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Slipstream - August 2017

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Sprockets: Maverick

Sprockets: Maverick Region “Non-Workers” By David Robertson, Region President t Maverick events, we don’t always talk about A cars. Other things are certainly happening in people’s lives, and as I mention in almost every one of my columns, I enjoy getting to know the members in our club. The Mavericks I meet have a very diverse set of backgrounds and have ended up here in the DFW area from all over the world. They are passionate about their cars but also very passionate about their families, work, and community! Many of the Mavs I have met over the years have given themselves the title of “non-workers.” These are the many retired members that you see posting pictures on our social media, meeting with each other in the middle of the day, where, among many other activities, they are likely to be smoking cigars and discussing the cleverest custom license plates they can conjure up. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for these members, but while I am at work living vicariously through their postings, which also include descriptions of month-long road trips to visit various race tracks or famous stretches of road, I am sitting at a desk in my office. I suppose if I spent more time working and less time looking at posts of the “non-workers”’ exploits during the day, I might be able to retire just a bit earlier and join them! I enjoy my work and look forward to what the day will bring, but admittedly I would also like to meet other Maverick members on a whim some mid-morning during the week to throw in my opinion concerning the most genius combination of letters and numbers over donuts. The term we are discussing here is misleading in that these retired members tend to work just as hard now on their passions in life as they did in pre-retirement. Many of these Mavs also dedicate a great number of hours volunteering their time to the club. I just hope that, in my retirement days, I can be as active and passionate about the things in life that matter to me as are our members that affectionately refer to themselves as “non-workers”. One of our “non-workers,” Many of these Mavs also dedicate a great number of hours volunteering their time to the club Jim Hirsch, has done an amazing job as Editor of Slipstream, putting together the publication you are reading now over the past few years. There is no reason for me to even list Jim’s contributions to the Maverick Region as they are very evident just by flipping through a Slipstream or attending one of our events that he is involved in. SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor 1235 William D. Tate Ave Grapevine, TX 76051 817-329-6995 Jim has decided at this point that he would like to contribute to the club in other areas and would like to turn over the reins of Slipstream to someone else. This would not be an overnight process, and Jim is very willing to work with the new Editor closely over a few months to train and ensure a seamless transition. Please contact Jim at if you are interested in the position. It is our volunteers that make the Mavericks the best PCA region in the country! MAV OF THE MONTH: Andrew Barber Our Mav of the Month is one of the many relatively recent members of our Region who contribute actively to the benefit of our entire membership. Andrew Barber made the switch from the BMW M series world to our Porsche models in late 2015 with the acquisition of a Cayman GT4. Since joining our club, Andrew has participated in dozens of Region events and has graciously taken thousands of photos for your enjoyment in Slipstream and in our online sites. Thank you, Andrew, and we appreciate your willingness to share your keen photographic eye with us! 2 August

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