Celebrating National Black Business Month. Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) August 11, 2017.

Come celebrate National Black Business Month with Chicago Street Journal (CSJ).

Come celebrate National Black Business Month with Chicago Street Journal (CSJ).


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February Chicago Street Journal August 2017


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Black Business Matters

According to ProsperityNow.org/ (Formerly Corporation

for Enterprise Development.) it will be centuries

before “wealth equality” between whites and African-

Americans and Latinos is realized in the United

States. (Read their report on “The Ever-Growing

Gap: Without Change, African-American and Latino

Families Won't Match White Wealth for Centuries.”)

According to Neilsen (The top consumer rating

agency for the nation.), “...Black consumers are one

of America’s greatest assets.” Without a doubt, any

group of people or country that has $1.2 trillion in

buying power and who at the same time has kept virtually

nothing for themselves, would be everyone’s

best buddy (asset). Especially coupled with no true

power or authority to govern themselves and manage

the distribution of their monies. In a way, it’s almost

like saying, we support racism.

Even with all these strikes against African Americans,

the nation still struggles to focus and understand why

Sky-Rocketing found much success with their message

of anti-bullying and anti-violence, and was able

to spread that message to over 150, 000 students in

over 15 states across the US. The organization has

been responsible for peace concerts, marches, and

events within the community which has earned many

awards for the company. Some organizations who

chose to honor our efforts are the Chicago Police Department,

Prosperity House Chicago, and numerous

other entities.

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Black business development matters, not only in turning

the tide in the advancement of the Black race in

all aspects including making them players and global

decision makers, but in making them major contributors

to job and enterprise development, which benefits

the nation.

In Chicago, Black Business Matters not at all to those

who sit at the realm of our government managing our

lives in accordance with the prevailing skin tones of

the residents of particular communities. Racism is

nothing new in a city that is still holding on dearly and

without shame or apology to its versions of the Mason

-Dixon lines.

Take a ride through the west and south sides of this

city, and you, like in Stevie Wonder’s Living for the

City will see the blatant disparity in income

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August is National Black Business Month

and The Dr. Webb Evans Community Development

Corporation and the Temple Of Mercy Association



TION" An All Day Celebration Thursday, August

31, 2017, 11am till 7pm,

1718 W. 79th St. (79th

& Hermitage) in Chicago.

All Vendors &

Sponsors are welcomed

to participate.

For More Information

Call: 773-846-3091

E-Mail: brominrahim365@aol.com

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August 11, 2017

Volume 23 No. 4

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- Page 17

TBT News with

Carl West

- Page 5

Interview with

Dianna Long of

Urban Art Retreat

- Page 7

Spiritual Health


Dr. Al Blumenberg

and Prophetess

Stefaniq’ue Tillis

- Page 10


Expo Coming


- Page 12

ACLU Reports -

Targeting Black


- Page 14

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2 August February 2017

Chicago Street Journal

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February Chicago Street Journal August 2017


Sports – Don Baylor, the Chicago Cubs’ 1 st

Black manager (2000-2002) died Monday,

August 7 of cancer. Mr. Baylor had a 19

season career with the American League

playing for a variety of teams including the

New York Yankees and the Boston Red


Technology – Never be amazed about anything that happens in regards

to the tech industry. Tech changes rapidly because those involved

are creative thinkers and new ideas build upon the last idea.

Amazon has moved to innovate the ordering process for its products.

Watch for dash buttons to take off on products around the

world. (A better way to spend your money faster!) Your favorite

products will come with a build in dash button that you will just

push to reorder when you are running low on that particular item.

Talk about instant gratification!

Chicago – Remember the South Street Journal (SSJ)? Well, you

can read past copies of CSJ as archived by Columbia University in

New York. Sit back and enjoy 23 years of Chicago history. Click

SSJ on Columbia to remember.

Sports – Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network is RE-

LAUNCHING with Steam Sports with Ron Hicks taking the lead

on broadcasting the hard hitting news for all of you global sports

fans. Click HERE to listen to a previous interview with Ron Hicks

owner of Chicago Steam Basketball. Get ready Chicago for some

real sport’s talk.

Finance – Getting a loan for your small business needs can be a

heartbreaking process. Microloans and lines of credit are trending

and for many a viable solution for the short-term financial needs of

the small business owner. Kabbage.com has taken the lead in online

approvals in minutes.

Wealth – It should not be a surprise and is probably as it should be

that Africans dominate the list of Black billionaires. According to

the Compton Herald, Aliko Dangote, head of the Dangote Group,

takes the lead with diverse investments in the food, freight and

brewery industries with an estimated worth of $12.5 billion.

Chicago – The 88 th Annual Bud Billiken Parade is on its way and

you’re invited. Started by Robert S. Abbott on August 11, 1929 this

parade continues is the largest of its kind in the US. Chance the rapper

will be the grand marshall and anyone that grew up in Chicago knows

how much children love this parade. Keep the tradition alive by attending

and supporting on Saturday, August 12 th at 10 am.

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Ron Carter, Publisher and Editor

4 August February 2017

Chicago Street Journal

February Chicago Street Journal August 2017



he meeting with Mariano's

on yesterday resulted in an

astounding victory with ground breaking


and working with us to ensure that

they remain good community partners!

Now, who's next? We are ready

for battle. The model has been established.

The more than one hour gathering of

representatives from the Chicago Defender,

the Chicago Crusader,

N'DIGO, The Citizen, WVON and

TBTNews, was concluded with a

committed 17-week AD buy for (each)

black media outlet, plus each company

will get


for (one)

event promo

this fiscal

year, which ends for

Mariano's Dec 31, and in

2018's fiscal budget


And thanks for all the kind and encouraging

words since this announcement

went live yesterday evening. On

behalf of black media, we need the

continued support so we can keep

having these small measures of victories

for our community and our future.

I've never

felt so proud in

business than

when I sat side

-by-side with

other media hustlers who

understood that together

we WIN! And we won

this one!

Not only that, we'll work

with the popular grocer to

create a 'signature' event for

them in Oct (2017) celebrating

their one year anniversary, which we

all will help structure and market. The

representatives from Mariano's came

to play on our court and we came to

win. Both objectives were met.

Strength in numbers paid-off.


There are other battles to

explore and charge forward

on--some we'll not be so

fortunate as on Thursday. But

as long as we keep challenging the

"hidden hands of power" we will collectively

know triumph. Thanks again

and tomorrow is a new day. Until the

next edition........ Peace and One


Collectively, we wanna thank

Mariano's for valuing our businesses

I Write to Differ


February 2017

6 August 2017

Chicago Street Journal

Continued from Page 1

We intend to continue to grow our efforts and work in the community,

but we need your help funding our new home. It is a 12,500 sq. ft. facility

featuring a 500 seat auditorium and many classrooms to teach our youth.

We are extremely EXCITED about this new venture, but we desperately

need your help to reach our goals.

This center will aim to reduce gun violence by giving youth a safe haven.We're

raising $105,000 to finish paying for our building, and another

$1,000,000 for our rehab, legal, and furnishing cost.

With violence in our communities at an all time high, more investment

into the youth is needed to change the conditions and reduce criminal

acts. It is a known fact that lack of activities for youth and interest in their

education directly leads to increased violence. Youth who are given alternative

opportunities and activities are less likely to turn to crime as a

means for survival.

Majostee Allstars began in 2011 as Sky-Rocketing Teens Corp dedicated

to raising the higher consciousness of youth through the venue of arts and

entertainment. In the summer of 2015, Sky-Rocketing partnered with the

City of Chicago to present "Put The Guns Down" a massive effort to reduce

gun violence in the city of Chicago, led by several representatives

from our organization. We have also Partnered with Residents for a

Greater Englewood to present peace days in the community to spread the

message of unity and self love to our neighborhoods.

community and felt that reminding our children that we are all kings and

queens would bring positive change to our neighborhoods. Under the

new moniker Majostee Allstars hosted our first event "A Little Extra Joy"

in December of 2016. We were able to provide children from 20 different

families with warm coats and a holiday dinner. In February of 2017 we

will be launching our first scholarship to give children in our neighborhoods

an opportunity to attend college.

Here is our plan:

Targeting ages 12-24, Majostee Allstars uses the principles of economic

development, entrepreneurship, and education as a means to facilitate

growth and stimulus in urban communities.

While most youth programs stress the importance of higher education,

Majostee Allstars aims to explore all options with an emphasis in entrepreneurship

and financial literacy. Majostee Allstars partner company

Executive Behavior will supply youth with journals and a life coach who

will meet with them to talk about trauma and problems in their everyday

lives. This partnership will be focused towards goal building and task setting

to allow participants to become successful in any venture.


1. Provide a safe space for out of school learning that will include tutoring,

life coaching, entrepreneurship, and job skills.

2. Empower youth to become role models by giving them tools to

achieve their goals and influence others to do the same.

3. By training youth to actively and accurately seek and interview for


4. To modify the behavior & mindset of youth with in-house counselor

and mentors.

5. To give a window of opportunities to teens in impoverished areas to


6. Stimulate the community by creating more small businesses by ensuring

owners have correct knowledge to be sustainable.

7. Enhance the family structure by providing parents with assistance

needed to provide for their household in the form of training, job opportunities,

and education workshops.


Entrepreneurship – Allstars will learn tools such as how to:

· Create a business plan

· Design a website

· Market their brand

After School Program

Majostee Allstars after school program will be exciting and beneficial for

every youth participant. Youth will have access to computers and Internet

for homework and business needs. They will be required to participate in

both two-hour workshops throughout the week where they will be taught

by a guest celebrity or professional. They will also have access to job

leads and applications to fill out on site at one of the computer stations.

All students will have a mentor and a counselor that they meet with once

a week to talk about things going on in their lives and their aspirations

and goals. Allstars will start each day with tutoring and homework assistance.

This facility will also host an open mic every Saturday, rent out the faculty

for smaller functions on Sundays, and host workshops for parents

during school hours. We will be working with neighborhood schools to

serve them since we are close.

In the fall of 2016, Sky-Rocketing Teens Corp morphed into "Majostee

Allstars," an organization dedicated to empowering youth, and inspiring

royalty. We saw a need for higher thinking and positive images in the

Help us reach our goals, anything helps. $5 or more. Thank you for being

a part of this wonderful journey with us. MajosteeAllstars.com

Call 773-998-1925 to be in the NEXT issue.

Interview with Ms. Dianna Long,

Executive Director of Urban Art Retreat

1. We’ve all heard the term “starving

artist” but can you tell our readers

about the 21 st Century working artist?

I really don't like the term “starving artist”.

Forever, people have thought of artists as

either starving or selling their art for millions.

This stereotype is one of the things

that prevents people from pursuing art for

a living. It is the reason many parents don't

Dianne and Wayne

want their children to become artists. This

“fantasy idea” of artists is not what it is

really like. Most artists pursue their art career while they hold down another

job. Smart artists figure out what it takes to make a living as an artist

& pursue that goal. They get the necessary degree/s & experience, & go forward

as in any career choice.

2. Tell us a little bit about your background/training and how you prepared

to run an organization like the Urban Art Retreat.

I have always made art, even as a toddler. Art-making was something I

found solace in, my confidence, & safety. I attended art school at SUNY at

Buffalo. While in college, I became interested in people, diversity, & social

justice issues. I worked my early adult years in the helping profession: on the

front lines & in administration at- shelter for battered women, emancipating

girls from abuse, working with people with disabilities, YWCA, & much

more. When I became tired of bureaucracy- I joined with 2 other artists/

activists & formed the Urban Art Retreat as a place for under-represented

people to find support. Now this was a place where I could bring together

my art, & my interest in helping people, to make a difference!

3. Describe a typical week at the center. What’s going on over there?

During one week at Urban Art Retreat, we check in visitors from Africa who

have been in town for a conference & now want to see Chicago. They rent a

room in our women's residence on the second floor. Some volunteers show

up to do their weekly weeding session in the Peace Park we have created

across the street. A mother arrives wanting to register her children for our

youth program. A volunteer shows up with some donations for our organization.

We send some volunteers to visit door to door in the area to tell folks

about our programs. On Tuesday & Wednesday we have young children running

about while attending outside workshops where they remove weeds,

water flowers, make art, & learn about immigration issues. We prepare the

gallery room for a social justice issues discussion. On Thursday morning we

provide art therapy at a neighborhood residential program for people with

February Chicago Street Journal August 2017

mental health & physical disabilities, plus substance abuse issues. We teach

an adult art program at CUARC on Friday afternoon. On Saturday we are

open for visitors in the gallery We also have a youth program- they go on a

Peace Walk in the neighborhood after picking up litter.

4. Why the North Lawndale community? What attracted you to those


We were in Uptown before locating to North Lawndale. We got tired of

slumlords not fixing the spaces we rented. We considered trying to purchase

a building. We looked at several places & decided to move where we felt

most needed- North Lawndale doesn't have as much support for people as

they could.

5. What would you say to a young person who may want to dabble in the


I recently offered a workshop for young people considering a career in the

arts. I tell people to check things out, don't limit yourself, & there is more to

being an artist than showing in a gallery. I also tell people that art-making is

healthy for everyone. If you want to use art as a hobby- go for it. It can relax

you & help you learn more about yourself.

6. What’s coming up in the near future for your organization?

Our organization, totally run by volunteers, is now looking into purchasing

the building next door to us, so that we can expand the space we offer as

housing for women in transition. It will also allow us more gallery space.

Another future plan is to offer more programs for adults who would like to

relax making art, and/or learn and heal via art-making.

Voodoo Woman by Dianne

Organization: Urban Art Retreat


Location: 1957 S. Spaulding Ave. at corner

of 21st, just 2 blocks west of the Kedzie

stop on the Pink line. Chicago, IL. 60623

Phone: (773) 542-9126

Contact: contact@urbanartretreat.com

Website: http://www.urbanartretreat.com

8 August February 2017

Chicago Street Journal

Continued from Page 1

Black Business Matters

distribution, inequality in business and infrastructure

investments, and the failure by our

elected and appointed officials to provide a quality

education to all the residents of this city. But,

given the evidence of the disparity, which are

known to more, what continues to be a mystery

is the acceptance by these communities of the

“slights” by the controlling parties, when evidence

of the inequality has been staring them in

the face since the city’s incorporation.

Without a doubt, the cry that #BlackBusiness-

Matters should be heard from every corner, pulpit

and community organization given that even

recently, the sitting elected officials of the city of

Chicago straight-faced lied while investing $55

million of city TIF monies into Navy Pier as the

south and west sides of Chicago continues to implode

from lack of economic development. One

of the city’s creative solutions even includes

adding more cops to arrest more people for selling

loose squares. Yes, selling loose squares is

illegal. But isn’t diverting TIF funds from poor

communities illegal and immoral?

These are just a few of the reasons why Black

Business Matters:

1. Communities are stronger when the businesses

are stronger. Research has shown

that the economic state of a community is

partially related to the amount of money

spent in the businesses within that community.

Those businesses invest back

into the community’s civic and social

structure, thereby, solidifying its base.

You know the local business owners.

Their concerns are your concerns. You

are part of a community family that supports

each other and grows together.

2. Employment and training opportunities

denied to Blacks by other communities

become available to the unemployed and

under-employed. Small local businesses

provide experiences the can propel many

to upper level management positions by

providing them with previously denied

chances to gain experience and enhance

their employability. (In other words, the

community can hire its own college


3. Community businesses create and support

a business culture wherein the community’s

children become a part of that

mindset, as they develop and grow

around entrepreneurial- minded adults.

4. African-American businesses tend to

have achievements in sports, arts, politics,

education, and civil rights. Although

these industries are of great importance to

the community, we must continue to tap

into other industries like technology,

food and services and engineering. Its

resolve must be 100 fold in order to enable

support for every product need and

service of the nation and permit gains in

the US economy that will foster its position

in the global marketplace.

5. Just like any other race the prosperity of

the Black race will contribute to the tax

base and that is of benefit to the local and

national community. (Given this fact, it is

up to the community to ask why the incentive

is not there to make the appropriate

investments locally in supporting the

small Black business owner.)

6. New employment opportunities provide

chances for previously unemployed or

under-employed workers to increase take

home pay and better their meet financial

obligations. This leads to a higher rate of

consumer spending, which benefits other

businesses who depend on consumer

sales to stay open. This creates a healthier

local economy and allows more businesses

to thrive and the community to be


According to Wikipedia, “In 2016, Chicago

hosted over 54 million domestic and international

visitors, a new record making it one of the

top visited cities in the nation.” But, the revenue

flow stopped at the color line due to lack of investment

in businesses in Black and Latino communities

with the violence going unchecked on

the south and west sides of the city. Visit

Choose Chicago (Formerly Chicago Convention

& Tourism Bureau) and you’ll find Black Chicago

a ghost town in the places to visit listings,

therefore percentage-wise barely participating in

the inflow of $15 billion in direct tourism spending

and the 145,000 jobs generated by the city’s

tourism. This means that outside of Chicago’s

(white controlled) Central Business District

(CBD) there was almost no opportunity for economic

advancement and growth. Because it takes

investment dollars to make that happen and the

life flow (money) stops before it reaches our


When the African-American community truly

decides that Black Businesses Matter, instead of

the constant lip service paid to such slogans, then

they will put in place and demand that those

placed into positions of power apply the necessary

agendas important to these communities.

When Black business truly matters to the Black

community it will make the decision that those

elected, appointed and employed persons with

six figure incomes that fund their mortgages,

educate their children and permit their families

to obtain the best medical care are removed from

those positions, then and only then will there be

a clear understanding that you can’t hold a job

that provides you with economic stability while

the communities that you manage has doubledigit


There is no better time, then now, to move forward

on the #BlackBusinessMatters platform, as

we celebrate National Black Business Month.

As I’ve heard the Rev. Dr. Albert Sampson say

many times, “Where is the rage?”

Sonja Cassandra Perdue is Associate Publisher

for Chicago Street Journal and Founder of Chicago’s

Black Business Network.


February Chicago Street Journal August 2017


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February 2017

10 August 2017

Chicago Street Journal

Let's Talk Purity

By: The Pure Prophet

(Prophetess Stefaniq’ue Tillis)







his questioned has plagued society

for far too long. As we look around

the world, we witness death and destruction

running rampant. Today, our youth

seems to be effected by the woes of life, and

the trials and tribulations it sometimes bringing’s.

It has become a popular

belief that to escape life’s problems,

death is an option. This

notion is so far from the truth;

it has become a blinding banner

to reality.

Different faiths have developed

an ideology rooted in the

belief that if you commit suicide

you are going to hell. This

place of fire and torment is

often ignored by the individuals

who embrace the notion of

taking their own life. I believe

this is because when a person

gets to the point of wanting to

end their own life, they believe

they have no hope. I wanted to

introduce a new idealism and

language to interject life in the

place of death. And I want to

expand the readers mind in the concept of

death and hell.

Taking own the biblical concept of hell and

suicide, one must ask the one key question?

That question is how many suicides does the

bible mention? In my years of research, I

began to recall my studies in this area. Most

people always refer to Judas. From this was

the concept developed that the man who betrayed

Jesus and considered evil went to hell.

His death marked by the concept that his guilt

had driven him to go home to the devil,

which is hell. But under careful guise we

witness another death that is most opposite of

that concept.

By Dr. Al Blumenberg

Asst. Publisher/

Remember Samson in Judges 16:23-31

who prayed to God to give him strength to

kill not only himself but his enemies. Now

the question becomes is he in hell also? Especially

seeing as Jesus was not born yet, to

give repentance to sins.

Then there was Ahithophel (2Samuel

17:23) and Zimiri (1Kings16:15-20). Both

deaths range in lost to despair and even guilt.

We witness the death of Saul (1Samuel 31:2-

5) and even in his guilt was told he would be

with the prophet Samuel the day before. I

mention these things to point out the balance

of living life is knowing that when despair,

guilt, or even wrong decisions a choice is still


We have a duty to minister life

to people who want to end what

they believe is their only choice.

Suicide is not about the punishment

after it’s apparent sad

consequence, its more about

how did a person get to that

point. We use God’s word as a

weapon at times on the weak

and lost, yet when we feel down

we want mercy.

Romans 8:32 makes clear that

life nor death can separate us

from the love of God in Christ

Jesus. This is not to water down

judgement! But its rather mentioned

to say the love of God

should be ministered first! We

always want to pronounce

doom and gloom, when we

should be speaking life and love

and seeking to discover the root behind why

someone would want to die before their time.

Our children are taking their life at some

alarming rates. This should get our attention

even the more so! That suicide sometimes

comes wrapped up in gang violence, and

criminal activity. Let us not forget that some

people already believe there in hell. By this a

question is birthed and asked. “If you had one

life to live, would you live it until you die?

Or die to live?

Death is measured in the separation of life

and from all activity. In this division, the

activities of life can be changed from death to

life. Meaning sometimes we need to get out

O ften times in the Christian faith

when the word Purity is spoken we think

sexual Purity, however during my walk of

Purity I always say we must be Pure in

mind, body, and spirit. And I assure you

that statement will reign True daily.

I began my journey of Purity

before I truly understood what sexual

Purity was. That journey began with a

discovery that birth a depth of hunger and

desire to live according to the word of

GOD. At a very youthful age (age 5) I

discovered many different living circumstances

concerning parents and children. I

realized there were homes with single

parents (mostly mothers), step parents

(where the step parent(s) helped care for

children that were parented by both parents

and any children that were parented

previously by either parent), there were

also children that were parented outside

of the home. After discussing this with

my siblings, I told my Mom that I was

having all of my children by one man. I

also began declaring that that man would

first be my husband.

Today this is still my daily declaration.

A declaration is a statement or

proclamation that you make; normally in


with the word of GOD

in the Christian faith. I encourage you to

begin making declarations over your life,

your family, your health, your finances

and etc.; even now whether you are single,

married, a parent, an expectant parent,

working, in between jobs, or in the

job or career field that you like.

I also continuously make declarations

over my mind and my spirit to

stay guarded. Though I still live a fun and

balanced life, I'm careful of what events,

conversations and relationships I partake

in. Being careful of my words, surroundings,

and friends helps to shape an atmosphere

that is conducive to GOD's favor

and blessings.

Keeping my body pure has come

with a Grace from GOD that I value and

respect. As an African American female I

believe it's important to your confidence

to like what you wear, however you

should look graceful and polished


I encourage you to begin reading

the word of GOD and find scriptures that

will help your current situation and begin

declaring that over you to begin your

steps of Purity. Though we may all have a

ways to go in our journeys we must remember

every journey begins with a step.

Prophetess Stefaniq'ue Tillis is

the founder of Purity Reigns International

The Weight of Motherhood

from the Heart of Pastor Sandra


Written & Edited By: Prophetess

Stefaniq'ue Tillis

(Transcribed from an Interview

with Pastor Sandra Randle)

As a Pastor I have witnessed

many parents drop the

weight of parenthood. In the African

American culture how do we

bring healing to the child(ren),

parents, and families that have

suffered from the lost of true parental


As a small child, I don't

remember my mother taking out

the time to deal with the responsibilities

of my brothers and I. Yes

we were clothed and feed, but we

never knew the acceptance and

love of our mother, because She

didn't make it readily noticeable or

available for us to receive. So I

went looking for love in all of the

wrong places and when I thought

I'd found it I married and became a

mother at the age of 18.

I didn't know the responsibilities

motherhood held, though

I kept my daughter clean and well

fed, I didn't know the emotional

and spiritual aspects of rearing

another human being. As I'd only

seen partying, obscene language,

and drinking amongst the adults in

my family, I eventually began to

grow accustomed to that lifestyle

and I loved it. After moving to

my husband's home town several

states from my own family I began

to allow my husband's family

members to rear my child. When

my marriage began failing, I began

to drift away from the duties of

Motherhood and began to partake

in a lifestyle that ripped the very

spine of my relationship with my


Now many years later

after reuniting with my daughter, I

can encourage all parents to uphold

the weight of parenthood. The

question of what is the weight of

parenthood is answered in the

scriptures Ephesians 6:4 & Proverbs

22:6 just to begin. As parents

we are to teach our children, we

are to guide them for the obstacles

that are sure to meet them in life.

We are to teach them how to love

and honor God and other humans

with wisdom and reason. We are to

shield them, as they listen, from

life's hurts and we are to bring a

balance of love and chastisement

to their growing minds. We are to

nurture them and discipline them.

We should teach them to uphold

the laws of righteousness and integrity.

Our young daughters

should never have to look only to

social media and society to train

them to be young ladies, mothers,

and successful beings, nor should

or young sons have to be reared up

by gangs and violence, to feel love,

honored and accepted. We as parents

should uphold ourselves to the

weight of parenthood and begin to

train our children to be the upmost

of everything that we can see in

them that is well, and that which

they desire to be.

If you are a parent or

child today that has suffered from

the weight of parenthood being

dropped. Begin healing with forgiveness.

Parents forgive yourself

first, and then begin to learn who

you are and whom your child(ren)

have become and learn to love and

guide them from where they are

and forward. And children forgive

your parents for their mistakes and

allow them to build a healthy relationship

with you if they desire.

Though it may be a long journey as

it was for my daughter and I complete

healing can come if you forgive

and communicate with truth.

Also after the past is talked about,

whether it's agreed upon or not,

don't rehearse it continuously. Start

from where each of you are today

and build on the love that you have

to share for each other now and it

will grow.

Pastor Sandra Randle is

the founder of Women On Fire By

GOD. She lives in Houston TX

with Her 1 daughter, 8 grandchildren

and 4 great grandchildren.

Parents, children, and family members

can contact Her through Facebook

at Women On Fire By GOD

if you have more questions about

being healed from the lack of parenthood.

Katie you say that the bible is a

blatant contradiction, so I guess

that means you have read the bible

in its entirety and understand all

of it fully to be able to make that

statement such as that, so have

you actually done that? Have you

read all of it and fully understand?

I'm willing to bet that you haven't

so you're wrong in your bible contradiction

conclusion. Katie I

challenge you to find any of the

contradictions that you say the

bible has and I will show you that

it is not, I will show you the error

of your ways thus revealing to you

that you are in fact the contradiction

because God and his word is

not a contradiction, people are. I

truly hope you accept my challenge

because I want others here

to experience this also. So it's on

you now, go ahead and give me

your bible contradictions, I'll be

waiting, take care.

February 2017

Chicago Street Journal August 2017


February 2017

12 August 2017

Chicago Street Journal



1 Day Expo positions hundreds for Self

Employment Success

The Self Employment Expo returns for its 11th

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The fear of “Pink Slip” Friday looms in the

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The 1 day conference brings a myriad of self

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This one of a kind Expo features more than 10+

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Business owners and startups will take advantage

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The Self Employment Expo expects 1,000+ registered

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Entrepreneurship. They’ll network with

business owners, learn the options for business

startup and gain new insight about self employment

possibilities. Our current format has

helped hundreds become successful business

owners and our attendees are more empowered

and prepared by the end of the day.

This year’s sponsors include #1 Email Marketing

Company Constant Contact and Local Entrepreneur

Oooh Wee Sweet Tea Franchise. The

Self Employment Expo will take place September

9, 2017 at The LakeShore Conference Center

4900 S. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois

60615. For all media inquiries and complimentary

press passes contact: Darlene Tate-

President of Operations.

info@selfemploymentexpo.com or 708-261-


About the Creator: Darlene Tate developed the

Self Employment Expo in 2006 as a way to encourage

entrepreneurship during an economic

downturn. Darlene is a seasoned business owner

as a board game developer, speaker and radio

host. Her businesses and products have been

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February Chicago Street Journal August 2017


February 2017

14 August 2017

Chicago Street Journal

The ACLU reported that social media giants, Facebook, Twitter,

and Instagram have been giving Geofeedia access to user

information that helped law enforcement agencies monitor, track

and target activists of color. Geofeedia is a location-based social

media monitoring company that provides real-time data on social

media users in a specified area. Facebook, owns Instagram.

Emails between law enforcement and representatives of

Geofeedia revealed that the company was given “special access”

to the social media sites, even referring to a “partnership” with

Instagram and Facebook.

Geofeedia sources all social media activity within the targeted

area from social media sites. Though the posts initially appear as

dots on the map, they can be interacted with to reveal the content

of each individual post.

With this data, law enforcement

is able to monitor

specific keywords, the people

using them and the locations

they are in when suing them.

For example keywords like

“rally”, “protest”, or

“march” can be tracked,

along with hashtags like


According to the ACLU, they have uncovered that Twitter,

Instagram, and Facebook have all provided Geofeedia with varying

levels of access to this data, which it then used as a bargaining

chip when negotiating with law enforcement. There has been no

numbers released as of yet specifying how many people were

targeted, however it is said that this was directly involved in the

Baltimore Police Department’s response to the Freddie Gray

protests. According to the study, the BPD renewed their

Geofeedia contract only days before the protests. The study also

revealed that law enforcement used facial recognition software

to identify specific protestors from their social media photos.

They then matched that information to outstanding warrants and

arrested protestors “directly from the crowd.”

The Washington Post reported that Geofeedia provides 500 law

enforcement agencies with surveillance data. Specifically pointing

out that the company has been “monitoring for protests”

with “several DAs from around the country.” One email between

Geofeedia and police says a product feature “covered

Ferguson/Mike Brown nationally with great success.”

In response, Facebook, said Geofeedia only had access to data

people had already made public:

Its access was subject to the limitations in our Platform Policy,

which outlines what we expect from developers that receive data

using the Facebook Platform. If a developer uses our [user data]

in a way that has not been authorized, we will take swift action to

stop them and we will end our relationship altogether if necessary.

In response to the announcement, all three sites—Facebook,

Instagram, and Twitter—have terminated Geofeedia’s access to

t h e i r d a t a .

Brandi Collins, campaign director of online racial justice organization

Color of Change said in a recent statement:

Facebook and especially Twitter have built their brands on the

backs of Black users. CEOs Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey

have openly courted activists and organizations in the Movement

for Black Lives to engage with their platforms. This makes each

of their involvement with social media surveillance tools used

against Black activists all the more disturbing.

Most troubling is that Geofeedia is just one part of an entire

economy of mass surveillance tools that source similar locationbased

social media information. Dataminr, MediaSonar, X1

Social Discovery, and Dunami, all have similar scanning, keyword

filtering, and real-time geolocation features. Whether these

services are collaborating with law enforcement for masssurveillance

has not been revealed, but the conversation on privacy

and fears of police overreach continues.

No word from “Rock” Charles

Dutton on accountability to his word: on the Chicago’s

Black Business Network radio program, he

stated he would like make a movie on Harold Washington,

saying he could play the part well… and that he

would like to produce a movie on the Black Wall Street

of Tulsa. In any case, Oprah Winfrey has announced

that she will be producing a film on Tulsa Black Wall

Street. But John Legend has step up to the plate of the

NAACP. John Legend is continuing his relationship

with WGN America by executive producing a new

series based on the true story of the so-called Black

Wall Street, TheWrap has confirmed.The currently

untitled series is in the early stages of development,

with Legend producing through his Get Lifted production

banner along with Mike Jackson, Ty Stiklorius and

“Southside With You” star Tika Sumpter.

Winfrey was scheduled for September of 2015, but no

word on how it is going just yet.

February 2017

Chicago Street Journal August 2017


February 2017

16 August 2017

Chicago Street Journal

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