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Get the tips and tricks about; how to clean HP laser printer Drums. We have shared step by step process to clean HP laser printer drums. Hope you follow these steps and clean you printer drums carefully and use the laser printer once again smoothly. If you don’t understand any of the steps then call our tech support team at 1-888-687-4491. They assist you online in proper way.

How to Clean HP Laser Printer


1. Shut Down your laser printer’s power, or

Unplug the Power Connection

2. Put on a dust mask and protective gloves in

your hand.

3. Open the printer case and carefully lift out the

toner cartridge. Set it on the covered surface

4.Check inside of your printer to determine how

to remove the drum easily

5.Insert a flat-head screwdriver between the first

print roller and one of its locking clips

6.Lift out the imaging drum. Be careful to avoid

coming into contact with any hard edges.

7.Grasp each end of a toner cloth and pull outward

as if you’re trying to stretch it

8.Moisten a cotton ball with 99 percent pure isopropyl

alcohol, and then use it to clean off any patches of toner that

have adhered to the drum

9. Clean off the print rollers with a toner cloth or

lint-free cloth.

10. Remove spilled toner from the corners and crevices of the printer’s interior with

a soft-bristled artist’s paintbrush, and then wipe down the inner walls and floor of

the unit with a toner cloth or lint-free cloth.

11. Return the drum to the laser printer and lock it into place. If you removed the

print rollers, replace those as well, gently pushing each one into place until you

hear its clips lock into place.

12. Wipe down the toner cartridge with a toner cloth or lintfree

cloth, and then return it to the printer.

13. Close the printer and replace its paper trays

14. Fold over the newspaper to contain the toner that may have fallen off

the printer parts, and then deposit it into a plastic trash bag. Seal the trash

bag with a twist tie or by tying it closed.

15.Leave the area for at least 30 minutes to allow airborne toner particles to

settle. Don’t remove your particulate dust mask and protective gloves until

you’ve left the room.

If Any issues Call HP Customer Support -1-888-687-4491

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