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Why Theatrically Trained Actors

Stumble When They Audition

For Film Roles

Twenty-two year old Darla Dimmore is taking an acting

class at Elephant Butte Dam College, along with other

courses. Her main goal in life is to be an outstanding professional

film actor. Professor Nedmond Zamp, her

instructor and theater director at the college, has his class

working on a play entitled Circumbendibus. It is a story

about fratricide because of love. Darla learns that even

using high-tech concealed microphones, the cast must

speak louder than normal for the benefit of the audience.

The dialogue in the script is rarely altered.The actors are

strictly limited to the perimeters of the stage area. Each

cast member must follow rigid placement markings to prevent

one actor from interfering or blocking another’s performance.

Exaggerated movements are necessary to assist

the audience in clearly understanding what is happening in

each scene. In most cases, character adjustments or dialogue

changes cannot be made.There are no camera

angles, just the stage front, and certainly no close-ups.

Stage mobility is limited and strictly controlled.The lighting

is normally fixed.The props, scenery, and backdrops are

usually exaggerated, not realistic, and have limited flexibility.

In addition to all this, a theater director and his goals

and motives are, for the most part, very different from

those of a film director. Darla clearly realizes now that

though theater acting may be a well-respected form of

acting and a distant relative of film acting, it is definitely not

film acting. Darla is perplexed and now must search elsewhere

if she is to succeed in the world of film acting.

(Page 20, of Everybody is An Actor)

Today there are several methods being used to train

individuals to become future or better actors.

Unfortunately they were designed primarily for theater

acting and are actually quite old.That is why many who

want to become good or possibly great film actors fail at

auditions or never become successful at this unique craft.

Darla Dimmore is just one example of thousands who

are searching for a better way to learn.That way is the

Psychophantic System of film acting! This system is

based on psychological principles.There is nothing else

like it in the whole world! In my workshops and in my

book, Everybody is an Actor, one who wants to

truly be a skillful film artist, learns how to win an audition.

•What is being revealed about the character?

•How do you feel about him or her?

•How will you deal with the part and seal the role

and make it real!


I clearly instruct how to give the portrayal genuine

appeal and zeal. It is also important to know after a

performance how to heal yourself. It is imperative that a

professional film actor know the jargon used in this industry

and be able to radiate positive energy when working

with all who are involved in a TV or motion picture production.This

is what I offer to all my students and seasoned

film actors who want to reach a higher level of success. In

addition to all this, I present and explain many other extraordinary

ways to be truly outstanding as a film actor. Methods

and theater thespians cannot make this offer or guarantee.

In future articles I will explain how to overcome stage

fright and each one of my psychophantic sensors.


Dr. Reichel has a long and varied experience in the

film and TV industries, from actor and director to

casting and cameraman. He holds multiple degrees,

including one in film production and a doctorate in

counseling psychology. Reichel, the author of

“Everybody is an Actor”, was the first to produce a TV

program about Asian cultures in America, and the

first to present a TV show about all aspects of

organic living. He is credited with persuading film star

Jackie Chan to come to the U.S. to make movies.

He created an innovative and comprehensive acting

system that immerses participants in the culture of

film production while helping them actually become

the character with impressive time efficiency. His

system is also excellent for those who would like

to have superior confidence and be more dynamic

and assertive at work, social situations, school, or

even at home.

Dr. is the lone crusader for the restoration of the

United States film and television industry and a positive

form of training film actors! He has been a guest on

countless talk shows across the nation. Find him on

Facebook,Youtube, and other internet links.You can

contact him through E-Mail at:





Through The Eyes of

John Mulholland


Filmmaker John Mulholland’s documentary, “Cooper &

Hemingway: The True Gen,” focuses not simply on one

fascinating subject, but two: Gary Cooper and Ernest

Hemingway. This film explores the differences and

surprising similarities between these two cultural giants.


Mulholland’s first break was in the

1980s, at the Arts network (A&E).

Mulholland was brought in to

write and direct documentaries by visionary

Curtis Davis, who headed the network. “It

was the beginning of cable television,”

Mulholland explains. “There were no set

running times, and whether our pieces were

27 or 38 minutes, we were allowed whatever

it took to tell the story.” His documentary

subjects varied from Van Gogh, to Charles

Dickens, to Macbeth, to many more subjects

he loved. Cooper and Hemingway’s friendship

is such a subject.

“When I was a teenager, my father introduced

me to Hemingway, and I was immediately

taken by his simple, no artifice style,”

Mulholland reminisces. “I also really liked

Gary Cooper— he truly became his characters.”

Part of why he chose to make this documentary

was because of the way these two

men were opposites, yet mirrors, of one

another. Hemingway’s public image was that

of an academic, war lover, misogynist, and

alcoholic. In contrast, Cooper was thought of

as dim, a cowboy type who was an overall

nice person. Mulholland began wondering

how two such apparent opposites could have

become so close. The research he began on

this ultimately turned into “Cooper &

Hemingway: The True Gen.”




ulholland was fascinated to

learn that both men were

highly influential to the

nation as a whole—not just

as icons, but specifically as

males. “For better and worse, both Cooper

and Hemingway are responsible for defining

what American masculinity meant in the first

half of the twentieth century,” Mulholland

elaborates. Both men put forth an image of

being strong, silent, and ready to face danger,

yet never vulnerable. Mulholland’s film

shows how such cultural pressures were at

points damaging to their careers, as well as to

American men as a whole. Mulholland was

also intrigued whenever he discovered things

about these men that were unexpected.

Some of Hemingway’s lesser-known works

belied the image the world had of him. His

stories “Cat in the Rain” and “A Canary for

One” deal with marital dysfunction, while

“Up in Michigan” focuses on date rape—and

he did not approach these topics in way that

would a misogynist. The supposedly unintelligent

Cooper, in turn, had many artistic and

intellectual friends, entirely outside of the

realm of Hollywood. In different ways, both

Hemingway and Cooper were forced to

repress their more empathic, sensitive sides

for the American public at large.

There is so much that can fit into a two hour

and fifteen-minute documentary. However,

when the film is focused on two people and

the relationship between them, it can be a

struggle to balance all the information on

both. “There was much I shot that ended up

on the cutting room floor,” Mulholland notes.

“For example, they were seemingly opposite

politically—Cooper a Republican, and

Hemingway a Democrat. However, they were

closer aligned than people realized.” One of

Mulholland’s favorite anecdotes is about how


the iconic fashion designer Bill Blass not only

knew Gary Cooper—he considered the actor

to have been one of the most powerful fashion

influences in the twentieth century. Upon

further research, Mulholland was surprised to

also learn that fashion also mattered to

Hemingway. Although Hemingway lived in

Cuba for the last twenty years of his life, he

still had shorts crafted from the finest stores

in New York. While some of these details

were cut from the 2013 final film, fortunately,

the upcoming Blu-ray holds them all.



asked how he felt as a director

working on this film, Mulholland’s

response is emphatic: “Anybody

who makes documentaries and tells you that

they’re a director is full of themselves.” He

expounds, “Making a documentary entire

relies upon the people you got on camera.”

Fortunately for Mulholland, he got many

great people to appear. He wanted Joan

Didion to be part of the documentary, and

while she was unavailable, she was happy to

be quoted in it. Charlton Heston was instrumental,

showing Mulholland first editions of

Hemingway in dozens of languages, and

being interviewed on camera. Sam Waterson,

of “Law & Order” fame, narrates the film.

Actor Chris Pratt has seen the documentary

and loved it, for Gary Cooper is whom he

studies when he is about to take on a role.

Finally, Mulholland is also thrilled to have

worked with premiere documentarian Craig

Gilbert, who was integral to the production of

the documentary. “He helped me pick out

where I wasn’t being objective,” Mulholland

smiles. “He made sure I didn’t make a film

that forced the viewer to see things in a certain


Mulholland is excited for the Blu-ray

release of “Cooper & Hemingway: The True

Gen,” particularly since it holds so many

extra features. He is also mid-way through

production on his next film, which focuses on

the American writer Elmore Leonard (who,

incidentally, was mentored by Ernest

Hemingway). Mulholland is particularly

excited to do a film about Leonard, >>>


given that he is one of the most influential

writers in America over the last fifty years.

Despite being a Caucasian man, Leonard is

also notable for being a writer who is respected

as a strong writer of women characters, as

well as people of color. Mulholland is currently

looking for the film’s narrator, and the


goal is to have the documentary finished by

early September. – Donna Letterese

For more information on

Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen




Some Roads to Hollywood

Are Longer Than Others


ike youngsters everywhere (even in Brazil), Tatyana would spend

hours upon hours watching television. And, at a young age, she

knew she wanted to become an actress. When she was old

enough, she enrolled in a college where she could study acting.

After that, she spent the next three years in an acting school which

offered more specialized classes for actors who wished to pursue

careers in film and television. To gain more practical experience,

Tatyana volunteered her time in a theatre group with roles in plays

and other productions such as short films. Her earlier rigors were

rewarded when the theatre company hired her to teach acting to its

other members.

Her skills did not go unnoticed. She became one of over 150

applicants to become part of Margie Haber’s acting program – in

Hollywood. Margie did have one basic required facet and that

was... her students had to speak English! So, in less than four

months of arduous learning, Tatyana learned a new language.

Tatyana made the life-changing decision and moved to Los

Angeles and started all over. She became one of Heber’s top students.

Her new life and career magically changed as she attained

several roles in short films, doing modeling as well as several television

commercials. And, to sharpen her craft, she became part of

the Sherman Oaks based Whitefire Theatre, one of L.A.’s premier

ensemble theatre companies which regularly offers its acting members

the opportunity to perform live on stage.

All of Tatyana’s perseverance, hard work and dedication to her

acting career finally paid off when was cast in the Warner Bros. film,

Suicide Squad. She recalls the experience of her first major role and

looks back on the road she has traveled to date.




How did you actually get the part in Suicide Squad?

I did the audition and it was crazy because it came down to me

and one other girl, and the role was a Russian girl named Tatiana.

So it was a bit funny and kind of like destiny. I think my name

helped me get the role a bit!

What was it like working on the set of Suicide Squad?

My experience on set was the best ever. Everyone treated me

very well. I had my own wardrobe room and someone was constantly

checking up on me, asking if I needed anything. Things

like that are rare when you are a lesser known actor!

Once I was scheduled to be on set, director David Ayer came to

me to say thank you for me being there. What a pleasure meeting

him! I want to say THANK YOU to him for giving me this awesome

opportunity to be a part of this amazing production.

When it was time to shoot my scene a very funny situation took

place. I never received so much attention and care at the same

time. I was waiting for the crew to set up the cameras and one

guy, who was in charge of taking care of me, asked me if I wanted

some water and I said yes. He left right away to get it for me.

Next the stunt man of Adam Beach (Slipknot in the film), the actor

who I interact with, asked me if I wanted water and I said that

someone was already getting some for me, but he left to go get

some for me as well. Then, another man who was an assistant

camera man came and brought me a couple bottles of water.

Seconds later one by one everyone was coming to me and giving

me bottles of water! haha It was so funny because I had so many

bottles of water on set that I had to hide them in different places

on the set so they did not not show on camera! And because my

scene takes place in my bathroom, the assistant camera man

and I were playing around saying that we could fill up the bathtub

just with the water everyone had brought me! I definitely wasn’t

thirsty anymore!

The shooting of the scene went very smoothly, Adam Beach

(Slipknot) was very nice and friendly and so was his stunt man. I

felt so comfortable on set that I completely forgot that I was in a

really huge production with such amazing well-known actors. I

had a blessed time that day. I will never forget that moment and

how well I was treated. Every single person involved in that movie

got my attention, my respect and my admiration. I would love to

say thanks to everyone involved with Suicide Squad for such an

amazing experience!

Which actors, actresses, and films or TV shows influenced

you when you were young?

I did the audition and it was crazy because it came down to me

and one other girl, and the role was a Russian girl named Tatiana.

So it was a bit funny and kind of like destiny. I think my name

helped me get the role a bit!

Since I was young I have had an admiration for Meryl Streep in

any movie she’s been in, she’s my favorite! Johnny Depp, especially

in Edward Scissorhands, Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and

Shakespeare in Love, and other movies such as the entire Harry

Potter series, the books had a major impact on MORE >>




me! Hook, The Princess Diaries, Matilda, and so many more

movies. And the TV show Friends helped me learn English as

quickly as possible!

All these movies, tv shows and actors inspired me to pursue my

dreams and fight for them. When I decided to become an actress

I didn’t think twice. I made the decision and I took with me all the

positive energy. People who were telling me that I was crazy or

this career is very hard and would be almost impossible, didn’t

bother me, actually, they helped me to fight more and to not give

up. I decided to come to America to become what I want to be: An

inspirational, successful and recognizable actress.

What kind of roles do you feel are best for you?

The roles I think are best for me are in the drama genre, I love

characters that get wild or crazy. Not really mentally crazy, but

they experience very crazy scenarios.

Who else in Hollywood would you like to work with?

I would love to work with all of my idols! Meryl Streep, Johnny

Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as amazing directors like Tim


What’s next for you?

Guitars and Guns, directed by Robin Mountjoy, starring Jake


Tatyana Figueiredo on IMDb

Tatyana Figueiredo Personal Website

Suicide Squad in IMDb








FALL 2017













Sometimes, Saying a Prayer

Can Make An Acting Career Soar

Victoria was born in the

Russian city of Rostov-on-

Don and was the younger

of two girls. Early in her

childhood she begged her

parents to buy her a piano

and when that dream came

true, she enrolled in the

local music school. Music

became her first big

passion in life. Later, her

mom moved to a new

home in Moscow. As she

was growing up, she began

to get modeling and acting

work. After high school,

she was enrolled at

Moscow University where

she studied journalism and

broadcasting. During her work on the Russian TV

station, she flew to Los Angeles and totally fell in love

with California. She later relocated there to pursue a

career in the performing arts.

Viktoria recalls, “Most of my acting jobs were in

commercials for Bank of America, Samsung and

Microsoft. When I received a call to have a part in the

feature film, Sully, starring Tom Hanks and directed by

Hollywood legend, Clint Eastwood, I couldn’t wait to

be on the set. I was cast as

one of the passengers on the

fateful flight. It was not a

speaking part.

One day, Director Clint

Eastwood approached me and

asked if I could speak Russian.

“Yes,” I said. And, before I

could even blink, they added a

special scene where I was

filmed reciting a Russian

prayer in my native language.

It was probably one of

the most difficult roles I’ve

ever done in my whole acting

life. We were in cold water

inside of the plane most of

the time. But, the excitement

from working with such a legend

and the story of that flight itself was definitely

worth it. The atmosphere on the set was amazing as

everyone was great!

She went on to say, “This opportunity was made

easier for me because of the kindness and professional

manor of the film’s First Assistant Director, David

Bernstein, who worked on my scene.

It would be great to work with this amazing crew

again someday.








Airik Ace is a nine-year-old

bilingual prodigy and

Hollywood actor who lives in

Beverly Hills. Though mostly

self-taught, he is a multi-talented

youngster who aspires

to be like his favorite actor,

Paul Newman.

He excels in school obtaining

high grades and loves

sports. Airik has earned his

blue belt in Tae Kwon Do.

He is learning to play golf and

is being taught by a former

PGA tour professional. He

enjoys playing in his yard and

swimming in the family pool.

Airik is also learning to play

the piano and enjoys singing

songs that he has composed.

But, he dreams of a future

directorial debut with the

inspiration and loving

guidance from... >


Arik’s mom,

is a gorgeous, vivacious Russianborn

woman who performed as a

Prima Ballerina for many years with

the very famous ballet company

Voljanka and Moiseevkii troop.

She found her strength in theater in

Vienna where she really felt she

belonged and developed a strong

love for the stage. She starred in

theater and, as her talent grew, felt a

calling to become an actor which

eventually led her to Los Angeles to

pursue her career. She recalled of an

amazing time with Steven Spielberg

who let her sit next to him while

directing a scene where she got to

experience first hand a view through

the director’s eyes.

Irina now lives in the hills overlooking

Beverly Hills with her young son

Airik Ace. Her tidy home is filled with

treasures and art from around the

world. Above, she is pictured with an

incredible portait of herself.

Irina is an actress and producer,

known for Nowhereland, The White

Horse Is Dead (2005) and

DayDreams of Rudolph Valentino

(2007). She also had a role in the

Versace film, Silent Screams.

She is an incredible devoted

mother and would like to help her son

become a force in the entertainment


What will she be doing next?

Irina Stemer



Social Media

It’s Time to Get Out There

and Engage

Here’s How...

Social Media . . . that’s just for hormonally-charged teens,

political pundit wannabes and doting grandparents trying to keep

up with where their geographically-dispersed families... right?

While the above may be true for some, the

reality is that Social Media has thrust itself

into the marketing and communications landscape—an

essential tool for businesses and individuals

of all types to engage their customers and potential

customers in conversations about their brands

and/or themselves.

Do it right and rather than you reaching out to your

target customers, they come to you for the indispensable

content and sense of brand community that

only you can provide.

The key, of course, is doing it right. Read on for how.


First, whether you’re selling a widget, an album, or

promoting a new film, size does matter. Of course,

you want a quality audience that’s genuinely interested

in your brand and what you have to say, and

interested in sharing news about your brand with

others, but you also want numbers—BIG numbers.

Case in point, telling 10 of the most interested and

loyal fans all about your products and services just

won’t create the kind of

buzz telling a self-selected

target audience of a hundred,

a thousand, ten

thousand, or even more

“fans” will.Twenty years

ago, advertisers and marketers

could only dream

of such a thing. Now, with

social media it’s reality . ..

and commonplace.



So now you’re either thinking,“I’ve already got those

numbers,” or you’re shaking in your boots wondering,“I’ve

got 100 followers, how am I ever going to

get numbers like that?” Regardless of the current

size of your Social Media followings, you have room

to grow—and audience growth is achievable, so long

as you are committed, patient, and in it for the longrun.

Success through Social Media is not a one-anddone


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: content.

Content. CONTENT! Without providing valuable

content that your followers can’t find elsewhere,

you’re just treading water.Articles, blogs, infographics,

videos, white papers, etc., are all examples of the

kind of content you should be generating and posting

to social media.

Participate/post/tweet often. If you post articles

or comment on Social Media only once or twice a

month, you’re unlikely to create buzz around your

brand.Those who follow you want reassurances that

you’ll be a frequent contributor, otherwise they’ll just

go elsewhere.To you, daily

updates might feel like

overkill, but remember

only YOU read 100% of

what you share.Your audience

will not see everything

you post, so frequency

is important, just

like it’s important when

running radio or print or

TV advertising.



...from page 29

Don’t wait until the last minute to sow your

social media seeds. Building genuine followings on

social media takes time. Unless your Justin Bieber,

you’re probably not going to get 10,000 new followers

overnight. So if you’ve got an event, a premier, or

a record debut coming up 6-, 9-, or even 12-months

out, start talking about it now on social media to

build interest and demand.Think about new film

trailers, many of which debut up to a year ahead of a

movie’s release date to generate excitement. Build

hype (awareness) and community (followers) sooner

rather than later, leading to greater frequency as you

get closer to the event. Keep it simple at first, posting

maybe three times a week, ramping up to 1 or 2

times a day as your big event/sale/or premier


Realize that the days of organic social media

growth are over as Facebook,Twitter, and others

repress your reach if you are not advertising

on their respective platform. Not fair, you

say? It’s business—it doesn’t have to be.To maximize

your social media reach, you need to be viewed as

an advertiser, and that means paid placements in

addition to organic posts and shares.



Don’t go it alone—follow “influencers” in your

field or industry. Influencers are people you know

that members of your target audience are likely following.

Comment on their posts, and use hash tags

(#) so your content can be found easily, and use

@mentions so influencers know when you mention

them. Doing so will expose you and your brand to

an ever-widening audience. Impress influencers, say

or share something of value, and they’ll start to follow

you and share your content.

Count your website in your social media/marketing

mix. Building a strong community through

social is one thing, but you need to seal the deal.

Don’t forget your website! Make sure the user experience

there aligns with your social presence and

that it leads to more sales, conversions, or whatever

it is you are trying to accomplish by hyping your

brand. Just how well does your website engage visitors?

Do you have measurable performance goals

and objectives? If your website engagement does not

mesh with your social media activity, dig deeper.

Conduct surveys, examine trends, find out what you

need to do to turn growing interest in your brand

into paying customers in your sales pipeline.

Today’s consumers are savvy.They want valuable content

from the brands they buy from—content they

can embrace in their everyday lives at home, at

work, and at play.They want to become part of the

conversation, part of a community that is attracted

and loyal to your offerings.As brand devotees, they

talk about your brand, tell others, and share your

content, helping to spread the word.

Now get out there and engage!

— Paul June, King of the Jungle… out there.


Chris Ortega (r) and David Montano



Have Come to Life

Chris Ortega, a self-published author, has created

a story series about tiny aliens to promote

reading and help eliminate illiteracy worldwide.

He provides children and all book lovers with

fun and innovative children’s stories through his animated

book series. His first book My Unique Friends

The Obiiis Obiis:The Beginning as his first inspiration

for UFO lovers with appeal to somewhere beyond

this universe.

continued next page


... The ObiiS

This book tells a story of tiny aliens who go by the

name Obiis. These special aliens have unique creative

aliens, which make them distinctive from all the

rest and, most importantly, are known for their

friendliness. His second book Obiis:The Friendship is

about the astronauts return back to Earth where no

one believes them about meeting tiny aliens. So, they

have to return back to the planet Orii to learn more

about the Obiis and bring them as proof of their

existence. These cute, aliens explore interplanetary

relationships, taking young children on a journey

through stories of teamwork, friendship and enjoyment

–– all set in a friendly planet of excitement,

happiness and laughter which is home sweet home.

The Obiis are a new brand that appeals to parents

and grandparents for the values they represent and

captivate kids. The characters become mentors that

children will grow to admire. With a new playful collection

of handmade plush alien characters, Obii, the

Leader and Obii, the Girl Xtreme are made of soft

cotton fabric that will complement the book. These

plush toys will produce a fun creative animated

enjoyment for children who enjoy and love reading.

Chris has instilled core value to the making of these

fun and unique products where their social vision is

“Reading is Giving.” With the purchased of a book,

Obiis donate as book to child in need. Obiis’ motto

is to give back to society and, at the same time,

share the love of reading to impoverished communities

around the world thereby opening the eyes and

dreams of those that matter and need it most…the


Chris hopes that one day his books and his

adorable little alien characters will come to life in a

very special animated feature film or television


For more information visit:




The Smart Travel Companion for You

Every professional travels . . . whether it's an overnight or extended

business trip, a brief daily commute from home to the office, or to

see a client. Regardless of distance travelled or the time you expect

to be away, you need your laptop, business cards, hard-copy files,

notepads, and pens, and various accessories. Like the old American

Express ads of the 1970s and 1980s, you don't want to leave home (or

the office) without it!

For overnight trips, you'll of course want to include some personal

items you can carry onto the plane with you safely and conveniently.

Not too long ago, an email from a San Diego publicist showed up in my

inbox promoting a newly-designed carrying case-one with wheels. As I

look at the sleek design and functional features, I wondered, could this be

the answer that my colleagues and I, as well as other business types,

have been seeking? A perfect blend of form and function?

We requested a sample of the case, and within a couple of days FedEX

showed up with the product: the Professional Rolling Laptop Case from

Anaheim-based Mobile Edge.

We asked our staff and business contacts what sort of traveling cases

they like best. Most said they aren't happy with anything they use to carry

today's necessary items for Professionals-not even backpacks so highlyprized

by Millennials and younger members of the work force.

For two days (as well as a weekend if they planned an out-of-town trip),

we asked members of our staff plus a couple of free-lance writers to use

the case. Each was asked to comment on ease of use, practicality, looks,

and functionality.

There was NOT one negative comment about the case from any of

them. In fact, each wanted to keep their case in exchange for a review! As

Publisher, I will put a review together. In the meantime, here's a Q & A

about the case with the President/CEO of Mobile Edge, G. David




What kinds of devices fit into the Professional

Rolling LaptopcCase?

The Professional Roller Laptop case features an

adjustable compartment to fit tablets, notebooks, and

laptops with screens of 13 to 17 inches. The backpack,

holds laptops with screens of 13 to 16 inches.

How big is the laptop case?

At 18” x 14” x 10” the Professional Roller fits under

most airplane seats or easily in overhead bins while

providing ample storage to fit files, pens, phones,

business cards, keys, cables, peripherals, and even a

change of clothes and other personal items. The

checkpoint friendly backpack measures 16” x 9” x 19”.

What kinds of things can I transport with the

Professional Rolling Laptop Case?

The Professional Roller combo offers great versatility.

You can use it to wheel your laptop, files, and

accessories across busy streets, or combine it with

Mobile Edge’s matching Professional Backpack

(which fits securely atop the rolling case using a

built-in trolley strap) and you can transport your

entire mobile office and more through even the

busiest airports.

How durable is the case?

Constructed of durable ballistic nylon, the

Professional Roller is weather and impact resistant,

ensuring that your expensive hardware, irreplaceable

data, and personal items are well-protected, wellorganized,

and easy to access when needed. And, it

comes with a lifetime warranty.

Is it easy to maneuver?

With the Professional Roller, you can make your way

through hectic airports, crowded parking garages, or

busy streets with ease. Its five-stage telescoping handle

and free-rolling in-line skate wheels add maneuverability

and stability—and securing the matching

backpack atop the rolling case is a snap using the

built-in trolley strap.

Is the Professional Roller just for business travelers?

Practically anyone needing to transport and protect

any electronic device and/or accessories can benefit

from using the versatile Professional Roller and

Backpack combo. In addition to laptops, tablets,

notebooks, and smartphones, it can accommodate

textbooks, notebooks, and even snacks and personal

items. Pair it with the Professional Backpack, and it’s

not difficult to imagine students using the

Professional Roller “system” to organize and cart all

of their computer and school-related materials around

campus. Gamers can use the Professional Roller and

backpack to transport their gaming consoles, VR/AR

devices, and games worry-free.

What prompted Mobile Edge to design and build

the Professional Rolling Laptop Cases?

These are products that our customers have been asking

for. The Professional Roller and Backpack incorporate

over fifteen years of end user input and feedback.

The result is two cases that are more intuitive

and user friendly than any other products on the market


PUBLISHER’S NOTE: All the words from David Cartwright, our Staff and me or the photos of this

innovative solution can aptly describe for you the usefulness and versatility of this product. So... we

asked them to put together a video.

View it now >>

Founded in 2002, Anaheim-based Mobile Edge provides durable and protective laptop cases, messenger

bags, backpacks, and more for busy travelers, students, professionals, and gamers. We are

known for our innovative and stylish designs, superior-quality, lifetime warranty and commitment to

customer satisfaction.



Laura Carruthers

Grace Fury

“My mission is to defend what it means to

be a genuine artist. An innovator willing to

question and stretch those boundaries, defy

them at times, and ultimately bring them

together in new form.” - Laura Carruthers

aura Carruthers is a performer, choreographer,

director, producer, and master visionary with that

magic combination of creative rebelliousness to

make her mark by changing up the dance world and

challenging audiences. Not only is she breaking the

rigid barriers of ballet and Scottish Highland dance by

merging them into her own celebrated form, she has created

a whole new hybrid genre of film and stage performance

that combines the cutting edge artistry of performers, musicians,

cinematographers, editors, special effects and stage

designers. The result is a fully immersive, fantastical

experience seen in a string of successful productions that

have been captivating audiences and critics worldwide.

Now after seven years in the making, Carruthers is about

to unleash her most highly anticipated production yet. Set

for release in January, 2017, Grace Fury is a feature length,

dance infused media scape starring Carruthers as her autobiographical

alter ego, Grace Fury, and an all-star cast of top

dancers from major companies and Broadway productions.

In a musical montage of Celtic, Contemporary and Classical

dance, audiences will be taken on a journey of self-discovery

through the eyes of a dancer that dares to challenge the

paradigms but also faces difficult choices at every transitional

juncture along the way.

“Grace Fury is my ultimate expression of raw, rebellious

and refined,” Carruthers reveals. “Through blessing and

tragedy, mystery and humility, ambition and sacrifice,

uniqueness and common bond, she not only prevails in her

own mission to touch our culture, she delivers a socio-political

message inspiring everyone to step out of the box and

create their own way.”

In addition to being an important story with a very human

appeal, Grace Fury promises to keep audiences on edge of

their seats with a masterful montage exploring different

styles and genres of music, choreography and film. Shot

with five Panasonic VariCams, the narrative story interweaves

between finished stage performances, documentary

style behind the scenes footage and clips from Carruthers’

past projects to present an autobiographical journey of her

20-year evolution as a performer and innovator.

“The production jumps between different styles of music

and dance in a playful, provocative manner that challenges

traditional paradigms and through the performance, the

playfulness is brought into order as the evolution of an artist

takes shape,” she explains. “The choreography, music,

themes, and footage, have been deconstructed,

rearranged, and blended to portray Grace Fury’s unique

artistic vision and her observations, thoughts and feelings as

she is challenged to stay true to her authentic self in the arc

of her journey.”

continued next page...



...Laura previous page

ike Grace Fury and many other great innovators throughout

time, Carruthers first mastered her many crafts

before challenging the paradigms and pioneering her own

artistic path. By the young age of four, she was already

enrolled in ballet, tap, and tumbling classes and then at age

seven, she switched her focus to the Highland Dance of her

Scottish heritage. Carruthers’ natural talent quickly took her

up through the tough ranks of the very technique oriented

dance form and within ten years she had earned her elite

status as a world-renowned performer and six-time national

champion. By then Carruthers’ talent had also captured

the attention of the ballet world and she accepted a company

position with the esteemed Ballet Arizona. It was there

that artistic director, Michael Uthoff, asked her to collaborate

on choreography combining her Scottish Highland

background with ballet for a solo performance. Not only

was it a first of a kind fusion performance that wowed

critics and audiences, it was Carruthers’ first taste of

what creative freedom and artistic collaboration could

ultimately achieve.

Within a few years, she had hand-picked a like-minded


team of dancers, musicians, singers and production professionals

from the worlds of ballet, Highland dancing, theater,

and film, and together they embarked on a collaborative

journey through multiple mediums of art. After a collection

of successful smaller projects, Carruthers and her collaborators

busted out on the scene with their official world premiere

tour of “Fire and Grace.” The production sold-out

major venues across the U.S. and catapulted Carruthers to

fame with high critical acclaim.

Needless to say, she is excited to see how audiences will

respond to the upcoming January release of her most ambitious

project yet.

“My whole journey has been one of genuine experimentation.

I seek to urge others, even fellow artists, to resist and

to look beyond the usual channels of art and entertainment,

of questionable metrics and credibility, and to support those

both inside and outside of our familiar, established bubbles,”

says Carruthers.

– Jana Ritter

For more about Laura Carruthers and the upcoming debut

of Grace Fury, visit her website:



Clowns ‘n Guns

End Of The Trail Records


Love Struck

Big Fuss Records



No Reason, No Rhyme

Ultra Music




Take Your Name

Ambiment Entertainment







Gentle Giants: The Songs of

Don Williams

Slate Creek Records

Enjoy Music and Audio Programming

with Professional Quality Earphones

from Etymotic

“I spend lots of time with our artists in

recording studios.These Etymotic earphones

are highly engineered for accurate sound

qualilty.” - J. Daley, Bungalo Records


Blacklight EP






Tiff Jimber

Cormac Records





Next Generation Choir

Shalom Church





“When I was assembling the album ‘Solo’, I was

thinking of a tribute to the patriarchs of jazz...”

t’s been over three years since Ronnie

Laws released any music projects.

Recently, he performed his latest composition,

Settle Down, at a electrically charge

release party at the famed Catalina Bar &

Grill in Holllywood.

Our Belinda Foster sat down with the

jazz great to chat about his new music

release, Settle Down,written by Laws,is a

new progressive single that Laws is proud

to share with fans.When asked about the

theme of Settle Down, Laws shared his own

personal insight.

Tell us about your childhood and where you

grew up?

I am a Houston native and I grew up surrounded by my

family members who are gifted in music. I discovered the

essence of inspiration being exposed to hearing them play

and exploring music on my own as well.

What sparked your interest in music? Did it begin

in your childhood?

As a child, I was always around music. My family is made

up of both singers and musicians. In addition to listening

to my family members play, I also explored the music of

other musicians. I enjoyed listening to jazz, especially the

music of Joe Sample, the Jazz Crusaders and Wilton

Felder. John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley inspired

me a great deal, too.

What do you enjoy most about performing?

When I play in a studio or live at shows, it is a joy for me

to share music with the people around me.As a musician,

you can take moments to express your feelings and your

thoughts in such a way that you’ll find moments that connect

you to people who don’t know you but do understand

you through your music.

Tell us about your inspiration as a musician.

Who are some of your favorite artists? How did

you get into this?

There are quite a few musicians that continue to inspire

me. I am speaking of artists who had an impact on me as

a youngster in Houston to even now.As a child, I was

always excited to hear new styles of music… even a new

song.As I continued to grow, I was impacted by sax guys

from Texas like Arnette Cobb and David Fathead


You have been work on an album entitled Solo. Is

this a reflection long career in music?

“When I was assembling the album ‘Solo’, I was thinking

of a tribute to the patriarchs of jazz...” honoring Miles

Davis, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald and other greats. I like

the fact that it has a spoken word as part of the song as

well. It is a progressive move on my part. I think and look

forward to sharing it with my fans. It will reach a lot of

people in a positive way.”

Tell us about how you chose the players for Settle Down.

I basically incorporated guys I’ve worked with throughout

the years. It was a great experience being with people

you formerly worked with and who you have built solid

relationships with over many, many years.

Settle Down is distributed

through Blue Tree


Records/UMGD and is

now available on iTunes,

Amazon and other

major digital outlets.



Good Evening

Ultra Music


Wait Until Dawn

Misra Records


Though Nazneen Rahman has become widely

known for her work in the sciences; being recognised

by The BBC as a 'Game Changer', making

the BBC Woman’s Hour 2014 Power List.

Her new album is turning listeners into fans!

Answer No Questions

Mastermind Promotions




Cameron released ‘I Want You’ on the 4th April this

year, the same day she was supporting Simon Cowell’s

acclaimed X Factor winner Sam Bailey at His

Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen. With its fresh and infective

beat, the sun-inspired ‘I Want You’ produced by Derby

based duo Sound Junkeyz, is sure to become the background

track to summer memories all around the country,

cementing the singer as Scotland’s freshest star.

It’s been a long journey in the making for inspirational

Aberdeen-raised Cameron Jay. Wih over 15 years recording

and performing experience already under her belt, the

singer has been carving her musical career since she was

just 9 after having her first singing lesson at primary

school, before going on to record her first single at 12,

then joining a girl band and recording a covers album at

13. Despite her young age, Cameron was sure tht she had

found her calling, “From a young age I knew singing was

what I wanted to do”, she explains.

Whilst living in London she enjoyed winning her first

singing battle at The Jump Off, had he opportunity to

record with London based artist Logic and was invited to

perform at Vibes and Pressure’s famed music nights in

Dalston’s ‘Passing Clouds’. She has graced many

stages at an array of quirky and credible events;

from Brixton Splash, London 2012 Olympics Opening

Ceremony, all the way to performing in Nairobi, Kenya.

Her new chart release follows Cameron’s original EP,

‘Fearless’, which showcases the singer’s chameleon-like musical

prowess. She is can churn out the dance hits

whilst stitching together songs with lyrics of strength and

vulnerability. Revealing a grittier side to the

singer, the EP’s standout track ‘Angels and

Demons’ lays bare an edgier and more personal

side to the talented songstress. Highlighting the

power hidden behind emotional transparency, ‘Angels and

Demons speaks of facing her fears and being in

control of her destiny, successfully underpinning her title

of the EP, ‘Fearless’.

A year after starting singing lessons Cameron’s family

received news that she had she had developed a rare and

serious form of liver cancer. With doctors giving her

just one month to live, her future was incredibly uncertain.

After seven months of intensive chemotherapy in hospital

she was transferred to Birmingham for a lifesaving operation

to remove

3⁄4 of her liver. Fortunately, through receiving both alternative

therapies and chemotherapy treatment she reached remi

ssion, leaving her more determined than ever to fulfil her

dreams and inspire people who have had or are going throughsame

experience as her.

It’s great to see more alternative therapies being

introduced through the GP practices and through the information

available on the internet. This type of healing can

really support the body when receiving chemotherapy treatment.

You really need the energy to fight through every

day but eating and drinking isn’t something you desire too

much when you constantly feeling sick with the treatment.

I want people to know that YOU can survive

nana’s partner has survived cancer 3 times!! It hurts me to

think of so many people going through what my family

went through. I really hope my music and my story speaks

to people and encourages them to research as much as they

can to find out what is available to support patients during

their time in hospital and help their recovery process”.

Cameron Jay’s bravery and optimism shines through her music

proving infectious to everyone who encounters her. She has come

a long way in life and in her career, proving an inspiration and

a ray of sunshine within the granite city to those thinking

they’re cornered by dark days having starred in documentary

imparting empowering words of inspiration to those who need it

most. She continues to be a beacon of positivity, inspiring

people all over the world not only with her music, but her

story of strength. ?

“I never had a plan b, all I knew was that singing.

Text courtesy of Mindmaster Promotions.





EMP Label Group


Developing Story

Eden River Records



Wild Change

Something Blue Records



Devotion Lost


E“What’s in the Gift Bag?”

very award show and major special event treats the attending celebrities like royalty. As

part of the festivities, Gifting Suites (or lounges) are set up in the ballrooms of swank

hotels where sponsoring companies have rented space in order to entice the celebrity

guests to see, feel and accept samples of their products and services. The celebrities,

and their publicists, are escorted by members of the organizer’s staff, make a grand

tour, with gift bag(s) in hand, stoppiEng to see the products, pose for pictures with

sponsors’ staff members and adding the gift to their bounty.

Members of the media are invited as well to record the celebrities as they tour and stop

to accept the greetings and gifts. The recently held MTV Awards haad dozens of sponsors

who offered their products. In Hollywood Magazine’s Sylvia Sylver spent part of the day

and visited with some of the event’s sponsors...


Survivor Apparel

Unbreakable hats and T-shirts

were a hit at the gifting suite

Honoring the MTV Movie & TV

Awards. Survivor Apparel sends

a strong message that “We are all

stronger than we realize and that

no matter what life throws at us

we are stronger together.”

Aitai Kuji products, only available in Japan,

had adorable toys and anime goods are a sure

hit for kids of all ages.

Artist Cyndie Wade offered custom createdmessages

of your choice as your unique


Jannine Vinci, owner of Italy Oseree

swimwear presented her fashionable line

which features fabulous colors and sparkles

for poolside or beach.

If your company has a product that you would

like to promote and publicize to entertainment

personalities, send us an email. The "Award"

season is not too far away, and... space IS limited.

We'll make sure you get the visibility you


Send inquiries to: line Gift Bag



The Bachelorette Viewing Party

in Beverly Hills

Blogger babes, Heidi Nazarudin & Rachel

McCord hosted “The Bachelorette” viewing

party at ONLY IN BEVERLY HILLS where

Owner Lisa Bochmer created fabulous gift

bags. Each contained one-of-a-kind chic

pouches, white halter tees and a signature

water botttle. Guests were also treated with

fashion forward styling from DryBar along

with pink champagne and delicious desserts.

- Sylvia Sylver




DENIS BOCQ is the head

baker at Clifton’s Republic, the historic

cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles.This

classically trained French baker is now

serving his authentic croissants and country

breads. He’s known as the “baker to the

stars.” Many of the French restaurants in Los

Angeles feature his breads and pastries which

are baked fresh daily.

Developer Andrew Meieran has kept the

original and eclectic atmosphere of Clifton’s.

You can eat, drink and enjoy its museum -

like style and view various mementos of the

past and present. It has recently been renovated

and features a multi-level restaurant

and bar. The entertainment community uses

the vast space for A-List affairs and events.

The location is also ideal for filming.

Its a place to be and be seen. -Syliva Sylver



It’s Not What They Say,

It’s What You Hear

By Jordan Summers

Ann Convery blends the rules of the ancient Lizard

Brain with her clients’ signature marketing or business

message. As a result, the entrepreneurs and business

owners she works with experience a steady increase in

prospects, customers, and business.

In Entertainment asked Ann to share some of her secrets.

What’s the Lizard Brain?

It’s the 450,000 year old reptilian brain. It’s our survival

brain. We now know that the Lizard Brain actually triggers

every decision we make, from what we eat for breakfast

to who we marry. It’s the part of the brain that triggers

the “buy” signal.

How do you talk to it?

It’s actually easy. There are very specific

rules to communicate with this

brain. But it’s so contrary to the way

that most of us talk in business, that

people have to train themselves to do


So when you talk to the Lizard Brain,

you’re addressing the brain that buys?

That’s right. No one’s going to buy

your service or product when you first

meet them or when they jump on your site. But if you

communicate with the Lizard Brain, you can trigger a series

of little “yes” decisions. Yes, they’re interested. Yes,

they want more. Yes, they want to talk. You can keep

this up until they decide to engage, buy, or sign.

What’s a non-Lizard Brain message?

One client came to me saying: “We’re a mid-cap insurance

brokerage. We cater to manufacturers, distributors,

health care, construction, real estate, transportation,

municipalities”... etc. Zzzzzz

What was the Lizard Brain message you created with him?

Here’s the message that increased his referral rate:

“Typically I find between 10K to 30K my clients didn’t

know they had in 60 minutes or less.”

How do you work with people?

I work on two levels. First we grab attention. Together

with my client, I re-word their pitch, introduction, speech,

or any communication they have. We create messages that

are all about your customer or prospect. This captures

attention within 8 to 20 seconds.

Really? 8 seconds?

That’s the human attention span. It’s not only possible to

capture attention in 8 seconds, it’s essential. And profitable.

What’s Step Two?

That’s my Secret Sauce. I embed simple neuromarketing

techniques in every message you deliver. These techniques

specifically target the Lizard Brain. So, you’re talking

to the “decision-maker” every time you speak. It

works online or off.

Is communicating with the Lizard Brain effective?

If you do it right, it’s so effective it should be illegal.

People get more clients within two to four months. They

increase their customer base. One client in Germany used

these techniques and made 200K Euros

in 24 hours.

Who do you work with?

I work with serial technology entrepreneurs

– brainy types who need to pitch

their new app or service to build a following,

get more customers, and pitch

to investors. I work with entrepreneurs

and business owners who want more


How did you start?

I started in media training – I prepared executives, professionals

and authors to go on CNN, The Today Show,

Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, the New

York Times, and many other outlets. The techniques I

used in media training to make sure my clients gave great

interviews are almost the same techniques I use to create

irresistible messages.

Were you surprised?

At first, I was shocked that it worked so well in business.

Then I discovered neuromarketing and realized that I’d

been teaching neuromarketing principles all along. The

system is based in solid brain research.

Any parting thoughts?

Yes. Go Lizard. You’ll never go back.

For more information

contact Ann at (323) 644-7955 or

As we continue CELEBRATION:

25, our next issue will bring

more interviews with the

people who are heading towards

success in entertainment.

We’re planning a re-union of those

great professionals who have been

featured on the covers of our past

issues. That should be fun to

discover what they have done over

the years with their careers.

And, watch for updates on the



It will be an event like no other!!!

So... stay in touch!






“Like most marketers, film industry promoters are facing the problem of

decreasing attention spans. Audiences today don’t even have the patience

to watch a full trailer, but putting the gist of a movie into a bite-sized gif lets

you capture potential viewers instantly - as well as provide a platform for

continuous engagement.” – RICHARD RABBAT, Founder of Gfycat


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