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Sabanci University International Undergraduate Students CV Catalogue

Sabancı University International Undergraduate Students CV Catalogue


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Career Office, Sabancı University, 2017 MESSAGE FROM CAREER & INTERNSHIP OFFICE Dear Employer, It is with great honor that I present you the CV Catalogue of international undergraduate students of the Sabancı University. As a well-rounded international university who believes in the power of diversity and international intellect, we are continuously working to provide the essential support our students need in their job search and career development. In this catalogue, you will be able to view resumes of Junior and Senior students looking for internship and job opportunities.We hope that you will give our students serious consideration for positions in your organization. As the manager of Alumni Relations & Career Development, I take immense pride in the success of our international students. Providing multiple opportunities for students in relating theory to practice has been a strategic goal of Sabancı University. Our University offers multiple internship opportunities for the students that help them to prepare for the professional life. These programs are; undergraduate summer internship program, integrated internship program and job shadowing program. Earning a degree at Sabancı University is about much more than coursework. Many of our students are actively involved in the extracurricular and student clubs which provide them with important opportunities to build their leadership and social skills. This includes the Civic Involvement Projects (CIP) that all of our international students successfully completed. This program for Participatory Democracy is designed to give students an understanding that every individual not only can, but also has a responsibility to contribute positively to society and they can make a difference individually as well as collectively as a team. Furthermore, over half of our international students go on international exchanges each summer, adding further value to their global and diversified backgrounds. These exchange programs help our students broaden their worldview and develop their crosscultural communication skills, both crucial in today’s global economy. As you review the CVs of our prospective graduate students you will see that they are a strong group with prolific and successful backgrounds and that they have already distinguished themselves in many aspects of their lives. Hence, I can confidently endorse their future job performance, if you hire any of them. If we can be of any assistance to you, or if you would like more information about our students, or any of our programs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We consider members of the business community essential partners in our educational mission, and we thank you for your consideration and support in advance. Best regards, Şule Yalçın Alumni Relations & Career Development Manager Sabancı University A

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