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A groovy tribute to the

songs of the ‘60s!

Special tribute to our

Vietnam Vets!


August 2017














Volume 14, Issue 6

Dan Roberts

Ray Sarbacker

Debbie Landry

Rana Goodman

Evan Davis

Sam Wagmeister

Stu Cooper

Rich Natole

Ary Mirochnik

Michael Roberts

Lou Lozitsky

Bill Caserta

One Angry Reader

By: Dan Roberts / Publisher

For your sake, you better print it!” As publisher/editor of The Vegas Voice, I’ve

received my share of mean-spirited, nasty emails and letters. But this loyal reader

pulled no punches in expressing her outrage regarding one of my articles last month.

To make matters worse, she had no hesitation in constantly calling me (both day and night) angrily disputing the

contents of my column regarding my physical appearance and for even suggesting that I now look like my father. To

keep the peace (and for the love-of-god to cease those harassing telephone calls) The Vegas Voice offered to “happily”

print her rebuttal “Letter to the Editor.”

Dear Danny: I guess you can’t help yourself. You do something absolutely fantastic for all seniors and then

you have to screw it up by your thoughtless and ridiculous references. You should know better.

Let’s start with the good news. Readers should get on their hands and knees to thank you (and especially –

most especially, Rana) for uncovering and solving the guardianship mess. I know how hard Rana and you

worked and I always knew that you would be able to achieve great results.

Now regarding your idiotic article. How anyone can suggest that you look any different than the photo

attached is their mistake, not yours. To write that you’re “balding” only proves the need for you (or anyone

else) to have their eyes… and heads examined.

Last, but not least, your so-call sardonic comparison to your father is ridiculous. Your dad was a truly

handsome and wonderful man.

I only hope you can show the same devotion to Rana as your father did with his partner of 61 years. If

you’re only half the man that your dad was, then Rana is as lucky as you are in having her by your side.

You know very well I’ll be reading everything you write. Do not make me write another letter like this.

Finally, and as always, be sure to give a kiss to your beautiful Rana for me and my hugs to those 4 sons.

And it certainly wouldn’t hurt if you could call me more than once a week every now and then.

Love, Mom

Marty Allen

Adrea Barrera

John Bielun

Yvonne Cloutier

Dianne Davis

Chuck Dean

Jan Fair

Linda Gomez

Ali Guggenheim

Dan Hyde

Mike Landry

BJ Killeen

Kathy Manney

Kyo Mitchell

Mary Richard

Crystal Sarbacker

Victoria Seaman

Jim Valkenburg

Beverly Washburn

Devon Wickens

Vicki Wentz

James White






Enjoy a life of comfort, security and fun in our luxurious

senior living community. Here, you’ll experience deluxe

senior living services with pleasing amenities that will

help you get the most out of your retirement lifestyle.

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FROM 1-4pm

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August 2017



Capture the Flower

Power of the Sixties!

In 1967 you put flowers in your hair

Crystal Czerkas- Now you can remember those

Sarbacker special days by putting flowers in

your home. Flowers help us recall memories. And anytime

we want to decorate for a special event, flowers are

usually the first thing that come to mind. So why not use

this concept to spruce up your home? Flowers and plants

bring life into any setting and can be actually energizing.

I’ve never seen a room that wasn’t enhanced by adding

a bouquet of flowers. Even professional decorators are

now using floral images to add a sense of newness to

their designs. Big blossoms are one of the year’s new

looks and can be found in everything from upholstery

and rugs to wallpaper murals.

“Peaceful Pause” original watercolor avail. as a giclee

If you’re not ready to cover your walls with giant

posies, though, you might brighten your rooms with

some floral art. Floral oil paintings and watercolors

can be expensive, so many collectors and designers are

turning to limited edition giclees. These are computerized

reproductions of original artworks produced in

exactly the same size as the original or customized to fit

a particular space in a home. I personally like to display

giclees of my Dad’s florals in bright, metallic colored

frames. Most of his flowers are impressionistic with lots

of color, so simple frames in blues, reds or greens easily

tie his giclees into almost any existing or new decorating

scheme. These giclees are affordable, colorful, and the

perfect way to bring the joy of flowers into your home.

For more information, call


*The painting shown here is by Crystal’s Dad, the award winning

artist Victor Czerkas, the only known private student of the

great Russian impressionist, Nicolai Fechin. For more information

on floral giclees email us at

August 2017

Saying “Thank You”

By: Rich Natole / Voices of a Generation


'm so looking forward to participating and

performing at The Vegas Voice Summer of

Love 50 th Anniversary Concert at the Silverton

Hotel’s Veil Pavilion on August 20th. I always enjoy doing shows for our


Over the years, I've performed for every branch of our armed forces;

from the elite ranks of the Air Force to the Navy, Army and even the

National Guard. They're always so appreciative and kind to entertainers.

I especially want to add my personal “thank you for your service” to our

Vietnam Veterans. It’s been too long for them to receive the recognition

and thanks they richly deserve.

When I take the stage, expect to see some of our classic and beloved

stars from the 60s era. From Bob Hope, George Burns, Jack Benny, and

every United States President from JFK to Donald Trump, we’ll all be

there to make an appearance. Join me and a host of talented Las Vegas

performers as we salute and pay tribute are Vietnam veterans.

*As I previously mentioned, along with fellow Vegas Voice columnist

Evan Davis we are back on the air. And I am so fortunate to have as my

announcer/sidekick, the man with the golden voice, Nevada Broadcaster

Hall of Fame Jon Lindquist.

Last month, Evan had Frankie Scinta and my guest was Clint Holmes.

Two great shows and always FREE!

Rich Natole is a comic/impressionist headlining entertainer & host

of The Vegas Voice Television/Podcast Show. For more information

visit: You can also contact Rich at: rich@






1. Remember the music of 1967? Some of the best songs ever recorded

will be heard once again.

2. Did you see the list of entertainers scheduled to perform (plus a

surprise guest or two)? Enough said.

3. Ticket price of only $19.67 (get it?) with all proceeds going to two

non-profit organizations – Nevada Association to Stop Guardian &

Elder Abuse and the Las Vegas Showbiz Network.

4. Free raffle prizes courtesy of our great sponsors.

5. The concert will be at the Silverton Hotel & Casino. And unlike

“other” casinos, no valet or parking charges.

6. Beat the heat! The concert is in the fantastic “cool” Veil Pavilion.

7. Ogle the beautiful, wonderful Ms Senior Nevada ladies who will serve

as ushers/escorts for the concert.

8. It’s a Sunday afternoon in August. What else are you going to do?

9. Let me repeat – the music of 1967! And the entertainers!!

10. And the most important reason – We will be doing a tribute

to our Vietnam Veterans. Regardless of whether you were “for or against”

the war, our troops served our country and performed their duties.

They never received their “thank you for your service” and will

finally get one at our Summer of Love Concert. We hope you will be

there to join in.








TO $2.50 OFF. EXPIRES 08/31/2017. VOICE

picnic with us

all summer long!



. Some guy just invented

a perfume that will drive

women crazy. It smells like money.

2. They say that if your hand

itches, you’re going to get it. However, if your head itches, you already

got it!

3. My friend Mel claims he lost a fortune overnight. He went to bed

feeling like a million bucks and woke up feeling like two cents!

4. “Whatever happened to that goofy blonde your husband used to run

around with?” “I dyed my hair.”

5. Patient: “Doctor, I think I have amnesia?” Doctor replied: “How long

have you had it?” Patient: “Had what?”

6. American money not only “talks” but it speaks every foreign


7. Waitress to customer: “Why are you eating those cakes so fast?”

Customer: “I’m afraid I may lose my appetite before I finish.”

8. If you want to make your wife crazy, don’t talk in your sleep – just


9. Lois: “My boyfriend is so gallant. He always kisses my hand.” Mary:

“It sounds like he has the right idea, but his aim is a little off!”

10. Remember: It’s better to have loved and lost – much better!


August 2017

Marty’s Top Ten

By: Marty Allen / Hello Dere

For over the past decade, Marty Allen has performed with his on

and off stage singing partner Karon Kate Blackwell.

Diary of a Las Vegas Summer

By: Bill Caserta / Bill’s Blurbs

J une 1st - We just moved to Las Vegas. Now

this is a City that knows how to live! Beautiful

sunny days and warm balmy evenings. Mountains

and deserts blend together.

What a place! I’ve finally found my home. I love it here.

June 14 th - Really heating up. Got to 100 today. Not a problem. Live

in an air-conditioned home and drive an air-conditioned car. What a

pleasure to see the sun every day like this. I’m turning into a real sun


June 30 th - Had the backyard landscaped with western plants today.

Lots of cactus and rocks. What a breeze to maintain. No more mowing for

me. Another scorcher today, but I love it here.

July 10th - The temperature hasn’t been below 100 all week. How do

people get used to this kind of heat? But getting used to it is taking longer

than I expected.

July 15th - Fell asleep by the pool. Got 3 rd degree burns over 60% of

my body. Missed 2 days of work – what a dumb thing to do.

July 25 th - This wind sucks. It feels like a giant freaking blow dryer.

And it’s hot as hell!

The home air-conditioner is on the fritz and the AC repairman charged

$300 just to drive by and tell me he needed to order parts.

July 30th - Been sleeping outside by the pool for 3 nights. $1,800 in

damn house payments and we can’t even go inside. Why did I ever come


August 4 th - It’s 115 freaking degrees. Finally got the air-conditioner

fixed. It cost $500 and gets the temperature down to about 90. I hate this

stupid place.

August: 8 th - If another wise guy cracks: “Hot enough for you today”

I’m going to tear his throat out. Damn heat. Will it ever get below 115


August 9 th - Tried to run some quick errands. Wore shorts and sat on

the car’s leather seat. I thought I was on fire. Lost 2 layers of flesh.

August 10 th - The weather report might as well be a damn recording:

“Hot and sunny.” It’s been too hot to do anything for over 2 months and

the weatherman says it will really warm up next week. Doesn’t it ever rain

in this damn desert? With the water rationing, $2,500 worth of cactus just

might dry up. Even a cactus can’t live in this *&%$# heat.

August 19 th - WELCOME TO HELL. Temperature got to 121 today.

If I had wanted to live in Death Valley, I would have moved there. Forgot

to crack the window and blew the damned windshield out of the car. The

installer came to fix it and said: “Hot enough for you today?” My wife

had to spend the $1,800 house payment to bail me out.

If I don’t end up in prison, I’m putting the house up for sale and

moving back to the Bronx!

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and

has a very “unique” sense of humor. He welcomes all funny

submissions at:



$135,000 FREE





















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STCI 141238 Fmc My Generation August VEGAS VOICE AD


By: Mike Landry / Golf Fore Ever

The Legacy Golf Course in Henderson is the

latest casualty of golf course closures in the

Valley. Recently, the Silverstone & Badlands closed.

I liked the Legacy and will miss it.

What’s going on? Why all these closures? Let me explain.

When I first moved to town nearly 50 years ago, we only had a few golf

courses, but the population was low and we could play most courses for

around $15/20. And then the town exploded. Visitors came out in droves

to play golf. Tee times became unavailable and prices sky rocketed (I

remember being quoted $70 for locals and $125 for visitors).

More golf courses were built throughout the valley, but by then, many

golfers had given up the game and/or slowed down their play. Then the

tourists stopped bringing their clubs (you think they figured out they

were being gouged?).

Eventually, prices returned to normal, tee time were once again

available, but it was too late for golf courses to turn a profit. What do these

closures mean for Las Vegas residents? It’s simple “supply and demand.”

Less choices, more demand and you guessed it - higher prices to come.

See you on the links!


Another Golf Course Closing

Mike Landry resides in Sun City MacDonald Ranch and is a member

of both the Nevada State Seniors Golf Club and Winterwood Men’s

Group. He can be reached at:

August 2017

Ann Miller

By: Yvonne Cloutier / Musical Moments

Ann Miller, first known as Johnnie Lucille

Ann Collier, (her father named her Johnnie

because he wanted a boy,) was born in Chireno,

Texas in 1923. She became one of the greatest dancers of film and stage

musicals between 1930-50s. Her dancing began when her mother sent her

to dance school at age 5, as therapy for Rickets.

When Ann won a personality contest, her mother brought her to

Hollywood where she was “discovered” in 1934, by Lucille Ball. Lucy

convinced RKO to hire her, beginning her movie career.

At 15, Ann was cast as the wife of an actor, 16 years her senior. She was

always the brassy, good-hearted showgirl; funny, bright, and glamorous.

She said, "You sweat and slave and the audience doesn't think you have a

brain in your head." Ann was never the star in films, but was on Broadway.

Ann had one child, Mary, who she miscarried at birth when her

husband, Reese Milner, (in a drunken rage) beat her when 9 months

pregnant, and threw her down the stairs, breaking her back. Ann, with a

broken back, delivered Mary.

Ann acted in musicals such as Easter Parade, (for which she auditioned

in a back brace) On the Town, Kiss Me Kate, and on Broadway, Mame. In

describing her appearance in Mame, she remarked how in her personal

life, she never found happiness throughout her three marriages, 40

movies, and playing in top TV shows, until Broadway. She starred again

on Broadway with Mickey Rooney in Sugar Babies.

One of her earliest New York jobs was working with Bill Robinson, (Mr.

Bojangles) where, she first discovered tap dancing. She preferred ballet

and acrobatics and was famous for her splits. She thought tap dancing

lacked grace, but when she lost

tap-dancing roles, she took

tapping lessons.

Ann Miller received many

awards, including The Hall of

Fame for "Best Legs." Her tap

dancing routine was machine

gun style. She was recorded

tapping 500 steps a minute.

Having performed for over 60

years, Ann remarked she would

be tapping when she was 80.

At 84, she died of lung cancer

in 2004, in Los Angeles. She

was buried next to her baby


Ms. Miller's memory will go

on with her gold-colored slippers

donated to the Smithsonian


Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music

background, specializes in ragtime piano. She reports about

music on Alive! You can contact her at www.

Summer Love

By: Beverly Washburn / Hollywood Memories

The year was 1958 and I was cast in what

would turn out to be a little-known movie

called "Summer Love." It starred Troy Donahue, Jill

St. John, John Saxon, Shelley Fabares, George "Foghorn" Winslow, Molly

Bee and yours truly.

It was a cute film in which I played the younger sister of Molly Bee. I

can't say there was much of a plot, but more of just a teen age film with

music and lots of teen age romance. It didn't fare too well at the boxoffice,

but it really was a fun time.

Some of you may remember Molly Bee when she worked with Tennessee

Ernie Ford and Pinky Lee. She was just darling and a wonderful singer.

This was her first movie and she said she was scared to death, but she

actually did a great job.

Everyone was kind of "paired off" in the film as a couple, but since

I played the younger sister, I was paired off with George "Foghorn"

Winslow who will best be remembered for his film work in "Gentlemen

Prefer Blondes" with Marilyn Monroe and "Artists and Models" with Dean

Martin and Jerry Lewis.

There's a silly scene in which he and I are assigned to do the laundry

for the older teens and we put too much starch in someone's underwear

so the boxer shorts actually stand upright! Ok, I warned you there wasn't

much of a plot!

Years later, I ran in to Molly Bee at an autograph show and we had the

best time reminiscing. She was as sweet as

ever and it was a joy to see her again. Sadly,

she died in 2009. I was so grateful that we

had re-connected and got to see each other

one more time.

Also in the movie was Troy Donahue. He

truly was one of the nicest guys I've ever

worked with. In 2001, I also ran into him at

an autograph show. It was like old times and

we hugged, laughed and had the best time. He asked me if I had ever seen

the film as he had been looking for it on DVD and couldn't find it.

At that time, I couldn’t find it either. We exchanged phone numbers

and he asked me to let him know if I ever found it so he could get a

copy of it. Five days later, he suddenly died. I was deeply saddened by his

passing but also grateful that I had the opportunity to see him just before

he died.

Ironically, six months later, a friend of mine was able to track the movie

down on e-bay. How I wished I could have picked up the phone and told

him I had a copy for him.

Until next time: Remember to enjoy life. It has an expiration date.

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and

is the author of Reel Tears. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@ Check out her awesome, new website: www.


How Much for Those Broken Candlesticks?

By: Vicki Wentz / Vicki’s Voice


’ve finally sold the house, and in a desperate

attempt to be able to pack up this entire home

in only three or four boxes, I decided to have a

garage sale. After my last garage sale, in 2006, I swore never


I actually carried around a little

sticky note for several months that said,


SALE AGAIN!” until it accidentally went

through the washer in my jeans pocket.

And, every single time I’ve had a

garage sale, it is frickin’ 100 degrees in

the shade! I believe my mother, one day,

muttered a curse under her breath: “May

your yard sales be held in soul-blistering

heat for the rest of your life... and may

your children drive you to drink.”

So, it was last month. I’d gone through

everything in the attic, the closets, the crawl space, boxes and

drawers; I was tough as nails. That dress I bought in a size four

after consuming one-too-many adult beverages: two bucks!

The egg-poaching pan I’d dragged around for fourteen years

(and used only once): 50 cents! The scarves my friend gave

me for Christmas three years IN A ROW, and which I’d NEVER

worn 25 cents each! (Luckily, that friend was in Aruba last weekend).

And, in a startlingly daring move, I sold every piece of size-XL clothing

that I own, which, if I regain weight, will force me to fashion my attire out

of the drapes like Scarlett O’Hara.

I sold vases and canning jars (never canned anything in my life...

never been canned, either!), hats and chipped

candlesticks, golf clubs and baskets, toys and

tents, jewelry and a salad spinner. I sold furniture,

lamps, exercise equipment, and even an empty

Charles Chips can!

And, I’d always wonder, why? Is it worth

something? Should I keep those bracelets?

Will that album be worth a mint one day?

Will the Charles Chips can become a collector’s


But, mostly, I just said take it. Think of me as

you wear your fashionable scarf, or sit on that

lawn chair. Remember me when you listen

to that Anita Baker cassette, as you can peaches in your size-XL


The hardest was my book collection. I had eleven boxes filled with

books; some of them double-layered. Hardbacks, paperbacks, fiction,

nonfiction, self-help (shut up), historical, encyclopedic, educational.

Naturally, I didn’t sell my children’s baby clothes, but after that,

my books were the toughest things with which to part. I read like

a maniac and loved ones have told me that the number of books I

buy approaches criminal addiction levels.

My son-in-law, God bless him, hauled stuff in and out of that garage in

the searing heat and wet-cotton humidity for hours, never complaining,

never resting... quietly planning to divorce my daughter if he must, in

order to avoid ever having to do this again - but still, not complaining.

At the end of the sale, as he stared grimly at the nine boxes of books

left to schlep back into the garage, I heard him whisper to my neighbor:

“Got a match?”

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North

Carolina. Readers may contact her - and order her new children’s

book! - by visiting her website at


South Pacific, Cinderella, The Sound of Music, Oklahoma

& More by Broadway Performers

Joan Sobel Graham Fenton Heidi Webster

Under the Musical Direction of Philip Fortenberry


August 2017

Wed. Sept 27th, 2017

Doors at 6:30 pm.

Show begins at 7pm.

Sun City

Randal Keith


Starbright Theatre

Tickets: $20. avaiable at Pinnacle, Desert Vista, & Mountain Shadows

Community Centers or visit to purchase tickets online

Scheduled to appear



It’s What We Do

By: Charlie Christy / Executive Director

- Ms. Senior Nevada

As we age, our wants, desires and discussions

change. The same thing happened to Ms.

Senior Nevada. It began as a way to encourage senior ladies to continue

enjoying life. MSN evolved into a “family” of seniors who entertain,

promote senior clauses and do charity work.

Distinguishing the Ms Senior Nevada Pageant from the throngs of

other Pageants is our service and goals. While we are not the only group

to require members be 60 years or better we are the one that actually

serves our community and State.

We entertain at two to five assisted living homes each and every month.

The joy that we bring is priceless and the entertainment is first class.

This month we are traveling to Eureka, located in the middle of rural

Nevada. MSN will perform at the historic Eureka Opera House Theatre.

Over 30 seniors will travel almost 350 miles and we will be raising money

for the Eureka Senior Center’s program and Meals on Wheels.

I print the tickets and send them to the Senior Center. They sell them

and keep 100% of the funds. Along the way, we see a Nevada that many

Las Vegans didn’t know existed.

And don’t forget our work for Alzheimer’s research and Guardianship

Reform (to mention just two) and you’ll find a gaggle of gals, from 60 to

94, making life better for Nevada Seniors.

August 2017

Manipura Drives Your Will

By: Ali Guggenheim / Psychic Phenomenon

Manipura chakra is where we burn through

our passions and desires in order to become

a completely realized individual.” Carl Jung

There are seven energy centers, or chakras, in the human body. Each

represents a physiological function which also serves our spiritual growth

and journey. Counting from the bottom up, Manipura, also known in

English as the solar plexus, or navel chakra, is the third chakra.

Called the Chi center in Chinese, it's located two inches above the

navel. Translated from Sanskrit, "mani" means "gem", pura means

"city" - metaphorically reminding us to think of this chakra as our own

personal treasure center of power and well-being. Manipura is the most

essential contributor for manifesting money, sex and power.

Like misaligned pistons in a car that keep it from running smoothly,

the blockages we create, manifest as diseases to Manipura's correlating

organs; i.e. digestion, nutritional absorbtion, intestinal issues, weight,

spleen, liver and colon.

Believed to have a magnetic pull, Manipura draws its energy from the

Universe. This pranic energy is what we know as the "fire in the belly",

from where drive is derived.

It governs courage, self-esteem, self-power, self-discipline,

transformation, and our “gut feelings” or intuition. When we lack in any

of these attributes, it is important to identify and release these underlying


Paying attention to mental "miss-alignments" can provide us with

more understanding about our power, personal identification and

individuality. Notice where and when you feel anxious or powerless. How

does it show up?

Does it result in aggressive or controlling behavior, or, do you respond

with a victim mentality? i.e. afraid of making decisions, taking a stand,

lacking direction, etc.?

To strengthen, heal, and balance this chakra: wear yellow clothing,

use gems such as Citrine, Yellow Tourmaline, Chant Ra as your mantra.

You can also walk in the sun, eat bananas, flax, sunflower seeds, or

spices that include ginger, melissa, chamomile, turmeric, etc. Use aroma

therapy oils - Rose, rosewood, sandalwood, etc.

By strengthening your core self, you will find that it will enable you to

achieve your life's ambitions more easily.

To learn more about Ali, spiritual consultations, coaching,

classes, workshops, and readings, call, give her a call: 702/373-




At Las Ventanas, every piece of your rewarding retirement is already in place. With activities,

programs, and events designed to focus on the four key areas of a healthy lifestyle: social,

intellectual, physical, and spiritual, Las Ventanas is one of only 12 communities in the

U.S. to receive a Successful Aging accreditation by Masterpiece Living.


Call today to schedule your appointment 702.832.3351

10401 West Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89135 |


By: Adrea Nairne-Barrera / 60s to 60

To most of us, Susan Oliver was the guest

star of the 60s appearing in just about

every show on television. She is remembered as the

“green girl” of Star Trek fame and so many other shows even the internet

can’t keep up with her credits.

To me, she was my friend for a while and a woman who left an

impression that grows more and more significant as I get older. She was

way ahead of her time - educated, beautiful and genuine.

I met her in the late 70s and when I visited her home, I walked into

a huge room with memorabilia scattered around as she was writing the

book about her 1967 solo flight across the Atlantic.

Her property was nestled in the hills off Mulholland Drive with a main

house and a guest house. It was quiet and welcoming.

Looking at her delicate beauty, one would never imagine the strong

woman inside who, on September 21, 1967, took off from LaGuardia

Airport in New York on a solo flight headed for Moscow. Fully prepared for

the journey, she even spoke fluent Russian.

Susan piloted her own Aero Commander 200 and would be only the 2 nd

woman to fly solo across the Atlantic from New York City. Unfortunately,

the Soviet Union would not let her fly in Soviet air space so her flight

ended in Denmark.

In 1983 her book was published and though she received numerous

awards for aviation, including Pilot of the Year co-piloting a Piper


September 21, 1967


1. Q-tips

6. *”Straight Outta Compton” Cube

9. Twirled

13. Betty Page or Grable

14. Motion of approval

15. Speak up

16. Red-headed orphan

17. Rudolph’s Clarice, e.g.

18. 4:1, e.g.

19. *What Groot and Rocket were


21. *”____ ____: Fury Road”

23. Like some martinis

24. Ditto

25. Perfect summer sandwich?

28. Lover’s strike

30. Dickens’ “The Pickwick ____”

35. Plural of lira

37. Zeal or elegance

39. Reduce pressure

40. Maple, to a botanist

41. Paisleys in paisley fabric, e.g.

43. Deceptive maneuver

44. Committee head

46. Tallest volcano in Europe

47. ____ en scene

48. Bean-shaped organ

50. Chows down

52. Ground cover

53. Movie-____

55. Mont Blanc, e.g.

57. *Maverick and Goose movie

60. *Sigourney Weaver’s 1986 sequel

63. Isabel Allende’s “Portrait in _____”

64. Driver’s aid

66. Sweater style

68. Fill with optimism

69. Make mistakes

70. Follow

71. USSR to USA during WWII

72. Actor Liotta

73. Shabby and tatty

Comanche and winning the 2,760

transcontinental 1970 Powder Puff

Derby, her interests turned to directing

in later years.

The 60s were turbulent to say the

least, and our memories of old shows

and music now stream through cable

and the internet. If I hadn’t known

her, I never would have imagined her accomplishments.

Let’s celebrate the amazing women whom we never imagined had the

guts, intelligence and determination to break out with grace and dignity.

Susan was one of those great women and we miss her spirit every day.

The last time I saw Susan was in the 80s when my life changed and

we lost touch. It broke my heart to hear she was losing her battle with

cancer and passed in 1990. She was much too young and had she gone

on, I know she would have thought up something new and exciting to do.

The next time you see her on nostalgia television, think of her flying

alone over the Atlantic; at a time in our history when women were just

breaking the stereotype. We loved her then, but I think, I love her more


Adrea Nairne-Barrera’s writing focus these days are on

observations, celebrations and complaints about life in the 1960s

to being in your 60’s. You can contact her at: sixties2sixty@

That War - 50 Years Later

By: Chuck Dean / Vet 2 Vet

Fifty years ago, on August 15, 1967, I

marched another training platoon onto the

parade grounds of Fort Ord, California. As their

drill instructor, I had done whatever I could to prepare them for the hard

times facing them in combat.

The trainees, mostly draftees (many peace-loving college drop-outs

from UC Berkeley), had successfully finished their basic training, and

were now moving on to the next phase; which eventually landed them in

the middle of the Vietnam War.

That war, which was still ramping up 50 years ago, brought about

several changes in American thinking. The endless, seemingly pointless

deaths of recruits gave many draft-age Americans a hostile attitude

toward their government and authority in general.

This attitude, in turn, produced a rift between American youth and its

elders. The older generation, which had brought victory to the U.S. in

World War II, couldn’t recognize how much had changed in 25 years.

Oddly enough, it was members of the “Greatest Generation” who

were responsible for developing the strategy to fight the communists

in Vietnam. They believed in the invincibility of our military and the

inevitability of American victory. Their faith led them to keep pouring

men and money into the fight that achieved little or no progress.

By 1967, 8,694 Americans had died in the war, and it hadn’t even

reached its hardest years. Before the U.S. withdrew from Vietnam, another

50,000 Americans would be lost.

As a non-commissioned officer, and a D.I., I was a soldier doing my

best to adhere to the strict and unwavering performance expected of me

according to Army regulations. However, my first priority was caring for

my soldiers to the best of my abilities, and I will never regret serving as

their D.I. Had it been another time, another era, another life, I most likely

would have made a career of the Army to serve my fellow soldiers.

In light of that, I want to remind everyone to never blame the troops for

the war(s) in which they fight. They are simply upholding their pledge to

keep us free AND following instruction and orders from the powers-thatbe.

We have troops in the line of fire at this very moment in need of our

support; so, let these words from Oliver Stone (Vietnam Veteran and

Filmmaker) serve as our mantra: “...those of us who did make it have

an obligation to build again, and to teach others what we know, and

to try with what’s left of our lives to find a goodness and meaning to

this life.”

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and

through that experience was led to address the many transitional

issues veterans struggle with. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.


1. Health resort

2. POTUS’ West one

3. Tolstoy’s Karenina

4. ____-a-Bear Workshop

5. Britney of “Baby One More Time”


6. *Dr. Jones, to his friends

7. Make a pigeon sound

8. a.k.a. dropsy

9. Canned meat

10. Hummus holder

11. Windows alternative

12. Opposite of paleo-

15. Trying experience

20. Vascular tissue in plants


22. Unit of electric current

24. Cover with drops

25. *B in “MIB”

26. Chinese fruit

27. Do it lightly?

29. Sunburn soother

31. Make waves

32. Tiny purses

33. *Actress Rene in “Lethal Weapon

3” and 4

34. *Keanu Reeves’ 1994 action


36. Sportscaster Andrews

38. Fashion house founder Ricci


42. Bringing death

45. Bob Marley’s music

49. Texter’s u

51. Woodworker’s woe

54. *Bruce Lee’s “____ the Dragon”

56. Type of feather

57. “____ it like it is”

58. October stone

59. Feel for

60. Bald eagle’s home

61. #60 Down

62. Hare’s tail

63. *Black Pearl’s domain

65. Baseball stat

67. Anthem author

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August 2017


Summer of Love 50th Anniversary Concert

By: Evan Davis / Entertainment Editor

It was called the “Summer of Love” back in

1967. We were engrossed in the Vietnam War,

protests, pot smoking, free love and GREAT music.

All those things have come and gone, but the music plays on. Come

and celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the Summer of Love with a

dozen (and more) entertainers treating you to the songs of 1967. All

performances will be accompanied by The Vegas Voice Band under the

musical direction of Gary Anderson.

This all takes place in the Silverton’s Veil Pavilion on Sunday, August

20 th at 3 pm (Doors and surprises begins at 2 pm). What a way to spend a

Sunday afternoon in Vegas!

Co-hosting with me will be Mark Giovi and Genevieve Dew. There

will be an All-Star group of entertainers - such as Frankie Scinta,

Sonny Charles, Travis Cloer from Jersey Boys, Chadwick Johnson,

Jonathan Karrant, Chase Brown, Elisa Fiorillo, Ashley Fuller,

Kent Foote, Rich Natolie, Michael Monge - and more.

I’m sure we’ll be including many additional top entertainers as we

get closer to show time. It seems like everyone wants to partake in the

festivities, especially since it’s a tribute to our Vietnam Vets.

The late 60s and early 70s were trying times for our country and the

young men and women who fought for our nation. The bond that held

them together, or at least in part, was the music. “We Gotta Get Out of

This Place”, “The House of The Rising Sun”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

and on and on.

The Vegas Voice wants to

pay homage to all the brave

men and women who fought.

Let it be our “thank you for

your service” – such thank

you that they never (sadly)


In addition to this Vietnam

Vet tribute concert, don’t

Summer of Love Concert co-hosts

Mark Giovi & Genevieve Dew

forget to bring out your tie-dyed tee shirts, ripped jeans, peace signs, head

bands and of course, flowers for our hair.

Do you remember some of the songs such as: To Sir With Love sung by

Lulu, or the Rolling Stones, Ruby Tuesday? How about All You Need Is

Love or the Beatles’ Penny Lane?

We’ll have songs from Peter, Paul and Mary, The Monkeys, The

Temptations, Sonny & Cher and, the Checkmates - which by the way

their lead singer, Sonny Charles will be a guest star doing his 60s hit

Black Pearl!

Ticket donations are $19.67, (get it? That’s the year we’re celebrating)

with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the Nevada Guardianship

Association and The Las Vegas Show Biz Network.

For tickets and/or information call me at 702/630-6111. Or contact The

Vegas Voice at 702/251-4441.

You can read Evan’s entertainment blog and sign up to receive

his free email weekly Calendar of Events at www.EvanDavisJazz.

com. Email him at:



Join us for a 5Oth

Anniversary Concert

celebrating the

By: Sam Wagmeister / People & Places

Mark Giovi’s brother yelled at him on the

phone but Giovi couldn’t hear him. This

was a decade before Giovi became one of Las Vegas

favorite singers; he was the long-haired road manager for teen heartthrob

Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

Giovi and Carter had finished a tribute show celebrating Michael

Jackson’s 30th show business anniversary. They were headed for

Cleveland’s Cedar Point Amusement Park. Jackson had rented the Park

for a let-your-hair-down day of “thank you” - just himself, Carter and

Giovi. But the day wasn’t going well.

Traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike whizzed by as the limousine’s driver

fumbled to change a flat tire. Traffic noise muffled his brother’s voice.

Making matters worse, was a low flying plane.

Giovi watched it circle back; he figured, to get a better look at the

massive fire in downtown Manhattan. The irony remains with him today.

“If they’re not careful, I thought, they’re going to hit a building.” And


It was that plane, the second plane. Moments later, it slammed into

the World Trade Center changing both the world and Giovi’s life forever.

Stranded for 10 days, Giovi bunked at relative’s homes. A week later

he went to his cousin’s pizza restaurant for karaoke. In the audience was


A Different Kind of Normal

August 2017

the girl who gave

Giovi her telephone

number only after

encouragement from

friends. Today she’s

Illiana Giovi, wife

and mother to their

two children and

inspiration to her


With Illiana’s first

child on the way, they

headed to Las Vegas

to realize Mark’s performing dreams. With his left arm permanently

locked into a right-angle position from cerebral palsy, Giovi took a job as

a brick layer while building his music career.

With the challenges faced by Las Vegas entertainers and the lingering

palsy, Giovi questioned his future. Illiana’s comment, “You’re a different

kind of normal,” inspired him to compose a highly requested song of the

same name, now in the development process to record.

Giovi, who hosts The Vegas Voice Summer of Love 50 th Anniversary

Concert on August 20 th at the Silverton’s Veil Pavilion with co-hostess

Genevieve has become a familiar presence hosting entertainment at the

Tap House, Italian American Club and Trattoria Reggiano.




If you’re thinking, “What was I smokin’...?”

The Vegas Voice Presents The 50th

Anniversary Concert of the

A groovy

tribute to

the songs

of the

‘60s !


Vendor Space


Call Debbie







You’re in the right place!


Chadwick Johnson Sonny Charles

Elisa Fiorillo

Michael Monge

Chase Brown

Jonathan Karrant

Ashley Fuller

Kent Foote

Be sure to wear some

flowers in your hair!



Sun. Aug. 20.


Sponsor & Vendor Info



Hosted by

Mark Giovi/Genevieve Dew

Music Director

Gary Anderson

& The Vegas Voice Band


Frankie Scinta

Greg Sironen

Travis Cloer

Rich Natole

The Phat Pack

Good Morning

For tickets and

more info call

Evan Davis



3333 Blue Diamond Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89139 TO OUR

Viet Nam!


$ 19.67


Proceeds to benefit the Nevada Guardianship Association and The Las Vegas Show Biz Network

Some Fun and a Reminder

By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox

Oh, what memories the up-coming Summer

of Love 50 th Anniversary Concert conjured

up in my mind! What were you doing in the late 60s?

Ah yes! I will admit I was into “flowers in my hair” while I played with

my little girls. Back in those days, it was more like playing dress up with

two live dolls than being a mom. But the 60s, were very special years.

That was the era of Woodstock, something I was “too proper” to even

think of attending as a young wife and mother. I had just started a new

business, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t love the music of Santana, Jimi

Hendrix, the Grateful Dead and Joan Baez. I was, (and still am) very

young at heart.

It always amused me that years later, when my brother-in-law, (who

was an Fulbright Scholarship recipient) introduced my eldest daughter

to tie dye art. Oh, how much it reminded me of the Woodstock era.

That era also sadly introduced the Vietnam MIA bracelets and I

purchased several immediately, wearing them religiously. It put a very

serious spin on that time for me and suddenly the fun of Woodstock

vanished behind the horror of the war.

Hippie however is a term that has never diminished my life. I have a

cousin who is as close as a sister, who seems stuck in the 60s and I always

refer to her as “my hippy cousin.”

If I could turn back time, with a few slight adjustments, from a fashion

aspect I would go back to the long skirts, hip-huggers, bell bottom pants

and flowers in our hair and of course Haight Ashbury Streets in San


DON’T BE FOOLED: I have received several advertising postcards

sent out by an attorney inviting me to a FREE dinner where I can learn

about the NEW guardianship forms (A so-call $99 value) and the new

laws. Dan and I wish to be very clear: Speaking to a lawyer may be a $99

value, but the new forms to name your guardians are FREE OF CHARGE.

Without naming names, our guardianship research exposed “those

attorneys” that did as much damage to the wards (and their families)

that anything that indicted private guardian April Parks ever did. Just be

careful whenever you meet these expert lawyers and most importantly

keep your eyes on your wallet and count your fingers after you shake

his/her hand.

As for this one – ask me about this attorney when we do our Vegas

Voice Guardianship seminars later this year.


August 2017





Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com


15 NIGHTS - APRIL 5-20, 2018


Ponta Delgada, Azores, Cork,

Dublin, Waterdord, Ireland,



2,579* pp

Let’s Be Careful Out There

By: Stu Cooper / Happy Destinations

As I have often said, traveling today can be a

challenging experience. The world can be a

dangerous place.

Having said that, it seems that there is still a great desire by our clients

to explore the world. World circumstances be "damned" - it's not stopping


So, it was with great pleasure that I recently designed a trip for some

very good friends to visit London, Paris and Amsterdam - three great cities

of Europe. I don't think it is necessary to remind everyone of some of the

recent incidents that have happened there. These events were not going

to stop these folks from traveling.

In fact, right before they departed I got a call from them asking me

about precautions they might take during their European adventure.

Well, of course, the "don't leave your brain at home" suggestions came

to mind.

If you see something, say something. Be aware of your surroundings.

If you want to be careful, avoid public transportation and avoid, or at the

very least, don't linger in crowded markets and tourist areas.

It turns out that these folks were in London this past June; the 2nd

through the 5th. And if you remember, there was an attack on the London

Bridge, Saturday night June 3rd. That day, our clients had a day tour of

London that ended around 7:00 pm at the London Bridge.

Hungry, the couple contemplated where to have dinner. There are some

“Trans Atlantic Adventures”

August 2017


14 NIGHTS - MAY 6-20, 2018


Key West, La Palma, Tenerife,

Canary Islands, Malaga &

Barcelona Spain


1,953* pp

*Prices are per person based on double occupancy, subject to availability

and include the cruise, all port charges, taxes and fees and round trip air transportation

great restaurants right in the London Bridge area. But the area was active,

busy and crowded.

Remembering what I had advised about precautions they decided to

head back to a quieter area near their hotel and eat dinner away from

the London Bridge. They finished dinner about 9:30 pm a half mile or

so from the London Bridge. The attack on the Bridge was at 10:00 pm.

It's very nice to know my advice was followed. Some of you may

remember the early 90s TV show, Hill Street Blues. At the end of roll call

the shift sergeant always said, and it applies to travel - "Let's be careful

out there.”

*The Phat Pack cruise is filling up. There still is space in all categories

but it looks like we will sell out. Don't get shut out.

Remember, the only way to see the Phat Pack shows is by booking with

the Vegas Voyagers and being part of our exclusive group. Call me to

make your reservation.


13 NIGHTS - OCT. 18-31, 2018


Barcelona, Cartagena, Malaga,

Spain, Nassau, Bahamas


2,064* pp

Historic Highway to Lose Conservancy

By: Kathy Manney / Around Our World

America’s first motor highways were “auto

trails.” Rather than numbers, they were

issued names.

Route 66 was the first paved transcontinental

highway between Chicago to Los Angeles. It conveyed adventure, leading

to a popular TV program known simply as “Route 66.”

Route 66 was synonymous with red booths and gleaming chrome in

mom-and-pop diners and service stations along the road. It opened the

Western states to America’s fledgling car-motoring way of life. Then new

faster highways began bypassing old highways.

Many towns sitting along the fabled old route corridor are a graveyard

of abandonment; little more than orphaned buildings - forgotten and

boarded-up. Some towns cling to life with gift shops showing weathered

tin roofs and original wood floors. Inside, you see a page of Americana.

Buildings with western facades from another century, gas stations, diners

and auto courts; many Main Street’s offer a snapshot of pre and post-war

America. The residents consist of an array of colorful characters who are

content to watch the world pass with no inclination to follow and relocate.

The most popular section is Winslow, Arizona to Topock, California. The

last 160-miles of the route is the longest surviving stretch of the original

2,400-mile highway. The earliest route was traveled in the 1850s by a

military expedition that followed an ancient Indian trail.

They trekked it with 44-men and 25-camels from Tunisia and created

the first federally funded wagon road across Arizona - from Fort Defiance

to the mouth of California’s Mojave River. Route 66, westbound from

Albuquerque actually began as a camel trail.

After decommissioning as a U.S. highway, Congress established the

Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program. The National Park Service is

that protector, but due to recent budget cuts, will likely have their funding


The program brought life back to many of the small towns and

landmarks. Sadly, for some, historic Route 66 is expected to lose its

Conservancy and could soon disappear from the Americana scene.

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an

Adventure Diva. Her “Must See” travel journeys continue - always

with enthusiasm.




The Travel Company Designed Especially for Active Seniors!

Unpack just once with any of these trips!

Beat the Heat & Getaway!

Choose a Collette Spotlight Vacation…

One of my clients, who has traveled all over the world, recently

selected a 9 day “Spotlight On Tuscany” vacation from Collette.

She’s been to Italy before, but she was really attracted to the

“Spotlights” concept, which focuses on a more inclusive, more

relaxed style of traveling. And she was really pleased to find that

throughout her entire trip, she’d be staying in a four star hotel in

one of Tuscany’s famous spa resort towns, Montecatini Terme...

Seven days of Italian bliss and she would only have to unpack once.

Que Bella!

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Could this visit to Tuscany get

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London, 7 days

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Madrid, 8 days

Barcelona, 7 days

New York City, 5 days

New York City Holiday, 5 days

Washington, D.C., 6 days

San Antonio, 5 days

San Antonio Holiday, 5 days

New Orleans, 5 days

South Dakota, 7 days.

Wow! Local professional airport transfers

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for every Collette Vacation


with air!


August 2017

*All prices subject to change.and are based on per person, double occupancy. Single room

upgrades available at extra cost. MasterCard, VISA, Amex accepted or private checks.

Collette’s latest booklets are

available now.

Call Crystal for your copy at

upgrades available at extra cost. MasterCard, VISA, Amex accepted or private checks. 702 419-0550


It’s Time to Get Involved

By: Victoria Seaman / Victoria’s Corner

was proud to sponsor legislation when I was

I in the legislature that brought stiffer penalties

to those abusing seniors through our guardianship

system. Together with others, we made meaningful improvements to

the guardianship laws that made it significantly more difficult to take

advantage of seniors.

These reforms were critical. Guardians have virtual absolute control

over much of the lives of those in their care. We had to ensure that Nevada

did not become a hot bed for exploitation.

While the tale of guardianship in Nevada started off poorly, the ending

appears to be sunnier. In addition to the indictment, it is a victory for the

American form of government in Nevada. This package of reforms (every

one of them) started because every day Nevadans decided to contact their

legislators, like me, and share their stories.

Our part time, citizen legislators listened to their concerns and

responded by introducing new measures into our statutes. There was

broad agreement within our community that the concerns shared by

those every day folks needed to be addressed - and it was.

I want to encourage you to do the same. Get involved. Contact your

state legislator if there is a problem you think needs fixed. This case

proves that your voice can make a difference.

Victoria Seaman is a former Nevada Assemblywoman,

businesswoman and currently a Realtor in Las Vegas. You can

contact Victoria at:

Jan. 7-14, 2018

7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise,

from Miami

Cozumel, Isla Roatan, Belize & Grand Cayman

Inside Cabin $600 pp, / Ocean View $660 pp,

Balcony $990 pp

Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability and

includes the cruise and all port charges, taxes and fees. Airfare

to Florida is additional

Are You Expendable?

By: Dan Hyde / Call to Action

If you or someone you know is financially

challenged (i.e. poor, on Medicaid, food

stamps, has serious mental issues, under the care

of an assisted living facility or having care provided by a family member)

then the answer is YES!

At least from a politician’s point of view – to be distinguished from

a leader (and you know who they are) the answer is an absolute

YES! Remember, a politician is a master at verbal deception whose only

ambition and purpose is to get elected, and then get re-elected.

They will say anything to capture your vote knowing damned well that

the public will soon forget what that issue was five minutes ago; as it will

be replaced with another more serious issue in the next few minutes! That

is the secret of modern day politics – say what they want to hear, get into

office and then forge ahead on something else.

Those are the true facts, unless YOU hold their feet to the fire! So, how

do you do that? The one thing that 90% of you DON’T do is VOTE!

If you really want to know who the villain is, look in the mirror – the

answer will become obvious! As a sidebar: Governor John Kasich of Ohio

said on public television last month, that “neither party cares about the

poor.” What do you think that says about the state of affairs in our country


Dan Hyde is a passionate and effective advocate for the senior

community. He served as Chair of the City of Henderson’s Senior

Advisory Commission. He can be reached at:

Mix and Match

Jan. 14-27, 2018

13 Night Panama Canal

Cruise from Miami to LA

Carnival Splendor

Cartagena, Columbia; Panama Canal Transit;

Punta Arenas, Costa Rica; Puerto Quetzal,

Guatemala; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Inside Cabin $1,716 pp,

Ocean View, $2,016 pp,

Balcony $2,665 pp

Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability

and includes the cruise and all port charges, taxes and

fees. Airfare to Florida and back from Los Angeles to

Las Vegas is additional



Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com

Cruise with the Phat Pack

7 night Mexican Riviera

Jan. 27- Feb. 3, 2018 “Bus to the Boat”

Featuring TWO Special Private

Performances and Cocktail Party

The Phat Pack

Bruce Ewing • Kevan Patriquin

Randal Keith • Philip Fortenberry

(Musical Director)

This extraordinary group of artists met while performing

in “PHANTOM: The Las Vegas Spectacular” and

together formed their own highly-acclaimed spectacle

that continues to thrill audiences everywhere:


Destinations: Cabo San Lucas,

Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta

Inside Cabin $ 869 pp,

Ocean View $ 999 pp,

Balcony $1,169 pp

Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability and includes

the cruise, all port charges, taxes and fees and Round Trip Bus Transportation

from Las Vegas to the pier in Long Beach, CA.



Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com


August 2017



By: Regale Harris / Your Kindred Team

When any family first hears about hospice

and terminal illness, it’s always a difficult

time. In these challenging moments, it’s important

to know that hospice is a supportive and helpful option that places the

focus on the quality of the life remaining rather than on dying.

The goal of hospice care is to maximize your loved one’s quality of life

so he or she may live to the fullest while dealing

with a serious and life-threatening

condition. To receive hospice care,

your loved one must have a lifelimiting

disease, such as cancer,

heart disease, stroke or end-stage

Alzheimer’s, with a life expectancy of six

months or less.

With an early referral to hospice care,

you and your loved one will gain a team of experts to help you

understand what’s happening and how to prepare mentally, physically

and spiritually for what’s ahead.

Here is what to expect from hospice care:

1. Once it’s been determined that hospice care is the right choice for

your loved one, your physician will make a referral to Kindred Hospice.

2. Next, a hospice representative will contact you and make an

appointment to come to your home at your earliest convenience. This

is usually a nurse who will perform an assessment of the current health

condition and start the admission process, if appropriate.

3. It’s a good idea to invite family members to the first meeting who

will be part of your loved one’s support. Your nurse will also take time to

help explain in more detail about your loved one’s condition, how it may

change and what to do when things do change.

4. After the initial discussion, the nurse will review medications and

work with the family to establish services you will need. The nurse will

take this time to explain any forms that need signatures and answer any


questions you and your family

members may have.

5. When care begins, hospice services

vary depending on your loved one’s

condition and the family’s needs. A typical

weekly schedule is based on the plan of care

from your attending physician, and the nurse

will always let family know the approximate

time of each visit. Other members of the care team

will visit as needed.

There are four levels of hospice care:

Routine Home Care: provides custom care wherever your loved one

calls home.

Respite Care: provided in a nursing facility or hospice inpatient unit

and allows caregivers to rest or take personal time.

Inpatient Care: provided in a nursing facility, hospital or hospice

inpatient unit and offers short-term crisis management of pain or

symptoms that cannot be addressed at home.

Continuous Crisis Care: provided at home, in a nursing facility or

assisted living facility and offers short-term crisis management such as

nursing care to achieve relief of acute medical symptoms.

If you think your loved one may be a candidate for hospice, don’t

wait. Talk to your physician today to learn more about how hospice can

provide the care, compassion and support you or your family needs, or

call 1-800-KINDRED.

Regale Harris is the Manager of Volunteer Services and

Community Liaison for Kindred. She welcomes all questions and

inquiries and can be reached at:

Miracle-Ear: The Hearing Solution

There has been a recent study by

researchers from Johns Hopkins

and the National Institute on Aging.

The findings add to a growing list of

health consequences associated with hearing

loss - including increased risk of dementia, falls,

hospitalizations, and diminished physical and

mental health overall.

Hearing instrument prices vary greatly,

depending on the size, type of instrument, and

technology. The proper selection of a hearing

instrument encompasses not only a person's

hearing loss, but other factors, as well.

For example, lifestyle, environment, occupation, and physical

limitations must be considered before proper selection of the hearing

instrument can take place. The objectives of the Professionals at Miracle-

Ear are to provide quality-hearing instruments that will meet the needs

of each individual client.

Research has proven that people benefit most from wearing hearing

instruments in each ear. Such benefits include better sound quality,

better balance of sound, and better understanding in group and noisy


It is emphatically recommended that you purchase a hearing

instrument in person, rather than through mail order or the Internet.

Expert, personal assistance is required in the evaluation of your hearing,

the selection and fitting of the

hearing instrument and the followup

services needed for the successful

use of your hearing system.

For over 70 years, Miracle-Ear, has specialized

in designing and manufacturing customizable

hearing solutions that feature discreet,

comfortable products designed to meet each

individual’s hearing loss needs.

Miracle-Ear boasts the largest and only

nationwide network of hearing care centers.

Miracle-Ear offers free hearing tests at 1,200

locations across the United States giving our

customers access to unparalleled service across the nation.

Miracle-Ear has been servicing the Las Vegas Valley for over 30 years

as a trusted resource for hearing health care, offering state of the art

technology and outstanding customer service at six convenient locations.

Choosing a hearing aid is an important decision, but it does not have

to be a difficult decision. Not only do we offer the highest quality hearing

aids available, we offer outstanding personalized service as well. Customer

satisfaction is our number one priority.

We are sure you will agree that Miracle-Ear is the one to trust for all

your needs. That is because at Miracle-Ear, we don’t just sell hearing aids,

we offer hearing solutions. We look forward to gaining customers for life

and building a strong presence in the Las Vegas community.


August 2017



Do You Like Smoothies?

By: Mary Richard / Health Fitness

Smoothies - yes, love them! I have them

often and throw in any fruit I have, a little

fat-free milk, a touch of vanilla or honey, ice and

blend it until smooth!

I found this recipe for a Banana Fizz Dessert - as an alternate that

sounded yummy! Try it!

Serving size - 1/2 cup makes 5 servings.

Ingredients: One 4-serving size package any flavor gelatin, regular

or sugar-free; 3/4 cup boiling water; 1/2 cup cold water; ice cubes; 1sliced



1. Dissolve gelatin in boiling water.

2. Combine cold water and ice cubes to make 1-1/4 cups; add to gelatin

mixture, stirring until slightly thickened. Remove unmelted ice.

3. Place banana slices in five dessert glasses.

4. Measure 1-1/3 cups of the gelatin and spoon over banana slices.

5. Whip the remaining gelatin with

until fluffy, and about doubled in


6. Pour over clear gelatin in glasses.

7. Chill until firm, about 1 hour.

Nutrition information for

each serving: 78 calories, 19 g carbs,

1 g protein,

Home Policies for Condo Owners

By: Jim Valkenburg / Insurance Insight

If you own a condo, in most cases your

Association covers the buildings. But the

Association has no interest in your personal

possessions nor will they protect your liability.

A condo policy can provide you, in part, with the following:

1. Dwelling. Most Association policies will only build your unit back

to the way it was originally built. You can have dwelling coverage to cover

the improvements made, such as upgraded tile or carpeting, built in

bookcases, ceiling fans, shutters, etc.

Note that some association policies will only build back to bare walls.

This means you would need coverage for all flooring, cabinets, tubs,

lighting; in other words, anything attached to the walls or floor. Be sure

to find out from the agent that handles the association policy which type

of coverage is provided.

2. Personal property. This covers your belongings. You get to pick

the amount and most people underestimate what it would cost to re-buy

what they own. Be sure to add replacement coverage on contents. This

would allow you to buy the items lost or stolen without deduction for


3. Liability and Medical Payments to Others. These policies

come with $100,000 liability with $1,000 medical payments and can be

increased for a small amount of premium.

4. Loss Assessment. You get $1,000 coverage standard in a policy. If

the association has to pay a claim (loss) for which you have that coverage

on your policy, your loss assessment will pay.

I recommend increasing this to at least $5,000. Example, self-locking

gate on the community pool breaks and a person walks in and drowns.

Since your policy has liability and the community is sued because of

liability, if you are assessed your policy will respond.

There are many endorsements that can be added to this policy such

as scheduling high-value jewelry items or scheduling silver. You can get

identity fraud coverage, back up of sewage & plumbing and many other

things you may want or need. Your agent is your best advisor.

Jim Valkenburg is a retired military officer and insurance

executive. He and his wife owned and operated their own

insurance agency for over 16 years. His primary purpose is to

give out real information that can be used to make intelligent

insurance decisions.

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Chilled Dungeness Crab Legs & Shrimp Cocktail,

Seafood Enchilada, Steamed Mussels,

Lobster Tacos, Pork Belly Cracklings, Wok Fried Clams,

Lobster Newburg, Grilled Tuna, Assorted Sushi and Much More!


August 2017




Hair Color Options

By: Linda Bateman-Gomez / Timeless Beauty

Although I do have my own beauty

company and sell many products that I use

and love, at 62, there is no question I am always on

the lookout for another great product to add to my regimen. And because

I travel often, anything that’s compact and easy to take on the go is a


Racking up the frequent flyer miles also means my hair color is one

of the first things to take a back seat. Luckily, I have found a new favorite

for those like me, in need of a color touch-up between professional


I do not use a permanent color, so while I don't necessarily have to

deal with a root line, the temples and top section always seem to require

attention. I have tried the mascara wands and various other cream and

liquid covers, only to find they leave my hair stiff and difficult to style.

Recently, however, I kept seeing ads for the Madison Reed Root Touch

Up and decided to give it a try!

The MR site took me through a short series of questions for color match

and I ended up with Terra medium brown. There is no mixing involved,

just a single brown powder contained in a compact, with a brush that

looks like a blush brush. The product was about $30 which seemed rather

high at the time, but the reviews looked good and I figured if it worked,

it would be worth it.

After receiving and testing it out, I can honestly say I love this product!

First, it appears that it will last me a long time as it doesn’t take much to

cover, so the price seems fair after all.

I tried it on my temples and the coverage is wonderful! It's not stiff

and looks natural. It’s easy to take on the go, works great for in-between

coloring, and best of all, it should not damage your hair. I would think it

would work for men too, although they often look great with their gray!

As with all new products, check out the site to make sure it’s right for

you, but I think you’re gonna love it!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company

based in Las Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty

products. Contact Linda at or

through her website

August 2017

Old People and Medical Issues

By: Kyo Mitchell / A Healthier You

Your health problems are just part of getting

old . . . or are they? Many times, both doctors

and patients attribute a patient’s medical problems

to getting old.

This is not entirely correct. A more correct statement would be to say

that the medical problems the elderly experience is due to the cumulative

wear and tear on the tissues and organs of the body.

It's like a domino effect. Wear and tear on one organ and tissue will

affect and eventually weaken the functioning of any other tissue or organ

- which depend on that original organ or tissue.

Other functions will decrease as this domino effect extends to other

tissues and organs. When the level of function decreases to a certain level,

medical conditions result.

One example of this would be the release of growth hormone from the

pituitary. Growth hormone is released from the pituitary gland in the

brain and sends the signal to the body’s tissues to repair themselves after


After the age of 60, the pituitary gland releases very little growth

hormone and the body heals far less efficiently and effectively. This can

result in the body aging more quickly.

One means by which the body can stimulate the release of growth

hormone after the age of 60 is exercise. This can increase the body’s

ability to heal and slow the rate of aging of the body.

If the efficiency of the respiratory system decreases, the body’s cells

receive less oxygen and the blood can become more acidic. Diabetes and

high blood pressure can damage blood vessels and lead to stroke, heart

attack as well as other problems.

I always find it interesting that people will spend money to change

their oil or replace the fluids in their car as a preventative means to keep

their car running well. Yet many are hesitant to spend money on health

care until a problem results that possibly affects their health and ability

to function for the rest of their days.

Facing one’s mortality is difficult for many individuals. It's easier

and less frightening to ignore that it might be the beginnings of health

problems, than to deal with them.

Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle

and Wongu University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell

practices in Summerlin and can be reached at 702-481-6216 or


Laura Harbison

Broker/Salesperson/Branch Manager

Seniors Real Estate Specialist ® (SRES)

Accredited Buyer Representative ® (ABR)

Graduate, REALTOR ® Institute (GRI)

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Equator Short Sale Agent Certification

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Watch For Credit Errors!

Everyone should periodically check their credit for possible errors. Those who have sold their home in a

short sale need to pay very careful attention to their credit report to make sure it was reported accurately

by the lender, especially if they want to apply for a new mortgage. The short sale may erroneously appear

on their credit report as a foreclosure, a blemish that could haunt them much longer and prevent them

from obtaining a new mortgage because it’s a red flag to a lender.

Typically, when lenders report on a short sale, they’ll say, “settled for less than the amount owed.” That’s

a key indicator for a buyer's new mortgage lender to see because it shows that the previous property was

a short sale, not a foreclosure. Lenders have the responsibility to report accurately to the credit bureaus,

but there have been a considerable number of errors made in the reporting of short sales across the


Certain credit report codes will also hamper a borrowers’ ability to qualify for a mortgage: Chapter 5, 8, or

9 – which are often synonymous with a foreclosure. Be careful when you review your credit report, and

make sure you understand everything on it.

You could be eligible for financing 2-4 years after a short sale, depending on the circumstances, loan type,

etc. If you have had a foreclosure, you will most likely have to wait seven years or more for a conventional

loan. (There are occasional exceptions for FHA and VA loans in as soon as 2-3 years based on extenuating

circumstances.) So, as you can see, having the short sale reported properly can make a big

difference. (For more specific questions regarding the timeframes and qualification requirements, to see if

you can qualify now, or to find out what steps you need to take to qualify for a home loan, call Matt

Hennessy at Axia Home Loans 702-810-1522. He's the most knowledgeable loan officer I have come

across in my 30 year real estate career!).

Those who have the short sale inaccurately noted in their credit report will need to contact the creditor

and likely supply a final settlement statement showing the previous property was a short sale, and a copy

of the grant deed transferring the property from them to the buyer. It can be fixed! The first step is

figuring out if there are any errors, and then go from there.

There can be other errors on your credit report as well, so it's a good idea for everyone to keep an eye on

their report. There are lots of ways to do this, such as using a credit monitoring service, or even contacting

the credit bureaus directly.

Call Laura Today!



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Saratoga Floorplan with Approximately 2,638

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Island Kitchen with Corian Counters, Breakfast

Bar, Upgraded Cabinets with Under Cabinet

Lighting, Pot Shelves, Pantry, Nook, & Recessed


Gorgeous Independence Floorplan on the Golf


3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

1,917 Sqft of Living Space

City Lights, Golf Course and Mountain Views

Premium .18 Acre Lot

Upgraded Trenton Floorplan w/ Pool on

Elevated Premium Lot with Mountain Views!

3 Bedrooms + Den, 3.5 Bathrooms

2,708 Sqft of Living Space

Casita /Bedroom 2/Guest Suite with Wet Bar

& Private Bath w/ Shower


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