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Paddler's Booklet


COMMANDS Boat commands are essential to getting all paddlers respond accordingly to transfer the effect to a boat. Commands or Calls may vary depending on the steersman but the underlying command is the same. And so, it is important for the steersman to clarify any calls to be used in training or race. P A D D L E S U P . . . G O Set position to A-frame and prepare to paddle forward. When GO is called, paddling commences. P A D D L E S B E H I N D . . . G O Set position with blades behind to paddle backwards. When GO is called, paddling commences. R E A C H I N G / E X T E N D Taking extra inch from the front on the catch. D R I V E Powering through and pushing down the paddle from catch to exit. B O D I E S Generate power using upper body by sitting up on each pull. The steersman has a responsibility to keep the paddlers motivated at training or during a race which means he/she maybe utter refocus calls or motivating commands. P A D D L E S F L A T Paddle blade lays down flat on the water for boat stability. H I P D R I V E / R O T A T I O N A C C E L E R A T E Faster pull phase D I G I T I N / S T O P T H E B O A T Paddle in and against the flow of the water to stop the boat. P A D D L E S O U T / L E T I T R U N Paddle out of the water to let the boat run on its own. Engaging the hips on each stroke T A K E I T H O M E / G O N O W / L A S T K I C K M O R E / P O W E R This is called to get paddlers to put extra power to the stroke Command to gear up paddlers to the finish line B A S I C C A L L S R A C E C A L L S

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