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RONNIE LAWS I “When I was assembling the album ‘Solo’, I was thinking of a tribute to the patriarchs of jazz...” t’s been over three years since Ronnie Laws released any music projects. Recently, he performed his latest composition, Settle Down, at a electrically charge release party at the famed Catalina Bar & Grill in Holllywood. Our Belinda Foster sat down with the jazz great to chat about his new music release, Settle Down,written by Laws,is a new progressive single that Laws is proud to share with fans.When asked about the theme of Settle Down, Laws shared his own personal insight. Tell us about your childhood and where you grew up? I am a Houston native and I grew up surrounded by my family members who are gifted in music. I discovered the essence of inspiration being exposed to hearing them play and exploring music on my own as well. What sparked your interest in music? Did it begin in your childhood? As a child, I was always around music. My family is made up of both singers and musicians. In addition to listening to my family members play, I also explored the music of other musicians. I enjoyed listening to jazz, especially the music of Joe Sample, the Jazz Crusaders and Wilton Felder. John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley inspired me a great deal, too. What do you enjoy most about performing? When I play in a studio or live at shows, it is a joy for me to share music with the people around me.As a musician, you can take moments to express your feelings and your thoughts in such a way that you’ll find moments that connect you to people who don’t know you but do understand you through your music. Tell us about your inspiration as a musician. Who are some of your favorite artists? How did you get into this? There are quite a few musicians that continue to inspire me. I am speaking of artists who had an impact on me as a youngster in Houston to even now.As a child, I was always excited to hear new styles of music… even a new song.As I continued to grow, I was impacted by sax guys from Texas like Arnette Cobb and David Fathead Newman. You have been work on an album entitled Solo. Is this a reflection long career in music? “When I was assembling the album ‘Solo’, I was thinking of a tribute to the patriarchs of jazz...” honoring Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald and other greats. I like the fact that it has a spoken word as part of the song as well. It is a progressive move on my part. I think and look forward to sharing it with my fans. It will reach a lot of people in a positive way.” Tell us about how you chose the players for Settle Down. I basically incorporated guys I’ve worked with throughout the years. It was a great experience being with people you formerly worked with and who you have built solid relationships with over many, many years. Settle Down is distributed through Blue Tree Records/Bungalo Records/UMGD and is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other major digital outlets. IN ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE 47