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February 2017 10 August 2017 Chicago Street Journal Let's Talk Purity By: The Pure Prophet (Prophetess Stefaniq’ue Tillis) IF YOU KNOW YOU HAD ONLY ONE LIFE TO LIVE, WOULD YOU LIVE IT TO DIE? OR DIE TO LIVE? T his questioned has plagued society for far too long. As we look around the world, we witness death and destruction running rampant. Today, our youth seems to be effected by the woes of life, and the trials and tribulations it sometimes bringing’s. It has become a popular belief that to escape life’s problems, death is an option. This notion is so far from the truth; it has become a blinding banner to reality. Different faiths have developed an ideology rooted in the belief that if you commit suicide you are going to hell. This place of fire and torment is often ignored by the individuals who embrace the notion of taking their own life. I believe this is because when a person gets to the point of wanting to end their own life, they believe they have no hope. I wanted to introduce a new idealism and language to interject life in the place of death. And I want to expand the readers mind in the concept of death and hell. Taking own the biblical concept of hell and suicide, one must ask the one key question? That question is how many suicides does the bible mention? In my years of research, I began to recall my studies in this area. Most people always refer to Judas. From this was the concept developed that the man who betrayed Jesus and considered evil went to hell. His death marked by the concept that his guilt had driven him to go home to the devil, which is hell. But under careful guise we witness another death that is most opposite of that concept. By Dr. Al Blumenberg Asst. Publisher/ Remember Samson in Judges 16:23-31 who prayed to God to give him strength to kill not only himself but his enemies. Now the question becomes is he in hell also? Especially seeing as Jesus was not born yet, to give repentance to sins. Then there was Ahithophel (2Samuel 17:23) and Zimiri (1Kings16:15-20). Both deaths range in lost to despair and even guilt. We witness the death of Saul (1Samuel 31:2- 5) and even in his guilt was told he would be with the prophet Samuel the day before. I mention these things to point out the balance of living life is knowing that when despair, guilt, or even wrong decisions a choice is still available. We have a duty to minister life to people who want to end what they believe is their only choice. Suicide is not about the punishment after it’s apparent sad consequence, its more about how did a person get to that point. We use God’s word as a weapon at times on the weak and lost, yet when we feel down we want mercy. Romans 8:32 makes clear that life nor death can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. This is not to water down judgement! But its rather mentioned to say the love of God should be ministered first! We always want to pronounce doom and gloom, when we should be speaking life and love and seeking to discover the root behind why someone would want to die before their time. Our children are taking their life at some alarming rates. This should get our attention even the more so! That suicide sometimes comes wrapped up in gang violence, and criminal activity. Let us not forget that some people already believe there in hell. By this a question is birthed and asked. “If you had one life to live, would you live it until you die? Or die to live? Death is measured in the separation of life and from all activity. In this division, the activities of life can be changed from death to life. Meaning sometimes we need to get out O ften times in the Christian faith when the word Purity is spoken we think sexual Purity, however during my walk of Purity I always say we must be Pure in mind, body, and spirit. And I assure you that statement will reign True daily. I began my journey of Purity before I truly understood what sexual Purity was. That journey began with a discovery that birth a depth of hunger and desire to live according to the word of GOD. At a very youthful age (age 5) I discovered many different living circumstances concerning parents and children. I realized there were homes with single parents (mostly mothers), step parents (where the step parent(s) helped care for children that were parented by both parents and any children that were parented previously by either parent), there were also children that were parented outside of the home. After discussing this with my siblings, I told my Mom that I was having all of my children by one man. I also began declaring that that man would first be my husband. Today this is still my daily declaration. A declaration is a statement or proclamation that you make; normally in accordance with the word of GOD in the Christian faith. I encourage you to begin making declarations over your life, your family, your health, your finances and etc.; even now whether you are single, married, a parent, an expectant parent, working, in between jobs, or in the job or career field that you like. I also continuously make declarations over my mind and my spirit to stay guarded. Though I still live a fun and balanced life, I'm careful of what events, conversations and relationships I partake in. Being careful of my words, surroundings, and friends helps to shape an atmosphere that is conducive to GOD's favor and blessings. Keeping my body pure has come with a Grace from GOD that I value and respect. As an African American female I believe it's important to your confidence to like what you wear, however you should look graceful and polished throughout. I encourage you to begin reading the word of GOD and find scriptures that will help your current situation and begin declaring that over you to begin your steps of Purity. Though we may all have a ways to go in our journeys we must remember every journey begins with a step. Prophetess Stefaniq'ue Tillis is the founder of Purity Reigns International The Weight of Motherhood from the Heart of Pastor Sandra Randle Written & Edited By: Prophetess Stefaniq'ue Tillis (Transcribed from an Interview with Pastor Sandra Randle) As a Pastor I have witnessed many parents drop the weight of parenthood. In the African American culture how do we bring healing to the child(ren), parents, and families that have suffered from the lost of true parental upbringing. As a small child, I don't remember my mother taking out the time to deal with the responsibilities of my brothers and I. Yes we were clothed and feed, but we never knew the acceptance and love of our mother, because She didn't make it readily noticeable or available for us to receive. So I went looking for love in all of the wrong places and when I thought I'd found it I married and became a mother at the age of 18. I didn't know the responsibilities motherhood held, though I kept my daughter clean and well fed, I didn't know the emotional and spiritual aspects of rearing another human being. As I'd only seen partying, obscene language, and drinking amongst the adults in my family, I eventually began to grow accustomed to that lifestyle and I loved it. After moving to my husband's home town several states from my own family I began to allow my husband's family members to rear my child. When my marriage began failing, I began to drift away from the duties of Motherhood and began to partake in a lifestyle that ripped the very spine of my relationship with my daughter. Now many years later after reuniting with my daughter, I can encourage all parents to uphold the weight of parenthood. The question of what is the weight of parenthood is answered in the scriptures Ephesians 6:4 & Proverbs 22:6 just to begin. As parents we are to teach our children, we are to guide them for the obstacles that are sure to meet them in life. We are to teach them how to love and honor God and other humans with wisdom and reason. We are to shield them, as they listen, from life's hurts and we are to bring a balance of love and chastisement to their growing minds. We are to nurture them and discipline them. We should teach them to uphold the laws of righteousness and integrity. Our young daughters should never have to look only to social media and society to train them to be young ladies, mothers, and successful beings, nor should or young sons have to be reared up by gangs and violence, to feel love, honored and accepted. We as parents should uphold ourselves to the weight of parenthood and begin to train our children to be the upmost of everything that we can see in them that is well, and that which they desire to be. If you are a parent or child today that has suffered from the weight of parenthood being dropped. Begin healing with forgiveness. Parents forgive yourself first, and then begin to learn who you are and whom your child(ren) have become and learn to love and guide them from where they are and forward. And children forgive your parents for their mistakes and allow them to build a healthy relationship with you if they desire. Though it may be a long journey as it was for my daughter and I complete healing can come if you forgive and communicate with truth. Also after the past is talked about, whether it's agreed upon or not, don't rehearse it continuously. Start from where each of you are today and build on the love that you have to share for each other now and it will grow. Pastor Sandra Randle is the founder of Women On Fire By GOD. She lives in Houston TX with Her 1 daughter, 8 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Parents, children, and family members can contact Her through Facebook at Women On Fire By GOD if you have more questions about being healed from the lack of parenthood. Katie you say that the bible is a blatant contradiction, so I guess that means you have read the bible in its entirety and understand all of it fully to be able to make that statement such as that, so have you actually done that? Have you read all of it and fully understand? I'm willing to bet that you haven't so you're wrong in your bible contradiction conclusion. Katie I challenge you to find any of the contradictions that you say the bible has and I will show you that it is not, I will show you the error of your ways thus revealing to you that you are in fact the contradiction because God and his word is not a contradiction, people are. I truly hope you accept my challenge because I want others here to experience this also. So it's on you now, go ahead and give me your bible contradictions, I'll be waiting, take care.

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