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THE VALLEY BUSINESS JOURNAL 22 August 2017 Online Healthcare Advice Available Through Temecula Valley Hospital Do you find yourself searching online for health care advice? More and more, the average American is turning towards the web to get advice on their health. With information right at your fingertips, it can be easy to learn about different types of health care, procedures and treatment options right from the comfort of your own home! • Do you have trouble sleeping? • Are you wondering about things you can do to stay healthy as you age? • Do you need information on what is the role of an anesthesiologist? • Are you looking for ways to manage your diabetes? • Do you want detailed information on varicose veins? Temecula Valley Hospital can help. These are just a sample of the topics available online from a variety of doctors that practice right here in the Temecula Valley area. Educational health podcasts from Temecula Valley Hospital are now available for listening or to download. According to, a podcast is defined as: A digital recording of music, news or other media that can be downloaded from the internet to a portable media player. The term originated from “P.O.D.”, meaning Portable on Demand, and “cast”, relating to the term broadcast. “Podcasts are a great tool for our community to use when they want to learn more about different health topics,” said Darlene Wetton, Chief Executive Officer, Temecula Valley Hospital. “If you want to speak to any of the doctors that do the TVH podcasts, you can make an appointment right here in our region to get additional information in person.” Hear the latest health information from medical professionals at the hospital! Please visit our podcasts online at: resources/podcasts About Temecula Valley Hospital - Temecula Valley Hospital brings advanced technology, innovative programs, patient centered and family sensitive care to area residents. The hospital features 140 private patient rooms; 24 hour a day emergency care; advanced cardiac and stroke care in clinical collaboration with UCSD Health; orthopedics; and general and surgical specialties. For more information, visit connect: The Importance of Relaxation Healthy Living by Tina Monique M. Gottlieb, deGroot D.C. After owning and operating a spa for over 28 years I hear this all the time, “I just don’t have time to relax” or “I wish I had more time for myself”. In fact, some people even pride themselves in the inability to simply sit still. Busy schedules have become the norm and people can actually perceive you as lazy if your weeks are packed full like theirs. We certainly have become a culture where a hectic lifestyle is standard. Unfortunately, the frantic pursuit of happiness often leads to fatigue, disappointment, and illness. Many adults see it as irresponsible to take a day off from work simply to relax yet they would consider it responsible to take necessary medication. What some don’t realize is that relaxation IS necessary medication. It’s a prescription for health! What we also fail to realize is that “busy” does not always mean “productive. Stress causes poor memory, poor concentration, and depressed feelings. It’s no surprise that when you’re under stress, you might not always be thinking so clearly. Stress seems to actually change how we weigh risks and rewards, and can cloud our judgment when we are faced with important decisions. So, what do we do about it? We HAVE to make time to relax. This doesn’t always mean a long vacation. There are things you can do monthly and even daily to help unwind. Calming music, yoga videos, diffusing essential oils, and progressive muscle relaxation are just a few ways you can relax at home. While watching a favorite show or reading a book can be enjoyable, take time to do “nothing”. Just sitting still for a few minutes each day allows you to recognize how you feel mentally, physically, and spiritually. Another way to ensure you slow down is to get monthly massages, facials, or nail services. I’ve seen so many clients come in to the spa and breathe a sigh of relief once they stepped through the doors. It’s imperative to establish a routine of relaxing. Many of our monthly members sign up so they’re held accountable to come each month. The phone number to Murrieta Day Spa is 951-677-8111 if you have any questions regarding the membership! The decision to make sure you stay well and relax is entirely yours. So, make the decision to relax today!

August 2017 THE VALLEY BUSINESS JOURNAL 23 5 Ways to BURN CALORIES ON YOUR LUNCH BREAK You want to exercise and get in better shape, but you have a full-time job and several other responsibilities. With a jam-packed schedule and no time to exercise, you’ll just have to give up, right? Wait! While you might find it impossible to spend two hours per day at the gym, being busy does not equal a free pass to an exercise-free life! You can still exercise, burn some calories, and feel better about yourself in as little as 30 minutes per day. Try the following exercises on your lunch break, and you can burn 100 calories or more in half an hour. Vinyasa yoga. Also called “flow yoga”, this is the form of yoga in which you move smoothly and quickly from one pose (asana) to another. A quick search of YouTube on your smartphone can bring up quick, ten-minute routines (or longer, of you prefer). A short run. When you picture running for exercise, you probably think of your neighbor who gets up at 5 am every morning to run five miles. While that’s admirable, not everyone is interested in doing that. The good news is, you can take a very slow jog on your lunch break, and burn 100 calories or more in just ten minutes or so. Stash a pair of shoes in your office, and map out a one-mile route near the office. Use your body weight. You can do body-weight exercises pretty much anywhere, even in your office. Put together a routine of push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges. If you don’t have room in your office, head outside to a nearby park. You can take along a jump rope for a little cardio, too. Hike the stairs. You don’t need the Stair Master at the gym, when the real thing is right there in your office building! Take a walk through the halls, and climb as many flights of stairs as you feel comfortable. Hit the work gym. If your company has a gym, or there’s one nearby, take advantage of it on your lunch break. As we said, you don’t have to spend hours there in order to see results. Spend 15 minutes on a stationary bike or elliptical, and 15 minutes in the weight room focusing on one area of your body. Then head back to the office, feeling a little more powerful and dynamic. Steve Amante is the owner of Amante & Associates Insurance Solutions, Inc. He can be reached at 951-676-8800 - Healthy Living by presented by Tina Steve M. Amante Gottlieb, D.C. connect: Miss April’s Dance Classes through the Murrieta Parks and Recreation Department in Murrieta is now taking new registrations for morning and evening dance styles/classes. The new session begins again August 14th and 15th and run 6 weeks. For registration and information please contact 304-PARK or Classes range from ages 2-15 - styles offered include dance with poms, lyrical, ballet, tap, jazz and funk. We also offer a He Instructor program ..come join the fun! You may contact April Vidal via facebook at Miss April’s Dance or