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Sexual Addiction Destroyed my Marriage: A guide to Healing (Mr. Lenard Carl Dotson Jr.)

It looked like Lenard C. Dotson Jr. was living the perfect life, but it was a lie. His sexual addiction was threatening to destroy everything. In this candid memoir, he chronicles his realization about his problem and the steps he took to make amends and rebuild his life. Dotson traces his sexual addiction back to his adolescence. He, like any other teenager, was confused about sex, and his father did nothing to answer his questions. He had no one to guide him. Dotson began viewing sex as a series of transactions instead of an intimate bonding experience between two people who love each other. This perspective skewered all of his relationships and eventually broke up his marriage. It was at this point that Dotson finally made a commitment to change his life and change his way of thinking. It was through the Lord that Dotson had the strength to do so. Dotson is now sharing his journey with others so that they can be inspired to overcome their own harmful sexual patterns. Sexual addiction can be a prison, but you can break free. Dotson is proof that you can live a fulfilling, Christian life after you leave addiction behind.

Sexual Addiction Destroyed my Marriage: A guide to Healing (Mr. Lenard Carl Dotson

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