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TATYANA FIGUEIREDO Some Roads to Hollywood Are Longer Than Others L ike youngsters everywhere (even in Brazil), Tatyana would spend hours upon hours watching television. And, at a young age, she knew she wanted to become an actress. When she was old enough, she enrolled in a college where she could study acting. After that, she spent the next three years in an acting school which offered more specialized classes for actors who wished to pursue careers in film and television. To gain more practical experience, Tatyana volunteered her time in a theatre group with roles in plays and other productions such as short films. Her earlier rigors were rewarded when the theatre company hired her to teach acting to its other members. Her skills did not go unnoticed. She became one of over 150 applicants to become part of Margie Haber’s acting program – in Hollywood. Margie did have one basic required facet and that was... her students had to speak English! So, in less than four months of arduous learning, Tatyana learned a new language. Tatyana made the life-changing decision and moved to Los Angeles and started all over. She became one of Heber’s top students. Her new life and career magically changed as she attained several roles in short films, doing modeling as well as several television commercials. And, to sharpen her craft, she became part of the Sherman Oaks based Whitefire Theatre, one of L.A.’s premier ensemble theatre companies which regularly offers its acting members the opportunity to perform live on stage. All of Tatyana’s perseverance, hard work and dedication to her acting career finally paid off when was cast in the Warner Bros. film, Suicide Squad. She recalls the experience of her first major role and looks back on the road she has traveled to date. READ MORE >> 18

...TATYANA FIGUEIREDO How did you actually get the part in Suicide Squad? I did the audition and it was crazy because it came down to me and one other girl, and the role was a Russian girl named Tatiana. So it was a bit funny and kind of like destiny. I think my name helped me get the role a bit! What was it like working on the set of Suicide Squad? My experience on set was the best ever. Everyone treated me very well. I had my own wardrobe room and someone was constantly checking up on me, asking if I needed anything. Things like that are rare when you are a lesser known actor! Once I was scheduled to be on set, director David Ayer came to me to say thank you for me being there. What a pleasure meeting him! I want to say THANK YOU to him for giving me this awesome opportunity to be a part of this amazing production. When it was time to shoot my scene a very funny situation took place. I never received so much attention and care at the same time. I was waiting for the crew to set up the cameras and one guy, who was in charge of taking care of me, asked me if I wanted some water and I said yes. He left right away to get it for me. Next the stunt man of Adam Beach (Slipknot in the film), the actor who I interact with, asked me if I wanted water and I said that someone was already getting some for me, but he left to go get some for me as well. Then, another man who was an assistant camera man came and brought me a couple bottles of water. Seconds later one by one everyone was coming to me and giving me bottles of water! haha It was so funny because I had so many bottles of water on set that I had to hide them in different places on the set so they did not not show on camera! And because my scene takes place in my bathroom, the assistant camera man and I were playing around saying that we could fill up the bathtub just with the water everyone had brought me! I definitely wasn’t thirsty anymore! The shooting of the scene went very smoothly, Adam Beach (Slipknot) was very nice and friendly and so was his stunt man. I felt so comfortable on set that I completely forgot that I was in a really huge production with such amazing well-known actors. I had a blessed time that day. I will never forget that moment and how well I was treated. Every single person involved in that movie got my attention, my respect and my admiration. I would love to say thanks to everyone involved with Suicide Squad for such an amazing experience! Which actors, actresses, and films or TV shows influenced you when you were young? I did the audition and it was crazy because it came down to me and one other girl, and the role was a Russian girl named Tatiana. So it was a bit funny and kind of like destiny. I think my name helped me get the role a bit! Since I was young I have had an admiration for Meryl Streep in any movie she’s been in, she’s my favorite! Johnny Depp, especially in Edward Scissorhands, Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and Shakespeare in Love, and other movies such as the entire Harry Potter series, the books had a major impact on MORE >> IN ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE 19