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2016 Annual Report - Final

20142016 Annual Annual Report Report 2016 Annual Report Table of Contents Table of Contents Who We Are 3 International Who We Are Recognition 3 3 Our International Vision Recognition 3 3 Our Our Mission Vision 3 3 Our Our Board Mission of Directors 3 3 What Our We Board Do of Directors 4 3 Message What from We Do the Chairman 5 4 Message Message from from the the CEO Chairman 6 5 Auditor’s Message Report from the CEO 7 6 Financial Auditor’s Statements Report 8 7 Notes Financial to Financial Statements Statements 11 8 2017 Notes Canadian to Financial Underwater Statements Conference and Exhibition 15 11 2017 Canadian Underwater Conference and Exhibition 15 2 2 2

20142016 Annual Annual Report Report 2016 Annual Report Table Who of We Contents Are The Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) is an independent federally incorporated not-forprofit Who We body Are which operates under the authority of agreements with the Canada - Newfoundland 3 and Labrador International Offshore Recognition Petroleum Board and the Canada - Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board. 3 The Our DCBC Vision was founded in 2002 by the diving industry to replace the offshore diver certification 3 regime Our Mission of the National Energy Board and the offshore petroleum boards. The DCBC is the 3 only national Our Board body of Directors which certifies offshore and inshore occupational diving and ROV personnel 3 in Canada. International What We Do Recognition 4 DCBC Message is a founding from the Chairman member of the International Diving Regulators Forum (IDRF) and has 5 observer status Message in the from European the CEO Diving Technology Committee (EDTC). Certificates issued by the DCBC 6 are recognized Auditor’s by Australia Report (ADAS), France, Norway, South Africa, the United Kingdom (HSE) and 7 the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). Financial Statements 8 Our Notes Vision to Financial Statements 11 Our 2017 vision Canadian is of an Underwater internationally Conference recognized and Exhibition national certification scheme for the occupational 15 diving and ROV industry, guided by various stakeholders who are dedicated to the development and enhancement of the Canadian underwater industry without personal gain or profit. Our Mission Our mission is to provide a national Canadian certification scheme for occupational diving and ROV personnel, based on a single national standard of competencies, in order to enhance industry safety by demonstrating personal competency. Our Board of Directors Jonathan Chapple* Bruce Banks Dennis Barrington Cory Beaudry Marc-André Désy Garth Hiebert Shawn MacPhail John Mitchell Ian White * Chairman Aqua-Lung Canada Divers Institute of Technology Wet Work Marine BC College of Diving Expertech Marine Dominion Divers Ltd. Dominion Diving Ltd. Retired MOL Diving Inspector Closed Bell Diver/ Air DSS Past Directors Steven Hart 2001 to 2009 (First Chairman) David Squires 2001 to 2011 (Second Chairman) James H Wilson 2001 to 2010 John Scott 2002 to 2011 David W. Geddes 2002 to 2011 Ian Rodd 2004 to 2013 Steve Duffy 2007 to 2016 2 3 3

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