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Food Indulgence

Food Indulgence Blackberry Blackberries hold high levels of soluble fibre known as pectin, a substance that lowers the level of cholesterol. Ohio State University studies showed that the berry possessed the ability to stop tumour formation in oral cavities as well as proliferation of colon cancer cells. What's more, they're rich in vitamin C and contain a bit of iron, calcium and vitamin A, too. Mulberry This berry contains alkaloids that activate macrophages. Macrophages are white blood cells that stimulate the immune system, placing it on high alert against health threats. If the fresh fruit isn't available, opt for the dried mulberries which are a great source of protein, vitamin C and K, fibre and iron. Eat as a snack all by themselves or add them to your favourite trail mix. Acai Berry These berries are pronounced acai (aa-sigh-ee). One acai berry holds ten times the amount of antioxidant vitamins as grapes and two times the amount of blueberries. This Brazilian berry is a good source of fibre and dense in levels of anthocyanins, a substance associated with heart health and lower levels of cholesterol. Due to their strong antioxidant contents, acai berries are also related to slowing the process of ageing and preventing diseases related to cellular oxidative damage. Goji Berry Sexual vitality, happiness, longevity and overall physical strength are only some of the attributes of this berry. Goji berries also contain vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E, linoleic acid, selenium, germanium and more beta carotene than the common carrot. Their nutrition value as a low-calorie, low-sugar option makes them a perfect substitute to other dried fruits with higher sugar content. One ounce (about 28 grams) serving of goji berries has only 23 calories. 60

Food Indulgence Blueberry The list of health benefits for this berry is just too long! It helps reduce risks for heart disease, cataracts, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, glaucoma and peptic ulcers. If you're in need of a memory booster, it has high levels of compounds that help widen arteries to help blood flow smoothly. Blueberries are also low in fat, free of saturated fat and good source of fibre and vitamin C. Cranberry Cranberries may increase HDL otherwise known as good cholesterol and may also help prevent urinary tract infections. Apart from that, research has shown that cranberries are beneficial in slowing tumour progression and have shown positive effects against prostate, liver, breast, ovarian and colon cancers. So, go ahead and add more cranberries for Thanksgiving dinner parties! Snowberry A slightly bitter berry, it is native to the island of Tasmania. If you're not too keen on eating it raw, the berries are great for massaging in the areas of burns, rashes, itches and also sores. To further heal the skin area, apply a poultice prepared from the smashed leaves and bark which also helps to repair chapped skin. Saskatoon Here's a fun fact: Did you know that a city in Canada is named after this berry? The berry is also native to this region. Slightly waxy but with a sweet and nutty taste, these antioxidants have been used for liver troubles and diarrhoea with its inner bark or roots a remedy for constipation. It also has twice the manganese of blueberries and contains ample amounts of protein, fat, fibre and iron. 61