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The Smart Travel Companion for You Every professional travels . . . whether it's an overnight or extended business trip, a brief daily commute from home to the office, or to see a client. Regardless of distance travelled or the time you expect to be away, you need your laptop, business cards, hard-copy files, notepads, and pens, and various accessories. Like the old American Express ads of the 1970s and 1980s, you don't want to leave home (or the office) without it! For overnight trips, you'll of course want to include some personal items you can carry onto the plane with you safely and conveniently. Not too long ago, an email from a San Diego publicist showed up in my inbox promoting a newly-designed carrying case-one with wheels. As I look at the sleek design and functional features, I wondered, could this be the answer that my colleagues and I, as well as other business types, have been seeking? A perfect blend of form and function? We requested a sample of the case, and within a couple of days FedEX showed up with the product: the Professional Rolling Laptop Case from Anaheim-based Mobile Edge. We asked our staff and business contacts what sort of traveling cases they like best. Most said they aren't happy with anything they use to carry today's necessary items for Professionals-not even backpacks so highlyprized by Millennials and younger members of the work force. For two days (as well as a weekend if they planned an out-of-town trip), we asked members of our staff plus a couple of free-lance writers to use the case. Each was asked to comment on ease of use, practicality, looks, and functionality. There was NOT one negative comment about the case from any of them. In fact, each wanted to keep their case in exchange for a review! As Publisher, I will put a review together. In the meantime, here's a Q & A about the case with the President/CEO of Mobile Edge, G. David Cartwright: 34

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS What kinds of devices fit into the Professional Rolling LaptopcCase? The Professional Roller Laptop case features an adjustable compartment to fit tablets, notebooks, and laptops with screens of 13 to 17 inches. The backpack, holds laptops with screens of 13 to 16 inches. How big is the laptop case? At 18” x 14” x 10” the Professional Roller fits under most airplane seats or easily in overhead bins while providing ample storage to fit files, pens, phones, business cards, keys, cables, peripherals, and even a change of clothes and other personal items. The checkpoint friendly backpack measures 16” x 9” x 19”. What kinds of things can I transport with the Professional Rolling Laptop Case? The Professional Roller combo offers great versatility. You can use it to wheel your laptop, files, and accessories across busy streets, or combine it with Mobile Edge’s matching Professional Backpack (which fits securely atop the rolling case using a built-in trolley strap) and you can transport your entire mobile office and more through even the busiest airports. How durable is the case? Constructed of durable ballistic nylon, the Professional Roller is weather and impact resistant, ensuring that your expensive hardware, irreplaceable data, and personal items are well-protected, wellorganized, and easy to access when needed. And, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Is it easy to maneuver? With the Professional Roller, you can make your way through hectic airports, crowded parking garages, or busy streets with ease. Its five-stage telescoping handle and free-rolling in-line skate wheels add maneuverability and stability—and securing the matching backpack atop the rolling case is a snap using the built-in trolley strap. Is the Professional Roller just for business travelers? Practically anyone needing to transport and protect any electronic device and/or accessories can benefit from using the versatile Professional Roller and Backpack combo. In addition to laptops, tablets, notebooks, and smartphones, it can accommodate textbooks, notebooks, and even snacks and personal items. Pair it with the Professional Backpack, and it’s not difficult to imagine students using the Professional Roller “system” to organize and cart all of their computer and school-related materials around campus. Gamers can use the Professional Roller and backpack to transport their gaming consoles, VR/AR devices, and games worry-free. What prompted Mobile Edge to design and build the Professional Rolling Laptop Cases? These are products that our customers have been asking for. The Professional Roller and Backpack incorporate over fifteen years of end user input and feedback. The result is two cases that are more intuitive and user friendly than any other products on the market today. PUBLISHER’S NOTE: All the words from David Cartwright, our Staff and me or the photos of this innovative solution can aptly describe for you the usefulness and versatility of this product. So... we asked them to put together a video. View it now >> Founded in 2002, Anaheim-based Mobile Edge provides durable and protective laptop cases, messenger bags, backpacks, and more for busy travelers, students, professionals, and gamers. We are known for our innovative and stylish designs, superior-quality, lifetime warranty and commitment to customer satisfaction. IN ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE 35