up to the mid floors, from dusty and gritty to glazed tiles and some sheen… but yet they remain closer to the ground. The middle class living on those mid floors, is where I come from. The people here can be loud and brash and colorful…open and hospitable… suffering and yet hopeful…comfortable and maybe just about…and always living in the moment. Travelling thru the heartlands of India or walking the streets, one is always surrounded by people and colour, sounds and smells, festivities and celebrations…a constant buzz of life… commerce, trade and labour is a constant for survival here. It was impossible for me, since the time I was younger, to not have stories of life embedded in me, with what I saw around and experienced. … and photography only became a natural extension to storytelling… just without words. Street photography in India can never be the way it is sometimes classically defined; confined within certain parameters. ‘A street shot, which has indications of people and life, as is, at a certain place, captured without any direction or dramatization or posing, to evoke a certain emotion… and preferably in black and white.’ While the classic definition holds true with most factors, in India, street photography shares an edge along with documentary photography… with color added to it. 7