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trustee profile: Jim &

trustee profile: Jim & Jimmie Avisit from Lindsey Wilson College President William T. Luckey Jr., helped convince Jim and Jimmie of Crestwood, Ky., that the college was a good investment. Shortly after that visit from Luckey, the couple made their first gift to the college, and then less than a year later Jim Sutton joined the Lindsey Wilson Board of Trustees. The two have faithfully supported the college ever since by providing scholarship aid to deserving students. “We’ve always liked kids,” Jim Sutton said. “It’s just a matter of satisfaction of doing something worthwhile, something we believe in. We like to watch the kids grow and change.” “We also believe in the leadership of Lindsey Wilson. Everyone on down from President Luckey does a very good job of getting the most out of the resources made available to them. We’ve been impressed with how their focus is always on the students – how to help students pay for their college education or giving students a better experience at the college.” In addition to seeing young people realize their dreams through a Lindsey Wilson education, Jimmie Sutton said that another reason they enjoy providing scholarship support to the college is because the students who receive the aid are always so grateful. “I’ve noticed over the years that the students are really friendly and appreciative of what we do for them – it’s a very friendly campus,” she said. And Jim said that he’s also noticed a lot of pride in the students who have been helped by scholarships. “I don’t remember a student who wasn’t proud to receive a scholarship or grateful for the opportunity to earn a college education at Lindsey Wilson,” he said. Jim said that he and Jimmie have chosen to support the Lindsey Wilson Fund – which provides scholarship aid to students – because “it’s one of the best ways you can make a difference at the college.” SUTTON “ It’s just a matter of satisfaction of doing something worthwhile, something we believe in.” “Helping deserving students pay for a college education is a good way to make a difference at Lindsey Wilson because the aid goes directly to the students,” he said. Jim said that he and Jimmie are especially glad to support students through the Lindsey Wilson Fund because more than 60 percent of the college’s undergraduate students are the first in their families to attend college. “There’s a lot of satisfaction in being the first in your family to do that,” he said. “And there’s also the impact that will have on future generations of that family, not to mention how it will help a community by having more college graduates.” 23

trustee profile: Mark & Cindy WEAVER “ You think you’re going to go over there and adopt them, and in a sense they adopt you. You think you’re going to show them love, and they show you what love really is.” Mark and Cindy Weaver of Henderson, Ky., have a passion for shaping young people’s lives that extends around the world. For more than 20 years, the Weavers have been involved with Lindsey Wilson College. Mark has served as a trustee, and they both have provided scholarship support for students. They’ve also helped recruit students and donors to the college, as well as served as mentors to many LWC students, alumni and staff members. The Weavers recently discovered yet another way to shape young persons’ lives. More than six years ago, the Weavers became involved with orphans in the war-torn Southeastern Asian country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. The Weavers have partnered with Uncharted International, a two-decade-old non-profit organization based in Evansville, Ind., to work with orphans in Myanmar. The Weavers have made about a half-dozen trips to visit Uncharted International-sponsored orphanages in Myanmar, which until recently was one of the most closed countries in the world. “We’d been looking for something that was real and reached out to people, and this was unlike anything we had done before here,” Cindy said. The Weavers visit one of Uncharted International’s orphanages for one to two weeks at a time, where they interact with the children, serve as spiritual mentors and instruct them in the Bible. Uncharted International serves more than 600 Burmese children at its 11 orphanages. “We had been to a lot of foreign countries and experienced a lot of poverty, intense poverty,” Mark said. “But we had never been immersed in a culture like that.” Becoming immersed in another culture has taught the Weavers a lot of lessons, especially the power of relationships. “You think you’re going to go over there and adopt them, and in a sense they adopt you,” Mark said. “You think you’re going to show them love, and they show you what love really is. You think you’re going to have trouble communicating, but in so many ways you really don’t. … It’s smelling salts for the soul – it really awakened me to life.” And Cindy said the relationships that orphans forge with their American visitors provide them something that money cannot buy. “The kids can’t get from money what relationships can do for them,” she said. “The kids need the relationships because it helps them grow and develop in so many important ways. Because they don’t have all of this ‘stuff,’ it’s all about relationships.” And Mark says the trips have reminded him how the material world can often cloud the spiritual world. “It’s amazing how materialism can truly encumber your faith in terms of truly depending on God,” he said. “I saw more faith, more healing and more acts of love there than I have here. … It seems as though God has more of a free hand to move there.” 24

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