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Celebrating National Black Business Month. Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) August 11, 2017.

Come celebrate National Black Business Month with Chicago Street Journal (CSJ).

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February 2017 12 August 2017 Chicago Street Journal FIRING YOUR BOSS IS EASIER THAN YOU KNOW 1 Day Expo positions hundreds for Self Employment Success The Self Employment Expo returns for its 11th year September 9,2017. The Expo is Chicago’s longest running conference that matches aspiring Entrepreneurs with options, opportunities and resources for successful business ownership. The fear of “Pink Slip” Friday looms in the minds of many employees. Most of us are groomed to earn a living through traditional employment yet many are considering business ownership or other forms of Self Employment but may not know where to begin. The Self Employment Expo provides the foundation and resources for aspiring Entrepreneurs. The 1 day conference brings a myriad of self employment options such as direct sell, franchise, independent contractor opportunities as well as products and services for business owners. Industry experts come together to help and teach those interested in starting a business with step by step instruction and Entrepreneurship preparedness. This one of a kind Expo features more than 10+ free workshops and programs along with dozens of interactive demos and brand exhibits. Headlining the workshops for the 2nd time is AC Green of the AC Green Radio show. He’ll bring his “Don’t Give Up” brand of motivating and teaching as he demonstrates the ins and outs of Credit Restoration as well as financial readiness. Business owners and startups will take advantage of free admission and informational workshops including Real Estate Investing, Attracting Capital, Email & Social Media Marketing, Self Publishing, monetizing your brand and much more. The Self Employment Expo expects 1,000+ registered attendees throughout the Chicago Land Area seeking information and resources for successful Entrepreneurship. They’ll network with business owners, learn the options for business startup and gain new insight about self employment possibilities. Our current format has helped hundreds become successful business owners and our attendees are more empowered and prepared by the end of the day. This year’s sponsors include #1 Email Marketing Company Constant Contact and Local Entrepreneur Oooh Wee Sweet Tea Franchise. The Self Employment Expo will take place September 9, 2017 at The LakeShore Conference Center 4900 S. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60615. For all media inquiries and complimentary press passes contact: Darlene Tate- President of Operations. or 708-261- 8987. About the Creator: Darlene Tate developed the Self Employment Expo in 2006 as a way to encourage entrepreneurship during an economic downturn. Darlene is a seasoned business owner as a board game developer, speaker and radio host. Her businesses and products have been featured on numerous TV, Radio and Print media outlets locally and nationally. For more information visit our website Call 708-261- 8987 ent Ad #Follow Chicago Street Journal at Send your editorials to Chicago Street Journal is looking for experienced sales agents. Call 773-998-1925 for details. (Creatively commissioned positions.) Click the images to learn more about our sponsors!

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