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Rent Estate Insider

July 2017

Employee of Month

We’d like to congratulate Carmen Martinez for being chosen

as Employee of the Month for UNITE! Carmen not only

received several nominations, but she’s been nominated two

months in a row. Carmen Martinez is the #1 person to assist

everybody - she stays late, works overtime, she even comes

to work on Sundays! She is always willing to help and she

knows her job well. Congratulations to Carmen!

Also, nice job to those that were also nominated for the

award -- Sloane Henderson, Adrian Gallegos and Daniel

Fischer! (Notice a theme here? Phoenix is ROCKING!)

As a reminder, you can submit an August Employee of the

Month nomination to news@renterswarehouse.com.


Congrats to our very own Kevin Ortner

for being on the cover of C-Level

magazine. Check out this intriguing

article and see how Kevin is the helping

to transform Real Estate into Rent Estate!

In this issue

• Recognitions!


• Marketing Update

• Note from Kevin


• Technology Update

• Porfolio Services, Business

Development, New Markets


• New Team Members

• Work Anniversaries

• May Birthdays


• CSA Update

• Financials

• Open Job Positions


Rent Estate Insider July 2017 | PG 2

Marketing Update

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Renters Warehouse! July has

been a busy month for the marketing team. We

launched our biggest promotion ever at Renters

Warehouse on July 10th to celebrate our 10 Year

Anniversary. New clients can save up to 30% off their

property management fees and current customers

can save up to 25% off when they pre-pay contract

renewals. We’ve made a big splash in all of our

marketing channels to promote this great event.

Marketing Moments:

Did you know?

• We sent 22 unique

emails to over

15,000 subscribers.

• We posted 72

social posts.

• Launched 16 blogs

and articles.

• Kicked off over 100

new radio spots.

• We had 1,076,359

impressions in

online ads.

• 322,989 people

saw our google

and bing text ads.

Kevin’s Corner


Last month I wrote about renewing our

commitment to serving our clients - both internal

and external - and in July we took major steps in

building to the future. We rolled out our Client

Service Advisor (CSA) model with the goal of

increasing our first call resolution percentage, and

answering our clients questions in a more timely

and less cumbersome manner. Along with this roll

out we launched new phone technology that

allows us to finally capture and track phone call

stats. We learned a lot in the first three weeks of

this roll out. We finally have data around our

inbound call volume, average call handle time,

abandon rates, and call back percentages.

Over the past several months you have heard me

talk about this coming change, and my

commitment to allocate the resources needed to

make us all successful. With that in mind, and

within weeks of launching our new CSA call model,

we reallocated funds to allow us to hire 15

additional CSA’s immediately. HR and the entire

operations team did an amazing job of filling 11 of

15 positions within nearly one week, on the back of

a career fair and online recruiting. Many of these

new team members are starting this week or next!

Please join me in welcoming all of our new team

members over the coming weeks, and allow me

to thank everyone for their hard work and

dedication as we make transformative changes to

our business. As we continue to evolve and

collect more intelligence on how we are serving

our clients, know that we will continue to invest

the resources needed to keep us on the forefront

of this growing and exciting industry.


- Kevin


Rent Estate Insider July 2017 | PG 3

Technology Update

Salesforce Sales Cloud was rolled out to all corporate markets

as of mid-February. Since then, RW IT has been building out

additional enhancements, ensuring user adoption, creating

market leader dashboards, as well as adding integrations.

We've continued working to make the system better and more

efficient, and will continue to do so moving forward.

Some of the key enhancements we've completed are:

• Integrated with Blitz to enable automated sales

commission payments and tracking process.

• Integrated with RW data warehouse and became source

of truth for property addresses and owner information.

• Implemented address validation and updated the process

for adding new properties into the system. Now, all new

opportunities are only allowed into the system if they

have validated addresses.

• Set up the system to manage the new renewals process in

which Advisors are managing renewals. This included

automated emails, automated opportunity creation, and

reporting to help track renewal success rates.

• Implemented MapAnything for map-based territory and

lead/opportunity management.

• Built out Service Cloud to replace Zoho for maintenance

workflow. Coding and configuration are complete, SMS

and data warehouse integration to be completed by 9/1.

• Migrated the Portfolio Services team from SalesforceIQ to

Salesforce so that all sales-focused users can collaborate

and so that we can effortlessly pass deals between the

PSD and Retail sales teams.

RW IT has also been hard at work creating ongoing development &

release cadences, and internal resource training. These efforts will

allow us to minimize the need to utilize external partners for

development and administration, and provide more business

visibility and oversight into the enhancement and bug fixing backlog.

The next big changes will be the completion of the Service

Cloud integration in Q3, and the first iterations of the Marketing

Cloud integrations, also in Q3.


Portfolio Services,

Business Development

and New Markets

In July, we welcomed over 550

doors from 5 different Portfolio

Services clients / referral

partnerships. These Emily doors Leoni were

spread across 5 states Nick and Gordon included

our first doors under Eugene management Davis

in the North Jersey Todd market. Wermager

One of our new clients, Joe Brantner Gorelick

Brothers Capital, gave Enydia us 169 Wayt units

to manage in the Twin Kevin Cities Ortner as

their prior manager Adrian was not Gallegos

performing to a high enough

standard. This represented a big

win for RW as the opportunity was

bid out to multiple managers and

could lead to additional business

over time in other markets as

Gorelick owns over 2,500 units

across ~15 markets. Jon Ortner,

Ali Gordon, and Amanda Stinar are

leading the Gorelick account.

On the acquisitions front, Noel

Christopher and Shawn Helin

continue to work on our

Indianapolis acquisition which we

anticipate closing at the end of

August or September and hope to

line up several more towards the

end of the year.

Big thanks to the Portfolio

Services, Business Development

and Integrations teams for their

work in securing all of this


Rent Estate Insider July 2017 | PG 4

Welcome New

Team Members

Edward Chacon - Maintenance Technician, New Jersey

Shawn Brokhausen - Rent Collector, Kansas City

Sharon Ducas - Property Manager, Dallas

Ayman Ibrahim - Property Inspector, Chicago

Rosemarie Marotta - Property Manager, New Jersey

Abdi Osman - IT Support Specialist, Eden Prairie

Audrey Williams - Field Operations Manager, St. Louis

Selenn Bennett - Client Service Advisor, Eden Prairie

Al Norman - Sales Director, Birmingham

Taos Poole - Property Manager, Denver

Tina Johnson - Client Service Advisor, Eden Prairie

Meg Ariail - Transaction Coordinator, Eden Prairie

Phil Matheis - Client Service Advisor, Eden Prairie

Branden Nation - Property Inspector, Eden Prairie

Michael Phillips - Property Inspector, Eden Prairie

Laura Sames - Client Service Advisor, Eden Prairie

Lamar Collins - Client Service Advisor, Eden Prairie

Mark Hanson - Sales Director, Eden Prairie

Fardowza Hilowle - Client Service Advisor, Eden Prairie

Emmett Lynch - Sales Director, Eden Prairie

James Nielsen - Sales Director, Kansas City

Cydney Wallace - Client Service Advisor, Eden Prairie

Colleen Welander - Client Service Advisor, Eden Prairie

Work Anniversaries

1 Year:

Todd Wermager

Rachel Peterson

Lisa Desmond

Melissa Lamkin

Dee Sutton

Nicole Preste

Andy Hynds

2 Year:

Jesse Oxford

Carmen Martinez

Amanda Stinar

Shannon Ross

Charles Wyatt

Corey Brinkman

Jackie Theisen

Alex Hibma

Mitch Carlson

Dan Olson

July Birthdays

Emily Leoni

Nick Gordon

Eugene Davis

Todd Wermager

Joe Brantner

Enydia Wayt

Kevin Ortner

Adrian Gallegos


Rent Estate Insider July 2017 | PG 5

CSA Update

As Kevin said, we are thrilled that we rolled out components of

our new CSA model! Specifically, we added a new toll free

number (1-844-RW-FIXIT), we have all calls routed to more

agents and have re-trained our current team on all property

management topics. However, with all changes, we have

learned a lot and have a lot yet to fix!

In reality, we have over 22,000 calls coming in each month -

22,000!! We quickly realized that we didn’t have enough CSAs

in general and have been hiring and training LOTS of new team

members. It will take time for us to onboard and train them all,

but we are excited to have this in progress.

Some of you are getting tons of client feedback, we are

receiving lots of 1-star reviews and lots of escalated calls. We

know the situation is critical and we are feverishly working to

solve this. Thank you for your help in talking with our clients

and thank you for your patience.

Here's a huge shout-out to our Operations team for their hard

work -- you've spent extra time and energy dealing with

frustrated clients, extra time learning new tasks and extra time

training. THANK YOU!

Open Positions

Here are some of the positions

we are hiring for:

• Customer Service


• Dispositions

• Advisors in all locations!

By the Numbers

We finished May with 14,600

properties under management!

That’s an increase of about 600

properties from where we

started the month - 600

properties in one month!! Now

that’s CRUSHING IT. We also

saw another historical record in

terms of Revenue and Tenant

placements - that’s the second

record-setting month in a row.

Let’s go for the hat trick and

make it 3!

We’re currently operating in 25

markets across the country and

have 168 employees (plus a few

contractors) all striving to SERVE

our customers and make us the

#1 name in property



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