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Why Theatrically Trained Actors<br />

Stumble When They Audition<br />

For Film Roles<br />

Twenty-two year old Darla Dimmore is taking an acting<br />

class at Elephant Butte Dam College, along with other<br />

courses. Her main goal in life is to be an outstanding professional<br />

film actor. Professor Nedmond Zamp, her<br />

instructor and theater director at the college, has his class<br />

working on a play entitled Circumbendibus. It is a story<br />

about fratricide because of love. Darla learns that even<br />

using high-tech concealed microphones, the cast must<br />

speak louder than normal for the benefit of the audience.<br />

The dialogue in the script is rarely altered.The actors are<br />

strictly limited to the perimeters of the stage area. Each<br />

cast member must follow rigid placement markings to prevent<br />

one actor from interfering or blocking another’s performance.<br />

Exaggerated movements are necessary to assist<br />

the audience in clearly understanding what is happening in<br />

each scene. In most cases, character adjustments or dialogue<br />

changes cannot be made.There are no camera<br />

angles, just the stage front, and certainly no close-ups.<br />

Stage mobility is limited and strictly controlled.The lighting<br />

is normally fixed.The props, scenery, and backdrops are<br />

usually exaggerated, not realistic, and have limited flexibility.<br />

In addition to all this, a theater director and his goals<br />

and motives are, for the most part, very different from<br />

those of a film director. Darla clearly realizes now that<br />

though theater acting may be a well-respected form of<br />

acting and a distant relative of film acting, it is definitely not<br />

film acting. Darla is perplexed and now must search elsewhere<br />

if she is to succeed in the world of film acting.<br />

(Page 20, of Everybody is An Actor)<br />

Today there are several methods being used to train<br />

individuals to become future or better actors.<br />

Unfortunately they were designed primarily for theater<br />

acting and are actually quite old.That is why many who<br />

want to become good or possibly great film actors fail at<br />

auditions or never become successful at this unique craft.<br />

Darla Dimmore is just one example of thousands who<br />

are searching for a better way to learn.That way is the<br />

Psychophantic System of film acting! This system is<br />

based on psychological principles.There is nothing else<br />

like it in the whole world! In my workshops and in my<br />

book, Everybody is an Actor, one who wants to<br />

truly be a skillful film artist, learns how to win an audition.<br />

•What is being revealed about the character?<br />

•How do you feel about him or her?<br />

•How will you deal with the part and seal the role<br />

and make it real!<br />

10<br />

I clearly instruct how to give the portrayal genuine<br />

appeal and zeal. It is also important to know after a<br />

performance how to heal yourself. It is imperative that a<br />

professional film actor know the jargon used in this industry<br />

and be able to radiate positive energy when working<br />

with all who are involved in a TV or motion picture production.This<br />

is what I offer to all my students and seasoned<br />

film actors who want to reach a higher level of success. In<br />

addition to all this, I present and explain many other extraordinary<br />

ways to be truly outstanding as a film actor. Methods<br />

and theater thespians cannot make this offer or guarantee.<br />

In future articles I will explain how to overcome stage<br />

fright and each one of my psychophantic sensors.<br />


Dr. Reichel has a long and varied experience in the<br />

film and TV industries, from actor and director to<br />

casting and cameraman. He holds multiple degrees,<br />

including one in film production and a doctorate in<br />

counseling psychology. Reichel, the author of<br />

“Everybody is an Actor”, was the first to produce a TV<br />

program about Asian cultures in America, and the<br />

first to present a TV show about all aspects of<br />

organic living. He is credited with persuading film star<br />

Jackie Chan to come to the U.S. to make movies.<br />

He created an innovative and comprehensive acting<br />

system that immerses participants in the culture of<br />

film production while helping them actually become<br />

the character with impressive time efficiency. His<br />

system is also excellent for those who would like<br />

to have superior confidence and be more dynamic<br />

and assertive at work, social situations, school, or<br />

even at home.<br />

Dr. is the lone crusader for the restoration of the<br />

United States film and television industry and a positive<br />

form of training film actors! He has been a guest on<br />

countless talk shows across the nation. Find him on<br />

Facebook,Youtube, and other internet links.You can<br />

contact him through E-Mail at:<br />

everybodyisanactor@gmail.com<br />

hollywoodeastinternational@gmail.com<br />



Cooper<br />

and<br />

Hemingway<br />

Through The Eyes of<br />

John Mulholland<br />


Filmmaker John Mulholland’s documentary, “Cooper &<br />

Hemingway: The True Gen,” focuses not simply on one<br />

fascinating subject, but two: Gary Cooper and Ernest<br />

Hemingway. This film explores the differences and<br />

surprising similarities between these two cultural giants.<br />


Mulholland’s first break was in the<br />

1980s, at the Arts network (A&E).<br />

Mulholland was brought in to<br />

write and direct documentaries by visionary<br />

Curtis Davis, who headed the network. “It<br />

was the beginning of cable television,”<br />

Mulholland explains. “There were no set<br />

running times, and whether our pieces were<br />

27 or 38 minutes, we were allowed whatever<br />

it took to tell the story.” His documentary<br />

subjects varied from Van Gogh, to Charles<br />

Dickens, to Macbeth, to many more subjects<br />

he loved. Cooper and Hemingway’s friendship<br />

is such a subject.<br />

“When I was a teenager, my father introduced<br />

me to Hemingway, and I was immediately<br />

taken by his simple, no artifice style,”<br />

Mulholland reminisces. “I also really liked<br />

Gary Cooper— he truly became his characters.”<br />

Part of why he chose to make this documentary<br />

was because of the way these two<br />

men were opposites, yet mirrors, of one<br />

another. Hemingway’s public image was that<br />

of an academic, war lover, misogynist, and<br />

alcoholic. In contrast, Cooper was thought of<br />

as dim, a cowboy type who was an overall<br />

nice person. Mulholland began wondering<br />

how two such apparent opposites could have<br />

become so close. The research he began on<br />

this ultimately turned into “Cooper &<br />

Hemingway: The True Gen.”<br />

>>><br />


M<br />

ulholland was fascinated to<br />

learn that both men were<br />

highly influential to the<br />

nation as a whole—not just<br />

as icons, but specifically as<br />

males. “For better and worse, both Cooper<br />

and Hemingway are responsible for defining<br />

what American masculinity meant in the first<br />

half of the twentieth century,” Mulholland<br />

elaborates. Both men put forth an image of<br />

being strong, silent, and ready to face danger,<br />

yet never vulnerable. Mulholland’s film<br />

shows how such cultural pressures were at<br />

points damaging to their careers, as well as to<br />

American men as a whole. Mulholland was<br />

also intrigued whenever he discovered things<br />

about these men that were unexpected.<br />

Some of Hemingway’s lesser-known works<br />

belied the image the world had of him. His<br />

stories “Cat in the Rain” and “A Canary for<br />

One” deal with marital dysfunction, while<br />

“Up in Michigan” focuses on date rape—and<br />

he did not approach these topics in way that<br />

would a misogynist. The supposedly unintelligent<br />

Cooper, in turn, had many artistic and<br />

intellectual friends, entirely outside of the<br />

realm of Hollywood. In different ways, both<br />

Hemingway and Cooper were forced to<br />

repress their more empathic, sensitive sides<br />

for the American public at large.<br />

There is so much that can fit into a two hour<br />

and fifteen-minute documentary. However,<br />

when the film is focused on two people and<br />

the relationship between them, it can be a<br />

struggle to balance all the information on<br />

both. “There was much I shot that ended up<br />

on the cutting room floor,” Mulholland notes.<br />

“For example, they were seemingly opposite<br />

politically—Cooper a Republican, and<br />

Hemingway a Democrat. However, they were<br />

closer aligned than people realized.” One of<br />

Mulholland’s favorite anecdotes is about how<br />


the iconic fashion designer Bill Blass not only<br />

knew Gary Cooper—he considered the actor<br />

to have been one of the most powerful fashion<br />

influences in the twentieth century. Upon<br />

further research, Mulholland was surprised to<br />

also learn that fashion also mattered to<br />

Hemingway. Although Hemingway lived in<br />

Cuba for the last twenty years of his life, he<br />

still had shorts crafted from the finest stores<br />

in New York. While some of these details<br />

were cut from the 2013 final film, fortunately,<br />

the upcoming Blu-ray holds them all.<br />

W<br />

hen<br />

asked how he felt as a director<br />

working on this film, Mulholland’s<br />

response is emphatic: “Anybody<br />

who makes documentaries and tells you that<br />

they’re a director is full of themselves.” He<br />

expounds, “Making a documentary entire<br />

relies upon the people you got on camera.”<br />

Fortunately for Mulholland, he got many<br />

great people to appear. He wanted Joan<br />

Didion to be part of the documentary, and<br />

while she was unavailable, she was happy to<br />

be quoted in it. Charlton Heston was instrumental,<br />

showing Mulholland first editions of<br />

Hemingway in dozens of languages, and<br />

being interviewed on camera. Sam Waterson,<br />

of “Law & Order” fame, narrates the film.<br />

Actor Chris Pratt has seen the documentary<br />

and loved it, for Gary Cooper is whom he<br />

studies when he is about to take on a role.<br />

Finally, Mulholland is also thrilled to have<br />

worked with premiere documentarian Craig<br />

Gilbert, who was integral to the production of<br />

the documentary. “He helped me pick out<br />

where I wasn’t being objective,” Mulholland<br />

smiles. “He made sure I didn’t make a film<br />

that forced the viewer to see things in a certain<br />

way.”<br />

Mulholland is excited for the Blu-ray<br />

release of “Cooper & Hemingway: The True<br />

Gen,” particularly since it holds so many<br />

extra features. He is also mid-way through<br />

production on his next film, which focuses on<br />

the American writer Elmore Leonard (who,<br />

incidentally, was mentored by Ernest<br />

Hemingway). Mulholland is particularly<br />

excited to do a film about Leonard, >>><br />


given that he is one of the most influential<br />

writers in America over the last fifty years.<br />

Despite being a Caucasian man, Leonard is<br />

also notable for being a writer who is respected<br />

as a strong writer of women characters, as<br />

well as people of color. Mulholland is currently<br />

looking for the film’s narrator, and the<br />

16<br />

goal is to have the documentary finished by<br />

early September. – Donna Letterese<br />

For more information on<br />

Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen<br />

Visit www.cooperhemingway.com



Some Roads to Hollywood<br />

Are Longer Than Others<br />

L<br />

ike youngsters everywhere (even in Brazil), Tatyana would spend<br />

hours upon hours watching television. And, at a young age, she<br />

knew she wanted to become an actress. When she was old<br />

enough, she enrolled in a college where she could study acting.<br />

After that, she spent the next three years in an acting school which<br />

offered more specialized classes for actors who wished to pursue<br />

careers in film and television. To gain more practical experience,<br />

Tatyana volunteered her time in a theatre group with roles in plays<br />

and other productions such as short films. Her earlier rigors were<br />

rewarded when the theatre company hired her to teach acting to its<br />

other members.<br />

Her skills did not go unnoticed. She became one of over 150<br />

applicants to become part of Margie Haber’s acting program – in<br />

Hollywood. Margie did have one basic required facet and that<br />

was... her students had to speak English! So, in less than four<br />

months of arduous learning, Tatyana learned a new language.<br />

Tatyana made the life-changing decision and moved to Los<br />

Angeles and started all over. She became one of Heber’s top students.<br />

Her new life and career magically changed as she attained<br />

several roles in short films, doing modeling as well as several television<br />

commercials. And, to sharpen her craft, she became part of<br />

the Sherman Oaks based Whitefire Theatre, one of L.A.’s premier<br />

ensemble theatre companies which regularly offers its acting members<br />

the opportunity to perform live on stage.<br />

All of Tatyana’s perseverance, hard work and dedication to her<br />

acting career finally paid off when was cast in the Warner Bros. film,<br />

Suicide Squad. She recalls the experience of her first major role and<br />

looks back on the road she has traveled to date.<br />

READ MORE >><br />



How did you actually get the part in Suicide Squad?<br />

I did the audition and it was crazy because it came down to me<br />

and one other girl, and the role was a Russian girl named Tatiana.<br />

So it was a bit funny and kind of like destiny. I think my name<br />

helped me get the role a bit!<br />

What was it like working on the set of Suicide Squad?<br />

My experience on set was the best ever. Everyone treated me<br />

very well. I had my own wardrobe room and someone was constantly<br />

checking up on me, asking if I needed anything. Things<br />

like that are rare when you are a lesser known actor!<br />

Once I was scheduled to be on set, director David Ayer came to<br />

me to say thank you for me being there. What a pleasure meeting<br />

him! I want to say THANK YOU to him for giving me this awesome<br />

opportunity to be a part of this amazing production.<br />

When it was time to shoot my scene a very funny situation took<br />

place. I never received so much attention and care at the same<br />

time. I was waiting for the crew to set up the cameras and one<br />

guy, who was in charge of taking care of me, asked me if I wanted<br />

some water and I said yes. He left right away to get it for me.<br />

Next the stunt man of Adam Beach (Slipknot in the film), the actor<br />

who I interact with, asked me if I wanted water and I said that<br />

someone was already getting some for me, but he left to go get<br />

some for me as well. Then, another man who was an assistant<br />

camera man came and brought me a couple bottles of water.<br />

Seconds later one by one everyone was coming to me and giving<br />

me bottles of water! haha It was so funny because I had so many<br />

bottles of water on set that I had to hide them in different places<br />

on the set so they did not not show on camera! And because my<br />

scene takes place in my bathroom, the assistant camera man<br />

and I were playing around saying that we could fill up the bathtub<br />

just with the water everyone had brought me! I definitely wasn’t<br />

thirsty anymore!<br />

The shooting of the scene went very smoothly, Adam Beach<br />

(Slipknot) was very nice and friendly and so was his stunt man. I<br />

felt so comfortable on set that I completely forgot that I was in a<br />

really huge production with such amazing well-known actors. I<br />

had a blessed time that day. I will never forget that moment and<br />

how well I was treated. Every single person involved in that movie<br />

got my attention, my respect and my admiration. I would love to<br />

say thanks to everyone involved with Suicide Squad for such an<br />

amazing experience!<br />

Which actors, actresses, and films or TV shows influenced<br />

you when you were young?<br />

I did the audition and it was crazy because it came down to me<br />

and one other girl, and the role was a Russian girl named Tatiana.<br />

So it was a bit funny and kind of like destiny. I think my name<br />

helped me get the role a bit!<br />

Since I was young I have had an admiration for Meryl Streep in<br />

any movie she’s been in, she’s my favorite! Johnny Depp, especially<br />

in Edward Scissorhands, Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and<br />

Shakespeare in Love, and other movies such as the entire Harry<br />

Potter series, the books had a major impact on MORE >><br />


...TATYANA<br />


me! Hook, The Princess Diaries, Matilda, and so many more<br />

movies. And the TV show Friends helped me learn English as<br />

quickly as possible!<br />

All these movies, tv shows and actors inspired me to pursue my<br />

dreams and fight for them. When I decided to become an actress<br />

I didn’t think twice. I made the decision and I took with me all the<br />

positive energy. People who were telling me that I was crazy or<br />

this career is very hard and would be almost impossible, didn’t<br />

bother me, actually, they helped me to fight more and to not give<br />

up. I decided to come to America to become what I want to be: An<br />

inspirational, successful and recognizable actress.<br />

What kind of roles do you feel are best for you?<br />

The roles I think are best for me are in the drama genre, I love<br />

characters that get wild or crazy. Not really mentally crazy, but<br />

they experience very crazy scenarios.<br />

Who else in Hollywood would you like to work with?<br />

I would love to work with all of my idols! Meryl Streep, Johnny<br />

Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as amazing directors like Tim<br />

Burton.<br />

What’s next for you?<br />

Guitars and Guns, directed by Robin Mountjoy, starring Jake<br />

Busey.<br />

Tatyana Figueiredo on IMDb<br />

Tatyana Figueiredo Personal Website<br />

Suicide Squad in IMDb<br />





THAT’S BIG.<br />


BIG!<br />

FALL 2017<br />



• FILMMAKERS •<br />


info@inmag.com/filmfest<br />


info@inmag.com/sponsor<br />


info@inmag.com/patron<br />







Sometimes, Saying a Prayer<br />

Can Make An Acting Career Soar<br />

Victoria was born in the<br />

Russian city of Rostov-on-<br />

Don and was the younger<br />

of two girls. Early in her<br />

childhood she begged her<br />

parents to buy her a piano<br />

and when that dream came<br />

true, she enrolled in the<br />

local music school. Music<br />

became her first big<br />

passion in life. Later, her<br />

mom moved to a new<br />

home in Moscow. As she<br />

was growing up, she began<br />

to get modeling and acting<br />

work. After high school,<br />

she was enrolled at<br />

Moscow University where<br />

she studied journalism and<br />

broadcasting. During her work on the Russian TV<br />

station, she flew to Los Angeles and totally fell in love<br />

with California. She later relocated there to pursue a<br />

career in the performing arts.<br />

Viktoria recalls, “Most of my acting jobs were in<br />

commercials for Bank of America, Samsung and<br />

Microsoft. When I received a call to have a part in the<br />

feature film, Sully, starring Tom Hanks and directed by<br />

Hollywood legend, Clint Eastwood, I couldn’t wait to<br />

be on the set. I was cast as<br />

one of the passengers on the<br />

fateful flight. It was not a<br />

speaking part.<br />

One day, Director Clint<br />

Eastwood approached me and<br />

asked if I could speak Russian.<br />

“Yes,” I said. And, before I<br />

could even blink, they added a<br />

special scene where I was<br />

filmed reciting a Russian<br />

prayer in my native language.<br />

It was probably one of<br />

the most difficult roles I’ve<br />

ever done in my whole acting<br />

life. We were in cold water<br />

inside of the plane most of<br />

the time. But, the excitement<br />

from working with such a legend<br />

and the story of that flight itself was definitely<br />

worth it. The atmosphere on the set was amazing as<br />

everyone was great!<br />

She went on to say, “This opportunity was made<br />

easier for me because of the kindness and professional<br />

manor of the film’s First Assistant Director, David<br />

Bernstein, who worked on my scene.<br />

It would be great to work with this amazing crew<br />

again someday.<br />



AIRIK<br />

ACE<br />

YOUNG<br />

ACTION<br />

HERO<br />

Airik Ace is a nine-year-old<br />

bilingual prodigy and<br />

Hollywood actor who lives in<br />

Beverly Hills. Though mostly<br />

self-taught, he is a multi-talented<br />

youngster who aspires<br />

to be like his favorite actor,<br />

Paul Newman.<br />

He excels in school obtaining<br />

high grades and loves<br />

sports. Airik has earned his<br />

blue belt in Tae Kwon Do.<br />

He is learning to play golf and<br />

is being taught by a former<br />

PGA tour professional. He<br />

enjoys playing in his yard and<br />

swimming in the family pool.<br />

Airik is also learning to play<br />

the piano and enjoys singing<br />

songs that he has composed.<br />

But, he dreams of a future<br />

directorial debut with the<br />

inspiration and loving<br />

guidance from... ><br />


Arik’s mom,<br />

is a gorgeous, vivacious Russianborn<br />

woman who performed as a<br />

Prima Ballerina for many years with<br />

the very famous ballet company<br />

Voljanka and Moiseevkii troop.<br />

She found her strength in theater in<br />

Vienna where she really felt she<br />

belonged and developed a strong<br />

love for the stage. She starred in<br />

theater and, as her talent grew, felt a<br />

calling to become an actor which<br />

eventually led her to Los Angeles to<br />

pursue her career. She recalled of an<br />

amazing time with Steven Spielberg<br />

who let her sit next to him while<br />

directing a scene where she got to<br />

experience first hand a view through<br />

the director’s eyes.<br />

Irina now lives in the hills overlooking<br />

Beverly Hills with her young son<br />

Airik Ace. Her tidy home is filled with<br />

treasures and art from around the<br />

world. Above, she is pictured with an<br />

incredible portait of herself.<br />

Irina is an actress and producer,<br />

known for Nowhereland, The White<br />

Horse Is Dead (2005) and<br />

DayDreams of Rudolph Valentino<br />

(2007). She also had a role in the<br />

Versace film, Silent Screams.<br />

She is an incredible devoted<br />

mother and would like to help her son<br />

become a force in the entertainment<br />

industry.<br />

What will she be doing next?<br />

Irina Stemer<br />



Social Media<br />

It’s Time to Get Out There<br />

and Engage<br />

Here’s How...<br />

Social Media . . . that’s just for hormonally-charged teens,<br />

political pundit wannabes and doting grandparents trying to keep<br />

up with where their geographically-dispersed families... right?<br />

While the above may be true for some, the<br />

reality is that Social Media has thrust itself<br />

into the marketing and communications landscape—an<br />

essential tool for businesses and individuals<br />

of all types to engage their customers and potential<br />

customers in conversations about their brands<br />

and/or themselves.<br />

Do it right and rather than you reaching out to your<br />

target customers, they come to you for the indispensable<br />

content and sense of brand community that<br />

only you can provide.<br />

The key, of course, is doing it right. Read on for how.<br />


First, whether you’re selling a widget, an album, or<br />

promoting a new film, size does matter. Of course,<br />

you want a quality audience that’s genuinely interested<br />

in your brand and what you have to say, and<br />

interested in sharing news about your brand with<br />

others, but you also want numbers—BIG numbers.<br />

Case in point, telling 10 of the most interested and<br />

loyal fans all about your products and services just<br />

won’t create the kind of<br />

buzz telling a self-selected<br />

target audience of a hundred,<br />

a thousand, ten<br />

thousand, or even more<br />

“fans” will.Twenty years<br />

ago, advertisers and marketers<br />

could only dream<br />

of such a thing. Now, with<br />

social media it’s reality . ..<br />

and commonplace.<br />

ROOM TO GROW . . . BUT<br />


So now you’re either thinking,“I’ve already got those<br />

numbers,” or you’re shaking in your boots wondering,“I’ve<br />

got 100 followers, how am I ever going to<br />

get numbers like that?” Regardless of the current<br />

size of your Social Media followings, you have room<br />

to grow—and audience growth is achievable, so long<br />

as you are committed, patient, and in it for the longrun.<br />

Success through Social Media is not a one-anddone<br />

proposition.<br />

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: content.<br />

Content. CONTENT! Without providing valuable<br />

content that your followers can’t find elsewhere,<br />

you’re just treading water.Articles, blogs, infographics,<br />

videos, white papers, etc., are all examples of the<br />

kind of content you should be generating and posting<br />

to social media.<br />

Participate/post/tweet often. If you post articles<br />

or comment on Social Media only once or twice a<br />

month, you’re unlikely to create buzz around your<br />

brand.Those who follow you want reassurances that<br />

you’ll be a frequent contributor, otherwise they’ll just<br />

go elsewhere.To you, daily<br />

updates might feel like<br />

overkill, but remember<br />

only YOU read 100% of<br />

what you share.Your audience<br />

will not see everything<br />

you post, so frequency<br />

is important, just<br />

like it’s important when<br />

running radio or print or<br />

TV advertising.<br />

more>><br />


...from page 29<br />

Don’t wait until the last minute to sow your<br />

social media seeds. Building genuine followings on<br />

social media takes time. Unless your Justin Bieber,<br />

you’re probably not going to get 10,000 new followers<br />

overnight. So if you’ve got an event, a premier, or<br />

a record debut coming up 6-, 9-, or even 12-months<br />

out, start talking about it now on social media to<br />

build interest and demand.Think about new film<br />

trailers, many of which debut up to a year ahead of a<br />

movie’s release date to generate excitement. Build<br />

hype (awareness) and community (followers) sooner<br />

rather than later, leading to greater frequency as you<br />

get closer to the event. Keep it simple at first, posting<br />

maybe three times a week, ramping up to 1 or 2<br />

times a day as your big event/sale/or premier<br />

approaches.<br />

Realize that the days of organic social media<br />

growth are over as Facebook,Twitter, and others<br />

repress your reach if you are not advertising<br />

on their respective platform. Not fair, you<br />

say? It’s business—it doesn’t have to be.To maximize<br />

your social media reach, you need to be viewed as<br />

an advertiser, and that means paid placements in<br />

addition to organic posts and shares.<br />

follow<br />

us...<br />

Don’t go it alone—follow “influencers” in your<br />

field or industry. Influencers are people you know<br />

that members of your target audience are likely following.<br />

Comment on their posts, and use hash tags<br />

(#) so your content can be found easily, and use<br />

@mentions so influencers know when you mention<br />

them. Doing so will expose you and your brand to<br />

an ever-widening audience. Impress influencers, say<br />

or share something of value, and they’ll start to follow<br />

you and share your content.<br />

Count your website in your social media/marketing<br />

mix. Building a strong community through<br />

social is one thing, but you need to seal the deal.<br />

Don’t forget your website! Make sure the user experience<br />

there aligns with your social presence and<br />

that it leads to more sales, conversions, or whatever<br />

it is you are trying to accomplish by hyping your<br />

brand. Just how well does your website engage visitors?<br />

Do you have measurable performance goals<br />

and objectives? If your website engagement does not<br />

mesh with your social media activity, dig deeper.<br />

Conduct surveys, examine trends, find out what you<br />

need to do to turn growing interest in your brand<br />

into paying customers in your sales pipeline.<br />

Today’s consumers are savvy.They want valuable content<br />

from the brands they buy from—content they<br />

can embrace in their everyday lives at home, at<br />

work, and at play.They want to become part of the<br />

conversation, part of a community that is attracted<br />

and loyal to your offerings.As brand devotees, they<br />

talk about your brand, tell others, and share your<br />

content, helping to spread the word.<br />

Now get out there and engage!<br />

— Paul June, King of the Jungle… out there.<br />

www.barrelomonkeyz.com<br />


Chris Ortega (r) and David Montano<br />

The<br />

ObiiS<br />

Have Come to Life<br />

Chris Ortega, a self-published author, has created<br />

a story series about tiny aliens to promote<br />

reading and help eliminate illiteracy worldwide.<br />

He provides children and all book lovers with<br />

fun and innovative children’s stories through his animated<br />

book series. His first book My Unique Friends<br />

The Obiiis Obiis:The Beginning as his first inspiration<br />

for UFO lovers with appeal to somewhere beyond<br />

this universe.<br />

continued next page<br />


... The ObiiS<br />

This book tells a story of tiny aliens who go by the<br />

name Obiis. These special aliens have unique creative<br />

aliens, which make them distinctive from all the<br />

rest and, most importantly, are known for their<br />

friendliness. His second book Obiis:The Friendship is<br />

about the astronauts return back to Earth where no<br />

one believes them about meeting tiny aliens. So, they<br />

have to return back to the planet Orii to learn more<br />

about the Obiis and bring them as proof of their<br />

existence. These cute, aliens explore interplanetary<br />

relationships, taking young children on a journey<br />

through stories of teamwork, friendship and enjoyment<br />

–– all set in a friendly planet of excitement,<br />

happiness and laughter which is home sweet home.<br />

The Obiis are a new brand that appeals to parents<br />

and grandparents for the values they represent and<br />

captivate kids. The characters become mentors that<br />

children will grow to admire. With a new playful collection<br />

of handmade plush alien characters, Obii, the<br />

Leader and Obii, the Girl Xtreme are made of soft<br />

cotton fabric that will complement the book. These<br />

plush toys will produce a fun creative animated<br />

enjoyment for children who enjoy and love reading.<br />

Chris has instilled core value to the making of these<br />

fun and unique products where their social vision is<br />

“Reading is Giving.” With the purchased of a book,<br />

Obiis donate as book to child in need. Obiis’ motto<br />

is to give back to society and, at the same time,<br />

share the love of reading to impoverished communities<br />

around the world thereby opening the eyes and<br />

dreams of those that matter and need it most…the<br />

children!<br />

Chris hopes that one day his books and his<br />

adorable little alien characters will come to life in a<br />

very special animated feature film or television<br />

series.<br />

For more information visit: www.obiis.com<br />

ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXlDImsM8Oo&sns=em<br />



The Smart Travel Companion for You<br />

Every professional travels . . . whether it's an overnight or extended<br />

business trip, a brief daily commute from home to the office, or to<br />

see a client. Regardless of distance travelled or the time you expect<br />

to be away, you need your laptop, business cards, hard-copy files,<br />

notepads, and pens, and various accessories. Like the old American<br />

Express ads of the 1970s and 1980s, you don't want to leave home (or<br />

the office) without it!<br />

For overnight trips, you'll of course want to include some personal<br />

items you can carry onto the plane with you safely and conveniently.<br />

Not too long ago, an email from a San Diego publicist showed up in my<br />

inbox promoting a newly-designed carrying case-one with wheels. As I<br />

look at the sleek design and functional features, I wondered, could this be<br />

the answer that my colleagues and I, as well as other business types,<br />

have been seeking? A perfect blend of form and function?<br />

We requested a sample of the case, and within a couple of days FedEX<br />

showed up with the product: the Professional Rolling Laptop Case from<br />

Anaheim-based Mobile Edge.<br />

We asked our staff and business contacts what sort of traveling cases<br />

they like best. Most said they aren't happy with anything they use to carry<br />

today's necessary items for Professionals-not even backpacks so highlyprized<br />

by Millennials and younger members of the work force.<br />

For two days (as well as a weekend if they planned an out-of-town trip),<br />

we asked members of our staff plus a couple of free-lance writers to use<br />

the case. Each was asked to comment on ease of use, practicality, looks,<br />

and functionality.<br />

There was NOT one negative comment about the case from any of<br />

them. In fact, each wanted to keep their case in exchange for a review! As<br />

Publisher, I will put a review together. In the meantime, here's a Q & A<br />

about the case with the President/CEO of Mobile Edge, G. David<br />

Cartwright:<br />



What kinds of devices fit into the Professional<br />

Rolling LaptopcCase?<br />

The Professional Roller Laptop case features an<br />

adjustable compartment to fit tablets, notebooks, and<br />

laptops with screens of 13 to 17 inches. The backpack,<br />

holds laptops with screens of 13 to 16 inches.<br />

How big is the laptop case?<br />

At 18” x 14” x 10” the Professional Roller fits under<br />

most airplane seats or easily in overhead bins while<br />

providing ample storage to fit files, pens, phones,<br />

business cards, keys, cables, peripherals, and even a<br />

change of clothes and other personal items. The<br />

checkpoint friendly backpack measures 16” x 9” x 19”.<br />

What kinds of things can I transport with the<br />

Professional Rolling Laptop Case?<br />

The Professional Roller combo offers great versatility.<br />

You can use it to wheel your laptop, files, and<br />

accessories across busy streets, or combine it with<br />

Mobile Edge’s matching Professional Backpack<br />

(which fits securely atop the rolling case using a<br />

built-in trolley strap) and you can transport your<br />

entire mobile office and more through even the<br />

busiest airports.<br />

How durable is the case?<br />

Constructed of durable ballistic nylon, the<br />

Professional Roller is weather and impact resistant,<br />

ensuring that your expensive hardware, irreplaceable<br />

data, and personal items are well-protected, wellorganized,<br />

and easy to access when needed. And, it<br />

comes with a lifetime warranty.<br />

Is it easy to maneuver?<br />

With the Professional Roller, you can make your way<br />

through hectic airports, crowded parking garages, or<br />

busy streets with ease. Its five-stage telescoping handle<br />

and free-rolling in-line skate wheels add maneuverability<br />

and stability—and securing the matching<br />

backpack atop the rolling case is a snap using the<br />

built-in trolley strap.<br />

Is the Professional Roller just for business travelers?<br />

Practically anyone needing to transport and protect<br />

any electronic device and/or accessories can benefit<br />

from using the versatile Professional Roller and<br />

Backpack combo. In addition to laptops, tablets,<br />

notebooks, and smartphones, it can accommodate<br />

textbooks, notebooks, and even snacks and personal<br />

items. Pair it with the Professional Backpack, and it’s<br />

not difficult to imagine students using the<br />

Professional Roller “system” to organize and cart all<br />

of their computer and school-related materials around<br />

campus. Gamers can use the Professional Roller and<br />

backpack to transport their gaming consoles, VR/AR<br />

devices, and games worry-free.<br />

What prompted Mobile Edge to design and build<br />

the Professional Rolling Laptop Cases?<br />

These are products that our customers have been asking<br />

for. The Professional Roller and Backpack incorporate<br />

over fifteen years of end user input and feedback.<br />

The result is two cases that are more intuitive<br />

and user friendly than any other products on the market<br />

today.<br />

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: All the words from David Cartwright, our Staff and me or the photos of this<br />

innovative solution can aptly describe for you the usefulness and versatility of this product. So... we<br />

asked them to put together a video.<br />

View it now >><br />

Founded in 2002, Anaheim-based Mobile Edge provides durable and protective laptop cases, messenger<br />

bags, backpacks, and more for busy travelers, students, professionals, and gamers. We are<br />

known for our innovative and stylish designs, superior-quality, lifetime warranty and commitment to<br />

customer satisfaction.<br />



Laura Carruthers<br />

Grace Fury<br />

“My mission is to defend what it means to<br />

be a genuine artist. An innovator willing to<br />

question and stretch those boundaries, defy<br />

them at times, and ultimately bring them<br />

together in new form.” - Laura Carruthers<br />

aura Carruthers is a performer, choreographer,<br />

director, producer, and master visionary with that<br />

magic combination of creative rebelliousness to<br />

make her mark by changing up the dance world and<br />

challenging audiences. Not only is she breaking the<br />

rigid barriers of ballet and Scottish Highland dance by<br />

merging them into her own celebrated form, she has created<br />

a whole new hybrid genre of film and stage performance<br />

that combines the cutting edge artistry of performers, musicians,<br />

cinematographers, editors, special effects and stage<br />

designers. The result is a fully immersive, fantastical<br />

experience seen in a string of successful productions that<br />

have been captivating audiences and critics worldwide.<br />

Now after seven years in the making, Carruthers is about<br />

to unleash her most highly anticipated production yet. Set<br />

for release in January, 2017, Grace Fury is a feature length,<br />

dance infused media scape starring Carruthers as her autobiographical<br />

alter ego, Grace Fury, and an all-star cast of top<br />

dancers from major companies and Broadway productions.<br />

In a musical montage of Celtic, Contemporary and Classical<br />

dance, audiences will be taken on a journey of self-discovery<br />

through the eyes of a dancer that dares to challenge the<br />

paradigms but also faces difficult choices at every transitional<br />

juncture along the way.<br />

“Grace Fury is my ultimate expression of raw, rebellious<br />

and refined,” Carruthers reveals. “Through blessing and<br />

tragedy, mystery and humility, ambition and sacrifice,<br />

uniqueness and common bond, she not only prevails in her<br />

own mission to touch our culture, she delivers a socio-political<br />

message inspiring everyone to step out of the box and<br />

create their own way.”<br />

In addition to being an important story with a very human<br />

appeal, Grace Fury promises to keep audiences on edge of<br />

their seats with a masterful montage exploring different<br />

styles and genres of music, choreography and film. Shot<br />

with five Panasonic VariCams, the narrative story interweaves<br />

between finished stage performances, documentary<br />

style behind the scenes footage and clips from Carruthers’<br />

past projects to present an autobiographical journey of her<br />

20-year evolution as a performer and innovator.<br />

“The production jumps between different styles of music<br />

and dance in a playful, provocative manner that challenges<br />

traditional paradigms and through the performance, the<br />

playfulness is brought into order as the evolution of an artist<br />

takes shape,” she explains. “The choreography, music,<br />

themes, and footage, have been deconstructed,<br />

rearranged, and blended to portray Grace Fury’s unique<br />

artistic vision and her observations, thoughts and feelings as<br />

she is challenged to stay true to her authentic self in the arc<br />

of her journey.”<br />

continued next page...<br />



...Laura previous page<br />

ike Grace Fury and many other great innovators throughout<br />

time, Carruthers first mastered her many crafts<br />

before challenging the paradigms and pioneering her own<br />

artistic path. By the young age of four, she was already<br />

enrolled in ballet, tap, and tumbling classes and then at age<br />

seven, she switched her focus to the Highland Dance of her<br />

Scottish heritage. Carruthers’ natural talent quickly took her<br />

up through the tough ranks of the very technique oriented<br />

dance form and within ten years she had earned her elite<br />

status as a world-renowned performer and six-time national<br />

champion. By then Carruthers’ talent had also captured<br />

the attention of the ballet world and she accepted a company<br />

position with the esteemed Ballet Arizona. It was there<br />

that artistic director, Michael Uthoff, asked her to collaborate<br />

on choreography combining her Scottish Highland<br />

background with ballet for a solo performance. Not only<br />

was it a first of a kind fusion performance that wowed<br />

critics and audiences, it was Carruthers’ first taste of<br />

what creative freedom and artistic collaboration could<br />

ultimately achieve.<br />

Within a few years, she had hand-picked a like-minded<br />

38<br />

team of dancers, musicians, singers and production professionals<br />

from the worlds of ballet, Highland dancing, theater,<br />

and film, and together they embarked on a collaborative<br />

journey through multiple mediums of art. After a collection<br />

of successful smaller projects, Carruthers and her collaborators<br />

busted out on the scene with their official world premiere<br />

tour of “Fire and Grace.” The production sold-out<br />

major venues across the U.S. and catapulted Carruthers to<br />

fame with high critical acclaim.<br />

Needless to say, she is excited to see how audiences will<br />

respond to the upcoming January release of her most ambitious<br />

project yet.<br />

“My whole journey has been one of genuine experimentation.<br />

I seek to urge others, even fellow artists, to resist and<br />

to look beyond the usual channels of art and entertainment,<br />

of questionable metrics and credibility, and to support those<br />

both inside and outside of our familiar, established bubbles,”<br />

says Carruthers.<br />

– Jana Ritter<br />

For more about Laura Carruthers and the upcoming debut<br />

of Grace Fury, visit her website: www.lauracarruthers.com

MUSIC<br />


Clowns ‘n Guns<br />

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Love Struck<br />

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IMANY<br />

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Take Your Name<br />

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Gentle Giants: The Songs of<br />

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Next Generation Choir<br />

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RONNIE<br />

LAWS<br />

I<br />

“When I was assembling the album ‘Solo’, I was<br />

thinking of a tribute to the patriarchs of jazz...”<br />

t’s been over three years since Ronnie<br />

Laws released any music projects.<br />

Recently, he performed his latest composition,<br />

Settle Down, at a electrically charge<br />

release party at the famed Catalina Bar &<br />

Grill in Holllywood.<br />

Our Belinda Foster sat down with the<br />

jazz great to chat about his new music<br />

release, Settle Down,written by Laws,is a<br />

new progressive single that Laws is proud<br />

to share with fans.When asked about the<br />

theme of Settle Down, Laws shared his own<br />

personal insight.<br />

Tell us about your childhood and where you<br />

grew up?<br />

I am a Houston native and I grew up surrounded by my<br />

family members who are gifted in music. I discovered the<br />

essence of inspiration being exposed to hearing them play<br />

and exploring music on my own as well.<br />

What sparked your interest in music? Did it begin<br />

in your childhood?<br />

As a child, I was always around music. My family is made<br />

up of both singers and musicians. In addition to listening<br />

to my family members play, I also explored the music of<br />

other musicians. I enjoyed listening to jazz, especially the<br />

music of Joe Sample, the Jazz Crusaders and Wilton<br />

Felder. John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley inspired<br />

me a great deal, too.<br />

What do you enjoy most about performing?<br />

When I play in a studio or live at shows, it is a joy for me<br />

to share music with the people around me.As a musician,<br />

you can take moments to express your feelings and your<br />

thoughts in such a way that you’ll find moments that connect<br />

you to people who don’t know you but do understand<br />

you through your music.<br />

Tell us about your inspiration as a musician.<br />

Who are some of your favorite artists? How did<br />

you get into this?<br />

There are quite a few musicians that continue to inspire<br />

me. I am speaking of artists who had an impact on me as<br />

a youngster in Houston to even now.As a child, I was<br />

always excited to hear new styles of music… even a new<br />

song.As I continued to grow, I was impacted by sax guys<br />

from Texas like Arnette Cobb and David Fathead<br />

Newman.<br />

You have been work on an album entitled Solo. Is<br />

this a reflection long career in music?<br />

“When I was assembling the album ‘Solo’, I was thinking<br />

of a tribute to the patriarchs of jazz...” honoring Miles<br />

Davis, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald and other greats. I like<br />

the fact that it has a spoken word as part of the song as<br />

well. It is a progressive move on my part. I think and look<br />

forward to sharing it with my fans. It will reach a lot of<br />

people in a positive way.”<br />

Tell us about how you chose the players for Settle Down.<br />

I basically incorporated guys I’ve worked with throughout<br />

the years. It was a great experience being with people<br />

you formerly worked with and who you have built solid<br />

relationships with over many, many years.<br />

Settle Down is distributed<br />

through Blue Tree<br />

Records/Bungalo<br />

Records/UMGD and is<br />

now available on iTunes,<br />

Amazon and other<br />

major digital outlets.<br />


DEORRO<br />

Good Evening<br />

Ultra Music<br />


Wait Until Dawn<br />

Misra Records<br />


Though Nazneen Rahman has become widely<br />

known for her work in the sciences; being recognised<br />

by The BBC as a 'Game Changer', making<br />

the BBC Woman’s Hour 2014 Power List.<br />

Her new album is turning listeners into fans!<br />

Answer No Questions<br />

Mastermind Promotions<br />

www.nazneenrahman.com<br />




Cameron released ‘I Want You’ on the 4th April this<br />

year, the same day she was supporting Simon Cowell’s<br />

acclaimed X Factor winner Sam Bailey at His<br />

Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen. With its fresh and infective<br />

beat, the sun-inspired ‘I Want You’ produced by Derby<br />

based duo Sound Junkeyz, is sure to become the background<br />

track to summer memories all around the country,<br />

cementing the singer as Scotland’s freshest star.<br />

It’s been a long journey in the making for inspirational<br />

Aberdeen-raised Cameron Jay. Wih over 15 years recording<br />

and performing experience already under her belt, the<br />

singer has been carving her musical career since she was<br />

just 9 after having her first singing lesson at primary<br />

school, before going on to record her first single at 12,<br />

then joining a girl band and recording a covers album at<br />

13. Despite her young age, Cameron was sure tht she had<br />

found her calling, “From a young age I knew singing was<br />

what I wanted to do”, she explains.<br />

Whilst living in London she enjoyed winning her first<br />

singing battle at The Jump Off, had he opportunity to<br />

record with London based artist Logic and was invited to<br />

perform at Vibes and Pressure’s famed music nights in<br />

Dalston’s ‘Passing Clouds’. She has graced many<br />

stages at an array of quirky and credible events;<br />

from Brixton Splash, London 2012 Olympics Opening<br />

Ceremony, all the way to performing in Nairobi, Kenya.<br />

Her new chart release follows Cameron’s original EP,<br />

‘Fearless’, which showcases the singer’s chameleon-like musical<br />

prowess. She is can churn out the dance hits<br />

whilst stitching together songs with lyrics of strength and<br />

vulnerability. Revealing a grittier side to the<br />

singer, the EP’s standout track ‘Angels and<br />

Demons’ lays bare an edgier and more personal<br />

side to the talented songstress. Highlighting the<br />

power hidden behind emotional transparency, ‘Angels and<br />

Demons speaks of facing her fears and being in<br />

control of her destiny, successfully underpinning her title<br />

of the EP, ‘Fearless’.<br />

A year after starting singing lessons Cameron’s family<br />

received news that she had she had developed a rare and<br />

serious form of liver cancer. With doctors giving her<br />

just one month to live, her future was incredibly uncertain.<br />

After seven months of intensive chemotherapy in hospital<br />

she was transferred to Birmingham for a lifesaving operation<br />

to remove<br />

3⁄4 of her liver. Fortunately, through receiving both alternative<br />

therapies and chemotherapy treatment she reached remi<br />

ssion, leaving her more determined than ever to fulfil her<br />

dreams and inspire people who have had or are going throughsame<br />

experience as her.<br />

It’s great to see more alternative therapies being<br />

introduced through the GP practices and through the information<br />

available on the internet. This type of healing can<br />

really support the body when receiving chemotherapy treatment.<br />

You really need the energy to fight through every<br />

day but eating and drinking isn’t something you desire too<br />

much when you constantly feeling sick with the treatment.<br />

I want people to know that YOU can survive cancer...my<br />

nana’s partner has survived cancer 3 times!! It hurts me to<br />

think of so many people going through what my family<br />

went through. I really hope my music and my story speaks<br />

to people and encourages them to research as much as they<br />

can to find out what is available to support patients during<br />

their time in hospital and help their recovery process”.<br />

Cameron Jay’s bravery and optimism shines through her music<br />

proving infectious to everyone who encounters her. She has come<br />

a long way in life and in her career, proving an inspiration and<br />

a ray of sunshine within the granite city to those thinking<br />

they’re cornered by dark days having starred in documentary<br />

imparting empowering words of inspiration to those who need it<br />

most. She continues to be a beacon of positivity, inspiring<br />

people all over the world not only with her music, but her<br />

story of strength. ?<br />

“I never had a plan b, all I knew was that singing.<br />

Text courtesy of Mindmaster Promotions.<br />


52<br />


Phases<br />

EMP Label Group


Developing Story<br />

Eden River Records<br />


KALO<br />

Wild Change<br />

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Devotion Lost<br />

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E“What’s in the Gift Bag?”<br />

very award show and major special event treats the attending celebrities like royalty. As<br />

part of the festivities, Gifting Suites (or lounges) are set up in the ballrooms of swank<br />

hotels where sponsoring companies have rented space in order to entice the celebrity<br />

guests to see, feel and accept samples of their products and services. The celebrities,<br />

and their publicists, are escorted by members of the organizer’s staff, make a grand<br />

tour, with gift bag(s) in hand, stoppiEng to see the products, pose for pictures with<br />

sponsors’ staff members and adding the gift to their bounty.<br />

Members of the media are invited as well to record the celebrities as they tour and stop<br />

to accept the greetings and gifts. The recently held MTV Awards haad dozens of sponsors<br />

who offered their products. In Hollywood Magazine’s Sylvia Sylver spent part of the day<br />

and visited with some of the event’s sponsors...<br />

56<br />

Survivor Apparel<br />

Unbreakable hats and T-shirts<br />

were a hit at the gifting suite<br />

Honoring the MTV Movie & TV<br />

Awards. Survivor Apparel sends<br />

a strong message that “We are all<br />

stronger than we realize and that<br />

no matter what life throws at us<br />

we are stronger together.”<br />


Aitai Kuji products, only available in Japan,<br />

had adorable toys and anime goods are a sure<br />

hit for kids of all ages.<br />

https://aitaikuji.com/<br />

Artist Cyndie Wade offered custom createdmessages<br />

of your choice as your unique<br />

gifts.<br />

http://cyndiewade.com<br />

Jannine Vinci, owner of Italy Oseree<br />

swimwear presented her fashionable line<br />

which features fabulous colors and sparkles<br />

for poolside or beach.<br />

www.osereeswimwear.com<br />

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58<br />

The Bachelorette Viewing Party<br />

in Beverly Hills

Blogger babes, Heidi Nazarudin & Rachel<br />

McCord hosted “The Bachelorette” viewing<br />

party at ONLY IN BEVERLY HILLS where<br />

Owner Lisa Bochmer created fabulous gift<br />

bags. Each contained one-of-a-kind chic<br />

pouches, white halter tees and a signature<br />

water botttle. Guests were also treated with<br />

fashion forward styling from DryBar along<br />

with pink champagne and delicious desserts.<br />

- Sylvia Sylver<br />




DENIS BOCQ is the head<br />

baker at Clifton’s Republic, the historic<br />

cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles.This<br />

classically trained French baker is now<br />

serving his authentic croissants and country<br />

breads. He’s known as the “baker to the<br />

stars.” Many of the French restaurants in Los<br />

Angeles feature his breads and pastries which<br />

are baked fresh daily.<br />

Developer Andrew Meieran has kept the<br />

original and eclectic atmosphere of Clifton’s.<br />

You can eat, drink and enjoy its museum -<br />

like style and view various mementos of the<br />

past and present. It has recently been renovated<br />

and features a multi-level restaurant<br />

and bar. The entertainment community uses<br />

the vast space for A-List affairs and events.<br />

The location is also ideal for filming.<br />

Its a place to be and be seen. -Syliva Sylver<br />



It’s Not What They Say,<br />

It’s What You Hear<br />

By Jordan Summers<br />

Ann Convery blends the rules of the ancient Lizard<br />

Brain with her clients’ signature marketing or business<br />

message. As a result, the entrepreneurs and business<br />

owners she works with experience a steady increase in<br />

prospects, customers, and business.<br />

In Entertainment asked Ann to share some of her secrets.<br />

What’s the Lizard Brain?<br />

It’s the 450,000 year old reptilian brain. It’s our survival<br />

brain. We now know that the Lizard Brain actually triggers<br />

every decision we make, from what we eat for breakfast<br />

to who we marry. It’s the part of the brain that triggers<br />

the “buy” signal.<br />

How do you talk to it?<br />

It’s actually easy. There are very specific<br />

rules to communicate with this<br />

brain. But it’s so contrary to the way<br />

that most of us talk in business, that<br />

people have to train themselves to do<br />

it.<br />

So when you talk to the Lizard Brain,<br />

you’re addressing the brain that buys?<br />

That’s right. No one’s going to buy<br />

your service or product when you first<br />

meet them or when they jump on your site. But if you<br />

communicate with the Lizard Brain, you can trigger a series<br />

of little “yes” decisions. Yes, they’re interested. Yes,<br />

they want more. Yes, they want to talk. You can keep<br />

this up until they decide to engage, buy, or sign.<br />

What’s a non-Lizard Brain message?<br />

One client came to me saying: “We’re a mid-cap insurance<br />

brokerage. We cater to manufacturers, distributors,<br />

health care, construction, real estate, transportation,<br />

municipalities”... etc. Zzzzzz<br />

What was the Lizard Brain message you created with him?<br />

Here’s the message that increased his referral rate:<br />

“Typically I find between 10K to 30K my clients didn’t<br />

know they had in 60 minutes or less.”<br />

How do you work with people?<br />

I work on two levels. First we grab attention. Together<br />

with my client, I re-word their pitch, introduction, speech,<br />

or any communication they have. We create messages that<br />

are all about your customer or prospect. This captures<br />

attention within 8 to 20 seconds.<br />

Really? 8 seconds?<br />

That’s the human attention span. It’s not only possible to<br />

capture attention in 8 seconds, it’s essential. And profitable.<br />

What’s Step Two?<br />

That’s my Secret Sauce. I embed simple neuromarketing<br />

techniques in every message you deliver. These techniques<br />

specifically target the Lizard Brain. So, you’re talking<br />

to the “decision-maker” every time you speak. It<br />

works online or off.<br />

Is communicating with the Lizard Brain effective?<br />

If you do it right, it’s so effective it should be illegal.<br />

People get more clients within two to four months. They<br />

increase their customer base. One client in Germany used<br />

these techniques and made 200K Euros<br />

in 24 hours.<br />

Who do you work with?<br />

I work with serial technology entrepreneurs<br />

– brainy types who need to pitch<br />

their new app or service to build a following,<br />

get more customers, and pitch<br />

to investors. I work with entrepreneurs<br />

and business owners who want more<br />

clients.<br />

How did you start?<br />

I started in media training – I prepared executives, professionals<br />

and authors to go on CNN, The Today Show,<br />

Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, the New<br />

York Times, and many other outlets. The techniques I<br />

used in media training to make sure my clients gave great<br />

interviews are almost the same techniques I use to create<br />

irresistible messages.<br />

Were you surprised?<br />

At first, I was shocked that it worked so well in business.<br />

Then I discovered neuromarketing and realized that I’d<br />

been teaching neuromarketing principles all along. The<br />

system is based in solid brain research.<br />

Any parting thoughts?<br />

Yes. Go Lizard. You’ll never go back.<br />

For more information<br />

contact Ann at (323) 644-7955 or<br />


As we continue CELEBRATION:<br />

25, our next issue will bring<br />

more interviews with the<br />

people who are heading towards<br />

success in entertainment.<br />

We’re planning a re-union of those<br />

great professionals who have been<br />

featured on the covers of our past<br />

issues. That should be fun to<br />

discover what they have done over<br />

the years with their careers.<br />

And, watch for updates on the<br />



It will be an event like no other!!!<br />

So... stay in touch!<br />




next...<br />

RABBAT<br />

“Like most marketers, film industry promoters are facing the problem of<br />

decreasing attention spans. Audiences today don’t even have the patience<br />

to watch a full trailer, but putting the gist of a movie into a bite-sized gif lets<br />

you capture potential viewers instantly - as well as provide a platform for<br />

continuous engagement.” – RICHARD RABBAT, Founder of Gfycat<br />


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