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Educational Resources to Help You Reach Your Goals<br />

1ISSUE 7-8<br />

JULY-AUGUST 2017<br />


Five Huge Differences Between Work and School<br />

Why Drugging Kids for ADHD Is a Risky Trend<br />

For Children With Autism, No More Being Hushed<br />

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02 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY - AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY - AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 03

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />



www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

As we start the to think about the upcoming school year,<br />

set goals for your future.<br />

Set them higher than you think you can achieve and<br />

work hard to make them happen.<br />

Marina Klimi<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong> Layouts-Covers and Editing<br />

MarinaKlimi@NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

Sheila Wright<br />

Proofreader/Editor<br />

Aditi Chopra<br />


Dear Pamela<br />

On behalf of everyone at TechSoup, I would like to thank you for your dedication to improving<br />

lives and communities across the U.S. and around the world. Your work elevates us all.<br />

Collectively, the organizations served by TechSoup address such critical issues as education,<br />

the environment, homelessness, digital literacy, arts and culture, social justice, and human<br />

rights, to name a few.<br />

You regularly write us about the improvements and innovations you introduce thanks to<br />

solutions found on the TechSoup website. We know that you, our members, expect us to<br />

keep you on the tech curve with a constantly evolving set of tools and resources. That is our<br />

mission — to serve as a dynamic bridge between those with resources and those who can<br />

put them to best use.<br />

As a nonprofit, we aim to see that our programs make a difference to your work. As we<br />

approach our fiscal year-end, we want to take a moment to say thank you for being our<br />

inspiration. As we watch the myriad of changes and uncertainties pressing against activities<br />

critical to a healthy society, I hope we can each strive to be a spark that ignites the imagination<br />

of many. Collectively, let's keep the horizon bright.<br />

Assistant Virtual Developer Of Proofreading/Editing Department<br />

AditiChopra@NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

Jeff Ermoian<br />

Assistant Virtual Development Director Of Graphic Design/Photography Department<br />

JeffErmoian@NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

Philip Vino<br />

Cartoonist<br />

Frani Wyner<br />

Pamela S. Clark<br />

Becky Baker Nelson<br />

Photographer<br />

PHOTOS ARE ALSO TAKEN FROM https://pixabay.com/<br />

Most sincerely,<br />

Rebecca Masisak<br />

CEO, TechSoup<br />

04 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 05

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />



www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

The <strong>NHEG</strong> Radio Show<br />

is an internet radio program in which<br />

the hosts cover various topics<br />

of education for Home,<br />

Charter and Public School families in Ohio.<br />

These Communities include Paulding,<br />

Defiance, Van Wert, Delphos, Lima, Putnam<br />

County, Wauseon and Napoleon.<br />

For an invitation to the live show,<br />

visit us on<br />

Facebook or Twitter<br />

to sign up, or email us at<br />

NewHeightsEducation@yahoo.com<br />

If you are looking to listen to past shows, please go to our website<br />

https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/<strong>NHEG</strong>-radio-show/<br />

06 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY MAY -AUGUST - JUNE 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 07

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />



www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

Internet Radio Show Spots now available<br />

The New Heights Educational Group is now offering<br />

the opportunity for the public or businesses that<br />

promote education to purchase<br />

sponsor advertisement on our internet radio show.<br />

All products, business and service advertisements<br />

will need to be reviewed by our research department<br />

and must be approved by <strong>NHEG</strong> home office.<br />

All advertisements must be family friendly.<br />

Those interested in purchasing packages<br />

can choose for our host to<br />

read the advertisement on their show<br />

or supply their own pre-recorded advertisement.<br />

If interested, please visit our website<br />

for more details.<br />

https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/<strong>NHEG</strong>-radio-show/<br />

08 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY MAY -AUGUST - JUNE 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 09

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

Press Releases<br />


Welcome To DeTray Chiropractic Center<br />

Welcome to DeTray Chiropractic Center in Defiance, Ohio. Dr. Megan DeTray and Dr.<br />

John Kaufman are committed to providing quality chiropractic care to people of all<br />

ages. They both specializing in Diversified technique, Thompson technique, SOT and<br />

a low force technique called Activator. We look forward to helping you live a healthier<br />

and pain-free life.<br />

Call Us Now At (419) 785-4215<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> is happy to announce their partnership with Health Is Your Wealth <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

They are a UK-based publication that covers various neurological topics.<br />

Their vision is – To be the number one publication that people turn to for information<br />

and strategies which facilitate independence and a motto: “Never, Never, Never give<br />

up.” ~ Winston Churchill.<br />

This is what Pamela Clark had to say about this partnership, “We are happy to partner<br />

with Health Is Your Wealth. Their magazine is a great resource for those with special<br />

needs”.<br />

10 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 11

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

Contact:<br />

Pamela Clark<br />

419-786-0247<br />

NewHeightsEducation@yahoo.com<br />

New Heights Educational Group has amazing, award winning teachers and tutors available today to help you start achieving<br />

Meet our Teachers and Tutors<br />

https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/<br />

https://www.GoFundMe.com/NewHeightsEducation<br />

New Heights Educational Group (<strong>NHEG</strong>)<br />




Chad has been an animator since 1992, working on<br />

projects that include The Simpsons,<br />

The Emperor’s New Groove and The Polar Express.<br />

In 2007 he began teaching at an online animation<br />

school for career-minded adults and now teaches<br />

elementary school students.<br />

VANH VUE<br />

Vanh recently graduated from the University of North<br />

Carolina, Greensboro with a degree in Anthropology.<br />

Her volunteer experience includes helping children at<br />

a local church. Vanh has always enjoyed assisting<br />

others with their homework, including: math, reading,<br />

social studies and science. Vanh has also taught<br />

JAWS, a program that allows a blind person to use the<br />

computer.<br />

Stevie winners will be presented with their awards on June 20 in New York<br />

Defiance, Ohio – May 2, 2017 – New Heights Educational Group was named the winner of TWO Silver Stevie® Awards in the<br />

“Organization of the Year - Non-Profit or Government – Small” and “Service of the Year - Education - PK-12 Personalized Learning Solution”<br />

category in the 15th Annual American Business Awards today.<br />

The American Business Awards is the nation’s premier business awards program. All organizations operating in the U.S.A. are eligible to submit nominations<br />

public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small.<br />

Nicknamed the Stevies for the Greek word meaning “crowned,” the awards will be presented to winners at a gala ceremony at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in<br />

New York on Tuesday, June 20.<br />


At a young age, Savleen developed a passion for<br />

teaching and passing on her knowledge to improve her<br />

own understanding of material. Being the oldest of three<br />

siblings, she regularly tutors them and helps friends and<br />

peers whenever she can. In her free time, she enjoys<br />

running and is currently training for a half-marathon.<br />

She also has a passion for cake decorating.<br />


Maria is a graduate of Saint Vincent College<br />

with a degree in Studio Art and Theology. She works<br />

from home as a full-time artist and art instructor. She<br />

has been working with her family for several years to<br />

build Art Talkin’, an online art course teaching drawing<br />

from basic through specialized disciplines such as<br />

watercolor and stained glass. She enjoys spending her<br />

free time (if not painting) reading.<br />

More than 3,600 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of<br />

categories, including Startup of the Year, Executive of the Year, Best New Product or Service of the Year, Marketing Campaign of the Year, Live Event of the<br />

Year, and App of the Year, among others. New Heights Educational Group was nominated in the Organization of the Year - Non-Profit or Government – Small<br />

and Innovative and Excellent Personalized Learning Solution category for Government or Nonprofit Organization<br />

Pamela Clark, Executive Director of the New Heights Educational Group, said, “This is such an honor. Every day our team of 81 volunteers work to<br />

promote our work in bettering education for all families, regardless of school choice, background or beliefs. We know how special the work we do is, and no<br />

one person could accomplish this on their own. It’s so important to have family and our volunteer team working with me. We have been recognized for five<br />

years in a row, and I know in my heart it’s because of this incredible calling that was endowed to me, team effort and perseverance.”<br />


David is an Adjunct Professor of Business Management<br />

and Economics for the University of Phoenix.<br />

He teaches for other Indiana colleges, including Ivy<br />

Tech Community College and Indiana Wesleyan. He<br />

was named the 2005 Faculty of the Year by the first<br />

graduating class of the Indianapolis Campus of the<br />

University of Phoenix. He holds a BA in History and a<br />

Master’s in Public Affairs from Indiana.<br />


Heather dedicates her time toward making online<br />

courses and resources for students, teachers, and<br />

parents. She has a Master's Degree in Education and a<br />

B.S. in Business Management. Heather has tutored a<br />

multitude of students across various grade levels. She's<br />

also developed curriculum, created courses, and taught<br />

in classrooms. For six years, Heather worked as a<br />

trainer for adults with disabilities.<br />

Some Judges comments:<br />

Organization of the Year comments<br />

Above average performance: among the top 30%, in my experience.<br />

Essential services from <strong>NHEG</strong> making a positive impact<br />

Great job. You have a really nice website. I think you have a great organization and cause. The radio show sounds<br />

amazing. Keep up the good work.<br />

An organization which is certainly helping others in an amazing way. A huge well done.<br />

Provider of invaluable life skills. Well done.<br />

A well organized not for profit organization<br />

Pamela S. Clark<br />

Founder/Director<br />

14735 Power Dam Road<br />

Defiance, Ohio 43512<br />

Phone: 419-786-0247<br />

info@newheightseducation.org<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

12 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 13

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children<br />

7/19/2017 Have you seen this child? ISABYL ROYER<br />

7/19/2017 Have you seen this child? AUSTIN FETTERS<br />

Isabyl Royer<br />

Extra Photo<br />

Austin Fetters<br />

Extra Photo<br />

Missing Since: Jul 15, 2017<br />

Missing From: West Farmington, OH<br />

DOB: Nov 8, 2001<br />

Age Now: 15<br />

Sex: Female<br />

Race: White<br />

Hair Color: Blonde<br />

Eye Color: Hazel<br />

Height: 5'6"<br />

Weight: 150 lbs<br />

Missing Since: Jul 10, 2017<br />

Missing From: Dayton, OH<br />

DOB: Dec 5, 1999<br />

Age Now: 17<br />

Sex: Male<br />

Race: White<br />

Hair Color: Brown<br />

Eye Color: Brown<br />

Height: 5'5"<br />

Weight: 165 lbs<br />

Both photos shown are of Isabyl. She may be in the local areas of in Ravenna and Windham, Ohio.<br />

Isabyl's ears are pierced and she may wear black-framed glasses. She may go by the nickname "Issy."<br />

Isabyl may be in need of medical attention.<br />

Both photos shown are of Austin. He may still be in the local area or he may travel to Wilmington, Ohio.<br />


Case handled by<br />


Case handled by<br />

http://www.missingkids.com/poster/NCMC/1302699/1/screen 1/2<br />

http://www.missingkids.com/poster/NCMC/1302337/1/screen 1/2<br />

7/19/2017 Have you seen this child? JONATHON BARKER<br />

Jonathon Barker<br />

Missing Since: Jun 16, 2017<br />

Missing From: Toledo, OH<br />

DOB: Feb 21, 2004<br />

Age Now: 13<br />

Sex: Male<br />

Race: White<br />

Hair Color: Blonde<br />

Eye Color: Brown<br />

Height: 4'11"<br />

Weight: 101 lbs<br />

Jonathon was last seen on June 16, 2017.<br />



14 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />


Case handled by<br />

http://www.missingkids.com/poster/NCMC/1300128/1/screen 1/2<br />

CALL 911<br />

OR<br />

1-800-843-5678<br />

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office<br />

(Ohio) 1-614-525-3333<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 15

<strong>NHEG</strong> Birthdays<br />

<strong>July</strong> 2<br />

<strong>July</strong> 6<br />

<strong>July</strong> 9<br />

<strong>July</strong> 14<br />

<strong>July</strong> 15<br />

<strong>July</strong> 20<br />

<strong>August</strong> 11<br />

Victoria Lowery<br />

Cuyler Spangler<br />

Zachary Clark<br />

Jody Bowden<br />

Oliver Clark<br />

Jeff Ermoian<br />

Sheila Wright<br />

16 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 17

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

A W A R D S<br />

View all of our awards here<br />

https://www.newheightseducation.org/<strong>NHEG</strong>-radio-show/<br />

18 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 19

<strong>NHEG</strong> Recognition Day 2017<br />

By Pamela Clark Posted June 8, 2017 In <strong>NHEG</strong> News<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> Recognition Day is an annual event where we recognize students and staff for their hard work and dedication<br />

to improving a student’s education.<br />

So, we like to recognize the following people for their work in 2016-2017.<br />

Vanh Vue, Raleigh, NC, was named Tutor of the Year. Ms. Vue has been a tutor with <strong>NHEG</strong> since February 2015.<br />

She tutors Math and Science and donates six hours a week of class time. She has also created many pre-recorded<br />

classes for students over the years. What is even more incredible about this accomplishment is that she is<br />

blind. Pamela Clark, Executive Director, stated, “Nothing holds her back. She is an incredible person and an<br />

inspiration to everyone that works with her.”<br />

Savleen Grewal, Brampton, ON, another tutor with <strong>NHEG</strong>, received the Outstanding Tutor Award. Ms. Grewal<br />

has been a tutor with <strong>NHEG</strong> since <strong>July</strong> 2016. She is from Ontario, Canada and tutors online for three hours a<br />

week. Pamela Clark, Executive Director, stated, “Ms. Grewal is always positive and has made such a difference.<br />

We are fortunate to have someone so caring and giving.”<br />

Frani Wyner, Monroeville, PA was named Photographer of the Year. She has been with <strong>NHEG</strong> since December<br />

2016. Pamela Clark stated, “Ms. Wyner is a professional and incredibly gifted photographer. She is everything we<br />

could ask for in a volunteer and photographer.”<br />

Furthermore, at the event, two volunteers were recognized with Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. Roberta<br />

Perkins, Luckey, Ohio, received the Gold Medallion, Certificate and Letter from the President. Roberta has been<br />

part of <strong>NHEG</strong> since 2009. Pamela Clark said, “Roberta has been a trusted and loyal member of our team for many<br />

years. We couldn’t ask for a more sincere and hard-working team member than Roberta Perkins.”<br />

Margaret Spangler, Holgate, Ohio, received the Bronze, Silver and Gold Award, Certificate and Letter from the<br />

President. Margaret has been part of <strong>NHEG</strong> since its inception on June 1, 2006. She was co-founder of the organization,<br />

but now serves as board member, autism expert and Box Tops coordinator.<br />

20 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY MAY -AUGUST JUNE 2017 2017<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 21

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

Daniela Silva is Brazilian, and a college graduate with a degree in Pedagogy (with skills<br />

I’m passionate about reading. I think everyone should be.<br />

22 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

in School Management and Business Education), an MBA in People Management, and a<br />

postgraduate degree in Neuroeducation. Daniela has been active in social projects since<br />

2009, with a focus in the areas of learning and human development. Daniela has great<br />

motivation to transform lives through knowledge.<br />

In 2012 she became a volunteer with New Heights Educational Group, an American<br />

Award Winning 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit. In collaboration with <strong>NHEG</strong> and working<br />

with its founder/director, Pamela Clark, Daniela has developed this book, which is the<br />

first in the “Unraveling Series.”<br />

There will be a book for each core subject taught in schools.<br />

These books will share information on educating those that need extra help mastering<br />

a subject and can be used for any age student. Unraveling Reading is a response to the needs and difficulties faced by parents,<br />

students and teachers with respect to literacy and education. It presents strategies and alternatives for developing<br />

reading and writing in children, youth and adults in a practical and dynamic way.<br />

Through diverse educational lessons, activities address three different learning styles, with consideration for how the brain<br />

learns and processes information visually, auditorily and kinesthetically. Unraveling Reading also includes examples of<br />

activities to improve reading and writing skills through movement, using the Brain Gym technique<br />

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite<br />

Unraveling Reading by Daniela Silva is chock full of great practical advice and tips for teaching young people to read. I can’t think of<br />

many more useful and necessary reasons to write a book. Reading has played a huge role in my life. It determines how I think and what<br />

I think about much more than TV or any other medium does. My mother instilled this love of reading in me. She was a librarian. She is<br />

also the one that taught me to read and I thank her for it every day. Now I teach children to read and I think this book is going to help<br />

me do this a little more efficiently. I already use a lot of the things Daniela talks about, but I saw some new ideas that look like they may<br />

be useful.<br />

Unraveling Reading is published by the New Heights Education Group and Daniela Silva tells us a little about the group and its mission.<br />

I must say I am impressed with their goals. There should be groups like this all around America, focusing not just on reading, but<br />

all aspects and areas of our children’s education. I found Unraveling Reading to be well written, well organized, and full of ideas and<br />

advice that will help parents, educators, and anyone else attempting to give children one of the most precious gifts you can give a child.<br />

An introduction to the world of books. Unraveling Reading is a very useful tool and Daniela Silva should be commended for writing it.<br />

THE <strong>NHEG</strong> BOOK CORNER<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

One Nonprofit’s Journey to Success, written by Savneet Singh, is an inspiring story of the<br />

New Heights Educational Group, a nonprofit, and its founder/director Ms. Pamela Clark.<br />

Singh chronicles a woman’s amazing journey who stepped out of her home to help families<br />

unhappy and disappointed with the traditional school system. The bullying incidents<br />

and lack of IEP assistance at local and charter schools made her sons feel uncomfortable<br />

and unsafe. So, she decided to home-school them and to fight for the families looking<br />

for an alternative way to educate their children. Despite all the roadblocks, she kept<br />

moving forward and devoted her life to helping parents in a unique way by establishing<br />

nonprofit. Ms. Clark’s humility and good work ethic shine through New Heights Educational<br />

Group today. She gives ample credit to current and former volunteers for the<br />

success of the organization and all the awards and recognition it has achieved over the<br />

past nine years. Singh also details the wide range of educational services offered by New<br />

Heights Educational Group and wonderful tips to manage a nonprofit organization. If<br />

you are a parent, a nonprofit stakeholder or just someone who wants to learn more about educational services and opportunities,<br />

you will find this book helpful. Many readers will find Ms. Clark's good work, perseverance and Christian faith<br />

inspirational.<br />

Reviewed by familes<br />

One Nonprofit’s Journey to Success, is a work that focuses on motivating its readers to go forward with their efforts developing an organization<br />

that is true to one’s own values and beliefs. Ms. Singh’s goal is to ignite a shift in perspective when it comes to the defined<br />

purpose of the education system. Capturing her audience by moving readers through a typical day with the founder and director of<br />

New Heights Educational Group, Ms. Singh’s intent is made clear as she uses expressive illustrations that transform you into the busy<br />

home office Ms. Pamela Clark. A descriptive tone narrates the work, allowing the voice of the author to serve as one who is reiterating<br />

the story of how the life experiences faced by Ms. Clark influenced what <strong>NHEG</strong> came to be.Offering a sound overview, Ms. Singh clearly<br />

presents the mission of <strong>NHEG</strong> as being an organization that “promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational<br />

support services.” In an area that is often over looked, monetarily strained and lacking the abundance of time and resources<br />

required to help those in need, the support services offered by the programs within <strong>NHEG</strong>, are sought after to say the least. Spearheaded<br />

by the efforts of staff and volunteers the level of dedication shown by Ms. Clark makes for a remarkable write-up.<br />

The structure of the book strategically allows the reader to progress to different chapters, reading the mantras and expressions as<br />

given by Ms. Clark. This is engaging and causes readers to consider these points of view while “listening” to inspiring points of direction.<br />

Learning the many adversities that where faced by Ms. Clark, it is clear that her personal determination and desires of the heart<br />

aided her by giving her the strength to prevail. Her personal religious beliefs are eminent in the face of several personal trials and triumphs<br />

as being the foundation that led to Ms. Clark devoting her life to helping children, bettering the educational system and social<br />

service. If one would like to learn what it takes to start a nonprofit, there may be a more procedural, strategic book on the market but<br />

if you want to learn what it takes to commit to your dream, there isn’t a more heartfelt, passionately illustrative and personable work.<br />

Knowing the challenges that were experienced by Ms. Clark, this work is able to help even those who have become discouraged and<br />

maybe lost sight of their dreams continue to search for their “sign” to keep battling forward.<br />

Ms. Clark is truly an example to and for those around her. Her efforts are needed, supported and as she sets out to do more good,<br />

I encourage all to read how one nonprofit got started on its journey toward success as it could truly encourage you to<br />

pursue your hopes, dreams, and live a more purpose-filled life!<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 23

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> TUTORING PROGRAM<br />

The <strong>NHEG</strong> Tutoring program is for K-12 students who are having difficulty in a subject<br />

and are looking for a tutor to help them learn it effectively. Our tutors share the vision<br />

of <strong>NHEG</strong> and focus on the individual’s needs and learning styles. We strive to teach<br />

each student in the way that he or she learns best. We teach to fill in the gaps, promote<br />

excellence and help students/families reach their personal goals. We don’t believe that<br />

teaching to get through a day’s or week’s lesson solves any real issues.<br />

New Heights Educational Group offers person-to-person tutoring within Defiance<br />

County. However, if you live in other parts of Ohio we also offer an online tutoring service,<br />

where you can meet with a tutor to help you with coursework with which you are<br />

having difficulty. Also, if you are looking to assess your current level of proficiency in a<br />

subject, we offer various assessment and testing services. We can help you with your<br />

grade cards and transcripts, as well.<br />

Our tutoring program consists of one to three hours of our one-on-one tutoring support<br />

and is a paid service. However, if parents are having difficulty paying for this service we<br />

do have a free option in which you can participate. Of course, if you like to take part in<br />

some online classes, please head over to our online classes page and see the available<br />

subjects that you can participate in.<br />

Our tutoring program is for all ages and subjects. No matter what grade your child is in,<br />

we can provide wonderful resources and high-quality tutoring. For high school students,<br />

our first graduation ceremony was held in 2011 when Joshua James Zartman and<br />

Zachary Allen Clark graduated. We have had graduates every year since then.<br />

We are not a school; we simply help students meet graduation requirements, provide<br />

tutoring, a template for transcripts and diplomas (if needed) and a formal ceremony.<br />

We also have obtained grants for the events and the students who have graduated in<br />

the past. We do not sign diplomas. We show families alternative learning styles, provide<br />

tutors and help them achieve their dreams. Our program is one of a kind, and most<br />

of the students that participate graduate with 3.5 to 4.0 GPAs; some were failing students<br />

before coming to us.<br />

Those that receive tutoring normally jump two grade levels in nine months; the biggest<br />

jump happened in one year when a student jumped four grade levels in math and<br />

three grade levels in science. Some of our students are coping with ADD/ADHD, some<br />

are bipolar, intellectually disabled or autistic. We have repeatedly reached students on<br />

whom everyone else has given up. We do not give up on anyone, and those that stick<br />

with our program achieve incredible success.<br />

For more details, visit our website<br />

https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/<strong>NHEG</strong>-educational-programs/<strong>NHEG</strong>-tutoring-program/<br />

24 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY MAY -AUGUST - JUNE 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 25

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

New Volunteers<br />

Sad Farewells<br />

Volunteers of the Month<br />

Mollie Miller 6/3/17<br />

Video Updater and Editor<br />

Komal Bagga 6/9/17<br />

Blackboard/Coursesites Assistant<br />

Sad farewell and safe travels to Kaden Behan, Pioneer Host of<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong>. She is moving to Denmark and will no longer be volunteering<br />

with us.<br />

Special Rememberance<br />

Kevin Adusei<br />

Jon Aitken<br />

Jeff Ermoian<br />

Katie Gerken<br />

Shabbir Qutbuddin<br />

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Cuyler Spangler<br />

Janene Kling<br />

Valerie Amidon 06/15/2017<br />

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Wynel Noah Harris 6/28/17<br />

Radio Host (In Training)<br />

Jody Bowden 04/11/2017<br />

Proofreader/Editor<br />

Shabbir Qutbuddin 05/08/2017<br />

HR Coordinator<br />

Shril / Sherri Ann Ermoian 04/24/2017<br />

Research Coordinator<br />

Courteney Crawley- Dyson 7/18/17<br />

Video Editing and Updater Graphic Design<br />

Sydney R. Crawford 7/11/17<br />

Radio Show Host in Training<br />

Art and Music Education<br />

The New Heights Educational Group (<strong>NHEG</strong>) just<br />

received word that long-time <strong>NHEG</strong> supporter William<br />

(Bill) Naugle passed away on June 9, 2017.<br />

I (Pamela Clark), along with others, am heartbroken to<br />

hear of Bill’s passing. Bill discovered our organization in<br />

<strong>August</strong> 2012 and supported us from that point on. He<br />

filled many roles during his time with <strong>NHEG</strong>. Bill was on<br />

the Board of Directors, served as Newsletter Editor and<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong> Creator / Editor, and created PDFs, promotional fliers, and<br />

advertisements for <strong>NHEG</strong>. Additionally, he filled other roles, assisted<br />

with fundraising campaigns, and served as a vendor assistant.<br />

Bill will be missed by everyone on our team. Our thoughts and our<br />

prayers extend to his family during this time.<br />

His obituary can be found using this link: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/<br />

timesleader/obituary.aspx?n=william-j-naugle&pid=185795271&fhid=16784<br />

Bassey Arikpo<br />

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Varun Bhaduaria<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> CONTESTs<br />

We have several <strong>NHEG</strong> contests that students in elementary, high school and even college participate in and win cash prizes based on their entries.<br />

This includes essay and poetry writing, art, photography and even song writing.<br />

You can visit this link to see the rules in order to participate in one of our <strong>NHEG</strong> contests and be able to win a cash prize for being a top entry.<br />

26 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

https://www.newheightseducation.org/students/nheg-contests/<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 27

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

Five Huge Differences between Work and School<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

There are rules but they are subject to a non-arbitrary test: are we achieving the goal of production itself? You<br />

are paid because someone thinks you can be a valuable contributor to that goal. A portion of the company<br />

revenue accrues to you, which also implies some return obligation. The rules are adaptive, constantly changing<br />

according to circumstances. They seek to reward good outcomes according to the individual, the team, or<br />

the purpose.<br />

2. Force vs. Choice<br />

In school, no matter how bad the social environment gets, how grim the hurt feelings, however much suffering<br />

you face, you have to keep coming back day after day, year after year. The same people, the same problems.<br />

This is just taken for granted. It is your fate. You surrender to the idea that there is no escape. And why do<br />

they believe this? Because it is true: there is no escape. Compulsory attendance laws – passed some 100 years<br />

ago – created within the American schooling model an underlying structure rooted in legal violence, because<br />

these laws are ultimately enforced by the violence of the state. If you think about it, that was the original sin<br />

of American schooling.<br />

Making it compulsory was the original sin of American education.<br />

By: Jeffrey A. Tucker<br />

Wednesday, May 31, 2017<br />

13 Reasons Why is a grueling emotional drama of how high school student Hannah Baker ends up taking her<br />

own life. The social scene at her school inflicts worsening wounds and ever-deepening pain. The school itself<br />

becomes associated with the torment of her heart and soul, as her peers drive her ever further into the pit of<br />

despair.<br />

The commercial scenes are few but they are universally safe, affirming, and happy.Life is not all grim. Her<br />

home is a respite. There are also three commercial settings that play an ameliorating role. Her father’s drug<br />

store is a happy place. A coffee shop is where she tries to form genuine friendships. But I’m particularly intrigued<br />

by the few scenes that show her working at a commercial movie theater. Dressed in a crisp uniform,<br />

she serves up popcorn to patrons. These scenes are few but they are universally safe, affirming, and happy.<br />

The contrast raises the question: what are the differences between work and school? It matters because many<br />

young Americans put off remunerative work until after they finish school. They enter real life outside of school<br />

unprepared for what they are going to face, and carry with them many of the bad habits and even pathologies<br />

they picked up during 16 years of schooling.<br />

Here are five key differences between work and school.<br />

1. Obedience vs. Production<br />

In school there are enforced rules that are supposed to be obeyed by everyone, and there is very little room<br />

for adjusting them in light of differences between individuals. Compliance is an end in itself. So long as you adhere<br />

to the rules, and especially if you are getting good grades – which you can do if you say on tests precisely<br />

what you are supposed to say, and learn what you are supposed to learn – you are a success. There is nothing<br />

going on beyond this. You are not paid to attend, and, after 12th grade, you are expected to pay to attend.<br />

You are paid because someone thinks you can be a valuable contributor to the goal of making wealth.In the<br />

workplace, by contrast, the ideal is productivity, which ultimately means creating value for others.<br />

28 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

On the other hand, in the workplace, for all the problems and interventions and even bad bosses and lame coworkers,<br />

you are always free to quit and find another job. You enjoy the right of exit. You are a paid volunteer.<br />

That right alone takes the sting out and incentivizes cooperative behavior. There are no truancy laws. You can<br />

shop around. You can even choose not to work at all. It means that everyone there is there by choice and has<br />

that job because someone wants to pay them to do it. There is no substructure of violence. There is choice at<br />

the heart of the workplace. That alone changes the dynamic and the social environment.<br />

3. Age-Based Tribe vs. the Individual<br />

From preschool through final graduation, you are generally told to stay with your age-based tribe. This is<br />

your peer group. You have no responsibilities to anyone younger. You are not directly and consistently influenced<br />

by people who are more mature. It’s just you and your age-based friends ruled by external authority<br />

structures. You move together. You age together. You will always be in that exact situation, with little to no<br />

prospects for mobility. You are in an artificial environment that doesn’t exist in any other setting in life, and<br />

certainly not in the workplace. Then you graduate and your social networks turn to dust.<br />

You can be lame or ambitious, lazy or aspirational, unproductive or super valuable.<br />

The workplace includes people of varying ages, and it is completely normal for excellence to be rewarded with<br />

growing salaries and responsibilities. Your peers are far more diverse than they ever were in school and that<br />

leads to different expectations and opportunities. You can be lame or ambitious, lazy or aspirational, unproductive<br />

or super valuable. Your future depends on the choices you make, and you are constantly interacting<br />

with a wider demographic of people from whom you can learn and who you can influence. It is a much more<br />

fluid and natural social situation. What you do makes a difference in the quality of your life and your place in<br />

the hierarchy.<br />

4. Known Information vs. Discovery<br />

In school, most everything you are tasked to learn is already known. There are textbooks, manuals, experts,<br />

committees.<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 29

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

You are part of a system that changes only slowly and according to the priorities of politics and bureaucracies.<br />

It’s fine to be curious but only about what other people want you to know. There is only one reward for<br />

learning: a higher grade. And what you learn has already been mastered better by others who are assigned<br />

to be your authorities. Your job is to become the best-possible parrot. This is what it means to be an excellent<br />

student. Deviating from that course makes you a problem student.<br />

Why Drugging Kids for ADHD Is a Risky Trend<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

People who look only for rules to follow only rise so far.<br />

At work – again, under the ideal – creativity and discovery are valued and rewarded. People who look only for<br />

rules to follow only rise so far. To disrupt the routine, to think of and try the unknown, is what every profitseeking<br />

industry demands. It is not always easy and the tendency toward inertia is always present. But every<br />

business must learn to adapt to change and to reward those who are willing to step up and take risks to discover<br />

something new.<br />

5. Cruelty vs. Civility<br />

So long as you are getting the grades and adhering to the rules, there is no downside to misbehaving toward<br />

others in a school setting. Despite the appearance of order, structures of authority, and endless rules, students<br />

end up constructing their own underworlds, and those worlds have radically misaligned incentives that<br />

the adults cannot manage, resulting in unchecked pathology: the kind of pathologies that always develop<br />

among groups of incarcerated human beings.It’s not about what teachers do to the students; it’s what students<br />

do to each other. This follows the tendency in any incarceration: fellow inmates are generally more<br />

threatening than guards and wardens. Cruelty becomes habitual, though often hidden and quiet, something<br />

whispered about between good friends.In prison, it’s never safe to be without a gang.<br />

You choose your tribe. In prison, it’s never safe to be without a gang. You denounce former friends and choose<br />

new ones. You join others in making fun of the person in the out-group or rewarding those in the in-group.<br />

You have no obligations to be courteous, decent, or kind, and you are neither punished nor rewarded for your<br />

treatment of your peers except by peers themselves. You have no concern for the larger consequences of your<br />

actions. This cultivates a certain pettiness and leads students to believe that savvy social navigation, even at<br />

the expense of others, is their main task. This is what they get good at, and dehumanizing others is not only<br />

not punished, it is often rewarded.<br />

In a professional workplace, in contrast, all employees learn to separate workflow conflicts from personal<br />

conflicts. People who personalize gripes (through gossip, backstabbing, or passive-aggressive performances)<br />

do not earn the trust and respect of others, and thus do not succeed, do not rise, do not last. The shortestterm<br />

employees are those who play politics as if it were middle school. Those who rise above personality to<br />

focus on productivity earn the respect of others and rise in the company. And there are certain conventions:<br />

for instance, you never, under any circumstances, use your position or title to wage personal battles that have<br />

nothing to do with work. You can get away with this for a while, but it doesn’t last.<br />

At the end of 13 Reasons Why, there is a highly symbolic moment in which Hannah walks into the movie theater,<br />

turns in her uniform, and walks out the door. This scene shows what it means to give up on something at<br />

which you are succeeding because you cannot handle the failures that exist outside that space. She was brutally<br />

victimized by the other half of life, the part that exists outside the civilized, courteous, and adult environment<br />

of the workplace. Her work provided her solace, but it was not enough to overcome the impossible odds<br />

against her in school.<br />

The story of Hannah is an extreme case with a terrible ending. But the case is neither purely fictional nor<br />

entirely isolated, and it serves as a stand-in for the emotional sufferings of millions. All the anti-bullying<br />

campaigns in the world will not fix the problem. Behavioral controls and counselling will not either. The core<br />

problem has to be addressed: schooling as we know it is an institution built by force, funded by force, and<br />

populated through force, thus insulating students from regular incentives toward civilized life and leaving<br />

them unprotected from unchecked exploitation and abuse.<br />

By: Annie Holmquist<br />

Monday, June 19, 2017<br />

Dr. Leonard Sax is known for making unusual statements regarding raising children. The reason his comments<br />

are so unusual? They’re simple common sense, a trait often lacking in modern culture.<br />

Dr. Sax’s latest (non-politically correct) statements were made in an interview with C.M. Rubin for the Huffington<br />

Post when he raised questions about the intense drug regimen American kids are subjected to, often under the<br />

guise of treating ADHD and other related disorders:<br />

"American kids are now 10, 20, 50 or 90 times more likely to be on prescription psychiatric medications compared with kids in<br />

other countries (the rate varies depending on the diagnosis in question). I think it’s an important and disturbing trend which<br />

doesn’t get enough attention in this country. Outside of North America, when I speak on this topic in Europe or Australia, for<br />

example, audiences are astonished at how many American parents now have their kids taking psychiatric medications.”<br />

As Dr. Sax goes on to explain, his concerns about drugging children stem from the fact that we have little evidence<br />

as to the long-term effects and risks.<br />

We are, as a society, doing a huge experiment on American kids. There are no long-term studies assessing the long-term risks<br />

of medications such as Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta, and Metadate, which are widely prescribed in this country. There is not one<br />

long-term study demonstrating that these medications are safe for long-term use. We do know of serious risks – most notably<br />

diabetes and obesity – associated with the long-term use of medications such as Risperdal, Seroquel, and Zyprexa. And those<br />

risks do not go away when the medication is stopped. And yet an American kid is 93 times more likely to be on medications such<br />

as Risperdal, Seroquel, and Zyprexa, compared with a kid in Italy. Outside of North America, psychiatric medication is an absolute<br />

last resort in treating a child. In the United States, it’s the first resort. ‘Let’s try Vyvanse and see if it helps’ – that’s what doctors in<br />

this country often say. And that wasn’t true when I was a young doctor, thirty years ago.”<br />

Despite these concerns, Dr. Sax realizes that childhood anxiety is increasing and needs to be treated. He suggests<br />

two ways parents can treat childhood anxiety without the help of drugs:<br />

1.Stop Overscheduling<br />

Source: The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)<br />

30 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

https://fee.org/<br />

According to Dr. Sax, jumping from one activity to the next is a surefire way to increase anxiety in children. Trimming<br />

scheduled activities not only gives kids more breathing room, but also enables them to engage in natural<br />

stress-reducing activities, such as free and energetic play.<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 31

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

2. Make Time for Family<br />

Dr. Sax goes on to explain how important it is to replace scheduled activities with family time:<br />

“[W]e now have very good research showing that when family time is the lowest priority, kids are more likely<br />

to become anxious and depressed. I even see parents who use precious free time, such as a Saturday afternoon,<br />

to chauffeur their kids from one playdate to another. My advice to those parents: Cancel the playdate.<br />

Make a family date instead.”<br />

Is Dr. Sax on to something? Are we over-medicating children to alleviate problems that could be easily solved<br />

by giving them more family time and fewer outside activities?<br />

Source: The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)<br />

https://fee.org/<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

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Betsy DeVos: School choice should extend beyond charter schools<br />

By: Maureen Downey<br />

Tuesday, June 13, 2017<br />

Speaking at a national gathering of charter school advocates today, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos<br />

warned them not to become another education bureaucracy resistant to innovation and other forms of school<br />

choice…..<br />

Read more here:<br />

http://www.ajc.com/news/local-education/betsy-devos-school-choice-should-extend-beyond-charter-schools/TAzffDxOus-<br />

S705i4QE3XtN/<br />

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For Children With Autism, No More Being Hushed<br />

By: Kate Taylor<br />

June 14, 2017<br />

For autistic children, Dorothy Siegel does not believe in paraprofessionals, the teaching assistants sometimes<br />

assigned to shadow students in class….…..<br />

Read more here:<br />

https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/14/nyregion/for-children-with-autism-no-more-being-hushed.html<br />

Source: The New York Times<br />

https://www.nytimes.com<br />

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We would like to offer educational events, computer labs, public events,<br />

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and plan to continue offering classes, tutoring,<br />

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http://www.gofundme.com/NewHeightsEducation<br />

34 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 35

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

This WWI History Podcast is Better Than Any Textbook<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

Through all of his extensive research and notes, we get a view of the war from 360 degrees, and it’s hardly<br />

necessary for Carlin to provide any additional color or opinion. What’s great is that he mostly doesn’t, except<br />

to wonder – like me – at how people lived through years of trench warfare, chemical attacks, near-certain<br />

death, and body-choked battlefields.<br />

“Blueprint for Armageddon” brings this time period to life in a way that no book or movie could.<br />

Most powerful is how Carlin’s series positions the war as the turning point of European culture and history.<br />

You get a very good picture of how developed societies change when they engage in major land warfare for<br />

the first time in a century. It’s surreal, a change from Napoleonic-era militaries to militaries built for mass<br />

destruction. No one is prepared for wars with machine guns, tanks, airplanes, and gas. As a result (and as<br />

Carlin shows) no one is prepared for Bolshevism, total war, the emergence of “the home front,” the bombing<br />

of civilians.<br />

The death of liberal political philosophy and the birth of totalitarian and authoritarian 20th-century thought is<br />

a theme woven throughout the podcast series, but the listener is left to connect the dots and see everything<br />

which was lost to a generation in the Great War.<br />

An Epic Narrative<br />

By: James Walpole<br />

<strong>July</strong> 11, 2017<br />

Morbid fascination is a strong motivator for me. Recently it’s brought me around to a renewed study of the<br />

first world war.<br />

For me, the study of this war (and other terrible things in human history) is about far more than military maneuvers<br />

or victories or defeats. I want to understand how and why people behave the way they do. I want to<br />

know them so I can know myself, and I want to avoid making the mistakes and judgment calls that led to an<br />

early demise for so many of my ancestors.<br />

For this “war to end all wars” that resulted in more than 17 million deaths and 20 million injuries, I particularly<br />

want to understand how people can bring themselves and their societies to such lows of death and destruction.<br />

I want to understand how they survived those lows, how they resisted those lows, and how they showed<br />

humanity in the face of them.<br />

It seems I’ve found a (mostly) kindred spirit in Dan Carlin, host of the long-form award-winning podcast Hardcore<br />

History and creator of the recent six-part World War One series “A Blueprint for Armageddon.”<br />

The listener is left to connect the dots and see everything lost to a generation in the Great War.<br />

360 Degree View<br />

“Blueprint for Armageddon” brings the history of this time period to life in a way that no book or movie could.<br />

It’s epic narrative storytelling at its best. The medium of audio (and the audio production is a delight) lets Carlin<br />

range all over the many fronts of this war and the many small sub-stories of this war without interruption<br />

and in perfect narrative harmony. Yet it never forgets that it is a narrative.<br />

This series is both a valuable resource and a call to action to learn.<br />

Carlin is refreshingly self-aware about his own odd fandom of military history, the ease with which deaths<br />

become mere statistics in hindsight, and the impossibility of grasping or relating the full story of an event like<br />

this.<br />

If you share my same odd historical bent toward the morbid, and if you share a hope that we can avoid another<br />

world war in our lifetime, this series is both a valuable resource and a valuable call to action to learn.<br />

You may not come away from this series as an enemy of war, but you will leave it far less naive about what<br />

goes into and what comes out of warfare between nations. And you’ll leave with dozens of memoirs and<br />

books to start you down the rabbit trail of research on this turning point in history.<br />

You can download the series on your favorite podcasting app or watch the first here:<br />

https://fee.org/articles/this-wwi-history-podcast-is-better-than-any-textbook/?utm_source=FEE+Email+Subscriber+List&utm_<br />

campaign=a3cb766b87-MC_FEE_DAILY_2017_07_12&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_84cc8d089b-a3cb766b87-108135745<br />

In this series, Carlin helps to solve one of my main problems as a student of history: namely, that I don’t have<br />

any idea what it’s actually like to experience a society-reshaping war.<br />

History textbooks rarely help us understand experiences, and most people only give lip service to “the horrors<br />

of war” as a result. Fortunately, Carlin has done his homework. Along with providing detailed commentary on<br />

the major geopolitical shifts which accompany this war, Carlin reflects on the vivid individual memories of its<br />

participants.<br />

He makes extensive use of primary sources, including accounts from civilians, diplomats, generals, and the<br />

lowliest recruits – and later major players like Adolf Hitler, who came of age in this conflict. “Blueprint” draws<br />

on all the scholarship of early historical works like Tuchman’s The Guns of <strong>August</strong> with all of the drama with<br />

which someone like Winston Churchill viewed the war in his memoirs.<br />

36 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

Source: The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)<br />

https://fee.org/<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 37

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

By: T J Schmidt<br />

June 27, 2017<br />

Happy 17th Birthday! Now You’re a Dropout<br />

New York City’s Central Office of Home Schooling recently informed homeschooling families that once their<br />

students reach the age of 17 they will be treated more or less as dropouts.<br />

According to a packet sent by the Central Office, parents of 17-year-olds who fail to contact school officials<br />

will find that the students have been “discharged” from the city’s student tracking system.This packet immediately<br />

caused confusion among families with students set to graduate this year. It also raised concerns that the<br />

reward homeschoolers anticipate collecting for complying with New York’s onerous regulations—an official<br />

letter stating that a homeschool graduate has completed the substantial equivalent of a public high school<br />

education—would be jeopardized.<br />

As soon as I reviewed a copy of this packet, it became clear that the Central Office was trying to apply to all<br />

homeschool students a procedure designed for students who are beyond compulsory attendance age and<br />

who are dropping out of school. New York City regulations identify these students as children age 17 and older<br />

who either have missed at least 20 days of school or are seeking to withdraw without having completed the<br />

requirements to graduate from high school.<br />

I immediately wrote a letter to the director of the Central Office of Home Schooling and several other staff,<br />

objecting to their attempt to discharge homeschool students. I also objected to the demand that parents of<br />

17-year-olds schedule interviews to discuss further plans for high school.Using these dropout procedures to<br />

process homeschool students demonstrates an intent to treat them as less than what they are—students who<br />

are completing a substantially equivalent education in accordance with state law.<br />

In the meantime we continue to write letters on behalf of all of our member families who have received the<br />

discharge letters. At a minimum, the Central Office of Home Schooling ought to provide a letter verifying the<br />

student’s compliance with the homeschool law (i.e. a letter of substantial equivalency) before discharging<br />

homeschool students.We also would like to see these students classified as high school graduates or at least<br />

the substantial equivalent of high school graduates.We will keep doing everything we can to fight for the recognition<br />

of homeschool graduates.<br />

Source: HSLDA<br />

https://www.hslda.org/<br />

By: Mike Donnelly<br />

Sweden May Use Police to Force Kids into School<br />

June 14, 2017<br />

National education authorities in Sweden are telling local officials to use force if necessary to get the Sandberg<br />

family’s homeschooled children into a traditional school.I wrote recently about the Sandbergs, who I’m told<br />

are likely the last homeschooling family in their home country. The parents have been fined thousands of dollars<br />

for not sending their children to public school, and now the national authorities are threatening to have<br />

the police bus the children to school!Jonas Himmelstrand, the president of the national Swedish homeschool<br />

association, told me that despite numerous positive reports from child protection authorities and overwhelming<br />

evidence that the Sandberg children are being well educated, the national education authorities in Sweden<br />

want to stamp out this last remnant of homeschooling.The Himmelstrands are one of several homeschooling<br />

families who live in exile in the Åland Islands of neighboring Finland, where Swedish is primarily spoken.<br />

“The national authorities are pressuring the municipality to consider even stronger options to get the children<br />

to school. The municipality has mentioned the use of force, including sending the police to pick up the children<br />

and take them to school, as a possibility,” Himmelstrand said. “It is not clear whether Swedish law would allow<br />

for this possibility, but the threat is a stark reminder of the hostility that the Swedish government has towards<br />

anyone who would dare homeschool.”Himmelstrand hopes that the local authorities use their power to alleviate<br />

the Sandbergs’ situation.<br />

“[The municipal authorities] have the power to exempt these children and to resolve this crisis,” he said.<br />

“Whether they will or not remains to be seen.”<br />

Not Exactly a Utopia<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

This latest threat to freedom has reminded me that Sweden, a country often touted as a model social democracy,<br />

is turning into a dystopia for anyone who does not conform to rigid patterns of accepted behavior.Swedish<br />

law does explicitly allow for homeschooling under “exceptional circumstances,” but as a practical matter<br />

the right to homeschool is denied by municipal authorities, who are granted the power to approve exceptions.<br />

The Swedish national government, meanwhile, puts pressure on the family as a social institution in a variety of<br />

ways. Early childhood education is mandatory, and government-funded day care starts for children as early as<br />

age 1. It is the rare exception for a mother to stay home with her young children after the age of 2, and there is<br />

tremendous social pressure for women to re-enter the workforce as soon as possible after giving birth.<br />

We’re in This Together<br />

HSLDA is supporting the Sandberg family as a last hope to make some impact on the repressive attitude of<br />

Swedish authorities and to push back against the anti-homeschooling policy of a country that is looked to by<br />

many developing nations as an example of a European socialist success.Home education is a growing global<br />

movement, and in countries like Sweden where there is strong social pressure against it, the few families with<br />

the courage and conviction to try teaching their children at home need our help. No one should be treated as<br />

a criminal for homeschooling.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights makes it crystal clear in Article e26.3<br />

that parents have the prior right to choose the kind of education their children will receive. Sweden is a party<br />

to this treaty and numerous others that demand the protection of this right and ensure that children can<br />

receive education that conforms to the religious, philosophical, and pedagogical convictions of their parents.<br />

Click here for a comprehensive defense of the human right of home education.<br />

Swedish authorities’ unwillingness to permit diversity, tolerance, and pluralism in education reveals the dark<br />

and totalitarian nature of their intentions to use the education system to indoctrinate children in state-approved<br />

ideology. Free governments must reject the use of compulsory education as a form of state-sponsored<br />

indoctrination or forfeit their claim to be called a free and democratic society.The global homeschooling community<br />

has a stake in this fight for freedom. Educational statism is a force that is used by left and right-leaning<br />

governments alike and must be fought wherever it is found. As HSLDA’s chairman and founder Michael Farris<br />

has famously said, “If we don’t fight for these rights everywhere, there won’t be rights anywhere.”<br />

38 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

Source: HSLDA<br />

https://www.hslda.org/<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 39


Internet Radio Show Spots now available<br />

New Heights Educational Group is now offering the opportunity for the public or businesses that promote education to purchase sponsor advertisement on our internet radio show.<br />

All products, business and service advertisements will need to be reviewed by our research department and must be approved by the <strong>NHEG</strong> home office. All advertisements must be family friendly.<br />

Those interested in purchasing packages can choose for our host to read the advertisement on their show or supply their own pre-recorded advertisement.<br />

If interested, please visit our website for more details: https://www.newheightseducation.org/nheg-radio-show/<br />

The below is the choice of available packages available now.<br />


15s Slot 15 25 $20.00 $240.00 $216.oo<br />

30s Slot 30 25 $37.50 $450.00 $405.00<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong> Sponsor Advertisement now available<br />

New Heights Educational Group is now offering the opportunity for the public or businesses that promote education to purchase sponsor advertisement in our magazine.<br />

All products, business and service advertisements will need to be reviewed by our research department and must be approved by the <strong>NHEG</strong> home office. All advertisements must be family friendly.<br />

Those interested in purchasing packages can choose from the below packages and costs.<br />

If interested please visit our website for more details: https://www.newheightseducation.org/who-we-are/nheg-magazine/<br />

Bellow is a list of available packages.<br />


½ Page 2 $10.00 $20.00<br />

Full Page 2 $15.00 $30.00<br />

½ Page 4 $9.00 $36.00<br />

Full Page 4 $13.50 $54.00<br />

½ Page 6 $8.00 $48.00<br />

Full Page 6 $12.00 $72.00<br />


40 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY - AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY - AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 41

New Heights Educational Group – School Supplies Event<br />







Thanks to our volunteer, Enjoli Baker and 40 different companies<br />

that provide free stuff for kids, New Heights Educational Group,<br />

(<strong>NHEG</strong>) is receiving a large shipment of boxes (between 30 - 40<br />

boxes) containing school supplies, small back packs, coloring books<br />

and crayons, reading books, pencils and so much more.<br />

These items will be handed out at Promedica Defiance Regional<br />

Hospital Meeting Rooms on <strong>July</strong> 28, 2017 and dinner will be served<br />

at 6:00 pm sharp.<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

U N C O R N E R<br />

If you’re a homeschooler, you can enroll your children ages 5-12 in the Pizza Hut BOOK IT<br />

program, now through September 1, 2017.<br />

Your children will earn a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza and a sticker on their Passport<br />

to Reading when they meet their individual reading goals each month.<br />


Enrollment Form : http://www.bookitprogram.com/homeschool/default.asp<br />

Detray Chiropractic (http://www.detraychiropractic.com) is also<br />

partnering with <strong>NHEG</strong> for this event. They will provide a (Gluten<br />

Free and Nut Free) dinner to those that RSVP for the supplies, and<br />

will be sharing a Health and Wellness Presentation and handing out<br />

goodie bags.<br />

Also at this event we will have someone reading stories to children<br />

and handing out 2nd and 7 books. (https://www.secondandseven.<br />

com/)<br />

You can request supplies for each child in your household. Due to<br />

the fact that (Gluten Free and Nut Free) dinner will be provided by<br />

Detray Chiropractic, we require an RSVP on a first come, first serve<br />

basis for these supplies and the event. Sign up early to make sure<br />

that you are not left out.<br />

If you are a local business that would like to help with this event<br />

either by donating school supplies or financial support, please contact<br />

us.<br />

42 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY - AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY - AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 43

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

U N C O R N E R<br />

Now Accepting Submissions!<br />

June 1st — <strong>August</strong> 1st<br />


44 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY - AUGUST 2017<br />



Join Our Hands-on History Lesson<br />

During Homeschool Days, students and their families can enjoy<br />

hands-on activities and revolutionary experiences designed to<br />

make colonial dramas come to life in a way that is educational and<br />

interactive.<br />

Plus, visits can be tailored to make your trip unforgettable with onsite<br />

lodging, 18th-century tavern dining, entertainment, and much<br />

more! Inspire the next generation of dreamers with a Colonial Williamsburg<br />

experience.<br />

Create your own itinerary anytime throughout the year, or join in<br />

on one of our special homeschooler weekends.<br />

Colonial Williamsburg offers exclusive pricing year round for homeschool<br />

groups of all sizes in addition to a wide variety of books,<br />

DVDs, and teaching resources.<br />

For more information on Customized Guided Tours, homeschool<br />

planning, or to make reservations<br />

call 1-800-228-8878 or email GROUPSALES@CWF.ORG.<br />

Category 1: Best Friend<br />

(Ages 7-10 as of June 1st)<br />

Who is your best friend? What makes that person (or furry friend!) so special to you? Put them in their best light as you<br />

spend a fun afternoon together capturing snapshots of the things you love about them!<br />

Category 2: Food as Art<br />

(Ages 11-14 as of June 1st)<br />

Intricate tiered cakes, mouth-watering fruit statues—every gourmet chef knows the importance of a meal’s aesthetic<br />

appeal. Food can be more than just delicious; it can be a work of art formulated in the kitchen! Snap a photo of one such<br />

eye-catching delicacy.<br />

Category 3: Summertime Festivity<br />

(Ages 15-18 as of June 1st)<br />

What is your favorite summertime festivity? From patriotic holidays to weddings and family vacations, this time of year<br />

is alive with opportunities to celebrate. Share your enthusiasm with us through your best “festive” shot!<br />

See Rules & Guidelines for important instructions!<br />

(https://www.hslda.org/contests/Photo_rules.aspx )<br />

JULY - AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 45

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />


<strong>NHEG</strong> travel programs offers students and teachers the opportunity to experience, travel and understand new<br />

cultures around the world for the first time.<br />

Also, if you’re a home school parent, <strong>NHEG</strong> offers the home school Family to Family Program.<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> TRAVEL WITH EF TOURS<br />

We are a proud partner with Education First Tours, a reputable student travel organization. Through this<br />

partnership with EF Tours, we offer international travel opportunities for college, homeschool, private school,<br />

public school, and charter school students and their families.<br />

To learn even more about EF Tours, please request one of their brochures before going on your first tour with<br />

them. (http://www.eftours.com/web-hp-mats-top)<br />


Are you a student looking to travel during the summer or before going to college? Then follow EF Tours 3 step<br />

guide on how to go on your first trip to any part of the world to experience what that country has to offer.<br />

If you have used EF Tours before or are using them for the first time, take a look at what tours are available on<br />

their website.<br />


As a teacher, one of the greatest experiences you can give your students is ability to experience another<br />

culture. With the help of EF Tours 4 step guide and the support of the EF Tours Team, your students will come<br />

back home with experiences and knowledge that they will remember for a lifetime.<br />


Hostel is an establishment that provides inexpensive food and lodging for a specific group of people, such as<br />

students, workers, or travelers.<br />

Hostelling International USA (HI USA) is a nonprofit, member organization founded on an enduring belief in<br />

the power of travel to foster a deeper understanding of people, places, and the world.<br />

For more details, visit our website<br />

https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/<strong>NHEG</strong>-educational-programs/<strong>NHEG</strong>-travel/<br />

46 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 47

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

Senior Corner<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> Yearbook<br />

New Heights Educational Group offers an annual <strong>NHEG</strong> yearbook to students that would like to participate and<br />

collect memories of the school year.<br />

This book features all grade levels, current event pages and <strong>NHEG</strong> annual updates.<br />

Our yearbooks can be worked on by the students and their families for credit on a high school transcript. Our<br />

artists can design a page for your student.<br />

Homeschool and charter school families enjoy participating in this book.<br />

These tasteful and high quality books are affordable and make a wonderful keepsake that students will treasure<br />

for a lifetime.<br />

Starting at $55 each, it makes it very affordable to participate in a one-of-a-kind yearbook.<br />

For further details see https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/students/<strong>NHEG</strong>-yearbook/<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> School and Senior Pictures<br />

For students looking to get their pictures taken, <strong>NHEG</strong> offers high quality and reasonably priced photographers<br />

for your school and senior pictures<br />

For further details see https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/students/school-senior-pictures/<br />


<strong>NHEG</strong> has spent many years collecting and collaborating with others to compile a large list of scholarships,<br />

colleges and other resources for students. All of this scholarship and grant information is stored in a database<br />

called “Donate Clearly” that we used for students looking to pay for college. It covers a wide variety of<br />

topics including hard-to-find scholarships. In addition, families who pay our fee receive a personalized report.<br />

We can’t guarantee that you will receive a scholarship, but these are wonderful, bonafide opportunities for<br />

which you can apply.<br />

When applying for scholarships, make sure you read eligibility requirements for that particular scholarship or<br />

grant before submitting your application. You may not be awarded that particular scholarship, but don’t be<br />

discouraged as there are many scholarships that you can apply for in the United States.<br />

It is a good idea to have the following information available when applying:<br />

birth date<br />

awards<br />

family background<br />

leadership activities<br />

family memberships extracurricular<br />

personal statement<br />

community service<br />

resume of honors<br />

recommendations letters<br />

48 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

from teachers and other<br />

community leaders<br />

job history<br />

transcript<br />

Schools/ Classes<br />

Discounted and Free Online Classes<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> is providing students discounted and free online classes that they can take in their free time or incorporate<br />

into their current studies. This includes students who are homeschooled or attending a charter, private or<br />

public school. Also, <strong>NHEG</strong> has partnered with HSLDA Academy and you will receive a discount when you use<br />

our code in one of their classes.<br />

For more details see https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/students/discounted-and-free-online-classes/<br />

Classic Learning Test<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> is happy to support and bring awareness to a new college entrance exam that focuses on classical learning;<br />

it’s called the Classic Learning Test. We hope that it will replace the SAT and ACT exam for home-school,<br />

classical school or private Christian school families.<br />

If you are concerned about questions based on Common Core standards appearing on college entrance exams<br />

and have a child who was planning to take the SAT and ACT exams, then this is the answer for which you’ve<br />

been looking. The Classic Learning Test (CLT) is a fast-growing, new college entrance exam option. HSLDA<br />

recently posted a press release about this exam. They even provide a $10 discount off the cost of the exam for<br />

its members. We are looking forward to having someone from Classic Learning Initiatives (CLI) on an upcoming<br />

radio show. The overall goal of Classic Learning Initiatives (CLI), the organization behind the CLT, is to repair<br />

the disconnect between intellectual pursuits and virtue. CLI believes the ancient Greek philosophers stressed<br />

the same basic ideas about education that many homeschooling parents hold to today.<br />

CLI believes that the way students learn to think, what they read and how they live are all intricately connected.<br />

According to CLI, one reason that mainstream education in America is failing is that the pursuit of virtue,<br />

as traditionally understood, has been lost. CLT attempts first to quantify both the knowledge and the virtue<br />

your student has attained and then present that to colleges. CLI also believes that those who have been educated<br />

without using the Common Core standards should not have to be measured by those standards. The CLT<br />

is specifically designed for students, especially those who are home schooled and independently educated,<br />

who wish to demonstrate their knowledge, abilities and potential to college admission officers without wasting<br />

time and money reviewing Common Core materials.<br />

For more details see: https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/students/college-entrance-exams/<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> Learning Annex<br />

The <strong>NHEG</strong> Online Learning Annex provides online courses, free and paid to children and adults who wish to<br />

learn more and looking for something affordable. Our online classes are either self-enrolled, meaning you can<br />

learn at your own pace or standard online weekly course taught by one of our volunteer teachers or tutors.<br />

For more details see http://School.NewHeightsEducation.org/<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 49

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />


<strong>NHEG</strong> HAS RECEIVED<br />

We would like to thank everyone for the grants & donations <strong>NHEG</strong> Received to support our educational programs and services that are used by Ohio students.<br />

We also like to thank the many organizations that have awarded grants to <strong>NHEG</strong> as well.<br />

If you would like to appear on this list, please visit our Support Page and find out the different ways that you can support New Heights Educational Group.<br />

Again, thank you all for your wonderful donations!!<br />

GRANTS & DONATIONS <strong>NHEG</strong> RECEIVED IN 2017<br />

• <strong>July</strong> 2017: Kroger contribute $100 gift card to purchase school supplies<br />

• May 20, 2017: Carolyn Mitchell donated a flute<br />

• February 6th: Jane Goodall Foundation $200 gift card<br />

• March 7th: Walmart – Napoleon $500<br />

• March 17th: Sheila Wright – Donated $40<br />

• Terry Gough Brunswick, Ohio Donated 2006 Dodge Stratus<br />

For more Grants see<br />

https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/support-nheg/donations-nheg-has-received/<br />

50 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 51

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />



www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

By: Pamela Clark<br />

<strong>July</strong> 17, 2017<br />

The 21st annual Lima News Amateur Photo Competition is open for amateur photographers to show off their<br />

work and the chance to win some cash prizes. Entries will be accepted at The Lima News from <strong>July</strong> 31st – <strong>August</strong><br />

4th between 8 am – 5 p.m or you can submit entries to:<br />

Photo Contest<br />

The Lima News<br />

3515 Elida Road<br />

Lima, OH 45807<br />


This is an amateur only photo competition. Pictures from photographers with a photography business will not<br />

be accepted and will be disqualified from the competition.<br />

$5 tor first 3 photos. $1 for each additional photo (no limit). Must be included with form. Make checks payable<br />

to The Lima News Photo Contest.<br />

Photos can be from a digital or film camera, black and white or color, and taken between September 2016 and<br />

<strong>August</strong> 2017.<br />

No computer-manipulated work will he accepted.<br />

Photos must be original work of submitting photographer.<br />

Photo must he no smaller than 3″ x 5″ and no larger than 8″ x 10″ and mounted on 11″ x 14″ mounting board<br />

with entry label attached in the middle or the back.<br />

Judges will be selected by The Lima News.<br />

Decision of the judges is final.<br />

Photos will not be returned, but can be retrieved after the contest at ArtSpace/Lima during regular business<br />

hours.<br />

Employees of The Lima News and their immediate families are not eligible to win.<br />

Photos available for pick up a fter Oct. 3 rd – at ArtSpace/Lima.<br />

Winning entries will he displayed at ArtSpace/Lima, St. Rita’s High Street Mall Gallery and other venues Oct.<br />

9th thru the year.<br />

More Information here: https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/community-news/lima-news-amateur-photo-competition/<br />

By: Pamela Clark<br />

Source: New Heights Educational Group https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/<strong>NHEG</strong>-blog/ Source: New Heights Educational Group https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/<strong>NHEG</strong>-blog/<br />

<strong>July</strong> 17, 2017<br />

Great news for those who might have missed out on our school supplies event. Throughout the country there<br />

is a Verizon Backpack Giveaway at various stores. On <strong>July</strong> 23rd, from 1 PM to 4 PM Verizon will be giving away<br />

backpacks full of school supplies for your children. Of course, your child must be present in order to get these<br />

wonderful school supplies. While our Defiance location may not be doing it, Verizon was kind of enough to<br />

create of stores of all locations that this event is being held at and so we will lost the various locations in the<br />

state of Ohio that will be doing this event.<br />


7040 Hospital Drive, Dublin, OH 43016 | 614-389-2082<br />

1586 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43201 | 614-291-9500<br />

5 Atterbury Blvd. Ste. 2, Hudson, OH 44224 | 330-571-5807<br />

990 High St. Ste. B, Wadsworth, OH 44224 | 330-696-2606<br />

4900 Delhi Ave Suite 3, Cincinnati, OH 45238 | 513-451-9663<br />

6302 Harrison Ave Suite D, Cincinnati, OH 45247 | 513-574-0029<br />

8465 S Mason Montgomery Rd, Mason, OH 45040 | 513-229-8857<br />

1440 Secor Dr Suite 120L, Toledo, OH 43607 | 419-531-1444<br />

If you participate in this event and you read it from us, please share photos to our Facebook Page and use the<br />

hashtag #WZGivesBack. For more information or any updates to this event please visit their Facebook Event<br />

page. If you have any questions about this event please contact or visit your local Verizon store and they<br />

should be able to answer them.<br />

Of course, if you don’t live in Ohio, the following link has a complete list of states and their locations for this<br />

wonderful event for students.<br />

Here is a list of states participating in this event.<br />

Connecticut Illinois<br />

Maryland New Hampshire Rhode Island<br />

Washington Indiana<br />

Massachusetts New Jersey Texas<br />

D.C.<br />

Iowa<br />

Michigan New York Virginia<br />

Delaware Kentucky Minnesota Ohio<br />

West Virginia<br />

Florida<br />

Maine<br />

Missouri Pennsylvania Wisconsin<br />

52 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | JULY -AUGUST 2017<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 53

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

My name is Enjoli Baker, I started Kind Cards for Sick Kids in 2012. I would search Facebook for<br />

different volunteer opportunities because I have a passion for helping people, then one day I<br />

came across different Facebook pages with kids that were very ill.<br />

I wanted to jump through the screen and save them all. I had to find a way to help them<br />

for the little time that they had left. Our family has always been crafty and we love making<br />

handmade items, so I decided to make handmade cards and gifts and send them to the kids.<br />

This charity has changed my life. I love hearing the stories from the wonderful moms and<br />

dads, and I love seeing all of the smiling faces! I wanted a chance to change the world, and<br />

now I know that I can do that, one card at a time!<br />



Join our kind card program! We send handmade cards and gifts to sick kids. If you want to request a card please do so by sending us a<br />

message, with name , address and age of your child, or an email kindcards22@gmail.com.<br />

We also have Kind Books to promote literacy for kids! This program is for sick children, ages 1-9 who need books to read. We will<br />

only accept two kids per month, and send out two books a month because we are just starting. You can sign up for our Kind Book list<br />

anytime, by sending us a message, with name , address and age of your child, or you can send us a email kindbooks22@gmail.com. You<br />

will be notified when you are next on the list. Your child will receive one book, one I'm a star readers certificate from elmo, and 3 reward<br />

stickers!<br />

We also send cards to the elderly and to veterans. We also send cards in bulk to any facilities that are assisting children, the elderly and<br />

veterans! We love what we do!<br />


We recieve cards from all over the world for our kids.You can make any type of card. Just make sure it does not say get well or get better<br />

because most of our kids are terminal.<br />

You can send as many as you would like with or without an envelope.<br />

Kind Cards for Sick Kids 2121 Gordon Street Brunswick, GA 31520 THANKS!<br />


You can say smile or we are praying for you, have a wonderful day, your loved, your my sunshine etc.<br />

We take requests on our Facebook page and website for cards. We also do random giveaways and help families with other things their<br />

child may need (medicine, toys, educational books etc...when our budget allows. We also send cards year round and on special holidays.<br />


JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 55

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />


Taco Pie Recipe<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 1/4 cup butter<br />

• 2/3 cup milk<br />

• 1 package Taco Bell seasoning mix<br />

• 2 1/2 cups mashed potato flakes (you could also use left over mashed potatoes and omit the butter and milk)<br />

• 1 pound ground beef<br />

• 1/2 cup chopped onion<br />

• 1/2 cup salsa<br />

• 1 cup shredded lettuce<br />

• 1 medium tomato, chopped<br />

• 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese, shredded<br />

• Sour cream, optional<br />

Our<br />

Recipes<br />

Directions:<br />

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a medium sauce pan, melt butter. Add milk and 2 tablespoons<br />

taco seasoning. Remove from heat and add potato flakes until incorporated. Press mixture into the<br />

bottom of a 10-inch pan.<br />

2. Bake for 7-10 minutes until it just BARELY turns golden brown.<br />

3. In a medium skillet, cook beef and onions until beef is browned and cooked through. Drain. Add<br />

Salsa and remaining taco seasoning. Cook until bubbly.<br />

4. Pour into crust. Bake for 15 minutes, or until crust is golden brown.<br />

5. Let cool for 5 minutes. Top with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Cut and serve with sour cream if<br />

you are one of those who like spoiled cream.


Strawberry Jello Pretzel Dessert<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• Layer 1<br />

• 2 c. crushed pretzels (grate in food processor)<br />

• 3/4 c. butter, melted<br />

• 3 tbsp. sugar<br />

• Layer 2<br />

• 8 oz. cream cheese, softened<br />

• 1 c. sugar<br />

• 8 oz. Cool Whip<br />

• Layer 3<br />

• 2 (3 oz.) pkg. strawberry Jello<br />

• 2 c. boiling water<br />

• 2 (10 oz.) pkg. frozen strawberries<br />


chicken nachos<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts<br />

• 1 lb shredded cheese<br />

• 1 can black beans<br />

• 1 bag of tortilla chips or follow my chip recipe<br />

• 1 10 oz sour cream<br />

• 2 cups guacamole (see my recipe for organic guacamole )<br />

• 2 fresh diced jalapenos<br />

• 2 cups shredded lettuce<br />

• 1 diced tomato<br />

• 1/4 diced onion<br />

• 2 cups salsa or (see recipe in my recipes )<br />

• 1 large cookie sheet<br />

Directions:<br />

1. Mix Layer 1 ingredients into 9 x 13 inch pan. Press flat onto bottom of pan. Bake at 400 degrees<br />

for 5 minutes. Let cool.<br />

2. Mix Layer 2 together until smooth. Spoon over pretzel layer.<br />

3. For Layer 3: Mix strawberry Jello and boiling water together. Add sliced strawberries.<br />

Refrigerate for about 1 hour until slightly jelled. Pour carefully over cream cheese mixture.<br />

4. Refrigerate for at least 5 hours before serving..<br />

Directions:<br />

1. preheat oven to 350<br />

2. grill chicken with cumin onions and peppers and garlic<br />

3. place chips on cookie sheet 1 layer cover with cheese and add second layer of chips<br />

4. place more cheese<br />

5. spread even layer of black beans onto ships add more cheese<br />

6. place sliced chicken breasts spread evenly over pan of nachos<br />

7. place in oven until melted about 5- 10 minutes<br />

8. dice onions, peppers, and shred lettuce<br />

9. remove from oven<br />

10. garnish with lettuce, peppers, onions , jalapenos ,salsa sour cream and guacamole and enjoy


Gluten free Sour Cream Coffee Cake<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 2 cups Pamela's Flour Mix<br />

• 1 cup organic evaporated cane juice<br />

• 1 tsp vanilla<br />

• 2/3 cup butter<br />

• 2 large eggs<br />

• 1 cup sour cream<br />

• 1 cup chopped walnuts<br />

• 3 Tablespoons organic evaporated cane juice<br />

• 3 Tablespoons brown sugar<br />

• 2 teaspoons cinnamon<br />


Coconut Chicken Curry<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 3 chicken breasts, cut into chunks<br />

• 1 tablespoon of oil<br />

• 1 can of coconut milk<br />

• 1 cup chicken stock<br />

• a dash or 2 of fish sauce<br />

• 1 cup diced carrots<br />

• 1/2 cup chopped celery<br />

• 1 cup frozen beans<br />

• 1 1/2 tablespoons curry powder<br />

• 1 tablespoon grated ginger<br />

• 1 chilli, finely chopped<br />

Directions:<br />

1. Preheat oven to 350 F.<br />

2. For the Filling: Mix together 1 cup chopped walnuts, 3 Tablespoons organic evaporated cane<br />

sugar, 3 Tablespoons brown sugar, and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon in a large bowl and set aside.<br />

3. For the Batter: Soften Butter in your Kitchen Aid Mixer.<br />

4. Add sugar to butter and cream it on high.<br />

5. Add eggs and vanilla and continue whipping batter.<br />

6. Turn off mixer and add your flour and sour cream. Mix on low until blended. Turn off and scrape<br />

down sides of mixing bowl. Then turn on high and mix for a good minute until well beaten and<br />

fluffy.<br />

Directions:<br />

1. Saute the chicken in the oil in a medium-sized saucepan.<br />

2. When the outside of the chicken has all turned white, add in the coconut milk, fish sauce and<br />

the chicken stock and mix well.<br />

3. Add in the carrots, celery, and beans.<br />

4. Add in the ginger, chilli and curry powder.<br />

5. Cook on medium heat with the lid on for 40 minutes (stirring occasionally).<br />

6. Add in the coriander and salt to taste. Cook for a couple more minutes and serve. Enjoy!!!<br />

7. Grease a silacone bundt pan.<br />

8. Spoon the batter into the bottom of the bundt pan and smooth it around.<br />

9. Add a layer of nut filling.<br />

10. Repeat steps until you have used all your batter and filling. The top layer should be batter.<br />

11. Bake for 45-50 minutes in the oven.<br />

12. Let stand in bundt pan until cool (about 15 to 20 minutes for best results).<br />



FUNDRAISING FOR <strong>NHEG</strong><br />











WELZOO<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> RAISES FUNDS through various fundraising programs,<br />

so the more you participate, the more we earn for our student programs<br />

and services.<br />

We provide step-by-step instructions for participating in each program,<br />

especially if you have accounts with these partner websites already.<br />

please go to the following link to find out more details<br />

https://www.NewHeightsEducation.org/support-<strong>NHEG</strong>/fundraising-for-<strong>NHEG</strong>/<br />

62 <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> | MAY JULY -AUGUST JUNE 2017 2017<br />

JULY -AUGUST 2017 | <strong>NHEG</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 63

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

www.NewHeightsEducation.org<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> AFFILIATES & PARTNERS<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> couldn’t provide the support and educational needs of the children and adults without the support of our many affiliates and partners across the country.<br />

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank everyone for their support.<br />

<strong>NHEG</strong> is reliant on corporate support in many ways. Strategic partners provide cash, goods in kind and pro-bono contributions both for service provision and in support of fundraising efforts.<br />

Below you can see all the businesses and organizations that have supported <strong>NHEG</strong> and our mission to provide educational support to adults and children in Ohio.

New Heights Educational Group, Inc.<br />

14735 Power Damn Road, Defiance, Ohio 43512<br />

+1.419.786.0247<br />

NewHeightsEducation@yahoo.com<br />


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