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Inspire Magazine - Summer 2017

Career change for

Career change for Michelle Michelle, from Fallowfield, was self-employed and had been working as a hairdresser for more than 30 years, while caring for her son who has learning disabilities. When her son moved in to his own place Michelle wanted to work more hours to earn more money but she just couldn’t get enough hours as a hairdresser. She decided it was time to change career and our One Future team were there to help her on her journey. Our call centres are now one To make things simpler for you, from 1 September 2017 we will be closing down a number of existing phone lines as we currently have six different numbers that customers can call to speak to our contact centre. From September, if you need to speak to an adviser, please only call us on 0330 355 1000. Before you call, remember to check our website first as it may have all the answers you are looking for. You can get further information about One Manchester and the services we provide, and sign up for online services to pay your rent and check your balance. “I’ve been working as a hairdresser for 31 years but because I’ve been a carer for my son for 21 years, I could only ever work part-time. Now he’s not in the family home, I wanted to work full-time but there’s just no work [in hairdressing] so I needed to make a change. I decided because I was looking after someone with a lot of disabilities – autism, mental health issues – that’s the field I wanted to go down. I wanted to make a difference and care for those who can’t care for themselves.” Although Michelle had a wealth of experience having been a carer for her son, she knew that she needed the qualifications to go with her experience. She went along to one of our One Future drop-ins at East Hub, where she was given help to improve her CV and information about the Health and Social Care courses on offer. “The first day I came here [to East Hub] I was nervous, but I walked in and Steph [from the One Future team] was really friendly and I said ‘I need some help with my CV’ and she said, ‘Course, not a problem, sit down’ and they just helped me with everything, my CV, getting on courses. I finished the Health and Social Care Level One course in December and now I’ve just finished the Level Two, and it’s all gone really well. There’s a Level Three course soon and I’m hoping to go on that too, to get me further along in my career change. I know I’ll be a good carer but I couldn’t get where I am without the help I’ve had here. It’s outstanding. They just go above and beyond and are so caring. I’d say to anybody that wants to go into this line of work that they just need to do it because they need to be aware of all the aspects of health and social care, which this course can teach them. The [course] certificate will get you in places and will help you to get a job.” If you’re interested in a career in adult health and social care, why not book yourself on to our open day? The open day is taking place on Wednesday 30 August at 11am, call 0161 231 8924 to book your place now. 4 @onemcr

Meet our One Money team Did you know we have a dedicated team who can help you with your money and benefit worries? Our One Money team has fully qualified and experienced advisers who can help you get your finances under control. They can help you find the best solution and support you to get back on track. They can also help with any problems you might be having with your benefits, from making the first application through to challenging a decision. Don’t delay, call the team today on 0330 355 1000. Here are just a few of the issues they can help you with: • Budgeting • Debt • Bank accounts • Contents insurance • Energy-saving • Water meters • Benefits • Trust fund and charity applications Maria takes control of her finances Maria was finding life tough; she was buried under mounting bills and couldn’t see a way to get on top of the problem. Living on just over £80 a fortnight she was struggling to provide the type of life she wanted for her two kids. She needed help and discovering the debt advice service provided by our One Money team at the Anson Community Shop offered the support she needed. “I had all these bills and I was just opening them when the postman came and then putting them on the shelf. Then I got a bill for £8,000 and I didn’t know what to do. I was thinking, ‘I need to sort this out’, if I don’t then the bailiffs are going to come to my house and take things that I didn’t have to take. My head was buried in the sand and I couldn’t bring it back up! That’s when I got in contact with Vicky [from our One Money team]. Seeing her has made a big difference in my life! I said, ‘I’ve got all these bills; can we sort something out?’” The One Money team are dedicated to helping people with any aspects of money or benefits. They offer advice over the telephone, email or, as in Maria’s case, face-to-face at different locations such as the Anson Community Shop. One day I came to the shop and I had an appointment with Vicky and I walked in with a big smile on my face. We paid off my council tax for the full year, and the TV licence for the full year! She wrote “paid” on the bills and I was so happy! It has been a big help to me coming to the community shop and now I’m able to deal with all my bills myself. I feel like I’ve come up in the world and now I can sort things out. My eldest son said to me ‘Mum I can see you’re a lot better, you have improved so much. You’re doing really well’. I feel like I can walk out my front door and not worry about my bills. I feel so much happier in myself.” If you need help on any issue relating to debt or benefits advice, please contact our One Money team on or call 0330 355 1000. 0330 355 1002 5

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