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CAMERON JAY Cameron released ‘I Want You’ on the 4th April this year, the same day she was supporting Simon Cowell’s acclaimed X Factor winner Sam Bailey at His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen. With its fresh and infective beat, the sun-inspired ‘I Want You’ produced by Derby based duo Sound Junkeyz, is sure to become the background track to summer memories all around the country, cementing the singer as Scotland’s freshest star. It’s been a long journey in the making for inspirational Aberdeen-raised Cameron Jay. Wih over 15 years recording and performing experience already under her belt, the singer has been carving her musical career since she was just 9 after having her first singing lesson at primary school, before going on to record her first single at 12, then joining a girl band and recording a covers album at 13. Despite her young age, Cameron was sure tht she had found her calling, “From a young age I knew singing was what I wanted to do”, she explains. Whilst living in London she enjoyed winning her first singing battle at The Jump Off, had he opportunity to record with London based artist Logic and was invited to perform at Vibes and Pressure’s famed music nights in Dalston’s ‘Passing Clouds’. She has graced many stages at an array of quirky and credible events; from Brixton Splash, London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, all the way to performing in Nairobi, Kenya. Her new chart release follows Cameron’s original EP, ‘Fearless’, which showcases the singer’s chameleon-like musical prowess. She is can churn out the dance hits whilst stitching together songs with lyrics of strength and vulnerability. Revealing a grittier side to the singer, the EP’s standout track ‘Angels and Demons’ lays bare an edgier and more personal side to the talented songstress. Highlighting the power hidden behind emotional transparency, ‘Angels and Demons speaks of facing her fears and being in control of her destiny, successfully underpinning her title of the EP, ‘Fearless’. A year after starting singing lessons Cameron’s family received news that she had she had developed a rare and serious form of liver cancer. With doctors giving her just one month to live, her future was incredibly uncertain. After seven months of intensive chemotherapy in hospital she was transferred to Birmingham for a lifesaving operation to remove 3⁄4 of her liver. Fortunately, through receiving both alternative therapies and chemotherapy treatment she reached remi ssion, leaving her more determined than ever to fulfil her dreams and inspire people who have had or are going throughsame experience as her. It’s great to see more alternative therapies being introduced through the GP practices and through the information available on the internet. This type of healing can really support the body when receiving chemotherapy treatment. You really need the energy to fight through every day but eating and drinking isn’t something you desire too much when you constantly feeling sick with the treatment. I want people to know that YOU can survive nana’s partner has survived cancer 3 times!! It hurts me to think of so many people going through what my family went through. I really hope my music and my story speaks to people and encourages them to research as much as they can to find out what is available to support patients during their time in hospital and help their recovery process”. Cameron Jay’s bravery and optimism shines through her music proving infectious to everyone who encounters her. She has come a long way in life and in her career, proving an inspiration and a ray of sunshine within the granite city to those thinking they’re cornered by dark days having starred in documentary imparting empowering words of inspiration to those who need it most. She continues to be a beacon of positivity, inspiring people all over the world not only with her music, but her story of strength. ? “I never had a plan b, all I knew was that singing. Text courtesy of Mindmaster Promotions. IN ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE 51