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Travel Beniya Mukayu

Travel Beniya Mukayu Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan This Ryokan (traditional Japanese cottage) from Japanese Guest Houses has a private outdoor hot spring bath as well as hammocks and open-air jacuzzi baths. Do not be fooled by its modern facilities as the place exudes serenity with rooms facing a grove of trees. Indulge in personalised Japanese meals, receive massages from trained professionals or simply read a book from terraced rooms which brings in ample skylight. Or if you're in the mood for unique experiences, witness the traditional tea ceremony performed by the owner, participate in yoga lessons given every morning and try Kaga-style Kaiseki cuisine served on locally-crafted crockery. Cyclamen Cottage Melaka, Malaysia A homestay getaway with a historical past and modern amenities, this cottage was built in 1937 as evidenced by its colonial architectural-styled building. Keeping true to its identity as possible, the cottage has undergone meticulous restoration and conservation to reflect its original charm. Formerly used as a residential house for British officials who stayed in the state and later as a humble abode to Peranakan or Straits-born traders from China who married local Malay women, the Cyclamen Cottage has stood through time and seen aplenty. It is a five-minute drive away from famous Melaka sites such as the Stadthuys building. The cottage houses 19 rooms fully-furnished with colonial and Peranakan furniture. 58

Food Indulgence Quick! Can You Name 10 Berries? These nutritious powerhouses are bright, flavourful and full of health benefits. Sprinkle them in your breakfast yoghurt, have a berry tart or opt for dinner smoothie. Berries are high in antioxidants, keep you mentally sharp, packed with fibre and may even help reduce heart attack risks. But, can you name 10 of them? Strawberry Perhaps the mother of all berries and the most famous among its siblings. There are over 600 varieties of strawberries so you do not have to look high or low for one. Strawberries are packed with vitamin C. It is also an excellent source of folate, high in antioxidant phyto-nutrients known as phenols, contain compounds that help widen arteries which may prevent plaque buildup and even whiten your teeth naturally. Plenty of studies have been conducted into learning more about this berry and it has shown that the berry is capable of reducing macular degeneration of the eyes, protects against breast and colon cancer, decreases inflammation and helps control type 2 diabetes. Raspberry A recommended intake for vitamin C and manganese, these berries are also rich in fibre. Raspberries are also low in fat and have high levels of polyphenols which helps reduce the risk of getting a heart disease. It also helps prevent brain damage and memory loss associated with ageing. A study found that flavonoidrich berries reduce cognitive decline and its antioxidant properties work in synergy to prevent age-related memory loss. 59