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...from page 29 Don’t wait until the last minute to sow your social media seeds. Building genuine followings on social media takes time. Unless your Justin Bieber, you’re probably not going to get 10,000 new followers overnight. So if you’ve got an event, a premier, or a record debut coming up 6-, 9-, or even 12-months out, start talking about it now on social media to build interest and demand.Think about new film trailers, many of which debut up to a year ahead of a movie’s release date to generate excitement. Build hype (awareness) and community (followers) sooner rather than later, leading to greater frequency as you get closer to the event. Keep it simple at first, posting maybe three times a week, ramping up to 1 or 2 times a day as your big event/sale/or premier approaches. Realize that the days of organic social media growth are over as Facebook,Twitter, and others repress your reach if you are not advertising on their respective platform. Not fair, you say? It’s business—it doesn’t have to be.To maximize your social media reach, you need to be viewed as an advertiser, and that means paid placements in addition to organic posts and shares. follow us... Don’t go it alone—follow “influencers” in your field or industry. Influencers are people you know that members of your target audience are likely following. Comment on their posts, and use hash tags (#) so your content can be found easily, and use @mentions so influencers know when you mention them. Doing so will expose you and your brand to an ever-widening audience. Impress influencers, say or share something of value, and they’ll start to follow you and share your content. Count your website in your social media/marketing mix. Building a strong community through social is one thing, but you need to seal the deal. Don’t forget your website! Make sure the user experience there aligns with your social presence and that it leads to more sales, conversions, or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish by hyping your brand. Just how well does your website engage visitors? Do you have measurable performance goals and objectives? If your website engagement does not mesh with your social media activity, dig deeper. Conduct surveys, examine trends, find out what you need to do to turn growing interest in your brand into paying customers in your sales pipeline. Today’s consumers are savvy.They want valuable content from the brands they buy from—content they can embrace in their everyday lives at home, at work, and at play.They want to become part of the conversation, part of a community that is attracted and loyal to your offerings.As brand devotees, they talk about your brand, tell others, and share your content, helping to spread the word. Now get out there and engage! — Paul June, King of the Jungle… out there. 30

Chris Ortega (r) and David Montano The ObiiS Have Come to Life Chris Ortega, a self-published author, has created a story series about tiny aliens to promote reading and help eliminate illiteracy worldwide. He provides children and all book lovers with fun and innovative children’s stories through his animated book series. His first book My Unique Friends The Obiiis Obiis:The Beginning as his first inspiration for UFO lovers with appeal to somewhere beyond this universe. continued next page IN ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE 31