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Are you crazy about wildlife seeing? Experience an unforgettable African Safari tour with Hermosa Life Tours and Travel. Watch the African wilderness unveil before your eyes! Maximize once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close to the rare mountain gorillas in their own habitat. don’t hesitate to check out our attractive African safari tour packages.

Simple African Safari Vacation Checklists

An African safari trip for most of us, is a once in

a lifetime vacation. Believe it or not, there’re pro

safari vacationers who make the visit to this

massive continent on a frequent basis.

An African safari vacation is not only a matter

of boarding a flight and head to the incredible

African sunset. There’s some preparations need

to be made in order make the most of your

African safari tour. Here are a few checklists

you want to make sure before heading for the

African adventure.

Check the climate:

Climate condition will have a massive impact on how pleasurable your vacation will

be. You wish to ignore the damp season if feasible. As far as the heat is concerned it

may be a bit more tolerable than spending all of your time fighting with damp


Well, this is a part you must discuss with your travel agent. It is the first thing I

check out when I tour abroad & believe me, it will make a massive difference to your

pleasure aspect. A tour agent is generally educated enough to know when it is the

most suitable time to visit Africa.

Personal Care:

Personal care should also be given equal importance when going for an African

safari trip. Everything from sunburn cream to clothing must be on your checklist.

I hope you’re not one of those individuals who love to pack the whole wardrobe! The

worst thing you require on an African safari vacation is to be packing around

bulky luggage. Experienced travelers always like to travel light and you also need to

follow the same procedure as well.

Outfit :

Light outfit is compulsory but don’t neglect to pack a jumper or sweater because if

you have to spend most of your time in the wilderness then yes, the temperature can

come down. Leave your dancing shoes at home & wrap a solid pair of walking


Personal-care stuff such as lip protection and sunburn creams are vital. A insect

repelling spray need to added to your First Aid kit. If you’re on medicine fix an

appointment with your physician & ensure you’ll have adequate resources to see you

through the journey. Your doctor's visit must also encompass an examination to

ensure you’re in a healthy state to survive the harsh African climate.

The Quick Kit :

Mobile to guide you on directions, Passport, Medial Kits, Tissue papers,

reservation confirmations, raincoat, a pair of binoculars etc. are highly essential

throughout your touring time.

•Let Hermosa Life Tours & Travel Ltd arranges your African safari tours in the

well-organized manner. We are a fully registered & licensed East African

Rwandan tour operator offers a wide range of tours in Africa such as gorilla

trekking safaris, Chimpanzee trekking, mountain climbing adventure, etc. For any

further assistance, reach us on +250-788 255 906.

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