Why Theatrically Trained Actors

Stumble When They Audition

For Film Roles

Twenty-two year old Darla Dimmore is taking an acting

class at Elephant Butte Dam College, along with other

courses. Her main goal in life is to be an outstanding professional

film actor. Professor Nedmond Zamp, her

instructor and theater director at the college, has his class

working on a play entitled Circumbendibus. It is a story

about fratricide because of love. Darla learns that even

using high-tech concealed microphones, the cast must

speak louder than normal for the benefit of the audience.

The dialogue in the script is rarely altered.The actors are

strictly limited to the perimeters of the stage area. Each

cast member must follow rigid placement markings to prevent

one actor from interfering or blocking another’s performance.

Exaggerated movements are necessary to assist

the audience in clearly understanding what is happening in

each scene. In most cases, character adjustments or dialogue

changes cannot be made.There are no camera

angles, just the stage front, and certainly no close-ups.

Stage mobility is limited and strictly controlled.The lighting

is normally fixed.The props, scenery, and backdrops are

usually exaggerated, not realistic, and have limited flexibility.

In addition to all this, a theater director and his goals

and motives are, for the most part, very different from

those of a film director. Darla clearly realizes now that

though theater acting may be a well-respected form of

acting and a distant relative of film acting, it is definitely not

film acting. Darla is perplexed and now must search elsewhere

if she is to succeed in the world of film acting.

(Page 20, of Everybody is An Actor)

Today there are several methods being used to train

individuals to become future or better actors.

Unfortunately they were designed primarily for theater

acting and are actually quite old.That is why many who

want to become good or possibly great film actors fail at

auditions or never become successful at this unique craft.

Darla Dimmore is just one example of thousands who

are searching for a better way to learn.That way is the

Psychophantic System of film acting! This system is

based on psychological principles.There is nothing else

like it in the whole world! In my workshops and in my

book, Everybody is an Actor, one who wants to

truly be a skillful film artist, learns how to win an audition.

•What is being revealed about the character?

•How do you feel about him or her?

•How will you deal with the part and seal the role

and make it real!


I clearly instruct how to give the portrayal genuine

appeal and zeal. It is also important to know after a

performance how to heal yourself. It is imperative that a

professional film actor know the jargon used in this industry

and be able to radiate positive energy when working

with all who are involved in a TV or motion picture production.This

is what I offer to all my students and seasoned

film actors who want to reach a higher level of success. In

addition to all this, I present and explain many other extraordinary

ways to be truly outstanding as a film actor. Methods

and theater thespians cannot make this offer or guarantee.

In future articles I will explain how to overcome stage

fright and each one of my psychophantic sensors.


Dr. Reichel has a long and varied experience in the

film and TV industries, from actor and director to

casting and cameraman. He holds multiple degrees,

including one in film production and a doctorate in

counseling psychology. Reichel, the author of

“Everybody is an Actor”, was the first to produce a TV

program about Asian cultures in America, and the

first to present a TV show about all aspects of

organic living. He is credited with persuading film star

Jackie Chan to come to the U.S. to make movies.

He created an innovative and comprehensive acting

system that immerses participants in the culture of

film production while helping them actually become

the character with impressive time efficiency. His

system is also excellent for those who would like

to have superior confidence and be more dynamic

and assertive at work, social situations, school, or

even at home.

Dr. is the lone crusader for the restoration of the

United States film and television industry and a positive

form of training film actors! He has been a guest on

countless talk shows across the nation. Find him on

Facebook,Youtube, and other internet links.You can

contact him through E-Mail at:

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