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...Laura previous page ike Grace Fury and many other great innovators throughout time, Carruthers first mastered her many crafts before challenging the paradigms and pioneering her own artistic path. By the young age of four, she was already enrolled in ballet, tap, and tumbling classes and then at age seven, she switched her focus to the Highland Dance of her Scottish heritage. Carruthers’ natural talent quickly took her up through the tough ranks of the very technique oriented dance form and within ten years she had earned her elite status as a world-renowned performer and six-time national champion. By then Carruthers’ talent had also captured the attention of the ballet world and she accepted a company position with the esteemed Ballet Arizona. It was there that artistic director, Michael Uthoff, asked her to collaborate on choreography combining her Scottish Highland background with ballet for a solo performance. Not only was it a first of a kind fusion performance that wowed critics and audiences, it was Carruthers’ first taste of what creative freedom and artistic collaboration could ultimately achieve. Within a few years, she had hand-picked a like-minded 38 team of dancers, musicians, singers and production professionals from the worlds of ballet, Highland dancing, theater, and film, and together they embarked on a collaborative journey through multiple mediums of art. After a collection of successful smaller projects, Carruthers and her collaborators busted out on the scene with their official world premiere tour of “Fire and Grace.” The production sold-out major venues across the U.S. and catapulted Carruthers to fame with high critical acclaim. Needless to say, she is excited to see how audiences will respond to the upcoming January release of her most ambitious project yet. “My whole journey has been one of genuine experimentation. I seek to urge others, even fellow artists, to resist and to look beyond the usual channels of art and entertainment, of questionable metrics and credibility, and to support those both inside and outside of our familiar, established bubbles,” says Carruthers. – Jana Ritter For more about Laura Carruthers and the upcoming debut of Grace Fury, visit her website: