Austria (Premium)

Austria (Premium)

Austria (Premium) (Walter M. Weiss) Between Lake Constance and Lake Neusiedler, in the middle of the Bregenz Forest and the Vienna Woods, this guide conveys the magnificent, enthralling, and beautiful scenery of Austria. Lofty peaks, deep-cut valleys, crystal-clear lakes, and lush mountain pastures grace this collection of images, along with the lazy meanderings of the Danube, gently rolling hills, terraces of vines, and the Pannonian Plain. Relating the country’s grand history, medieval strongholds, baroque palaces, churches, and monasteries are depicted as well as Jugendstil edifices and fantastical contemporary architecture, bearing witness to the cultural diversity of this Alpine republic. The Salzburg Festspiele, the Vienna Boys Choir, and the waltz plus a vast collection of major works of art are reviewed, forming only a small part of Austria s rich artistic heritage. The charm and comfort of the imperial and royal age of the Habsburgs is captured, having been preserved in many a wine tavern, pub, and coffee house. Idyllic mountain village traditions are illustrated in local costume parades and the celebration of joyous festivals. This travel companion also features the age-old dynasty of the Habsburgs, the musical city of Vienna, the baroque monasteries of the Danube, the mountains of the Hohe Tauern, the culinary delights of Austria, and the country s

many achievements in contemporary architecture.

Austria (Premium)

Product details

Author : Walter M. Weiss

Pages : 224 pages

Publisher : Verlagshaus Wurzburg 2011-10-01

Language : English

ISBN-10 : 3800319659

ISBN-13 : 9783800319657

Austria (Premium)

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