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PERFORMING ARTIST PROFILE Laura Carruthers Grace Fury “My mission is to defend what it means to be a genuine artist. An innovator willing to question and stretch those boundaries, defy them at times, and ultimately bring them together in new form.” - Laura Carruthers aura Carruthers is a performer, choreographer, director, producer, and master visionary with that magic combination of creative rebelliousness to make her mark by changing up the dance world and challenging audiences. Not only is she breaking the rigid barriers of ballet and Scottish Highland dance by merging them into her own celebrated form, she has created a whole new hybrid genre of film and stage performance that combines the cutting edge artistry of performers, musicians, cinematographers, editors, special effects and stage designers. The result is a fully immersive, fantastical experience seen in a string of successful productions that have been captivating audiences and critics worldwide. Now after seven years in the making, Carruthers is about to unleash her most highly anticipated production yet. Set for release in January, 2017, Grace Fury is a feature length, dance infused media scape starring Carruthers as her autobiographical alter ego, Grace Fury, and an all-star cast of top dancers from major companies and Broadway productions. In a musical montage of Celtic, Contemporary and Classical dance, audiences will be taken on a journey of self-discovery through the eyes of a dancer that dares to challenge the paradigms but also faces difficult choices at every transitional juncture along the way. “Grace Fury is my ultimate expression of raw, rebellious and refined,” Carruthers reveals. “Through blessing and tragedy, mystery and humility, ambition and sacrifice, uniqueness and common bond, she not only prevails in her own mission to touch our culture, she delivers a socio-political message inspiring everyone to step out of the box and create their own way.” In addition to being an important story with a very human appeal, Grace Fury promises to keep audiences on edge of their seats with a masterful montage exploring different styles and genres of music, choreography and film. Shot with five Panasonic VariCams, the narrative story interweaves between finished stage performances, documentary style behind the scenes footage and clips from Carruthers’ past projects to present an autobiographical journey of her 20-year evolution as a performer and innovator. “The production jumps between different styles of music and dance in a playful, provocative manner that challenges traditional paradigms and through the performance, the playfulness is brought into order as the evolution of an artist takes shape,” she explains. “The choreography, music, themes, and footage, have been deconstructed, rearranged, and blended to portray Grace Fury’s unique artistic vision and her observations, thoughts and feelings as she is challenged to stay true to her authentic self in the arc of her journey.” continued next page... 36