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Winning and Lindsey

Winning and Lindsey Wilson College are synonymous. 2 The first place you see it is in athletics, where LWC is the most decorated small-college athletics program in Kentucky. In June, Blue Raider athletics became one the nation’s elite intercollegiate programs when we were crowned as the top program in the NAIA and awarded the National Association of Collegiate Directors Learfield Directors’ Cup. Anyone familiar with this college knows we make a habit of winning on and off the field. For example, our faculty’s outstanding work may be less visible because they don’t hand out trophies for success in that area. But academic excellence has been a cornerstone of our winning tradition since the first classes were held on Jan. 3, 1904. In this issue of the President’s Annual Report, you will read about five LWC faculty who reach above and beyond to live the Lindsey Wilson mission of serving “every student, every day.” Those include: • Alumnus Benson Sexton, an instructor of communication whose passion for students has twice led him to be named Teacher of the Year by the LWC Student Government Association. • Veteran faculty member Gerald Chafin, who has used more than two decades of teaching experience to deliver the world to hundreds of LWC students who have participated in the college’s stellar vocal music program. Nothing is more satisfying in a college community than seeing students experience a win, and the biggest win of all comes on commencement day when I get to shake the hands of our newly minted graduates. But before those two winning days at LWC, I get to see a lot of other successes as our students evolve into productive and caring citizens. Some examples: • Elementary education junior Abby Biddle, whose work with “The Campus Kitchen” initiative provides free meals to the food insecure in Columbia. • Airada Bricker, who within a 24-hour period was sworn in as a United States citizen and then was crowned LWC Homecoming queen. A big reason LWC wins is because of its thousands of loyal alumni, friends and neighbors, who are the lifeblood of what we do. As you will read on pages 23-27, LWC continues to reach new heights because of alumni and friends who are devoted supporters and cheerleaders of our mission. People such as long-time trustees Mark Weaver and Jim Sutton, who pray and work tirelessly to ensure that Lindsey Wilson maintains a high standard of excellence. And while those winning stories are impressive, they are not unusual at LWC. All across campus – in offices, behind counters, on stage, in classrooms – you can find individuals who run the race without fail and win for our students every day. They do this because our students are their first love. Elise, Nancy and Bill Two other LWC winners that come to mind are two Blue Raiders we lost in 2016 – longtime staff member Nancy Sinclair and former Chair of the Board of Trustees Robert Holloway. Few people loved this college more deeply or served it with more passion than Nancy. I have known Nancy since she came to the college in December 1987. Dr. Robert Holloway She was my executive assistant for the last five years, during which time I had the opportunity to witness firsthand her amazing level of professionalism, attention to detail and love for our students. Nancy not only knew almost every student, alumni and friend of the college, but she knew about them. She knew their family members, where they were from and what Lindsey Wilson meant to them. She personified what we mean by “active caring and Christian concern” in our mission statement. Nancy passed away on Nov. 20, and we dedicate this publication to her. On May 20, we lost our dear friend Bob Holloway, who had supported this college and its students for more than 30 years. As Bob Holloway famously said, “When you are part of Lindsey Wilson, you are part of a winning organization.” Bob’s solid leadership, wry sense of humor and dedication to our students were a source of inspiration to the many trustees, faculty and staff members who had the pleasure to work with him. Bob and Nancy will be greatly missed, but their presence is still strongly felt at the college as we look forward to many more winning seasons. – William T. Luckey Jr.

LWC Wins in the classroom. 3

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