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Celebrating National Black Business Month. Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) August 11, 2017.

Come celebrate National Black Business Month with Chicago Street Journal (CSJ).


4 August February 2017 Chicago Street Journal

February Chicago Street Journal August 2017 5 T he meeting with Mariano's on yesterday resulted in an astounding victory with ground breaking opportunities. and working with us to ensure that they remain good community partners! Now, who's next? We are ready for battle. The model has been established. The more than one hour gathering of representatives from the Chicago Defender, the Chicago Crusader, N'DIGO, The Citizen, WVON and TBTNews, was concluded with a committed 17-week AD buy for (each) black media outlet, plus each company will get sponsorship for (one) event promo this fiscal year, which ends for Mariano's Dec 31, and in 2018's fiscal budget (Hopefully). And thanks for all the kind and encouraging words since this announcement went live yesterday evening. On behalf of black media, we need the continued support so we can keep having these small measures of victories for our community and our future. I've never felt so proud in business than when I sat side -by-side with other media hustlers who understood that together we WIN! And we won this one! Not only that, we'll work with the popular grocer to create a 'signature' event for them in Oct (2017) celebrating their one year anniversary, which we all will help structure and market. The representatives from Mariano's came to play on our court and we came to win. Both objectives were met. Strength in numbers paid-off. CARL WEST There are other battles to explore and charge forward on--some we'll not be so fortunate as on Thursday. But as long as we keep challenging the "hidden hands of power" we will collectively know triumph. Thanks again and tomorrow is a new day. Until the next edition........ Peace and One Love. Collectively, we wanna thank Mariano's for valuing our businesses I Write to Differ

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