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... The ObiiS This book

... The ObiiS This book tells a story of tiny aliens who go by the name Obiis. These special aliens have unique creative aliens, which make them distinctive from all the rest and, most importantly, are known for their friendliness. His second book Obiis:The Friendship is about the astronauts return back to Earth where no one believes them about meeting tiny aliens. So, they have to return back to the planet Orii to learn more about the Obiis and bring them as proof of their existence. These cute, aliens explore interplanetary relationships, taking young children on a journey through stories of teamwork, friendship and enjoyment –– all set in a friendly planet of excitement, happiness and laughter which is home sweet home. The Obiis are a new brand that appeals to parents and grandparents for the values they represent and captivate kids. The characters become mentors that children will grow to admire. With a new playful collection of handmade plush alien characters, Obii, the Leader and Obii, the Girl Xtreme are made of soft cotton fabric that will complement the book. These plush toys will produce a fun creative animated enjoyment for children who enjoy and love reading. Chris has instilled core value to the making of these fun and unique products where their social vision is “Reading is Giving.” With the purchased of a book, Obiis donate as book to child in need. Obiis’ motto is to give back to society and, at the same time, share the love of reading to impoverished communities around the world thereby opening the eyes and dreams of those that matter and need it most…the children! Chris hopes that one day his books and his adorable little alien characters will come to life in a very special animated feature film or television series. For more information visit: ttps:// 32