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Slipstream - August 2017

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Kruder’s Cars &

Kruder’s Cars & Conversations By Bill Kruder, Region Advertising Chair Photos courtesy of the Author ell, our chance meeting W happened last Thanksgiving weekend when we had an “impromptu” coffee gathering the Friday after. As usual, about 20 to 30 cars showed up, including Mike, who had just joined the club and had heard we gathered for coffee. Since then Mike has not only attended nearly every Mavs & Mocha, but has even become part of the official set-up crew, arriving early to ensure things are in place for the crowd. So here is the next in my series of “conversations” I would like to share with you . . . Mike O’Hare, member since 2016, owner 2014 Cayman S Bill Kruder: So tell me a little bit about yourself. Mike O’Hare: Let’s see, I’ve been married to Lisa for 20 years and we have two kids: Ian, 15, and Erin, 13, and we live in McKinney. BK: How did you and Lisa meet? MO: We were both working at Food Town in Toledo (Ohio) and she actually asked me out. We dated for about three years, and after that first date we have actually never spent a day apart. years and lived all over the world from Belgium and Switzerland to Venezuela and Columbia. BK: Wow that must have been hard going to school and all! MO: Looking back I guess we didn’t know any different and we always went to International schools. I will say though it was certainly different going to grammar school in Europe and high school in Venezuela and actually graduating high school back in Toledo. BK: So how about college? MO: Kind of funny after all the moving as a kid, I stayed in Toledo going to the University of Toledo. Truthfully my dad said “you can go away to school or have a car.” I choose the car (laughing), so I stayed close to home, going to school and working. BK: And what was the car? MO: A black 1979 Monte Carlo; apparently I must have loved that car. BK: I understand you were in the grocery business? MO: I was. I had a part time job with Food Town from the age of 16 and worked there for 18 years – ten in the stores and eight in the corporate offices. When I left I was a Business Development Manager. BK: So how did you end up in Dallas then? MO: That was a roundabout way as I was working for PepsiCo and they had moved us to Chicago in 2007. Then in 2012, Dr Pepper recruited me and we moved down here. BK: Ok, so let’s talk cars. How did you get interested? MO: Well my dad, I guess you would say, had interest in them. When we lived in Switzerland he always wanted a Mercedes, so he bought a 280SE from the factory in Germany and drove it home to Switzerland. BK: And where did your interest in Porsche come from? MO: It goes back to third grade. We were living in Switzerland and my friend’s dad had a ‘74 Signal Orange 911; I guess it really had a lasting impact on me. BK: So you two call Toledo home then? Mike O: Well I call Toledo, Ohio home only because it’s the one place growing up we always moved back to. BK: Moved back to? MO: My dad was a systems analyst for Owens-Illinois; they do the glass, International Division, so we moved a lot but always came back to Toledo. We moved every few 12 August Mike and Bill..... Driving Friendships BK: So what finally made you get one? MO: My brother-in-law’s brother buys and sells highend import cars and when we visited he would always show me what he had in stock and I would always marvel at the Porsches. I mean it was always a dream, but I never figured I would be the guy to own one, and certainly not at this time in my life, married with two kids.

Mike and his 2014 Cayman S BK: And . . . MO: Well, after one of those visits, I really caught the bug to get one, so I started looking. I did about five or six months of research searching for the right car; I think three months of that was convincing Lisa we needed one (laughing). Like anyone needs one. BK: So you convinced her I see, and where did you find it? MO: I did. We found it with the help of my brother-inlaw and bought it from a private owner last October; it’s a 2014 981, Platinum Silver Metallic over Black. BK: Now I must bring up May at Mayo’s. You are the bravest parking volunteer and you lived to talk about it. MO: Oh yes (smiling)! I know what you’re talking about. We were parking the cars, and in comes this non-Porsche. We wanted to keep the spaces to Porsches only, so I take off trotting to tell this guy to kindly move his car to the adjacent lot. We talk for a second, and he moves his car, and I come walking back and the guys are laughing. As I join them they shake my hand and say, “You just told Al Zim to move his car.” I didn’t know who he was, so the guys tell me he’s one of the air cooled “gods.” Well, as he comes walking thru the lot, I go over and thank him for moving and apologize. He couldn’t have been nicer and totally understood. So there you have it, if we had not had that “impromptu” coffee gathering, we might have never met and had the chance to drive friendships. 13

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