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Master Cooks Corps (2)

Master Cooks Corps

have to take matters into our own hands, not only by advocating for a We diet for everyone - and that's the hard part - but by improving our own. better that happens to be quite easy. Less meat, less junk, more plants. It's a And formula - eat food. Eat real food. We can continue to enjoy our food, simple we continue to eat well, and we can eat even better. We can continue and search for the ingredients we love, and we can continue to spin yarns the our favorite meals. We'll reduce not only calories but our carbon about We can make food more important, not less, and save ourselves by footprint. MASTER COOKS CORPS Community - Based Culinary Eduction A Intervention A SOLUTION TO INCREASE LEADERSHIP IN COOKING, NUTRITION, & WELLNESS EDUCATION! doing so. We have to choose that path.” – Mark Bittman

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