SACOME Annual Report 2007-08

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President’s <strong>Report</strong><br />

Chief Executive<br />

Behind the Scenes<br />

Infrastructure<br />

Industry Development<br />

Financials<br />

<strong>Report</strong> of the Council Members<br />

Statement by Council Members<br />

Income Statement<br />

Statement of Changes in Equity<br />

Balance Sheet<br />

Cash Flow Statement<br />

Discussion and Analysis<br />

Notes to the Financial Statements<br />

Independent Auditor’s <strong>Report</strong><br />

Skills and Education<br />

Indigenous Relations<br />

Industry Promotion<br />

United Industry<br />

Members<br />

Sponsorship<br />

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5<br />

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President’s <strong>Report</strong><br />

The outstanding momentum<br />

that the South Australian mineral<br />

resources industry achieved last<br />

financial year continued into <strong>2007</strong> - <strong>08</strong>.<br />

Mineral exploration in the state totalled<br />

$355.2 million for the year under<br />

review representing 14.4 per cent of<br />

the national spend - a huge increase<br />

over our 5.3 per cent share in 2003/04<br />

and well above our per capita share<br />

with only 7 per cent of the nation<br />

people living in South Australia.<br />

As I have said before, this outstanding<br />

achievement is the direct result of<br />

the South Australian Government’s<br />

plan for accelerating exploration<br />

(PACE) launched in 2004. Importantly,<br />

exploration has been successful and<br />

has resulted in significant new mineral<br />

resource discoveries and justification<br />

for mine expansions. Thirty new<br />

mine developments and major mine<br />

expansions are in the pipeline. The<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> infrastructure study combined<br />

with updated figures obtained by<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> indicate that these projects<br />

represent a further $25 billion in private<br />

infrastructure investment in South<br />

Australia in the years to come.<br />

If mineral exploration expenditure<br />

levels remain high, we can reasonably<br />

expect many more economic mineral<br />

discoveries by 2020.<br />

I believe that for the first time, South<br />

Australia is on the cusp of realising<br />

our rich mineral endowment. The<br />

resources sector is expected to become<br />

the most important industry to the State<br />

of South Australia underpinning years<br />

of expansion, bringing many years of<br />

prosperity and opportunity for regional<br />

communities, indigenous people<br />

and all South Australians.<br />

This success has to date translated<br />

into export earnings for South Australia<br />

from the mineral resources sector<br />

(including petroleum) that is now<br />

outstripping all other sectors. Minerals<br />

exports accounted for 26 per cent of the<br />

States exports with Petroleum a further<br />

3 per cent. Combined, our industry<br />

contributed exports of over $2.6bn and<br />

overtook the exports of the wine industry<br />

for the first time and even outstripped<br />

agriculture and food to be the number<br />

one exporting industry for the first time.<br />

Exports, of course, are not the<br />

whole picture with South Australia<br />

using much of its own coal and gas<br />

resources for energy use, as well as<br />

steel in the construction sector, and lead<br />

and zinc products in other applications.<br />

In addition, our industry also supplies<br />

its products to other states, overall<br />

increasing the importance of South<br />

Australia to the whole nation.<br />

All this activity has also seen many<br />

service providers to the industry<br />

increase their presence in SA and for<br />

the first time, many companies have<br />

opened an office in SA rather than<br />

simply servicing the needs of mining<br />

from elsewhere. These companies are<br />

also vital to the success of mining and<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> has worked with the State<br />

Government to assist these companies<br />

expand their capacities and also to<br />

attract new service providers,<br />

particularly where there are gaps.<br />

One of the ways we have done this is<br />

to participate with the Government in<br />

overseas missions to Chile and Canada<br />

throughout the year.<br />

The Chamber tackled many issues<br />

during the year a number of which<br />

were handled and assessed by our<br />

specialist committees. I must thank<br />

those committees and their chairs for<br />

their outstanding work, without which<br />

we would be much less effective.<br />

Finally, I must express my very sincere<br />

appreciation to our small staff for their<br />

outstanding efforts during another<br />

hectic year under the very capable<br />

leadership of Jason Kuchel.<br />

John Roberts<br />

President<br />

<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT

Chief Executive’s <strong>Report</strong><br />

The past financial year has been<br />

extremely positive for both the industry<br />

and the South Australian Chamber<br />

of Mines and Energy. Our financial<br />

position is the strongest in the history<br />

of the organisation. Every single<br />

financial indicator has improved and<br />

our retained earnings have increased<br />

from $82,217 to $371,526. This is a<br />

reassuring position and in particular, it<br />

means that we have the resources to<br />

run a significant campaign or to fund<br />

a substantial piece of work if required<br />

by industry. All in all, a strong financial<br />

position means better representation<br />

of our industry to Government and the<br />

community at large.<br />

By the end of the financial year,<br />

we have reached a milestone of<br />

almost 300 members, an increase<br />

of just over 100 members since the<br />

end of the previous financial year.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> represents virtually every<br />

exploration, mining, petroleum and<br />

geothermal company with interests<br />

in South Australia, making us a truly<br />

representative body. This means that,<br />

more than any other industry body, we<br />

can go hand on heart to Government<br />

and say that we fully represent the<br />

interests of the resources industry.<br />

The industry has also reached<br />

milestones with exploration expenditure<br />

reaching an annualised figure of over<br />

$300 million compared with historical<br />

averages around the $30 million mark.<br />

The number of mines in production,<br />

under construction or approved has<br />

reached double digits compared with<br />

only four a few short years ago. These<br />

numbers, combined with 30 projects in<br />

the pipeline, ensure that we are still on<br />

our way to reaching 23 mines by 2015<br />

and 40 mines by 2020.<br />

With the resources industry expanding<br />

rapidly, the <strong>SACOME</strong> Council identified<br />

the need to be strategic about the<br />

issues for industry and the way in<br />

which we assist and represent industry.<br />

Accordingly, the <strong>SACOME</strong> Council, with<br />

member input, has spent the year<br />

drafting a Resources Industry Strategic<br />

Plan. Key performance indicators were<br />

being finalised in June with a view to<br />

consultation with members during<br />

20<strong>08</strong>-09. As part of this Strategic<br />

plan and in recognition of the export<br />

performance potential of the industry,<br />

the <strong>SACOME</strong> Council adopted a vision<br />

for the Resources Industry that;<br />

“The minerals and energy industries<br />

will contribute 50 per cent of South<br />

Australian exports by 2015”.<br />

We began 20<strong>08</strong> in new premises at<br />

Fullarton. The move has reinvigorated<br />

the team, provides a convenient meeting<br />

place for our members, affords us<br />

greater opportunities to host seminars<br />

for our members and presents a<br />

more professional face to Government<br />

and our own industry. We welcomed<br />

three new staff members this year;<br />

Jonathon Forbes, Anne Walker and<br />

Aleisha Sullivan. In May, the <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

Council approved a new organisational<br />

structure for 20<strong>08</strong>-09, which will see<br />

new staff employed in the areas of<br />

skills and education, environment and<br />

sustainability and member services.<br />

Our staff have been very focussed on<br />

improving every aspect of member<br />

representation and benefits. We have<br />

an excited, pro-active team working<br />

together to ensure we maximise the<br />

bang for your member dollar. I invite<br />

you to talk more with any of our staff<br />

so that we can understand how to<br />

better serve you.<br />

Lastly I would like to take this<br />

opportunity to thank the <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

staff for their tireless efforts this year.<br />

I know I speak for our whole team when<br />

I say that we look forward to many more<br />

achievements and a much higher profile<br />

for next year as we step up to a whole<br />

new level of activity, particularly in the<br />

areas of member services, industry<br />

profile, community engagement,<br />

environment and sustainability,<br />

and skills and education.<br />

I encourage you to take the time to read<br />

this annual report to get a snapshot of<br />

our activities over the <strong>2007</strong>-<strong>08</strong> year. We<br />

have achieved a lot this year and much<br />

of our efforts will be built upon in the<br />

years to come, so we are excited about<br />

the future and the ever increasing role<br />

we will play in South Australia reaching<br />

it mining potential.<br />

Jason Kuchel<br />

Chief Executive<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT

Behind the scenes<br />

Working for members<br />

Jason Kuchel, Chief Executive<br />

Bev Janssan, Director Member Services<br />

Jonathon Forbes, Director Industry Development<br />

Anne Walker, Director Industry Marketing<br />

Stephanie Walker, Director Indigenous Relations<br />

Aleisha Sullivan, Administrative Officer<br />

Debbie Boyd, Membership Officer<br />

Margaret Donaldson, PA & Finance Officer<br />

Nikki Borchardt, Administrative Officer<br />

The South Australian Chamber<br />

of Mines and Energy Council<br />

MR JOHN<br />




New appointments<br />

Two key positions were created by<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> in <strong>2007</strong> to strengthen the<br />

organisation’s ability to represent<br />

its members’ interests:<br />

Mr Jonathon Forbes was appointed<br />

Director Industry Development<br />

with a mandate to provide programs<br />

and projects to assist industry in its<br />

development, taking a pro-active<br />

approach. Johnathon works with<br />

government and other stakeholders<br />

to ensure the resources industry<br />

is well placed to take advantage<br />

of opportunities and overcome the<br />

constraints of a growing sector.<br />

Ms Anne Walker was appointed Director<br />

of Industry Marketing in recognition<br />

of the need to better promote the<br />

resources industry to the South<br />

Australian Community, particularly<br />

in light of the community backlash<br />

beginning in Western Australia,<br />

a state heavily reliant on mining.<br />

Anne communicates with a range of<br />

stakeholders to enhance understanding<br />

of the industry and the role of <strong>SACOME</strong>.<br />

Exploration Committee<br />

The Exploration Committee comprises<br />

of mainly industry members and is<br />

ably chaired by Kevin Wills from Flinders<br />

Mines. The committee has discussed<br />

issues as diverse as land access,<br />

flow-through share schemes, heritage<br />

clearances, research and development<br />

and the Mining Act Amendments, to<br />

name just a few. The committee has<br />

been instrumental in policy setting<br />

and providing direction on behalf<br />

of the members.<br />

Occupational health<br />

& safety Committee<br />

The OH&S Committee was<br />

reconvened to identify and address<br />

issues and share information. Issues<br />

that have been dealt with include<br />

OH&S training facilities for South<br />

Australia, Protection from Incrimination,<br />

Review of the Occupational Health,<br />

Safety and Welfare Regulations 1995,<br />

Alcohol Management and Generic<br />

Safety Inductions.<br />

The committee, chaired by Andy<br />

Simmons from BHP Billiton has also<br />

kept close ties with the Mining and<br />

Quarrying Occupational Health & Safety<br />

Committee (MAQOSHC) with a <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

OH&S Committee member, Kevin<br />

Husler, representing members’<br />

interests on MAQOSHC.<br />

MR DEREK<br />

CARTER<br />

MR TINO<br />




MR HANS<br />


MR DEAN<br />


MR ROGER<br />


MR MARK<br />


MR JIM<br />

WHITE<br />

<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT

New premises<br />

The growth of the resources sector and a corresponding<br />

growth within the South Australian Chamber of Mines<br />

and Energy meant the organisation outgrew its previous<br />

site. <strong>SACOME</strong> began 20<strong>08</strong> in new, larger premises on Glen<br />

Osmond Road Fullarton. Mines and Energy House is a larger,<br />

contemporary style office that symbolises a new stage for<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> and its increasing role in serving the resources<br />

industry. The refurbished office accommodates the growing<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> team and allows <strong>SACOME</strong> to host an increasing<br />

number and variety of events for its members. The finishing<br />

touch to the offices is an art exhibition of industrial landscapes<br />

by South Australian artist, Robert Habel. The Minister for<br />

Mineral Resources Development, the Honourable Paul<br />

Holloway officially opened Mines and Energy House at a<br />

special event for members, government representatives<br />

and industry leaders.<br />

Initially, known as the Chamber of Mines, the organisation<br />

was based within the offices of the Chamber of Commerce.<br />

The small office comprised a team of just two staff. There<br />

has been a steady growth since that time, with the Chamber<br />

of Mines adding Energy to its portfolio - and then during the<br />

following years, including service providers to the mining<br />

and energy sectors.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT

Infrastructure<br />

The <strong>SACOME</strong> Infrastructure Study was launched on 28 March by Minister for Energy,<br />

Pat Conlon. Commissioned by <strong>SACOME</strong>, the study was conducted by Ron Ely (Connell<br />

Wagner), Professor Dick Blandy (Uni of SA) and Scott Mackay (SCM Advisory Service).<br />

Key findings<br />

Recommendations include<br />

Among the key findings of the<br />

infrastructure study are;<br />

• Competition from other sectors<br />

for inputs, especially skilled people.<br />

• Critical importance of BHP Billiton’s<br />

needs to the SA economy and<br />

future mining development<br />

• Scale, timing and composition<br />

of whole-of-sector future needs<br />

is uncertain.<br />

• Effective coordination must<br />

occur at all levels of government<br />

and between resource and<br />

infrastructure companies<br />

• South Australia urgently requires<br />

a strategic master plan for mining<br />

supply chains and infrastructure<br />

• ‘First in, best dressed’<br />

infrastructure locks out smaller,<br />

start-up mining opportunities<br />

• Critical nation building, base<br />

infrastructure needs to be scoped<br />

and developed<br />

• Mining infrastructure and skills<br />

gaps could ‘choke off’ many South<br />

Australian mining opportunities<br />

• South Australia could<br />

potentially miss the opportunity<br />

to ‘step change’ the South<br />

Australian economy.<br />

• Facilitate improved coordination<br />

and processes<br />

• Facilitate development of<br />

shared infrastructure<br />

• Provide investor certainty and<br />

facilitate assistance<br />

• Implement migration, off-shoring<br />

and investor strategies<br />

• Greater government and industry<br />

participation to focus and improve<br />

investor certaintyv<br />

• Clear pathways, leverage off<br />

meeting BHP Billiton’s requirements<br />

• Set effective infrastructure<br />

finance framework<br />

The State government formed the<br />

Resources and Energy Sectors<br />

Infrastructure Council (RESIC) late in<br />

<strong>2007</strong> in response to the preliminary<br />

findings and recommendations of the<br />

study. <strong>SACOME</strong> has two representatives<br />

on RESIC (The Chief Executive and<br />

President) and expects to have an<br />

influence on the timely provision of<br />

critical infrastructure for the resources<br />

and energy sector of South Australia.<br />

Image couresy of Fyfe<br />

<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT

industry development<br />

Assisting mining and<br />

energy companies to be safe,<br />

enduring and prosperous<br />

Code of Conduct for<br />

Landholders and Mineral &<br />

Energy Explorers in South<br />

Australia: A framework for<br />

access to rural land<br />

On the recommendation of the<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> Exploration Committee in<br />

October <strong>2007</strong>, <strong>SACOME</strong> and the SA<br />

Farmers Federation (SAFF) developed<br />

a framework for access to rural land.<br />

The code of conduct is designed<br />

to foster good relations between<br />

landholders and mineral explorers<br />

regarding access to rural land for<br />

mineral exploration. This is based on<br />

the understanding and sensitivity of<br />

explorers that they are “guests” on<br />

land, whether private or leasehold, and<br />

appreciation by farmers of the needs<br />

and rights of mineral explorers.<br />

The code of conduct was completed by<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> and endorsed by SAFF in June<br />

20<strong>08</strong>. The code of conduct:<br />

• recognises the rights and concerns of<br />

both explorers and private landholders<br />

• presents a clear outline for dialogue<br />

and negotiation of access and (if<br />

necessary) compensation for<br />

temporary disturbance.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> acknowledges the SA<br />

Farmers Federation and the staff<br />

of Primary Industry and Resources SA<br />

Minerals and Energy Resources<br />

division for their contribution to this<br />

valuable resource.<br />

Flow through Share Scheme<br />

The new labor Federal Government’s<br />

policy is to promote investment in<br />

resource exploration through the<br />

introduction of a flow through share<br />

scheme as outlined in their ‘Election 07’<br />

Policy Document. At the February 20<strong>08</strong><br />

meeting of the <strong>SACOME</strong> Exploration<br />

Committee meeting, it was decided<br />

to pursue the goal of introducing<br />

a flow through share scheme into<br />

Australia and that the Director, Industry<br />

Development, Jonathon Forbes should<br />

work with Alice McLeary, (<strong>SACOME</strong><br />

Exploration Committee member)<br />

who has experience in this area.<br />

Ms McCleary developed a model for<br />

discussion based on the premise that<br />

past models have been attempts to<br />

bolt the Canadian concession onto<br />

the Australian tax system and was<br />

unnecessarily complex.<br />

The model proposed has been developed<br />

based on existing Australian taxation<br />

concepts and is designed as a simple<br />

mechanism that will minimise:<br />

• administrative costs for companies,<br />

regulators and investors<br />

• distortions between shareholders<br />

• tax compliance costs, and<br />

• distortions for investment decisions<br />

by companies.<br />

The model has been distributed to the<br />

Minerals Exploration Advisory Group<br />

(MEAG), a <strong>SACOME</strong> led working group,<br />

the Minerals Council of Australia,<br />

Association of Mining and Exploration<br />

Companies (WA) and the Department<br />

of Resources, Energy & Tourism (DRET)<br />

(the lead Federal Government agency<br />

on this matter). <strong>SACOME</strong> will be actively<br />

pursuing the goal of having the Federal<br />

Government introduce a flow through<br />

share scheme in 2009.<br />

Land Access<br />

Mining and Defence seek<br />

co-existence on WPA<br />

The Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA)<br />

occupies some 13 per cent of the total<br />

area of SA within the mineral-rich<br />

northern Gawler Craton and includes<br />

significant projects such as the<br />

Challenger Gold Mine and Prominent<br />

Hill Copper-Gold Mine. It is highly<br />

prospective, with emerging mineral<br />

projects such as iron ore prospects at<br />

Peculiar Knob, Hawkes Nest and Cairn<br />

Hill and the entire WPA is effectively<br />

covered in mineral, petroleum and<br />

geothermal tenements and applications.<br />

In <strong>2007</strong>, <strong>SACOME</strong> was successful<br />

in negotiating with the Director,<br />

Woomera Test Facility, the reduction<br />

in Public Liability provisions in the<br />

Deed of Access (Exploration) from $50m<br />

to $20m. This represents a saving of<br />

approximately $3,000 to $4,000 annually<br />

for any company entering into a Deed of<br />

Access to the WPA. The provision is to<br />

be reviewed on an annual basis.<br />

There have been ongoing issues relating<br />

to access to the Woomera Prohibited<br />

Area (WPA) by mineral explorers which<br />

has been exacerbated in recent times as<br />

the two major industries of mining and<br />

defence ramp up activities in the WPA.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> has, and continues, to<br />

facilitate processes to ensure that<br />

the stated aim by both mining and<br />

defence of co-existence is one that is<br />

fair and reasonable to the resource<br />

and energy sectors. The <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

Exploration Committee has been active<br />

in this process, inviting Dr Doug Gerrie,<br />

Director, Woomera Test Facility to<br />

address the Committee at its February<br />

20<strong>08</strong> meeting.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT

industry development<br />

As a result of this meeting, the<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> Exploration Committee<br />

formed a working party to work<br />

through the issues of access to<br />

WPA, which met for the first time in<br />

May 20<strong>08</strong>. The participants included<br />

representatives from the Department<br />

of Defence (Woomera Test Facility),<br />

Primary Industries and Resources SA<br />

(Minerals Energy & Resources), Defence<br />

SA, Department of Premier & Cabinet<br />

and <strong>SACOME</strong>. The meeting had positive<br />

outcomes and a way forward was<br />

outlined. <strong>SACOME</strong> is hopeful that the<br />

Working Group will continue to meet<br />

regularly and work through the<br />

ongoing issues.<br />

Environment and sustainability<br />

Significant Environmental<br />

Benefits (SEBs)<br />

As the majority of mining, petroleum,<br />

geothermal and exploration activities<br />

involve some degree of clearance of<br />

native vegetation, operators need to<br />

familiarise themselves with how best to<br />

meet the legislative requirement within<br />

a management plan, so that the Native<br />

Vegetation Council has confidence<br />

the plan will result in a significant<br />

environmental benefit (SEB) and<br />

grant clearance.<br />

In May 20<strong>08</strong>, <strong>SACOME</strong> organised a<br />

workshop on SEB’s to hear how the<br />

Native Vegetation Council works, how<br />

best to maximise value in their SEB<br />

obligations and examine options on<br />

how to meet SEB requirements,<br />

from both Government and industry<br />

perspectives. Close to forty participants<br />

attended the workshop held at Primary<br />

Industries and Resources SA to hear<br />

guest speakers from the Nature<br />

Foundation, PIRSA, Native Vegetation<br />

Council and OneSteel.<br />

10 <strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT<br />

Minerals Exploration<br />

Advisory Group (MEAG).<br />

In <strong>2007</strong>, the Ministerial Council on<br />

Minerals and Petroleum Resources<br />

(MCMPR) agreed to establish a group<br />

to advise Ministers on key strategic<br />

issues relating to a sustainable<br />

minerals exploration industry.<br />

The Minerals Exploration Advisory Group<br />

(MEAG) was formed in mid <strong>2007</strong> with the<br />

following Terms of Reference:<br />

“The MEAG will advise the MCMPR on<br />

strategic issues impacting on mineral<br />

exploration and discovery of mineral<br />

deposits in Australia, including:<br />

• The drivers of successful outcomes<br />

in exploration and discovery;<br />

• Contemporary global trends and<br />

their likely impact on exploration<br />

and discovery in Australia; and<br />

• Potential approaches and actions<br />

by government to attract and<br />

stimulate exploration and discovery,<br />

considering all aspects of the<br />

exploration chainfrom land access<br />

to exploration technology.”<br />

MEAG consists of 11 people with each<br />

given an area of study. Each State<br />

(plus NT) is represented by at least<br />

one group member, while there are<br />

also representatives from Geoscience<br />

Australia and CSIRO. Peak bodies (like<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong>) are not included, although<br />

almost all the Group members belong<br />

to one or other of these, for example,<br />

the chairman of MEAG is Derek Carter,<br />

a Council member of <strong>SACOME</strong>.<br />

The various Group members are<br />

expected to consult with individual<br />

Industry members in addition to the<br />

peak bodies. As a result, <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

was invited to make a submission<br />

for inclusion in the South Australian<br />

submission to go to the MEAG<br />

meeting in July 20<strong>08</strong>.<br />

Submissions<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> has made submissions on<br />

behalf of the resources industry to the<br />

following legislative reviews and/or<br />

government policy areas:<br />

• Mining Act 1971 Amendments<br />

• Migration Amendment<br />

(Sponsorship Obligations) Bill <strong>2007</strong><br />

• Prospectivity of the Cultana Training<br />

Area Expansion<br />

• Nature Conservation Legislative<br />

Review Project Reference Group<br />

• Statutes Amendment<br />

(Bulk Goods) Bill 20<strong>08</strong><br />

• The Review of SA OHS&W Regulations<br />

Images couresy of Bryan Charlton


Your Council members submit the financial report of the South Australian<br />

Chamber of Mines and Energy Inc for the financial year ended 30 June 20<strong>08</strong>.<br />

Council Members<br />

The names of the council members throughout the financial year<br />

and at the date of the report are:<br />

Mr Graham Ascough<br />

Mr Derek Carter<br />

Mr Dean Dalla Valle<br />

Mr Tino Guglielmo<br />

Mr Roger Kennett<br />

Mr George McKenzie<br />

Mr Mark Milazzo<br />

Mr John Roberts<br />

Mr Hans Umlauff<br />

Mr Jim White<br />

Principal Activities<br />

The principal activities of the Chamber during the year were to represent the<br />

minerals and energy industry in South Australia and to promote the interests<br />

of the industry within the state.<br />

Significant Changes<br />

There were no significant changes in the state of affairs of the Chamber<br />

which occurred during the financial year.<br />

Operating Results<br />

The surplus for the year amounted to $275,150 (<strong>2007</strong>: $27,756).<br />

After Balance Date Events<br />

No matter or circumstance has arisen since 30 June 20<strong>08</strong> that has<br />

significantly affected or may significantly affect:<br />

(i)<br />

(ii)<br />

(iii)<br />

the operations of the Chamber;<br />

the results of the operations; and<br />

the state of affairs of the Chamber.<br />

ii<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> FINANCIALS



During the financial year:<br />

(i)<br />

(ii)<br />

(iii)<br />

no Council member of the Chamber;<br />

no firm in which a Council member is a member; and<br />

no body corporate in which a Council member has a substantial interest,<br />

has received or become entitled to receive a benefit as a result of a contract between the Council member, firm or<br />

body corporate and the Chamber and no officer has received either directly or indirectly from the Chamber any payment<br />

or other benefit of a pecuniary value, with the exception of a Council Member, who is a partner in a legal firm which<br />

receives fees indirectly provided on behalf of the Chamber on normal commercial terms.<br />

Signed at Adelaide this 28th day of October 20<strong>08</strong>, in accordance with a resolution of Council Members.<br />

.............................................. ..............................................<br />

Council Member<br />

Council Member<br />


In the opinion of the Council members of The South Australian Chamber of Mines an Energy Inc, the summarised<br />

financial report comprising the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Changes in Equity, Cash Flow<br />

Statement and the attached notes:<br />

a) present fairly the financial position of the Chamber as at 30 June 20<strong>08</strong> and its performance for the year ended on<br />

that date in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards, mandatory professional reporting requirements and<br />

other authoritative pronouncements of the Australian Accounting Standards Board; and<br />

b) are consistent with the full financial report of the Chamber for the year ended 30 June 20<strong>08</strong>; and<br />

c) at the date of this statement, there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Chamber will be able to pay its<br />

debts as and when they fall due.<br />

Signed this 28th day of October 20<strong>08</strong> in accordance with a resolution of the Council Members.<br />

.............................................. ..............................................<br />

Council Member<br />

Council Member<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> FINANCIALS<br />



20<strong>08</strong> $ <strong>2007</strong> $<br />

Revenue 1,585,352 1,114,707<br />

Employee benefits expense (545,4<strong>08</strong>) (553,612)<br />

Depreciation and amortisation expense (27,541) (16,122)<br />

Finance Costs (3,754) (4,035)<br />

Other expenses (733,499) (513,182)<br />

Surplus from operations $275,150 $27,756<br />


Retained Earnings $<br />

Balance at 1 July 2006 54,461<br />

Surplus attributable to the Chamber 27,756<br />

Balance at 30 June <strong>2007</strong> $82,217<br />

Surplus attributable to the Chamber $275,150<br />

Balance at 30 June 20<strong>08</strong> $357,367<br />

The accompanying notes form part of these summarised financial statements.<br />

iv<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> FINANCIALS

SUMMARISED BALANCE SHEET AS AT 30 JUNE 20<strong>08</strong><br />

ASSETS 20<strong>08</strong> $ <strong>2007</strong> $<br />


Cash and cash equivalents 441,413 414,513<br />

Trade and other receivables 57,392 48,781<br />

Other current assets 1,514 1,730<br />

TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS 500,319 465,024<br />


Property, plant & equipment 176,363 46,580<br />

TOTAL NON CURRENT ASSETS 176,363 46,580<br />

TOTAL ASSETS 676,682 511,604<br />



Trade and other payables 293,984 420,746<br />

Short-term provisions 12,469 8,641<br />

TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES 306,453 429,387<br />


Long-term provisions 12,862 -<br />


TOTAL LIABILITIES 319,315 429,387<br />

NET ASSETS 357,367 $82,217<br />

EQUITY<br />

Retained earnings 357,367 82,217<br />

TOTAL EQUITY $357,367 $82,217<br />

The accompanying notes form part of these summarised financial statements<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> FINANCIALS<br />



20<strong>08</strong> $ <strong>2007</strong> $<br />

Inflows<br />

Inflows<br />

(Outflows)<br />

(Outflows)<br />

Cash flows from Operating Activities<br />

Receipts from Members and Customers 1,697,155 1,383,483<br />

Payments to Suppliers and Employees (1,493,906) (1,048,718)<br />

Interest Received 40,387 21,212<br />

Net GST Refunded by/(Paid to) ATO (55,658) (57,626)<br />

Financial Expenses and Borrowing Costs (3,754) (4,035)<br />

Net cash flows provided by Operating Activities 184,224 294,316<br />

Cash flows from Investing Activities<br />

Proceeds from Sale of Plant and Equipment and Motor Vehicles - 15,932<br />

Payments for Plant and Equipment and Motor Vehicles (157,324) (9,236)<br />

Net cash flows Provided by (used in) Investing Activities (157,324) 6,696<br />

Cash flows from Financing Activities<br />

Repayments of Borrowings - (26,194)<br />

Net Cash Flows (used in) Financing Activities - (26,194)<br />

Net increase in cash held 26,900 274,818<br />

Cash at the beginning of the year 414,513 139,695<br />

Cash at the end of the year $441,413 $414,513<br />

The accompanying notes form part of these summarised financial statements<br />

vi<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> FINANCIALS



The Chamber’s revenues from ordinary activities increased in 20<strong>08</strong> by 42.22% to $1,585,352 (<strong>2007</strong>: $1,114,707),<br />

which included Chamber function fees of $152,098 (<strong>2007</strong>: $121,522) Uranium project management of $50,000<br />

(<strong>2007</strong>: $50,000), Sponsorship of functions of $82,500 (<strong>2007</strong>:$100,518), Subscription revenue of $927,932 (<strong>2007</strong>: $623,713),<br />

Unearthing project and DEST Grant $161,121 (<strong>2007</strong> Nil), Grant funding reimbursements $125,478 (<strong>2007</strong> $140,020)<br />

and interest revenue of $40,387 (<strong>2007</strong>: $21,212).<br />

Total expenditure increased in 20<strong>08</strong> by 20.54% to $1,310,202 (<strong>2007</strong>: $1,<strong>08</strong>6,951), which included function and project<br />

expenses of $191,475 (<strong>2007</strong>: $216,530), rent expenses of $77,244 (<strong>2007</strong>: $48,814), marketing expenses of $40,392<br />

(<strong>2007</strong>: $41,398) travel expenses of $26,198 (<strong>2007</strong>: $28,314), employee benefits of $545,4<strong>08</strong> (<strong>2007</strong>: $553,612), DEST<br />

project expenses of $181,248 (<strong>2007</strong> Nil), recruitment expenses of $30,640 (<strong>2007</strong> $24,397) and depreciation expenses<br />

of $27,541 (<strong>2007</strong>: $16,122).<br />

The operating surplus from ordinary activities increased in 20<strong>08</strong> by $247,394 to $275,150;<br />

from a surplus in <strong>2007</strong> of $27,756.<br />


The Chamber’s net assets increased by 334.66% in 20<strong>08</strong> to $357,367 (<strong>2007</strong>: increased by 50.96% to $82,217).<br />

This increase of $275,150 reflects the Chamber’s operating surplus for 20<strong>08</strong>.<br />

Total assets in 20<strong>08</strong> increased by $165,078 or 32.27% to $676,682 (<strong>2007</strong>: increased by $152,421 or 42.43% to $511,604).<br />

Cash holdings increased during the period by $26,900, trade and other receivables increased by $8,611 and property,<br />

plant and equipment increased by $129,783.<br />

Total liabilities in 20<strong>08</strong> decreased by $110,072 or 25.63% to $319,315 (<strong>2007</strong>: increased by $124,665 or 40.91% to<br />

$429,387). Grants received in advance decreased by $85,726, sponsorship in advance decreased by $38,500,<br />

income received in advance decreased by $16,056, subscriptions in advance decreased by $16,520, trade payables<br />

decreased by $56,794, other creditors and accruals decreased by $37,850, HSE conference liabilities increased by<br />

$124,684 and employee benefits increased by $16,690.<br />


Net cash in flows provided by operating activities in 20<strong>08</strong> were $184,224 (<strong>2007</strong>: $294,316),<br />

which represents a decrease of $110,092 in cash provided by operating activities.<br />

During 20<strong>08</strong> receipts from members and customers increased by $313,672 and payments to suppliers and employees<br />

increased by $445,188.<br />

The net cash flows used in investing activities were $(157,324). This was represented by payments for plant, equipment<br />

and motor vehicles of $157,324 which was an increase of $148,<strong>08</strong>8 from the prior year, and proceeds from the sale of<br />

plant, equipment and motor vehicles of $Nil, which was a decrease of $15,932 from the prior year.<br />

The net cash flows used in financing activities were $Nil (<strong>2007</strong>: $26,294).<br />

These outflows represent the repayment of interest bearing liabilities in <strong>2007</strong>.<br />

The Chamber’s cash increased by $26,900 during the year to $441,413 (<strong>2007</strong> increase of $274,818).<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> FINANCIALS<br />




The summarised financial report has been prepared in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards, Australian<br />

Accounting Interpretations, other authoritative pronouncements of the Australia Accounting Standards Board and the<br />

requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act 1985.<br />

The financial report covers The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy Inc (Chamber) as an individual entity.<br />

The Chamber is an Association incorporated in South Australia under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985.<br />

The summarised financial statements and specific disclosures have been derived from the Chamber’s full financial<br />

report for the financial year. The summarised financial report does not, and cannot be expected to, provide as full an<br />

understanding of the financial performance, financial position and financing and investing activities of the Chamber<br />

and should be read in conjunction with the full financial report which includes all disclosures required by the relevant<br />

financial reporting framework.<br />

The Financial report of the Chamber as an individual entity complies with all Australian equivalents to International<br />

Financial <strong>Report</strong>ing Standards (AIFRS) in their entirety.<br />

The summarised financial report has been prepared on an accruals basis and is based on historical costs modified by<br />

the revaluation of selected non current assets and financial assets and financial liabilities for which the fair value basis<br />

of accounting has been applied.<br />

The accounting policies have been consistently applied, unless otherwise stated.<br />


The Chamber operates within the minerals and energy industry to promote and protect the interests of the industry<br />

in South Australia.<br />


Short Term Benefit $ Post Employment Benefit $ Total $<br />

20<strong>08</strong> Total Compensation 379,128 37,119 416,247<br />

<strong>2007</strong> Total Compensation 243,106 26,651 269,757<br />

viii<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> FINANCIALS



(a) Finance Lease Commitments<br />

The Association had no finance lease commitments owing as at 30 June 20<strong>08</strong>.<br />

(b) Operating Lease Commitments<br />

Non-cancellable operating leases contracted for but not capitalised in the Financial Statements:<br />

Minimum Operating Lease Payments Payable:<br />

20<strong>08</strong> $ <strong>2007</strong> $<br />

not later than 1 year 112,670 8,223<br />

later than 1 year but not later than 5 years 450,680 26,229<br />

later than 5 years 112,670 -<br />

During <strong>2007</strong>, the Chamber relocated its premises to 1/290 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton. The property lease is a<br />

non-cancellable lease with a three year term. Contingent rental provisions within the lease agreement require that the<br />

minimum lease payments shall be increased by CPI review plus 1% per annum. Under the agreement, an option exists<br />

to renew the lease at the end of the three year term, for an additional term of three years.<br />

(c) Capital Commitments<br />

The Chamber has commitments for capital expenditure, which at reporting date have not been recognised as liabilities,<br />

of $Nil (<strong>2007</strong> $Nil).<br />


The Chamber had no contingent liabilities as at 30 June 20<strong>08</strong> (<strong>2007</strong> Nil).<br />


The ability of the Council to provide services at the current level of operations is dependent upon the Association<br />

maintaining and increasing the existing membership subscription levels, sponsorship funding, grant funding and<br />

other additional sources of funding.<br />


(a) The financial report was authorised for issue on 28th October 20<strong>08</strong>.<br />

(b) There have been no significant events which have occurred subsequent to 30 June 20<strong>08</strong>.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> FINANCIALS<br />




The registered office of the Chamber is:<br />

The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy Inc.<br />

Mines and Energy House, 290 Glen Osmond Road, FULLARTON SA 5063<br />

The principal place of business is:<br />

The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy Inc<br />

Mines and Energy House, 290 Glen Osmond Road, FULLARTON SA 5063<br />


No amounts were received or are due and receivable by the Council members of The South Australian Chamber<br />

of Mines and Energy Incorporated during the year ended 30 June 20<strong>08</strong> (<strong>2007</strong> Nil).<br />

Other - Fees Paid<br />

Mr George McKenzie is a partner of a legal firm. The legal firm employs a number of practitioners who provided legal<br />

services to the Chamber. Fees paid to the legal firm for <strong>2007</strong>/<strong>08</strong> were $16,254 (2006/07: $55,011).<br />

x<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> FINANCIALS

xii<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> FINANCIALS

Skills and Education<br />

With the mining and energy sectors<br />

facing continuing pressure from the<br />

current skills shortage, the South<br />

Australian Chamber of Mines and<br />

Energy partnered with stakeholders<br />

to promote careers in the industry,<br />

and focused on educating young<br />

South Australians on the importance<br />

of studying maths and science in order<br />

to broaden their future career options.<br />

Schools program<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> continued its Education<br />

and Careers Program until the<br />

departure of the geologist Andy Becis<br />

early 20<strong>08</strong>. The program, funded by BHP<br />

Billiton, aimed to increase participation<br />

in maths and science subjects by<br />

providing students with interesting<br />

minerals related information. Twenty<br />

six secondary and primary schools<br />

across the State participated in the<br />

program during terms three and four<br />

of <strong>2007</strong>. Showing parents and teachers<br />

the types of roles available was also an<br />

important part of the program, ensuring<br />

that interested students have access to<br />

additional information to assist them<br />

with career choices.<br />

These pathways recognised and built<br />

on the skill demands in careers such<br />

as engineering, trades, laboratory<br />

operations and geosciences.<br />

Students from the Port Augusta<br />

Secondary School studying Certificate<br />

I in Manufacturing Industry (Pathways)<br />

secured full-time apprenticeships by the<br />

end of <strong>2007</strong>. Eighteen students from the<br />

Mid North Schools Education Cluster<br />

commenced their studies in July <strong>2007</strong><br />

in a modified Port Augusta program.<br />

Six of the 18 students were successful in<br />

securing either apprenticeships or entry<br />

into pre-vocational programs at the end<br />

of their six months’ study.<br />

The success of this pilot prompted a<br />

number of organisations to approach<br />

the project management team<br />

expressing interest in becoming<br />

involved. These included the Australian<br />

Drilling Industry Association and ETSA<br />

Utilities. ETSA Utilities funded the<br />

development and customisation of a<br />

complementary model, which has the<br />

potential to result in school-based<br />

apprenticeships in the near future –<br />

in addition to preparing students for<br />

full-time apprenticeship selection.<br />

Due to the success of this pilot program<br />

and unprecedented demand from<br />

teaching staff, parents and students, the<br />

pathways are likely to continue in 20<strong>08</strong>.<br />

Career pathways<br />

The program Unearthing Australia’s<br />

Potential Skilled Workforce for the<br />

Resources Industry (UAPSWRI)<br />

ended late <strong>2007</strong>. The project was a<br />

joint initiative between The Department<br />

of Education and Children’s Services<br />

(DECS) Futures Connect strategy,<br />

TAFESA, the Australian Government<br />

Department of Education, Science and<br />

Technology (DEST), <strong>SACOME</strong> and its<br />

member companies. Its aim was to<br />

pilot pathways from education and<br />

entry-level training programs to careers<br />

in the mining and resources industries.<br />

The resources developed for career pathways have been recorded on CD<br />

and distributed to all government high schools in South Australia.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT<br />


Indigenous Relations<br />

fostering partnerships<br />

between the resources<br />

industry, government and<br />

Aboriginal communities<br />

Stephanie Walker, Director Indigenous<br />

Relations has worked with stakeholders<br />

on programs and agreements on<br />

behalf of all parties. The need for<br />

successful partnerships between<br />

industry, Aboriginal communities and<br />

governments is seen as critical to<br />

successful outcomes for Aboriginal<br />

South Australians. The establishment<br />

and growth of strong partnerships will<br />

be a focus in the coming year.<br />

Indigenous land use agreements<br />

Progress with both the minerals<br />

exploration and the petroleum<br />

conjunctive Indigenous Land Use<br />

Agreements (ILUA) negotiations<br />

has been frustrated on two counts.<br />

Without a doubt the major impediment<br />

to forming agreements has been<br />

the inadequate funding from both<br />

the State and Federal governments,<br />

which triggered extensive lobbying of<br />

Ministers at all levels of government,<br />

including the new Attorney General,<br />

the Hon Robert McLelland. The lack of<br />

funding has impacted particularly on the<br />

representation of the native title parties<br />

at the table, and also on <strong>SACOME</strong>’s<br />

ability to discuss matters not directly<br />

related to the ILUAs, but associated<br />

with them. A significant change has<br />

been noticed with the change of<br />

government in Canberra – and funding<br />

not previously available is expected to<br />

flow in the new financial year.<br />

Secondly, the minerals exploration<br />

ILUAs have stalled around matters to<br />

do with the early exploration provisions<br />

in the template document. However, it is<br />

anticipated that these can be progressed<br />

in the new financial year. <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

has withdrawn from the outstanding<br />

petroleum conjunctive ILUAs pending<br />

resolution of certain matters between<br />

the State and the claimant groups.<br />

It is hoped that all of the ILUAs will be<br />

progressed in the new financial year.<br />

With effect from 30 June, 20<strong>08</strong>, the<br />

Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement<br />

(ALRM) ceases to exist. <strong>SACOME</strong> will<br />

therefore be working with its new entity,<br />

SA Native Title Services (SANTS) to<br />

progress native title matters.<br />

Indigenous education,<br />

training and employment<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> activities in this area are<br />

strongly supported through the<br />

assistance of the Commonwealth<br />

Department of Education, Employment<br />

and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). A<br />

review of actions identified during the<br />

forum of May 2006 indicate that without<br />

high level coordination and cooperation,<br />

progress in Indigenous engagement in<br />

the industry is variable. The key factors<br />

impacting on progress include;<br />

• the capacity of the Aboriginal<br />

participants<br />

• the entrenched habits of all<br />

organisations working in isolation<br />

• the need for industry employers to<br />

know all of the (at least) 26 agencies<br />

and departments which might be able<br />

to provide assistance<br />

• awareness in the resources industry<br />

that it cannot deliver by itself the<br />

range of social and other potential<br />

requirements to attain a fully fledged<br />

employee with career prospects.<br />

The reality is that no single entity or<br />

organisation working in isolation can<br />

achieve lasting outcomes with and for<br />

Aboriginal South Australians.<br />

Most of the activity in <strong>2007</strong>-<strong>08</strong> has<br />

focussed on building a pilot partnership<br />

between industry, governments and<br />

one particular Aboriginal community,<br />

the Dieri people of the Cooper Basin.<br />

This group was chosen because they<br />

presented with a vision (to attain<br />

economic independence) and a<br />

management strategy to achieve its<br />

aspirations. While a lot of progress has<br />

been made to assist the members with<br />

support networks within the State and<br />

Federal government (particularly in<br />

relation to the establishment of their<br />

own bank, their own training facilities,<br />

acquisition of apprenticeships, the<br />

establishment of a leadership team<br />

to push their program and industry’s<br />

provision of scholarships at two<br />

secondary boarding colleges) the efforts<br />

highlight, again, the need for strategic,<br />

cross-sector partnership training.<br />

Consideration is being given to doing<br />

this in the next financial year.<br />

12 <strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT

Industry promotion<br />

In the news<br />

The level of interest in the industry<br />

has triggered an increase in the level<br />

of media attention during <strong>2007</strong>-<strong>08</strong>.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> has been quoted in the<br />

news on average 21 times per month.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> has also submitted articles<br />

for publication in a range of media.<br />

Media releases<br />

Uranium Open Day<br />

Demystifying uranium was the theme of the <strong>SACOME</strong> uranium open day held on 20 June<br />

20<strong>08</strong>. This event was free and open to the public to allow people to learn about the issues<br />

related to uranium; its mining, processing, radiation and controls.<br />

A series of seminars covered uranium • Australia’s non-proliferation<br />

mining, processing and disposal in<br />

regime by Rob Rawson,<br />

Australia, uranium’s role as a part of<br />

Director of Safety and Health,<br />

climate change mitigation, advances<br />

Minerals Council of Australia<br />

in nuclear technology and international • Why Australia has so much uranium<br />

safeguards designed to ensuring its use by Dr Ian Lambert, Onshore Energy and<br />

for peaceful purposes.<br />

Minerals Division, Geoscience Australia<br />

The seminars were presented by<br />

Close to 200 people attended the<br />

some of the world’s leading uranium event to listen to the seminars, speak<br />

producers, researchers and scientists to experts who were on hand to answer<br />

who were in Adelaide for the<br />

questions, watch a science show by<br />

Australasian Institute of Mining<br />

science communicator, Deane Hutton<br />

and Metallurgy (The AusIMM)<br />

and view displays including the SA<br />

International Uranium Conference:<br />

Museum cloud chamber and a<br />

• Uranium Exploration, mining<br />

geoscience logging truck.<br />

and processing by Mark Chalmers,<br />

Chair Uranium Industry Framework This highly successful event was<br />

• Uranium Mine Rehabilitation<br />

organised by <strong>SACOME</strong> with practical<br />

by Peter Waggitt<br />

support from The AusIMM, <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

• Health, safety, environment and<br />

members, PIRSA and others in the<br />

community by Sharon Paulka,<br />

uranium industry. The Advertiser<br />

Manager Radiation, Environment<br />

published a special uranium supplement<br />

and Safety, Uranium Equities ltd<br />

to coincide with the uranium open day.<br />

• Radiation Protection in the<br />

uranium mining industry by Rick<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> wishes to acknowledge<br />

Tinker, Australian Radiation Protection sponsors; Uranium SA; Uranium One;<br />

and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) BHP Billliton; Marathon Resources; Toro<br />

• Australia’s uranium and<br />

Energy; AFMECO; Uranium Equities;<br />

climate change by Michael Angwin,<br />

PIRSA; Uranium Exploration Australia.<br />

Executive Director, Australian<br />

Uranium Association<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> applauds new<br />

infrastructure council<br />

22 November <strong>2007</strong><br />

The Resources and Energy Sectors<br />

Infrastructure Council will be the<br />

foundation for a prosperous industry.<br />

Key Personnel Boost for<br />

Mining Lobby 10 December 20<strong>08</strong><br />

Two senior personnel have been<br />

appointed to <strong>SACOME</strong> as it develops<br />

the industry’s profile in the State.<br />

Director Industry Development,<br />

Jonathon Forbes and Director<br />

Industry Marketing, Anne Walker.<br />

No Breaches Acceptable!<br />

15 February 20<strong>08</strong><br />

The mining industry does not<br />

condone poor practices. <strong>SACOME</strong><br />

states that any environmental breach<br />

by explorers are totally unacceptable.<br />

Launch of Infrastructure<br />

Study 28 March 20<strong>08</strong><br />

Infrastructure and skills growth<br />

now critical for achieving SA’s<br />

mining industry boom.<br />

SA State Budget <strong>08</strong>-09 6 June 20<strong>08</strong><br />

Increases for resources is not keeping<br />

pace with the growing sector.<br />

Uranium Open Day 13 June 20<strong>08</strong><br />

Adelaide public to be given unique<br />

access to world uranium experts on<br />

20 June 20<strong>08</strong>.<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT 13

snapshot -<br />

sacome events<br />

1 The annual gala dinner was the premier event on the <strong>SACOME</strong> calendar<br />

2 Professor Richard Blandy and Ian Gould at the <strong>SACOME</strong> Infrastructure luncheon<br />

3 Finlaysons win glory in the St Barbara’s dragon boat race<br />

4 Members and industry leaders celebrate the opening of the Mines and Energy House<br />

5 Greg Hall, Bronny Wood and Debbie Boyd at the <strong>SACOME</strong> Uranium Open Day<br />

1 2<br />

3<br />

4 5<br />

14 <strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT

United Industry<br />

Bringing industry members<br />

together to develop<br />

business opportunities<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> Events<br />

Designed to keep members informed<br />

of the resources industry’s current<br />

projects, <strong>SACOME</strong>’s corporate function<br />

program promotes the industry to the<br />

wider community and provides an ideal<br />

opportunity for members to network<br />

and meet socially.<br />

Membership<br />

During <strong>2007</strong>-<strong>08</strong>, 101 new members joined the South Australian Chamber of Mines<br />

and Energy – the greatest influx of any year. This rapid growth of the membership base<br />

has enabled <strong>SACOME</strong> to expand, increasing its staff and broadening its activities. The<br />

capacity of <strong>SACOME</strong> to represent the interests of the resources sector has never been<br />

greater. With the continuing growth of the resources industry in South Australia and<br />

more exploration companies going into production within the next few years, there is a<br />

level of excitement not seen since the Chamber’s inception in 1979.<br />

During the <strong>2007</strong>-20<strong>08</strong> year,<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> hosted eleven luncheon<br />

and breakfast functions, which<br />

attracted an average 175 interested<br />

guests. The function program offered a<br />

collection of interesting and informative<br />

presentations on relevant and topical<br />

subjects. A highlight of the program,<br />

the Resource Sector Infrastructure<br />

Lunch held in March, had a record<br />

attendance of 255 guests.<br />

At the conclusion of the Paydirt<br />

SA Resources and Energy Investment<br />

Conference, <strong>SACOME</strong> hosted its annual<br />

gala dinner - the premier event on<br />

the Chamber’s function calendar.<br />

More than 400 guests, including<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> members and conference<br />

delegates, were addressed by the<br />

new Governor of South Australia,<br />

His Excellency, Rear Admiral Kevin<br />

Scarce AC CSC RANR.<br />

Participating members enjoyed<br />

the perfect weather, food and<br />

activities at the annual St Barbara’s<br />

Day celebration in December <strong>2007</strong>.<br />

With dragon boat racing featuring<br />

again this year, members enjoyed a<br />

little friendly competition on the<br />

banks of the River Torrens.<br />

Membership categories<br />

Industry members<br />

Level 1A Global Revenue >$500m<br />

Level 1B Global revenue >$100 - $500m<br />

Level 1C Global revenue >$50m - $100m<br />

Level 1D Global revenue >$20 - $50m<br />

Level 1E Global Revenue >$0 - $20m<br />

Level 2 Explorer or early production<br />

with production outside of SA<br />

Level 3 Early production<br />

Level 4 Junior explorer / extractive

Membership<br />

The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy comprised the following members in <strong>2007</strong>-<strong>08</strong><br />

Core industry<br />

Service industry<br />

Adelaide Brighton Ltd<br />

Adelaide Energy Ltd<br />

Adelaide Resources<br />

AFMECO Mining<br />

and Exploration<br />

Altona Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Archer Exploration Ltd<br />

Australasia Gold Ltd<br />

Australian Zircon<br />

Babcock & Brown<br />

Beach Petroleum<br />

BHP Billiton<br />

BHP Billiton Olympic Dam<br />

Cameco Australia<br />

Centrex Metals<br />

Copper Range Ltd<br />

Diatreme Resources Ltd<br />

Dominion Mining<br />

Eagle Bay Resources<br />

Epic Energy<br />

Eromanga Uranium Ltd<br />

Exco Resources<br />

FerrAus Ltd<br />

Flinders Mines Ltd<br />

Geodynamics<br />

Green Rock Energy Ltd<br />

Havilah Resources NL<br />

Heathgate Resources<br />

Hillgrove Resources<br />

HWE Mining Pty Ltd<br />

Iluka Resources<br />

IMX Resources NL<br />

(Previously Goldstream<br />

Mining NL)<br />

Innamincka Petroleum Ltd<br />

Intermet Resources<br />

Ironclad Mining Ltd<br />

Lakes Oil NL<br />

Lincoln Minerals Ltd<br />

Marathon Resources Ltd<br />

Marmota Energy<br />

Maximus Resources Ltd<br />

Mega Hindmarsh Pty Ltd<br />

Minotaur Exploration<br />

Mithril Resources<br />

Monax Mining<br />

Newcrest Mining Ltd<br />

OneSteel<br />

Oxiana<br />

PepinNini Minerals Ltd<br />

Perilya<br />

Petratherm Ltd<br />

Phoenix Copper Ltd<br />

Quasar Resources<br />

Rio Tinto<br />

RMG Services Pty Ltd<br />

Santos Ltd<br />

SAPEX Ltd<br />

Scimitar Resources Ltd<br />

Sinosteel PepinNini<br />

Curnamona<br />

Management Pty Ltd<br />

Southern Gold Ltd<br />

Southern Quarries &<br />

Direct Mix Group<br />

Southern Uranium Ltd<br />

Stellar Resources<br />

Strike Oil Ltd<br />

Stuart Petroleum<br />

Sundance Energy Australia<br />

Tasman Resources NL<br />

Teck Cominco<br />

Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Terramin Australia Ltd<br />

Territory Resources<br />

Toro Energy Ltd<br />

Trafford Resources Ltd<br />

Uranium Equities Ltd<br />

Uranium Exploration<br />

Australia Ltd<br />

Uranium One Australia<br />

UraniumSA Ltd<br />

Western Desert Resources<br />

Western Plains Resources<br />

Zinifex Port Pirie Smelter<br />

900 Degrees Ltd<br />

Abigroup Contractors<br />

Pty Ltd<br />

Adciv Pty Ltd<br />

Adelaide Belt & Hose<br />

Distributors Pty Ltd<br />

Adelaide City Council<br />

Adelaide Control<br />

Engineering<br />

Aggreko<br />

Airport Travel Centre<br />

Aker Solutions<br />

Alexander & Symonds<br />

All Skills International<br />

Recruitment Solutions<br />

Alleasing<br />

AMC Consultants<br />

Amdel Ltd<br />

Applied Structural<br />

Geological Analysis<br />

Artcraft<br />

ASEA Pacific Group<br />

Ashvale Pty Ltd<br />

(t/as Instrument<br />

Installation Services)<br />

Asiaworld Shipping Services<br />

Atlas Copco Construction<br />

and Mining Australia<br />

ATS Workforce<br />

Ausenco Services<br />

Austin Williams<br />

Australian Camp Services<br />

Australian Civil &<br />

Mining Training<br />

Australian Technical<br />

College - Adelaide South<br />

Australin Conveyor<br />

Company Pty Ltd<br />

B & R Enclosures Pty Ltd<br />

BL Shipway<br />

Barossa Helicopters Pty Ltd<br />

Bateman Engineering<br />

Bemex Corporation Pty Ltd<br />

Bianco Building Supplies<br />

Big Sky Credit Union<br />

BMD e*3 Pty Ltd<br />

Boart Longyear Pty Ltd<br />

Bostech Drilling Pty Ltd<br />

BP Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Budget Car & Truck Rental<br />

Built Environs<br />

Bureau Veritas Asset<br />

Integrity Reliability<br />

Services Aust Pty Ltd<br />

Cable Controls<br />

Calibre Global Pty Ltd<br />

Cavill Power Products<br />

Central Diesel Pty Ltd<br />

Chandler McLeod<br />

Chiodi Enterprise Pty Ltd<br />

Chubb Fire Safety<br />

Citygroup Concrete Services<br />

Civil Train SA<br />

Cliftons<br />

Colliers International<br />

(SA) Pty Ltd<br />

Como Engineers Pty Ltd<br />

Complete Personnel<br />

Connell Wagner<br />

Corporate Conversation<br />

Coventry Fasteners<br />

Cryogenic Blasting Solutions<br />

Customs Agency<br />

Services Pty Ltd<br />

DJ Coughlan Drilling<br />

Dare Sutton Clarke<br />

Data at a Touch<br />

DMAW Lawyers<br />

E & A Ltd<br />

Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd<br />

EDN<br />

Electranet<br />

Environmental and<br />

Biodiversity<br />

Services Pty Ltd<br />

Equip Aust Pty Ltd<br />

ETSA Utilities<br />

Euro Exploration<br />

Extrastaff Recruitment<br />

Finlaysons<br />

Flinders Ports<br />

Fuelgear<br />

16 <strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT

Fugro Airborne<br />

Surveys Pty Ltd<br />

Fyfe Pty Ltd<br />

Genessee and<br />

Wyoming Australia<br />

Geoscience Associates<br />

GHD Pty Ltd<br />

Global Tough Alloys<br />

Grundfos Pumps Pty Ltd<br />

Gryphon Partners<br />

Hays Resources and Mining<br />

Health Safety Environment<br />

Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Heavy Transport<br />

Engineering<br />

Heli Air Pty Ltd<br />

& Rossair Charter<br />

Hughes Public Relation &<br />

Communication Counsel<br />

Hunt & Hunt<br />

Hunt Energy &<br />

Minerals Co Pty Ltd<br />

Hybrid Energy<br />

Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Indigelink Pty Ltd<br />

James Gall & Associates<br />

Jardine Lloyd Thompson<br />

John Holland Pty Ltd<br />

John Nitschke Drilling<br />

Johnson Winter & Slattery<br />

Kellogg Brown & Root<br />

Kelly & Co<br />

Kimberley Global Pty Ltd<br />

Kingway Group, Kingway<br />

International<br />

Holdings Pty Ltd<br />

KJM Contractors<br />

Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd<br />

KPMG<br />

Lane Print and Post<br />

Leighton Contractors<br />

Pty Ltd<br />

Liebherr Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Logicoil Pty Ltd<br />

Logistica<br />

Lucas Earthmovers Pty Ltd<br />

Ludowici Australia<br />

Macmahon Holdings<br />

Macquarie<br />

Financial Services<br />

Macweld Industries Pty Ltd<br />

Maloney Field Services<br />

Manufacturing Excellence<br />

and Robotics (MEAR)<br />

Marlow Communications<br />

Maunsell Australia Pty Ltd<br />

McDonald Steed<br />

McGrath Lawyers<br />

Mercury Firesafety<br />

Migration Solutions<br />

Minerals & Metals<br />

Marketing<br />

Mining & Construction<br />

Safety Specialists<br />

Mining One<br />

Mining People International<br />

Minter Ellison Lawyers<br />

Monadelphous Engineering<br />

Associates Pty Ltd<br />

Morton Philips<br />

Mycon Engineering Pty Ltd<br />

National Australia Bank<br />

National Jet<br />

Regional Services<br />

OAMPS Insurance Brokers<br />

O’Loughlins Lawyers<br />

Optus Business<br />

Outback Ecology<br />

Pall Australia<br />

Parsons Brinckerhoff<br />

Paydirt Media Pty Ltd<br />

Piper Alderman<br />

Pirtek (Adelaide) Pty Ltd<br />

Plastic Systems Plus Pty Ltd<br />

Port Adelaide Football Club<br />

Port of Melbourne<br />

Procontrol Systems<br />

PWC Services<br />

(PricewaterhouseCoopers)<br />

Qantas<br />

Rau International Pty Ltd<br />

Relocation Unit<br />

Remediate Pty Ltd<br />

Resources & Environmental<br />

Management Pty Ltd<br />

Rexco People Pty Ltd<br />

Rural Solutions SA<br />

Scene Change<br />

Adelaide Pty Ltd<br />

Scotford & Fennessy SA<br />

Shell Australia<br />

Simply Containers<br />

(SCF Containers)<br />

Sinclair Knight Merz<br />

SKF Economos<br />

Australia Pty Ltd<br />


SkillsDMC<br />

SMC Pneumatics<br />

(Australia) Pty Ltd<br />

Source 4 Pty Ltd<br />

Sparke Helmore Lawyers<br />

St James Finance Pty Ltd<br />

Stramech Engineering<br />

Sutherland People Pty Ltd<br />

TAD Technical<br />

Careers & Contracts<br />

The University of<br />

Adelaide Faculty of<br />

Engineering Computer<br />

and Mathematical Sciences<br />

Thebarton Senior College<br />

Thiess Pty Ltd<br />

Thomson Playford<br />

Tonkin Consulting<br />

Torque Hydraulics<br />

Training Materials<br />

Consultancy<br />

Transaction Partners<br />

Tyco Flow Control Pacific<br />

United Group<br />

Vectra Corporation Ltd<br />

Vipac Engineers and<br />

Scientists Ltd<br />

Water Data Services Pty Ltd<br />

Watsons Lawyers<br />

Westpac Banking<br />

Corporation<br />

Whitham Media Australia<br />

William Buck<br />

Wilson People Management<br />

WorkPac Central Pty Ltd<br />

World Link International<br />

WorleyParsons<br />

Yakka Pty Ltd<br />

Associates<br />

Active Bobkats<br />

Bradshaw, Peter<br />

Coppin, Teena<br />

EP Quarry Consultants<br />

Fargher, John<br />

Farringtom, Vic<br />

Getz, Arnold<br />

Goldsworthy, Roger<br />

Haddow, Graham<br />

Hardy AO, Barbara<br />

Heithersay, Paul<br />

Hill, Darren<br />

JLC Exploration<br />

Kennedy, Sean<br />

Mellor, Barbara<br />

Northern Regional<br />

Development Board<br />

Penfold, Mike (Agri-ped)<br />

Steed, Ivan<br />

Thomas, Dave<br />

Tonkin, David<br />

Zwiersen, Tim<br />

(Outback Native Seeds)<br />

<strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT<br />


Sponsorship<br />

Sponsorship by member organisations assists <strong>SACOME</strong> provide its annual corporate lunch program and other events at economical<br />

prices. In January 20<strong>08</strong>, <strong>SACOME</strong> introduced a new sponsorship scheme allowing members more options to gain additional exposure<br />

throughout the calendar year and support the organisation. <strong>SACOME</strong> is grateful for the ongoing support of these and all of our sponsors.<br />

Adelaide Resources<br />

Alexander & Symonds<br />

B.L.Shipway<br />

Bateman Engineering<br />

Beach Petroleum<br />

Bianco<br />

Boart Longyear<br />

Cavpower<br />

Chandler Macleod<br />

Chubb Foresafety<br />

Heathgate Resources<br />

HeliAir Pty Ltd<br />

KBR<br />

Macquarie Private Wealth<br />

Maximus Resources<br />

Mercury Firesafety<br />

Minotaur Exploration<br />

Mithril Resources<br />

OAMPS Insurance Brokers<br />

Optus Business<br />

Oxiana Limited<br />

PB (Parsons Brinckerhoff)<br />

PepinNini Minerals<br />

Qantas<br />

Terramin Australia<br />

Toro Energy Ltd<br />

Trafford Resources<br />

Tyco Flow Control<br />

Uranium Exploration Australia Ltd<br />

Wilson People Management<br />

Workpac<br />

18 <strong>SACOME</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> ANNUAL REPORT

Mines and Energy House<br />

290 Glen Osmond Road,<br />

Fullarton, South Australia 5063<br />

Phone +61 8 8202 9999<br />

Fax +61 8 8202 9900<br />

Email sacome@sacome.org.au<br />


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